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4.6 of 522 reviews

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4 instalments of $9.56


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Keep your skin thoroughly cleansed with the asap daily facial cleanser, a gentle cleanser designed to remove makeup and wash away impurities in just one action. Suitable for all skin types, this is a must-have in your bathroom cabinet.

  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Australian Made
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

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SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Oiliness and shine

Skin Type:

  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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asap daily facial cleanser 200ml

asap daily facial cleanser 200ml

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4.6 of 522 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Amazing product


I started using asap Cleanser, exfoliator and the spf moisturiser about 3 months ago and my skin hasn’t been this happy in years! After coming off the pill 6 months ago I started having hormonal breakouts quite regularly and since using these products I have stopped breaking out as often or as badly. I will add too that I have sensitive, dry skin and these products are gentle on my skin but still remove makeup and leave my skin feeling clean and moisturised. Thank you ASAP!!

Most Helpful Criticism

Not so sure about the benefits


I have combination skin and having using this cleanser daily, I haven't seen much change in my skin. It does what a normal cleanser does - clean but apart from that not much difference
  1. Amazing product


    I started using asap Cleanser, exfoliator and the spf moisturiser about 3 months ago and my skin hasn’t been this happy in years! After coming off the pill 6 months ago I started having hormonal breakouts quite regularly and since using these products I have stopped breaking out as often or as badly. I will add too that I have sensitive, dry skin and these products are gentle on my skin but still ...
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  2. Amazing cleanser!


    Love ASAP! Best cleanser, significant difference in my skin since starting. Great for breakouts!
  3. Great everyday cleanser!


    Feels great with a sweet smell! skin doesn't feel too taught after cleansing which is a major plus as it's not too drying. A little goes a long way, I use this with my clarasonic day and night and it's really effective at cleansing, You do need to remove makeup with something a little stronger prior to cleansing at night time.
  4. Good basic cleanser


    I find this cleanser to be a good affordable base cleanser however can be a tad drying. It would be better suited for oily skin.
    I found the AHAs to be good at clearing blackheads however to remove make up I had to cleanse 2-3 times which is annoying.
    I personally have better cleansers that I use but for the price tag it’s not bad choice
  5. I love asap


    I have the most sensitive combination skin and asap products do wonders for me , it's nice to finally have a product that does what it says not to mention at reasonable prices considering how long a bottle lasts.
  6. only shower buddy i ever need


    the perfect daily cleanser so gentle but so effective!
  7. only shower buddy i ever need


    the perfect daily cleanser so gentle but so effective!
  8. good but not great


    this cleanser is gentle and good for every day use. it doesn't irritate my eyes like others do which is good but i feel that it doesn't remove all dirt etc.
  9. Every day cleanser


    verified purchaser
    Perfect everyday cleanser. I use it every morning and night and it makes my skin super bright and clear. Great value for money.
  10. not bad


    if you are after an exfoliating cleanser this one is great however i use other product with glycolic acid and i feel like its too much exfoliation to haveit in a cleanser also.
  11. Great basic cleanser


    I've been using this for years and still love the result. Great quality cleanser at a great price.
  12. Amazing and great for sensitive skin


    This product is very good for people with sensitive skin. I suffer from dermatitis and ezcema and this doesn't irritate me at all!!! Also not very drying which is super helpful. Have been using this for over a year now with no regret!
  13. Great cleaser


    A nice gentle everyday cleaner. AHA helps subtly exfoliate skin without stripping skin. Ideal for oily acne prone skin. Pairs well with the asap exfoliating scrub.
  14. Not bad!


    This makes your skin feel very fresh and clean but I didn’t notice much difference though it didn’t cause any flare ups which is great!
  15. great cleanser


    onto my 3rd or 4th bottle of this product and im absolutely loving it! it makes my skin feel so good after use, i love the consistency & smell too!
  16. Love it


    I love the ASAP Daily Cleanser. It has cleared out my skin and keeps it fresh and clear. And you only need a very small amount, So it lasts a long time.
  17. Fake?


    I'm not sure if this is the real product. The bottle says
    "ASAP anse" cle are missing and the numbers for the size look like they have been printed over twice or printed blurry
  18. Just ok


    I am a massive fan of the ASAP Daily Exfoliating scrub so thought I would give their cleanser a go. The cleanser is ok, but I find it doesn't clean my face as well as some other cleansers I have used. I will persist with it but am not sure I would buy again.
  19. Creamy second cleanse


    Perfect no frills second cleanse. Does the job and is pleasant to use. Great for normal/dry skin. Great value also.
  20. Drying and disappointed


    I bought this product as a part of the asap acne kit. My skin is combination..oily through the t-zone and dry on the sides. I have hormonal acne along my cheeks and jawline.
    I was so excited to use this brand after seeing so many positive reviews, I’m now left really disappointed and broke (acne kit is $149)
    The cleanser I used morning and night..it was fine for the first day or so, t...
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  21. Fresh feeling


    Cleanses well without drying out the skin. Has a nice moisturising fresh feel after use. Lightly foams up which is nice on the skin and removed my makeup well.
  22. Repeat user


    This is one of the best cleanser I’ve used for me acne prone very oily skin. It leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh and has not given me any breakouts on my sensitive skin. This is the third bottle I have purchased and will continue doing so! Love it.
  23. amazing cleanser


    an amazing cleaner that makes my face feel so soft, helps prevent acne. great results
  24. Great Cleanser


    I really enjoyed this cleanser and it definitely gets the skin clean and refreshed. The scent is light and you get a lot of product!
  25. Great product


    Have used this for many years and especially love it in winter when my skin is dry. It removes makeup easily and leaves skin feeling soft. Use it morning and night.
  26. Gentle Cleanser


    I have found this cleaners to be gentle enough to use morning and night without drying my skin out and it has helped clear up my congestion around my chin area.
  27. Winner


    Gentle cleanser that deeply cleans your skin. Has a nice subtle scent too and lasts a long time.
  28. Amazing


    The ASAP daily cleanser is amazing it’s made my skin clear from breakouts
  29. Too gentle


    I found this product removes makeup really well but I didn't like the consistency for my main cleanser. I will use it as a double cleanse as I find it very gentle and I like the ingredients but I much prefer the gel cleanser
  30. Love it


    I've never paid much attention to skin cleanser, but after buying this I’m hooked. It’s beautiful and cleansing and has changed the tone of my skin for the better. Will definitely be buying again.
  31. Very good product


    Love this cleanser. It is effective and not thick or greasy. It is a soft, silky cleanser that is easily applied in the shower each night.
  32. Gentle yet effective cleanser


    I absolutely love this cleanser it’s gentle yet effective in removing all traces of makeup, my husband is a tradie and he also uses it daily to remove dirt and oil and he loves it too. I have oily/combination skin prone to acne and I’ve found this product doesn’t strip my skin but does remove all oils effectively. Love the very subtle fragrance and the price is fair too.
  33. Best daily cleaner


    I've used this product (alternating with the exfoliator) for years. I does not dry your skin out whilst feeling like it is really giving you a deep clean. Never irritating and a small amount goes a long way.

    I've tried other cleansers but I always end up back here.
  34. Skin Care Staple


    I have been using this cleanser since my beautician recommended it 3 years ago and whenever I run out and use a cheaper cleanser I notice the difference in my skin almost straight away. The ASAP cleanser is gentle and doesn't strip the skin but it gets everything off, even layers of heavy foundation concealer and mascara. Love it!
  35. Clean and soft


    I found this very gentle but cleaned my face very well. Lathers up beautifully and only need to use a small amount. Makes my face feel very soft and clean
  36. Excellent!


    Really great cleanser. Cleans really well without stripping your skin!
  37. my favourite cleanser


    I've been using this cleanser for years now, its my favourite.
    I have extremely sensitive skin, 99% of things break me out, however this cleanser is so gentle and it never made me break out.
    It's really effective in removing make up, however it does sting your eyes.
    It's gentle enough to use every day, and it gives a really good chemical exfoliating face clean with the AHAs.
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  38. very gentle


    I found this helped my skin to recover well from breakouts
  39. Perfect


    This cleanser is just perfect! Gentle enough to use everyday (as long as your not using acids in other products).
    Have not had any issues with it stripping my skin/ending up too dry or sensitive.
  40. Solid daily go to!


    37 year old skin here and I’m now on my 2nd bottle and love the cleanser.
    I feel it’s gentle whilst being tough enough to remove most make up, however won’t budge much mascara, so deal with that with micelles water.
    My skin feels really clean after and not too dry.
    There is no overpowering smell just clean freshness.
    I believe it’s excellent value for
    Money and I’d sa...
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  41. Everyday cleanser


    Gentle enough for everyday use but effective at removing everything
  42. great idea


    an amazing product. use it daily. leaves my skin feeling amazing. highly recommend
  43. just okay


    just okay if I use it once a day. Using it twice a day feels like it dries my skin out. I have combination skin. Helps take off makeup.
  44. Brilliant


    I did not expect this product to deliver such amazing results as I have never used a cleanser like it before. It does not strip my sensitive and dry skin instead it gently cleanses my skin and eats away dead skin on my face. I love the product it leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth.
  45. Great product


    I have normal to dry skin and have been alternating between ASAP and Alpha H products for years. I find both brands products very effective on my skin.
    This cleanser is great at removing makeup and dirt without drying me out too much. Great cleanser and comes in a large bottle.
  46. A cleanser that does not strip your skin


    I have just purchased my second bottle. I like it because it takes off all traces of makeup without drying the skin out. The only negative is the bottle design - the lotion bubbles out of the hole and makes a bit of a mess on the side of the bottle. Not a major issue but just some feedback for asap to consider.
  47. Not so sure about the benefits


    I have combination skin and having using this cleanser daily, I haven't seen much change in my skin. It does what a normal cleanser does - clean but apart from that not much difference
  48. Nice cleanser, but maybe not every day.


    I bought this one and the Gentle Cleansing Gel, and tend to alternate them. It's a nice light textured cleanser, gets all the day off, but is a little more stripping than the Gentle one. No issue with it, but think I'll stick to the Gentle one
  49. Nice cleanser but nothign special


    This cleanser is nice and i feel it gets the job done with a fair bit of product but its nothing special
  50. Nice cleanser but nothing is special


    This cleanser is nice and i feel it gets the job done with a fair bit of product but its nothing special
  51. great daily cleanser


    have been using this cleanser religiously for the last few months & i love the way it makes me skin feel!
  52. better for oily skin


    This is not a bad cleanser but can be a tad drying for those with very dry sensitive skin. I find I can't use it daily but I do like to use it a few times a week to deep clean
  53. Love this


    Use it daily and cleans all oil and dirt from my skin
  54. A good cleanser


    A really good cleanser that leaves you feeling nice and refreshed, not too harsh on skin, doesn't leave your skin feeling dry- just right! Would recommend for a basic cleanser or for first timers
  55. Facial cleanser


    this facial cleanser is okay for a standard cleanser, i do feel like it doesn't so much for your skin!
  56. Gentle and effective


    Gentle and effective cleanser. Takes makeup off well, does not irritate and easy to rinse
  57. Nice cleanser

    Cruelty free skincare

    Nice cleanser, good on my oily skin.
  58. ASAP


    I love this cleanser it removes the day and leaves me with a nice clean feeling without stripping the skin. I have oily acne prone skin
  59. Good value for money


    I have sensitive normal to oily skin... this cleanser does the job.. does not make my skin dry or irritated. Been using it almost 2 years now.. good value for money. It lasts almost 6 months for me as I only use it once a day.
  60. Best cleanser I've found.


    Love this cleanser, I have suffered with hormonal cystic pimples and this cleanser has helped unbelievable to say the least. I've stopped getting blemishes. Leaves my skin super smooth and soft. Will come back for more.
  61. impressed


    Love this cleanser, would purchase again cleanses and leaves skin feeling hydrated
  62. Great cleanser


    This is a great every day cleanser. I have now been using this for last 3 years and i rarely get any pimples anymore. Using it every morning and night before bed. My skin feels smooth and clean without any drying. Very happy buyer.
  63. Great everyday cleanser


    This cleanser is great for everyday use. The acids really help to clean the skin and control breakouts. It's very gentle and doesn't dry out the skin.
  64. Great everyday cleanser


    I love how gentle and good this cleanser is. It's really good at removing all makeup and leaving your skin feeling clean but not dry.
  65. Favourite cleanser


    Love this cleaner in partnership with the gentle cleanser.
    I use this in the morning and it really cleanses and freshens my face for the day. I find it’s still very gentle on my skin, I’ve never had any issues and I have very sensitive skin.
  66. Superior quality cleanser


    This cleanser is the best cleanser I’ve used. I have tried many cleansers over the years to fight my oily and acne prone skin, but this cleanser has changed the quality of my skin completely. It’s helped me manage my oily T-zone and I have less breakouts on my cheeks. Simply amazing and will be repurchasing for a long time!
  67. lovely


    so soft on the face and very cleansing without being too drying
  68. Nice gentle cleanser


    This cleanser is so gentle on your skin and smells really nice to! The milky consistency is not drying at all and I find that my face always feels really clean and smooth after use. I use it as a part of a double cleanse regime as I find this cleanser doesn't remove all of my makeup.
  69. Good


    A nice everyday cleanser, I’m not in love with it but it does the job! I prefer the other ASAP cleanser personally. I did start to feel abit dry after a few weeks of using it.
  70. Gentle yet effectifve


    I love this cleanser it removes the day and leaves me with a nice clean feeling without stripping the skin. I have oily acne prone skin
  71. So far so good


    Been using this product for about 2 weeks now along with other asap products and my skin has definitely improved, even my boyfriend loves it. I have pretty sensitive skin but this cleanser is gentle enough not to irritated my face. Will be buying again!
  72. My first ASAP product and very impressed


    Recently started using this as the 2nd step to my night time routine. Super gentle and clears the skin without leaving a dry and tight feeling. I follow the cleanse with the Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% for a super glowy result!
  73. Leaves skin feeling soft and clean.


    This cleanser leaves my skin feeling clean and soft. It doesn’t feel tight and dry afterwards like many other cleansers and it smells amazing. I have dry sensitive skin and although it leaves it feeling clean and soft It would be great if it also acted as an exfoliator to remove the dead skin also.
  74. Good everyday cleanser


    Been using this for a few days now, my skin feels very refreshed after and it gets rid of makeup.
  75. It's okay... not great, but gets the job done.


    Not sure how to feel about this. Tried to make myself love it after reading so many good reviews... and I definitely don't hate it... I'm just neutral on it. It cleanses nicely, but it's nothing to write home about. I've fallen greater in love with a $9 drugstore cleanser and although ASAP is well priced for the quality usually, I think this cleanser doesn't live up to its hype.
  76. Great cleanser


    I alternate this one with the Gentle Cleansing Gel, mainly after reading a Beauty IQ post. It's really nice! As usual with all of the ASAP products, a little goes a long way, the bottles are generously sized, and it cleans my face without stripping it.
  77. Great Cleanser


    Cleans all my make up off and leaves my skin feeling amazing. Would recommend.
  78. Love this cleanser


    Starting using the asap range about 6 months ago.. love this cleanser. I have oily skin and suffer from breakouts on my tzone and find this with the soothing gel really helps! Use this with the asap cloth and love it! Purchasing my second bottle now :)
  79. Great basic cleanser


    This works well as a basic cleanser, suits my combination skin as a morning cleanser without drying.
  80. So disappointed


    This daily cleanser is way too stripping - my combination skin type is a complete opposite and is dehydrated red parched thirsty and inflamed. I immediately washed it off and was am disappointed with this.
  81. great for the t zone


    Good for my tzone and it does have a slight exfoliating effect on the skin, Cleanses well and leaves skin clean and refreshed.
  82. Harsh


    After some deliberation, I decided to add this to my daily routine (with the asap daily exfoliator). I have sensitive skin and it unfortunately totally dried my skin out so I had to stop using it. I still use the daily exfoliator and my skin is great.
  83. alright


    good for sensitive oily skin, but i found it didn't clear much/ any of my acne of blackheads.
  84. Best cleanser!!


    Have been using this for years! I love how it removes all my makeup off and keep my skin feeling fresh
  85. My essential cleanser


    My fav cleaner by far. Gently but leaves my skin so clean. Also does not hurt my eyes like I find many do.
  86. On the fence


    I have pretty troubled, acne-prone skin. After doing a fair bit of research this cleaner popped up a number of times so I gave it a go. I've been using it for about a month and can't really see drastic changes to my skin, but the aggressiveness of my pimples does seem to be reducing (less red and irritated). It does feel great to use (creamy and a lovely smell), and I'm really impressed with the i...
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  87. Gentle and Effective


    I received a tester gift of this product and it is gentle, hydrating and effective. My skin was left soft and comfortable after use. Would recommend to others needing a gentle cleanser.
  88. Onto my second bottle


    This is the second bottle I’ve purchased. I love the way it leaves my skin afterwards, nicely cleansed and tight (but in a good way). I have oily skin and acne scarring and I find that this cleanser alongside The Ordinary serum has got my skin texture the best it’s ever been. Highly recommend this gentle yet effective cleanser!
  89. Love it


    This is one of my favourite product. Nice smell and not harsh on your skin. I feel like being pampered whenever washing my face with this. Will repurchase
  90. Clean & Fresh


    Love this product! Love the feel of it when applying to my face! Use it day and night and have noticed a massive difference in my skin. Eager to try more products from this range!
  91. Best by a mile


    Love ASAP products, I didn't realise how harsh my other cleansers were until I tried this cleanser. It needs some help removing a full face of make-up (precleanse) but otherwise cant fault it! Great packaging and good value too.
  92. Lovely


    Despite often having to switch up cleansers due to sensitivities I never had this problem with this. Really nice and feels clean but not too dry!
  93. Love it


    This cleanser has been amazing for me! Just bought my second bottle. I’ve tried many many different cleansers and this is the perfect mix between a deep cleanse but not stripping or irritating. It smells good and feels so nice when using. I am interested to try the ASAP exfoliating cleanser also
  94. Perfect Cleanser


    Cleanser is an all in one! Removes all makeup and cleanses skin. It doesn’t dry out my skin like a lot of other ones and it is gentle enough to use twice a day.
  95. Love ASAP


    I use this with the ASAP ultimate hydration moisturiser and my skin looks and feels great
  96. Great and gentle


    Excellent gentle everyday cleanser. Leaves skin feeling smooth and fresh. No irritation


    DO NOT USE if you have normal to slightly dry skin, I personally found this cleanser way to stripping and it left my face red and tight after each use. I also bought the daily exfoliator to use once a week for an extra scrub and it felt like it stripped away every last bit of natural oil and moisture from my skin.

    I normally use Skinstitut but decided to change things up as I ran out ...
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