The Best Apotecari Products for Your Hair

Find the best Apotecari product for your hair!

We’ve all heard the classic phrase ‘Beauty is more than skin deep’, but let’s be real: our beauty regimen usually is. If you want gorgeous, glistening hair like J. Lo, it’s gonna take more than topical skincare and haircare products. Diet, daily habits, overall health, and gut health—although not nearly as fun to talk about as a shiny, new serum—are the keys to fly skin and lush locks. While we can’t throw down on a gym membership and a meal planner for you, we do know the best way to supplement your diet to help rock your best hair moment: Apotecari’s tried, tested, and truly gorgeous bioactive hair care supplements.

Apotecari Hair Food - Product bottle displayed next to glass drink. They are displayed on a black surface surrounded by berries, pomegranate and monstera leaves -  670x447Apotecari Hair Food - Product bottle displayed next to glass drink. They are displayed on a black surface surrounded by berries, pomegranate and monstera leaves -  670x447

What is Bioactive Haircare?

Apotecari was founded by Simone Abaron, a qualified naturopath, herbalist, nutritionist with a certificate from the Australian Institute of Trichology (that is, the study of hair). Abaron’s years of using damaging salon and at-home hair care led her to found Apotecari out of a need for solutions that go deeper than the surface. She put her 15-plus years of experience in supplemental wellness into Apotecari hair vitamins, which has grown since the brand’s inception. 

The company now offers a wide range of bioactive hair care that tackles tough concerns, including hair growth, flaky scalp, hair loss, and thickening. As Simone Abaron, the founder of Apotecari, explains: “The term ‘Bioactive’ describes something that has an effect on, or interaction with, the body’s cells and tissues; in the case of hair care, 'bioactive' ingredients are those known to fuel and support healthy hair and growth from within.”

How Did Apotecari Decide to Become Vegan?

Being an environmentally friendly and sustainable company, Apotecari strives to only source the best possible ingredients that are carefully researched and Cruelty Free. As Simone Abaron tells us: “Aside from being staunch animal lovers, Apotecari turns to sustainable practices to ensure we're supporting our Earth as best we can; looking to a greater good... All of our essentials are free from animal products with the exception of Crowning Glory, which, given the nature of its plant-based contents, requires a soft-gel capsule casing.” 

With the exclusion of Crowning Glory, each Apotecari formula is plant-based, cruelty-free, non-GMO, and free of allergens including gluten, wheat, dairy, lactose, shellfish, nuts, and eggs, so it’s safe for everyone. You also won’t find any artificial colors, sweeteners, alcohol, or preservatives in these supplements, either!

Apotecari Mane Event - Product jar tipped over with tablets spilled out next t o white flowers - 670x478Apotecari Mane Event - Product jar tipped over with tablets spilled out next t o white flowers - 670x478

How does Apotecari choose its ingredients to be great for hair and gut health?

All of Apotecari’s supplements are packed to the brim with ingredients that encourage hair repair and growth. We wanted to know how they determine which vitamins are good for hair, and particularly, what vitamins encourage hair growth, so we asked Simone Abaron: “Our team of certified nutritionists, naturopaths and trichologists use their knowledge, experience and science to carefully-curate our products according to what people need and want in 2020... In each formulation, our focuses are quality ingredients, results and sustainability.”

How does starting from the inside create results?

Thinning, damaged hair or an itchy, angry scalp can stem from a wide range of factors. Apotecari’s supplements help support hair health, working in tandem with topical products to produce the best results. Whether you love to reach for the bleach, struggle with breakage due to your hair’s natural texture, or your hair just straight up just does not grow, there’s an Apotecari product to address your problem

We wanted to know how to stimulate hair growth and strength, so we asked Simone Abaron who explains that it all starts on the inside: ”Complementing a busy, high-powered life in 2020, the Apotecari range exists to support the gaps often wrought by our lifestyle - supplementing our sometimes-lower nutrition intake and counteracting the pollution we're exposed to, the daily stresses we live with and the hormonal changes we experience.”

Because supplemental nutrition products can initiate changes in our bodies, it’s important to consult your doctor before starting anything new. But once you’re all clear, we’re pretty sure you’ll be obsessed with the results.

So what Apotecari product is best for keeping you looking fresh in the hair department? Let’s check out some of their best solutions to your hair care struggles.

Let’s start at the root—literally—with Apotecari Crowning Glory. Designed to tackle a wide range of concerns, this scalp-focused formula is packed with essential nutrients for optimal scalp and hair hydration and happiness. This daily supplement focuses on improving scalp health, nourishing strands from root to tip to improve strength and hydration throughout the hair.

This daily supplement is ideal for anyone with frizz, dehydration, breakage, or an itchy, flaky scalp. The potent blend of Antioxidants, Omega Fatty Acids, and Anti-Inflammatories balances scalp oils to minimise overproduction of oil. Micro-Algae, Zinc, Selenium, and Calcium provide strength and balance, making them the perfect vitamins for scalp health. Linseed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, and Gamma-Linolenic Acid support hydration through a high content of omega fatty acids. Essential Vitamin B and Vitamin D protect hair from UV damage and help maintain youthful, shiny strands. 

If you struggle with locks that just don’t seem to get past your shoulders no matter what you do, Apotecari Mane Event is the supplement for you. This growth-boosting formula stimulates hair follicles to promote long, strong strands. It’s the right choice to get you closer to your Rapunzel-flopping-out-the-window-length goals. A great vegan option, Mane Event is a potent blend of plant-based nourishment to get those locks lengthy and lustrous.

Designed to build length while maintaining strong, healthy strands, Mane Event is rich in essential nutrients for a healthy body overall, making it a great option for general wellness too. Amino Acids, activated B Vitamins, and Silica give hair the required building blocks to grow strong and healthy, minimising frizz and breakage while stimulating powerful growth. Mane Event is the ideal way to promote hair growth and thicken thin hair naturally.

Give your morning shake a boost of hair-strengthening nutrients—and a little bit of fruit flavor. Apotecari Hair Food is a different style of supplement than the previous two we listed. This one comes in a powder form that easily mixes into water, milk, juice, or smoothies. Toss some in your daily water bottle or blend it into fruits and veggies for a boost of vegan nourishment for your hair. We’re pretty sure it’d make a fire cocktail, too.

Ideal for those looking for an overall boost in their hair’s health and condition, this tasty supplement powder is enriched with plant-based Proteins and antioxidant-rich Fruits to provide strength, shine, and hydration to the hair. Free of artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners, this is an essential daily step in unlocking your hair’s full potential. Omega Fatty Acids support hair suppleness, Proteins strengthen strands, and Antioxidants protect from UV damage. This is also the only Apotecari supplement that is suitable for pregnancy and postpartum.

Apotecari Hair Food - Drink in glass next to blueberries, pomegranate and a small measuring spoon - 670x447Apotecari Hair Food - Drink in glass next to blueberries, pomegranate and a small measuring spoon - 670x447

Each Apotecari supplement is available in a 1-month and 3-month supply. While 30 days gets you off to a great start, you’ll begin to see serious results around 3 months of use. So stocking up can’t hurt! Consistency is key when making any change to your diet, so keep at it to get the best results.

Apotecari supplements work wonders on their own, but for those with multiple hair issues, cocktailing them can be super effective as well. If you’ve got fine, damaged hair that hates growth, you’ll love both Crowning Glory and Mane Event. Hair Food is killer with both to maintain a gorgeous mane. However you take Apotecari hair care products, though, we’re pretty sure you’ll be obsessed with the results.

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