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asap gentle cleansing gel 200ml 200ml

4.7 of 241 reviews

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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asap gentle cleansing gel 200ml

asap gentle cleansing gel 200ml

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4.7 of 241 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Everyone needs ASAP
This is my favourite cleanser I have ever used. The feeling of your skin once you have used ASAP products is AMAZING and second to none.
I have recommended ASAP to EVERYONE

Most Helpful Criticism

Nothing special
I found this cleanser didn't give me the deep cleansing that I needed.
  1. Gentle everyday use

    Great staple to have and alternate with something a bit more active. A little definitely goes a long way.
  2. Everyone needs ASAP

    This is my favourite cleanser I have ever used. The feeling of your skin once you have used ASAP products is AMAZING and second to none.
    I have recommended ASAP to EVERYONE
  3. Good for sensitive skin

    I am in my thirties and have sensitive skin which reacts to a lot of products. I received a sample of this and have been buying it ever since. It cleans really well without drying skin out or irritating my skin. A bottle goes a long way.
  4. Best cleanser I've ever used!

    The most gentle cleanser I have ever used! Leaves skin feeling soft and supple. Perfect for people who use strong serums/active ingredients.
  5. excellent face wash

    This is such a good face wash!!! it makes my skin feel so clean and soft, it definitely gets all the dirt out and even helps clear my acne I love this so much
  6. Great

    leaves my skin clean without feeling like it's completely stripped of everything (that tightness where you feel like you have to moisturise immediately). Have tried many products, but this is hands down the best cleanser I've ever used.
  7. Clean calm skin

    Great for my super sensitive, combination/dry skin. My skin feels clean without feeling stripped and tight. No redness or irritation.
  8. not for me

    i have oily skin and for some reason this did not suit my skin. whenever i used it i felt my skin was getting red. so i don't say that this cleanser is gentle. maybe do a patch test before you apply it all over your face
  9. Awesome

    This product removes absolutely all of my makeup after using it with cleansing gel. It is so gentle on the skin as well and you only need a small amount it lasts forever.
  10. Game changer

    Calming on my irritated skin without drying out or over doing the moisture :)

    Love this cleanser it's smell Devine and it's very soothing on my skin.
    Also feels clean and hydrated just love it for my sensitive skin
  12. My absolute favourite!

    This has been my daily cleanser for almost 1 year and I cannot rave about it enough! I have super sensitive and acne prone skin and this cleanser ticks all the boxes. It’s not too harsh so my skin never feels like it’s been stripped and it never breaks me out and makes my face feel so clean. The only cleanser I’ll continue to use!
  13. Helped my skin

    I liked this a lot! I don’t tend to reach for it that much but it still works for me!
  14. Sensitive Skin

    I have sensitive skin and I've tried a lot of products that I've reacted to in the past.
    This product is gentle to my skin but also cleans and makes my skin feel fresh.
    I highly recommend!
  15. AMAZING!!!

    This cleanser is amazing on the skin and a little goes a long way.
    I have always struggled with my combination oily, dry and normal skin and I have a little bit of sensitivity around my chin, but this product works on all of these things. would highly recommend
  16. Super gentle

    Love this cleanser due to how gentle it is, though it still gives a great cleanse and removes makeup really well. I have a normal/oily skin type and this cleanser works perfectly for me! My new go to cleanser!
  17. Amazeballs cleanser. Perfect for daily use

    This cleanser is amazeballs! It leaves such a nice clean and refreshed feel to the face. The bottle last for ages and is perfect for daily, twice a day use. Highly recommend for combination/oily skin folks!
  18. great night cleanser

    I love using this cleanser at night time!! it gets rid of all the make up from my oily skin without leaving it feeling tight afterwards. Would highly recommend to anyone!!
  19. Good

    I love this cleanser. It is a lovely gentle cleanser for night time. It is nice and gentle, and quite soothing, but also makes you feel cleansed. It smells delicious. I highly recommend.
  20. Oily skin

    The gel formula is great for those with oily skin, but doesn't leave your skin feeling stripped or shiny. Good basic cleanser
  21. Great for oily skin

    I love this cleanser, I find it cleans my skin but does not strip of my natural oils. Feeling fresh and hydrated
  22. Perfect everyday cleanser

    Super effective at getting every last bit of your makeup as well as a little bit going a long way when using it! The 200ml bottle is huge and will last me a long time which makes it super affordable even to drugstore cleansers. It doesn't dry your skin out and is really gentle on sensitive skin!
  23. A New Favourite!

    I recently received a sample of this in one of my recent orders and I am really impressed with this cleanser! I love the gel formula and the instant results it gives my skin - it removes make up really effectively and at the same time makes my skin look and feel super soft, plumped and moisturised. Can't wait to purchase this in full size!
  24. Looooove it

    I really love this cleanser as I have been on the search for a great cleanser that will clean my face without drying it and also not too moist that would leave your skin feeling oily.
    I definitely recommend asap cleanser it will leave your skin clean, refreshed and energised for the whole day and for 200 ml the price couldn't be better.
    Thups up..
  25. Love it

    Love this product! It's very gentle on my skin and leaves it feeling refreshed.I use it morning and night.
  26. Nothing Special

    This cleanser didn't really do much for me.
    I personally wasn't huge on the smell and found it didn't really make any changes to my skin after using for a few months.
    It was good for my sensitive skin but that was the only thing I was really impressed by.
  27. Disappointed and dry

    I tried this cleanser after seeing many reviews on how great it was for people with sensitive and dry skin. I found however that this still stripped my skin, which left it drinking up any oils, creams and serums. I am disappointed as it seems I may be the exception to the rule here.
  28. Great gentle cleanser

    I love how gentle and great this cleanser is for sensitive skin. Although I don't have extremely sensitive skin, at times it can be, and I find this deeply cleanses but doesn't irritate or aggravate the skin. This product also lasts quite a while, as you only need a small amount and it foams when you rub your hands together.
  29. Gentle but cleansing

    I bought this product as I will be starting my skin needling journey soon. The product foams up well and therefore you only need to use it sparingly. My face feels cleansed after using it, but without the drying feeling after. I think this product will work well during my needling process.
  30. Sensitive skin cleanser

    Love. Non irritating to the skin and cleanses well (I use this as a second cleanse after oil). Lasts quite a long time as the bottle is quite large. Doesn't flare the redness on my skin at all, and doesn't leave my skin feeling tight and dry.
  31. Great

    This is an inexpensive way to keep my skin clean and feeling good. Its a great daily cleanser that works so well. Skin feels so clean after use and the smell isnt overpowering. A well priced product
  32. Effective product, smells fantastic.

    This product is really light and smells great. It is a gel cleanser and effectively removes all makeup leaving my skin feeling soft, clean and refreshed afterwards. It comes in a cylinder bottle with a flat top so when you're running low it's easy to pop upside down to get the last dregs. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for an effective gel cleanser.
  33. The only cleanser I'll use

    I've been using this cleanser for more than 10 years now and will never turn back. I struggled with acne through my teens and early 20s, tried absolutely everything and this was the solution. Love this cleanser. Effectively cleans away all oil and makeup without leaving your skin feeling dry. Highly recommend
  34. gentle but efficient

    This cleanser works really well on mature skin. I double cleanse to remove full cover foundation. Skin feels soft, is very clean but not stripped dry. Best make up removing cleanser I've ever tried.
  35. So gentle

    This cleanser is super gentle on my dry sensitive skin. It doesn't strip natural oils at all and makes me feel hydrated and clean after use.
  36. Perfect

    This one is on my repeat purchase. I love it and use it daily. It does not dry the skin and leaves it so clean and soft.
  37. Gentle

    Gental cleaner but cleans well. Enjoy using it at night with slight peppermint smell. Felt refreshed.
  38. Too gentle?

    Maybe a bit too gentle for my liking however it seems to do its job?
  39. Great for everyday

    This cleanser is super gentle and great for everyday. With makeup on, I need to do a double cleanse. Sometimes eye makeup isn't completely removed, so I'd recommend taking off your mascara etc. first. Overall a great product and smells great!
  40. Refreshing gentle cleanser

    My skin was irritated from over-exfoliating. I used this cleanser while my skin recovered. It was soothing and did not irritate my sensitive skin. I also love the refreshing scent.
  41. Lovely and gentle

    Really lovely and feels like it cleanses well without stripping my skin! Reminds me of skinstitut gentle cleanser a little bit. I like this for mornings :)
  42. effective

    This cleaning gel is so gentle and smells really good. It does a good job at getting rid of dirt but heavy makeup wearers may need a double cleanse or toner to pick up the bits the cleanser might miss.
    Didn't cause any breakouts.
  43. Perfect gentle cleanser

    Will keep repurchasing this one! Super gentle but still leaves my skin super clean and refreshed.
  44. Love

    I have mostly oily skin and this cleanser works wonders. I recently made the switch to try another cleanser as I wanted to try to lessen my spendings on skincare but I will be coming straight back to this one as I don’t think anything else can match it. I use this one in the afternoons/at night to get my makeup off and then use the asap daily exfoliator in the mornings, so good! The only bad thing I can say about it is the packaging.. it is not ideal for travelling as more then once I have opened my bags to find it leaked all over my other toiletries :(
  45. Nothing special

    I found this cleanser didn't give me the deep cleansing that I needed.
  46. Gentle but effective

    I use this cleanser when I shower in the mornings as I love the smell and it helps to wake me up when I’m feeling tired. It’s a super gentle cleanser but makes my face feel so fresh and clean.
  47. Good face wash, nice fresh feeling, clean skin

    This is a good product, used a small amount from a sample I received and I found it gave a lovely wash for regular/normal skin. Nice fresh clean feeling without stripping any natural oils from the skin. Would purchase.
  48. Love

    I actually really love this cleanser. This is another asap product that i always end up re purchasing. This was the 1st cleanser I've ever used and thought wow!!!! Great gel that lightly foams up once water is applied. I have normal skin and this doesn't irrate or leave my skin tight.

    This product is so soft and smooth to use especially when my face is irritated by Rosacea. It cleanses thoroughly with ease and leaves my skin so hydrated.
  50. Gentle and effective

    I used to just grab whatever cleanser that's on sale from a supermarket shelf, until I got a sample of this one. I was absolutely amazed by how clean and comfortable my skin felt after using it for the first time.
    This was my only cleanser for quite some time, and I've finished several bottles.
    Although I'm exploring more affordable options now, this cleanser is still one of the best!
  51. Great for sensitive skin

    I love this cleanser! I have very sensitive, eczema prone skin and find that this cleanser is gentle yet still cleans my makeup off. It smells fresh and I love the gel texture.
  52. Bought now a few times and love it

    This is my eighth purchase and I love this. Cleans really well and is gentle on my sensitive skin. I don't use make up cleanser, I just wash my face twice. With this cleanser, I barely have any make up on after the first wash. Washing twice and my skin is not tight, but refreshingly clean.
  53. Gentle cleanser

    Gentle for my rosacea hasn’t caused any flare ups
  54. Beautiful

    This product is amazing after getting a microdermabrasion it’s so gentle leaving your skin so smooth I definitely recommend this for sensitive skin
  55. Amazing product for combination skin!

    I was looking for a product that will help prevent breakouts, give me healthy looking skin and a natural plump and the ASAP gentle cleansing gel is a life saver! I definitely recommend it to others.The texture is smooth and their is a natural scent. Applying it never felt so easy! Honestly, it has helped my skin so much. Its my go to cleanser and I will never change it!

    I have been using this product for about 12 months now and have seen a definitely improvement in my skin! Skin feels very fresh after washing, it’s not too harsh and doesn’t dry skin out. I use this as well as a serum and moisturizer from ASAP as well! yeah
  57. Amazing!

    I got a sample of this cleanser and as soon as it ran out I had to jump on here and buy it. It’s the best cleanser I have come across. Makes your skin feel fresh and clean without any stingy or that squeaky dry feeling. The scent is wonderful too, nice light fresh smell that is not overwhelming.

    I have combination skin, for those wondering.
  58. Perfect Face Cleanser

    I have used ASAP for years to remove dirt and makeup. I have sensitive skin and this does wonders for me. My husband uses it also and it has helped his skin immensely as he use to suffer bad acne.

    Such a lovely cleanser, not harsh on sensitive skin and has a beautiful smell to it. I've found using this has cleared up my acne and blackheads significantly
  60. A winner!

    Actually brought this for my husband and he loves it. It’s really helped to stop drying out his skin and flakiness
  61. The BEST cleanser!!

    This product is so so great!! I have combination/sensitive skin and this cleanser is so gentle on my face but removes all makeup at the same time. I love how this product foams/bubbles up as you can tell that it’s actually cleaning your face. The smell is beautiful and it balances out the oily and dry parts on my face, and has improved my skin so much in only a week!!
  62. amazing

    Been using this for over a year now and still loving it!!
  63. Gentle and not drying

    This cleanser does its job well in removing my foundation. It is gentle on my combination/dehydrated/sensitive skin. I usually double cleanse my face with this cleanser and my face does not feel dry or tight after that.
  64. Cleans well

    I received a sample of this cleanser and I ended up really liking it. Firstly, it smells lovely but not an artificial smell; it also cleaned my skin really well. It removed my makeup and left my skin feeling fresh. I would definitely look at purchasing this just from using it a couple of times.
  65. love love love

    I love this cleanser. I have used it in the past and have returned to it as the others don't compare. It is super refreshing and cleaning and feels amazing to use as well as smelling amazing. A small amount goes a long way which makes it super affordable.
  66. My HG cleanser

    This is my new favourite cleanser.
    I have combination skin.
    The asap gentle cleansing gel removes all traces of makeup, leave my skin feeling clean but not dry.
    I use it both morning and night, and sometimes an additional wash during the day if I want to remove makeup.
  67. Excellent daily cleanser

    I use this product every morning in the shower - on my face - (daily scrub at night) - this product is gentle and perfect for my skin - highly recommend
  68. Gentle and hydrating

    Love this cleanser, it has become my regular. Cleans really well, however is gentle and hydrating. I have combination skin with occasional breakouts and this seems to suit me perfectly.
  69. Fantastic everyday cleanser

    Love this for everyday use. Leaves no dirt or makeup bit is still amazingly gentle on the skin. Only need to use the tiniest amount too!
  70. Potentially new HG

    I received a sample of this in a previous order and am so glad I was able to test it, as I would never have thought to purchase it myself - I tend to shy away from gels as they are normally too harsh and strip my skin. This, however, is a really lovely and gentle cleanser which will definitely make it into my shelf once I run out of my usual, the plain packaging belies the wonderful product inside.
  71. Amazing

    I love this cleanser. It smells gorgeous and doesn’t dry out my skin like other cleaners, a little goes a long way.
  72. Good

    Good cleanser. Am going to try the dermal clay cleanser for an even gentler clean but would re-stock with this in future. Works well on my sensitive, oily skin
  73. Brilliant cleanser

    Such a lovely light and foamy cleanser that leaves my skin perfectly cleansed but not at all dry.
  74. great

    Very gentle yet does great job on cleaning
  75. Pretty good.

    Light and gentle to the skin. Smells great. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry but leaves it feeling really clean and clear. I liked this cleanser and seems like my skin liked it too.
  76. My go to every day cleanser

    At Christmas I bought these for my mum and sister because it's the best gentle cleanser I have ever used! I always use bioderma micella water to remove my make up first and then I double cleanse morning and nigh with this. My skin is beautiful and clear and doesn't dry out! Asap make beautiful products, even my husband likes them! The main ingredient in this is aloe vera so it's very soothing for red or sensitive skin!
  77. So gentle!

    This cleanser is amazing, you don’t need much at all. Takes off all makeup with minimal amount of product. I have sensitive eczema prone skin (mainly on my eyelids and around my eyes) and have had no issues with it. Smells fresh too! Would definitely recommend.

    Such an amazing product ! Cannot stop raving about it to friends and family ( who have now jumped on the bandwagon).
    I didn’t have trouble skin to begin with and I didn’t really have a skin routine, so after doing research and reading the reviews I gave it ago and haven’t used anything else since . It’s nearly been a year and I’m only on to my second bottle , so it lasts a long time which is a massive bonus and I use it daily !! And, it also works well to remove stubborn make up !!
  79. Gentle foamy cleanser

    This is a great gentle cleanser that foams up easily and is great for sensitive skin. There is a slight 'candy' fragrance from the cleanser but not too bothersome!
  80. Removes all makeup

    I received a full sized sample in store and it lasted approximately three months, while using it twice a day. its gentle on the skin but removes all traces of makeup, i will definitely purchase.
  81. Awesome!

    I have normal to dry skin with hormonal break outs.

    I use this every day at least once, sometimes twice. It leaves no residue that I've found with some cleansers. Its not drying, removes make up for me and smells amazing.
  82. Gentle, refreshing cleanser

    I have dry-normal skin, with small hormonal breakouts and some scarring. This cleanser is gentle, but ultra cleansing, leaves my skin feeling refreshed and clean. A little goes a long way! The clear gel foams up nicely. (Only thing is the bottle doesn’t travel (via plane) very well - leaks, so make sure to put it into travel bottle if you need!).
  83. Nice product

    This is a nice cleansing gel. It’s nothing spectacular but all products from ASAP are lovely. And I love that the brand is Australian. Nice line.
  84. Gentle and effective

    I absolutely love this cleanser. It is very gentle on my skin and forms a light foam. It has a soft and lively scent and leaves my skin feeling very clean. If I have makeup on it does take two rounds to remove completely but you only need a small amount (pea size) to clean your face. I also have the asap facial scrub and clear skin gel. Also amazing products!

    Definitely recommend!
  85. Does what is promises

    I started using this cleanser a few months ago. I have converted from using a Clarins cleanser, and I found that this doesn't make my skin breakout as the Clarins one did (I have terrible combination skin). It definitely feels clean, without that awful tight feeling. Completely recommend!
  86. Great for removing makeup.

    This gel is gentle on my combination skin but sometimes can feel a little drying. Overall is a great product for Gentle cleansing.
  87. amazing cleanser

    i got this as a sample and it is a great cleanser. works fine on my dry skin and it did not irritate my skin. i also tried to remove my makeup with it entirely and it worked great. i truly recommend it.
  88. Great for dehydrated skin

    I’ve been using ASAP products for a number of years and recently I found my skin to be on the drier side. I cleanse my face daily, I felt I needed a gentler product that was not going to strip the hydration. This product is great. Since using it, my skin is not only continuing to stay clear of breakouts but it’s also becoming more hydrated. A winner in my book and a product I will purchase again and again.
  89. Great product

    I found the ASAP Gentle Cleaning gel to be very effective at cleansing my oily/combination skin. It is gentle enough for everyday use and is not too drying.
  90. Perfect Daily Cleanser

    After trying a few different daily cleansers I have came across this one that is by far my favourite. Foams up nicely and has a really nice scent and leaves my face feeling clean and refreshed without irritating it.

    Skin type: sensitive, combination
  91. Love

    I have normal skin and this is the 1st cleanser that i have loved. Lathers up really nicley and cleanses well. Will definitely purchased again
  92. Love it

    I have sensitive skin and this works great. I use this along w the ASAP Daily Exfoliant. My skin looks the best it has since using this duo.. I get lots of compliments on my complexion..
    The perfect duo.
  93. Awesome cleanser

    This cleanser was bought after trialling the travel sized version as it was super gentle and could be used in the morning in conjunction with the ASAP's cleaning cloth without my skin feeling dry and tight, but still clean. This has become my holy grail cleanser and has helped improved my skin appearance overall.
  94. At last - a cleanser that lives up to it's name!

    Yes, it really is a gentle cleanser, and leaves my face clean, soft and - most importantly for me - NOT dry or flaky. I have dehydrated skin and this cleanser is perfect for me. If like me you have aged, dehydrated, flaky or prone to breakout skin, I recommend you give this a try. Also it lasts for ages.
  95. Amazing ASAP

    I’ve been using ASAP for two years now and I love it! This is a great face wash for sensitive skin like mine. Just make sure you only use a small pea size amount as the more you use will strip your skin. I use this with the ASAP ultimate hydration moisturiser and my skin has never looked better!
  96. Great gentle cleanser

    I love this cleanser. I have dry sensitive and combination skin. Most cleansers seem to dry me out or I get redness or sensitivities. This seems to cleanse well and is gentle on my sensitive skin. Have been using this for a few years now and love it. I usually alternate between this cleanser and the skinistitut lactic acid cleanser. Both seem gentle enough and cleanse well. Would definitely recommend.
  97. Calming on skin

    I love the gentle cleaning gel! It’s smells amazing and it’s gentle on the skin. I alternate the AHA cleanser with this product.
  98. Good

    This cleanser is gentle, yet feels like it works!
  99. Completely changed my skin!!!

    I have always suffered from oily, break-out prone skin. My beautician recommended the product to me and I was sceptical to begin with because it was her job to sell it to me. But I quickly found out that it actually works!!! As soon as I started using asap gentle cleansing gel I noticed a MASSIVE improvement. It doesn’t dry my skin out, it’s gentle on my skin, and it controls my breakouts. It doesn’t irritate which meant my skin rapidly reduced its oil content. I would DEFINITELY recommend this product. I swear by it.
  100. Completely changed my skin!!!

    I have always suffered from oily, break-out prone skin. My beautician recommended the product to me and I was sceptical to begin with because it was her job to sell it to me. But I quickly found out that it actually works!!! As soon as I started using asap gentle cleansing gel I noticed a MASSIVE improvement. It doesn’t dry my skin out, it’s gentle on my skin, and it controls my breakouts. It doesn’t irritate which meant my skin rapidly reduced its oil content. I would DEFINITELY recommend this product. I swear by it.
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