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asap advanced hydrating moisturiser 50ml 50ml

4.3 of 98 reviews

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4 instalments of $16.58

Or 4 instalments of $16.58 with LEARN MORE

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The asap advanced hydrating moisturiser is a lightweight formulation containing vitamins, antioxidants and ceramides to stimulate collagen production and repair the skin. 

This hydrating face cream protects against damaging free radicals and environmental aggressors and helps increase moisture in the skin. CoQ10 is infused into this product to revitalise the skin cells and strengthen the capillary network to help repair damaged skin and reduce the signs of ageing.

  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Australian Made
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

GREAT - 84% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Sensitivity and redness
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Questions & Answers

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asap advanced hydrating moisturiser 50ml

asap advanced hydrating moisturiser 50ml

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asap advanced hydrating moisturiser 50ml Reviews

4.3 of 98 reviews

84% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Super hydrating


I love using this product in the morning before applying makeup. It’s very hydrating and helps with fine lines

Most Helpful Criticism

Hydrating but too oily


This is a nice enough moisturiser for using when you need some extra hydration however I find that it makes my skin very oily over the course of the day.
  1. Good


    This is my fav asap product, it is hydrating and doesn't break me out.
  2. Super hydrating


    I love using this product in the morning before applying makeup. It’s very hydrating and helps with fine lines
  3. great


    The smile is good and it's very hydrating and moisturizer.
  4. Buy this ASAP!


    I have oily skin and so wouldn't normally go for a thicker product but have been using this during winter as I find my skin gets a little bit dry. I only use this at night as it would be too much for a day moisturiser. It smells great and I wake up with such soft skin every morning!
  5. Not hydrating enough for dry skin


    I have dry, mature skin and whilst the product goes on very nicely it soaks straight in and after after a few minutes my skin feels dry again. I love the ASAP range but unfortunately this cream isn't hydrating enough for me.
  6. Not my favourite from ASAP


    I love the ASAP range but this is my least favourite. I have it in my drawer but rarely use it. I find it heavy and a bit sticky and the strong orange smell isn’t my favourite. It’s not terrible by any means but just not the best moisturiser I have tried. If you have super super dry skin you may love this!
  7. A little disappointed


    I so wanted to love this moisturiser. I’ve been looking and researching for a while and was keen to try ASAP after reading the reviews.
    Unfortunately, I am pretty disappointed. It smells lovely but it doesn’t leave my skin feeling hydrated at all (I have combination skin) but I’ve had to reapply another face cream on top. For the price I had high expectations and unfortunately it’s not ticki...
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  8. Good


    It gives a good glow and hydrates very well but overall I haven't notices any difference in the pigmentation. It works very well under the makeup as it gives a very luminous and hydrated look.
  9. Love it!


    Love this moisterisor, I feel like it hydrates so well but doesn't cause congestion. Smells amazing and feels great on the skin. I am prone to breakouts and I feel like it is great for that.
    Just bought my second bottle!
  10. Great find


    I have tried a few moisturisers recently and this one checks all the boxes, it is light, non-greasy and sits well under my makeup it's also hydrating and I don't feel dry after application like some other brands.
  11. Favorite daily moisturiser


    I am on to my third bottle of this moisturiser and am a big fan, I have normal to dry skin and it can be quite sensitive around my nose and cheeks. This product is hydrating and absorbs quickly, it sits lovely under makeup.
  12. Hydrating but too oily


    This is a nice enough moisturiser for using when you need some extra hydration however I find that it makes my skin very oily over the course of the day.
  13. Not hydrating enough


    I have quite dry skin and expected this to be more nourishing. I found my skin felt extremely dry just after 10 mins of it soaking in. I would need to put another richer moisturiser over this to be content that my skin is hydrated enough.
  14. The smell of an angel


    I use this every night religiously and can’t live without it. Smells amazing, a beautiful citrus smell! Would recommend!
  15. Day moisturiser


    Great lightweight texture that quickly sinks into the skin. So it is perfect for the day time. But I would not recommend this product if you are wanting a night cream that is to be moisturizing, even if you are an oily skin type
  16. Moisturiser


    I have used this moisturiser for quite a long time now and find it great I have tried others at different times but keep returning to ASAP moisturiser it keeps my skin hydrated better than any other I have tried
  17. Smells heavenly and sits perfectly


    I love this light moisturer. It keeps my skin feeling hydrated most of the day. I have very oily skin and this is perfect for my skin. As soon as you apply it dries instantly and doesn’t leave that shiny feeling on your face.
  18. It feels so good, and smells so good too!


    This product smells AMAZING. It also works great on my combination-oily skin. I have big pores and am prone to breakouts, but this product has helped keep my oily zones under control, and my pores are now less congested. My skin has never looked or smelt so good!
  19. beautiful


    I find the products really makes my skin feel soft and subtle. It's great under makeup and very defensive in windy conditions.
  20. great day cream


    onto my second bottle of this and i love using it! it makes my skin feel really hydrated and isnt sticky! the consistency is really nice and it smells great!
  21. Fresh


    Hydrating and light weight. Doesn’t make you break out or skin go oily. Can use daily too!
  22. The perfect hydrating moisturiser for oily-combination skin


    I LOVE this moisturiser!! I am in my mid 30s and have oily-combination skin prone to acne and everything I’d tried prior to this left my skin shiny and oily within a few hours.. NOT THIS!! I use in conjunction with the ASAP daily cleanser, exfoliator and serums A, B and C and my skin has never been better no more shine just GLOW!! this moisturiser is light, has a beautiful subtle fragrance and lea...
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  23. Too heavy for me


    I got this as part of the platinum collection but found that it was a bit heavy for my oily skin. A good product but not right for me.
  24. very hydrating


    such an amazing moisteriser! it is very hydrating and doesnt make you look oily at all! it feels great on the skin as well. definitely recommend
  25. Hydrating


    This is extremely hydrating!! If you have dry skin i highly recommend this! It leaves your face sooo soft and feels very satisfying applying it
  26. Beautiful


    I love this moisturiser! Its so hydrating but not overly thick or oily. It allows me to be able to use oils in my morning routine without ending up with an oily face.
  27. Won't recommend


    Way too expensive to be doing a simple moisturiser's job. Nothing else.
  28. Amazing but pricey


    I can't fault this moisteriser at all however I have found a cheaper alternative which I like just as much. I went through this bottle in about two and a half weeks too so a bigger size would be better. If it wasn't so pricey then I would definitely continue using it.
  29. great daily moisturiser!


    i love this moisturiser, feels very light on my skin after use but feels like its very hydrating & delivering benefits at the same time! loving the results so far
  30. Lovely moisturiser


    I tried this product after running out of my normal night time moisturiser. It's lovely on my sensitive skin, and thick enough to last through the night. I'm not a huge fan of the citrus fragrance, but that said, it doesn't irritate like other fragranced products do, so it's not much of a drama. Will definitely purchase again.
  31. Not to harsh

    ASAP Fan

    I love this light moisturer. It keeps my skin feeling hydrated most of the day. I have very oily skin and this is perfect for my skin. As soon as you apply it dries instantly and doesn’t leave that shiny feeling on your face.
  32. Perfect moisturiser


    This is my favourite basic moisturiser. Feels amazing on my skin, super hydrating, and I love the smell!
  33. Absolutely beautiful


    This is all the moisturiser that I need it does everything for me - I use it in the morning and at night and my skin is soft and fresh and has helped my fine lines disappear.
  34. Not even close to being hydrating


    I purchased the “ASAP Advanced hydrating moisturiser” hoping it would assist with my dehydrated skin and it was a huge disappointment. The product sits on your skin, leaving it to feel worse prior to application. It feels as there is a synthetic casing over your skin and it is no way hydrating! I usually use the ASAP hydrating moisturiser, which I feel works fantastic. I have been using ASAP pr...
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  35. great consistency


    Great product, really soaks into your skin straight away leaving your skin instantly moisturised
  36. A great day moisturiser

    Another great ASAP product

    This is a medium weight moisturiser which Is absorbed by the skin nicely. I really like the feel of it even at the end of the day. As a 54 year old I prefer moisturisers that aren’t too light but I really don’t like oily ones. This is perfect for me. I do use a serum underneath and sunscreen on top and it doesn’t pull. My only negative is that it has quite a strong orange smell. On the bottle it s...
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  37. Lovely and creamy


    A lovely, creamy yet light moisturiser that really does hydrate the skin well. It is great when your skin needs a light moisturiser, and great if you aren't going outside and don't need any sunscreen
  38. Impressive ingredient list!


    Really loving the ingredients in this. I do find it provides a little more intense hydration (still lightweight) which is perfect during winter. It does take a little longer to absorb which is the only downside.
  39. Beautiful moisturiser!


    This moisturiser is a perfect consistency & soaks easily into the skin without feeling heavy. Orange tones make this product really nice to use & is also gentle on the skin


    this product is honestly amazing! It nourishes my skin and makes it feel so hydrated and soft! I definitely recommend this product to anyone and everyone, especially if you have dry skin!
  41. Great Formulation


    Such a nice orange smell, so hydrating. Does not feel heavy or thick on the skin, I love how a little goes a long way with this product - and really cost effective!
  42. Good formula


    This product leaves my skin really moisturised, plump and soft. I really like the ingredients as well esp the ceramides and vit c.
  43. good product


    Non greasy and very light moisturizer. Only need a little bit and is absorbed quickly. leaves skin feeling soft and moisturised
  44. Great results


    Non greasy, light moisturizer. Only need a little bit and is absorbed quickly without any oily feeling.
  45. Love this product


    This moisturiser goes on so smoothly & absorbs into the skin straight away & you do not need much to cover your face & neck. It brightens the look of my skin does not clog my pores & my skin feels silky smooth. I am 58 & a sun lover all my life so I have wrinkles & dry skin but this product takes away that dry flat crinkly look which is great for me. Love love this product.
  46. Great everyday moisturiser


    I love this - its moisturising for my dry skin but not too heavy, and sits well under my makeup (Hourglass Veil Primer & Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation).
    Also sits well over serums.
    Has a subtle fresh citrus fragrance.
  47. Great


    I have been using this moisturiser nightly during the winter months for a number of years, and it does wonders for my mature skin. It smells glorious and just a pea sized amount leaves my skin feeling soft and subtle.
  48. good


    I have been using this moisturiser nightly during the winter months for a number of years, and it does wonders for my mature skin. It smells glorious and just a pea sized amount leaves my skin feeling soft and subtle
  49. Not for me


    After trying some other ASAP products I was really looking forward to testing this out but this one wasn’t for me. The smell was lovely and it felt lovely and matte on my oil-prone skin, however after using it for a few days my skin became unusually dry and flaky in some places. Very odd! Perhaps something in it that my skin doesn’t agree with.
  50. Amazing


    I find the products really makes my skin feel soft and subtle. It's great under makeup and very defensive in windy conditions.
  51. Great


    Moisturises my skin nicely and makes it feel plump. However, I have cheaper moisturiser that appear to work the same.
  52. Excellent night cream that isn’t too heavy


    I use this as a night cream. It has a lovely orange scent and isn’t too heavy and doesn’t leave a greasy feel.
    It absorbs into the skin really well keeping it hydrated particularly in winter
  53. Amazing


    This product leaves the skin hydrated and amazingly soft. Does't cause excess oil
  54. Love


    I love this product and always keep coming back to it. I have normal skin and it gives a subtle glow that i love. Great for am.and pm without it feeling too much on the skin
  55. Great hydrating moisturiser


    I’ve switched to this one and my skin feels so much softer and not as rough from dehydration. Recommend it for sensitive dehydrated skin
  56. Love it


    Such a nice orange smell, so hydrating. Does not feel heavy or thick on the skin, I love how a little goes a long way with this product.
  57. Nice and light


    Love this moisturizer. Have used it for a few months and find it nice and light with a lovely fresh smell. Keeps my skin nice and hydrated.
  58. Beautiful lightweight moisturiser


    This is a beautiful lightweight moisturiser for my oily/dehydrated skin. It sinks in really quickly and leaves the skin feeling soft. I have it 4 stars only as it doesn’t have any spf in it so if your using this as a day moisturiser as I do you need another product with SPF over the top. But as a non spf moisturiser this is gorgeous.
  59. Great product


    I have normal skin and i liked this product
    It's glides on nicley and absorbs quickly.
  60. Unsure of this one


    I was using the ASAP ultimate moisturiser during winter and thought I’d use this one coming into summer since it’s lighter. However, I find this moisturiser just sits on the skin and doesn’t actually make it feel moisturised. Where as the Ultimate one is amazing! I have also broken out from it, and I never break out! I’ll probably go back to the Ultimate to get my hydration back.
  61. Yes


    so hydrating.. and how good is the packaging!? no need for a draw when your products look this good
  62. The only moisturiser I’ve ever used to ACTUALLY MOISTURIZE


    My skin is super oily, and every moisturiser I’ve used has never been able to fully condition my skin and suppress oil production. I found the asap advanced hydrating moisturiser to actually soak right in and I noticed an immediate difference. My skin is now not as oily and I would totally recommend the product.
  63. Opinion Piece


    10/10 recommend this product. It's light and a little goes such a long way. The orange smell is refreshing and my skin feels so soft and hydrated after applying. I use day and night!
  64. Okay product


    This product was ok but wasn’t great for my sensitive, dry skin. I found it too thick and it caused me to break out.
  65. Amazing product


    I have been using this product for 15 years, I use it morning & night after cleansing with ASAP. I find the product to be very light & revives dull skin & leaves my skin feeling soft & smooth. A small amount goes along way. Love it!
  66. Too thick for my skin!


    I have contamination skin and this moisturiser is too think and heavy for my skin. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs hydrating moisturiser.
  67. Lightweight and hydrating


    Finally a grease free moisturizer that I truly love. It's pricey but worth it, so I even bought the travel size as well as full size! Definitely recommend to people that have dry skin like I do, especially if you hate moisturisers that feel greasy.
  68. Lovely


    This product has been quite good since using it for one week. Feels good on the skin and doesn't have an overpowering smell. The only thing I have noticed is that after having it on all day and then showering in the evening, I can feel it rinse off. Which makes me think its not absorbing overly well. Still a great product though, potentially will re-purchase.
  69. Many years


    I've been using ASAP for many years and the product still gives me the same results. Minimal amount goes a long way, skin stays hydrated. Love that ASAP is Australian, environmentally friendly ingredients and no testing on animals.
  70. Feels good


    Have recently returned to using ASAP products after a few years and Purchased this moisturiser along with the Daily Facial Cleanser. It initially feels a bit thick but does spread & smooth out without any trouble leaving the skin with a slightly taut feeling. Definitely not greasy & easy to apply make-up straight away.
  71. nice and smooth


    I have dehydrated skin .
    It is great prefect match with asap radiance serum for summer, not oily or dry at all.
  72. not for me


    I love the ASAP range but find this moisturiser to heavy and oily for me skin type. It may be good for someone with super dry skin but if you have oily skin I would not recommend it.
  73. Daily moisturiser!


    I have oily skin that tends to be dehydrated too. This moisturiser is brilliant. It sits under makeup well, it hasn’t a faint smell but nothing over powering and it comes in a really handy pump bottle. I use it as a day cream but it could just as easily work for day and night.
  74. Go to moisturiser!


    This moisturiser is light weight yet really hydrating, not to mention the smell is devine. Perfect for every day use and under make up
  75. Love, love love


    I use this when when the ultimate hydration is a bit much it’s such a beautiful light weight lotion
  76. Unsure


    I got a sample of this and thought it would be fine for my combo skin, but I found it a little too emollient and fragrant for my liking. I would recommend it for winter only for people with combo-oily skin, and would avoid the t-zone if you are concerned about blocked pores. It's OK - nothing earth-shattering.
  77. Dissapointed


    After 1 weeks use my skin feels dryer. This moisturiser doesn’t make my skin feel supple like others.
    Maybe I need something more hydrating.
    I have normal to dry skin.. so if like me you need something super hydrating I’d try something else like ASAP Ultimate hydration
  78. Good moisturiser.


    I love ASAP products. This moisturiser has a lovely smell. Ended up re-gifting to my mother as I felt it was a little too heavy for my skin to use everyday. Suitable for sensitive skin.
  79. 5 bottles in!!


    Absolutely LOVE this product!! Use it every day, doesn't feel greasy, perfect for all ages and is super hydrating on the face. I've brought 5 bottles so far and am all stocked up for this, as Adore also has always had the best price.
  80. Not sure


    Not sure if it really hydrated my skin and there’s not enough in the bottle for the price. I love the serums b and radiance more. Also the multivitamin mask is amazing to really feel hydrated skin. Unfortunately I’m not sure this does too much for me .
  81. Best cream everrr


    I have been using this cream for a while now and it is absolutely amazing. It smells gorgeous. I use as a day and night cream along with La Mav Vit C nightly repair serum. The 2 combined are amazing. My skin stays hydrated all day. I don’t wear makeup, no need to. I will never use anything else again. Everything from adore beauty I have fallen in love with. Never disappointed !! Always a returning...
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  82. A lovely all rounder


    This is fantastic for my combination skin. Could be a little more hydrating for my cheeks but the ingredients and price are fantastic!
  83. unsure for my combo skin in summer


    Not hydrating enough for my skin which is slightly oily and acne prone on the t zone, and dry on the cheeks. But the ingredients list reads beautifully so I believe it'll work well on the right skin type.
  84. So soft


    I use this moisturiser after cleansing and exfoliating, my skin has never felt so soft, in love with this brand and dont think ill be moving on any time soon, if ever ❤️
  85. Great hydration


    I bought this to use on my ultra dry skin following skin cancer treatment. My skin was dry and flaky, this cream really returned the moisture to my skin and returned it to its normal healthy state. And despite having oily skin I'm still using as it's not greasy and is great under makeup. Would recommend to all skin types
  86. Great Moisturizer


    I really love the way this moisturizer makes your skin feel after it has absorbed. I love the citrus smell. A small amount is sufficient, it doesn't feel very heavy and once it absorbs your skin feels soft and fresh. It is light enough to put on just before going to bed.


    Great moisturiser! Hydrates immediately. I mix with the asap radiance serum and they work perfect together! Would defiantly recommend if you have normal skin
  88. Great product


    Great product I have very sensitive skin and I am very careful what I use I was recommended this product by my beauty therapist and it is terrific
  89. Not moisturizing enough


    This moisturizer smells lovely and the packaging is nice as well. It does make my skin smooth. However, despite the thick consistency and the current hot weather, but skin still look and feel dry. I have combination skin, and in summer, it tends to be on the oily side. But even so, this product doesn't promote enough moisture.
  90. Love it - my favourite moisturiser!


    I've recently rediscovered ASAP products and am so glad!! This moisturiser seemed perfect for me as I've been told by a couple of beauticians that my face was dehydrated. I suppose that's me stripping it as I've long suffered oily skin... but I went too far and was unknowingly just making it produce more oil! OOPS! Now I've discovered this silky moisturiser I haven't looked back. My skin is now hy...
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  91. Citrus love


    WheneveriI need a boost of hydration asap, I used my ASAP advanced hydration. I always recommend this to my friends and occasionally "force" my partner to use it, although I knowssecretly he loves the smell and the fresh, non greasy feeling the moisturiser gives him.
    Can never go back to any other product
  92. Keep coming back to this product


    I've tried a few moisturisers over the past few years but keep coming back to ASAP. My skin feels great after using it, never greasy or oily. Although I personally have no sense of smell I have been told that it smells lovely!
  93. Velvet soft, citrus scent


    Enriched with a citrus scent, easy to use pump bottle, you do not need a lot and it goes along way. Velvet texture which leaves your skin feeling radiant and hydrated. You can see and feel the results within days.
  94. Excellent


    This product is the best mosturiser I have purchased, will be buying this again.
  95. Lovely!


    Lovely moisturiser, absorbs really easily and smells gorgeous! Leaves my skin feeling beautifully smooth and soft.
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