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Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream 30ml

4.1 of 55 reviews


4 instalments of $14.75


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4 instalments of $14.75


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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention
  • Dark Circles
  • Deep Lines

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Sensitivity and redness
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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4.1 of 55 reviews

81% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

great for dark circles


Smells beautiful i could eat it

Most Helpful Criticism

very nourshing


this is a very nourishing eye cream, the texture isn't as thick as some others I've used, but it's just as hydrating and feels great applied
  1. Beautiful


    I really like this eye cream - it feels really hydrating, works well under makeup and no real scent.
    But I think I may like this Kiehl's eyecream more https://www.adorebeauty.com.au/kiehls/kiehl-s-creamy-eye-treatment-with-avocado.html

  2. Eye cream


    Somehow feels lovely and hydrating, but also doesn't feel too thick or heavy under the eyes either. So surprised when my concealer applied way smoother and didn't sink into my fine lines.
  3. Natural hydrating eye cream!


    This eye cream is really hydrating and not too thick or sticky like other eye creams. I apply this the night before and my concealer looks so smooth the next morning when I apply it. its pretty expensive however it would definitely last you a year minimum. I'd definitely recommend!
  4. light and suit for young ladies


    It is not really helpful for dark circle. The texture is ok for my skin around eye area and hydrate.
  5. very nourshing


    this is a very nourishing eye cream, the texture isn't as thick as some others I've used, but it's just as hydrating and feels great applied
  6. Dayum


    I got this as a sample and I can’t stop thinking about this eye cream. I even had a dream about swimming in a pool of this cream.. safe to say I woke up pretty disappointed that it will never happen in real life
  7. I like it!!


    Pretty good, nice and moisturising! I like it so far!
  8. rich


    quite a rich eye cream, i actually like using on the skin between my eyebrowns and eyes, but underneath the eye, I found it a bit too rich
  9. Great


    Lovely eye cream, seriously reduces eye bags and under eye swelling. Super moisturising and hydrating, highly recommend.
  10. Not bad


    I got a sample of this and used it up. Thought it was decent although I saw no huge difference. It’s okay!
  11. Good but not for me


    It is a wonderful eye cream, however it is far too emolient for the skin under my eyes. I developed pulips, which are tiny white dots under the eyes when there is too much product under the eye area. I tried to reduce the amount of product I used however,
  12. Not For Me


    I've been through 2 jars of this now and have had no improvement in dark circles under eyes. It does have a mild line reducing affect and I like how rich and hydrating it is and the fact it is mostly made with kiwi seed oil which is very rich in vitamin c.
    It didn't irritate my sensitive eyes at all as most eye creams do and it is quite good value for the large 30g tub.
    I am yet to find an eye cream that does help with my dark circles though to be fair so it isn't just this one that couldn't help with my eye area issues
  13. a good product


    It's not a small one as an eye cream. It's natural and nutritious. Will buy it for a second time.
  14. Nourishing, hydrating and long lasting!


    This is my current eye cream and I am absolutely in love with it! I purchased a 2 pack of this from Priceline more than 1 year ago thinking it would not last me long, however, 1 jar has lasted me 8 months now with daily use! It is creamy, light yet moisturising and such great value for money. The ingredients are high quality and my eyes feel so moisturised and comforted every time I use this. Highly recommend for any skin type!
  15. Very light eye cream


    This was my first venture into eye creams (I’m 24) and wanted something relatively cheap, especially since this is 30g whereas most eye creams are 15g and I LOVE antipodes. It’s quite thin in texture but spreads easily without dragging under the eye area. I don’t find it as moisturising as I’d like due to its texture, so I layer my normal much thicker face moisturiser on top. I had issues with pilling when i tried applying makeup over it (after using it on its own) which I think is a sign it doesn’t absorb that well.

    I may repurchase because I still like it but I definitely don’t think it’s the most moisturising eye cream available
  16. quite rich


    A bit undecided, I find the cream a bit rich but it has a nice scent and texture. Haven't seen a lot of improvement as to my dark circles but will keep using
  17. Hydrating


    Sample size is very generous and was very hydrating on my undereye area. Long lasting hydration that seems to lessen undereye lines
  18. Unsure


    I used up 3/4 of the jar and stopped because it didn't do anything.I had some fine lines that I really needed to treat and didn't want to want to wait around for this to work so I switched to another product.
  19. Such a generous sample and rich eye cream


    I recently received a very generous sized sample of this beautiful eye cream! Rich and hydrating! Exactly what you want in an eye cream! :The size of the tub of eye cream and how little you need to use per application would be some of the best value on the market! :)
  20. Love it!


    Received a sample with my order which is still going after a week - i’m Seriously considering purchasing this. It’s lightweight, totally non irritating, and my eye area looks fresher.
  21. good


    The vitamin c from the kiwi really brightens up your face, leaving your under eyes with no bags
  22. Ok


    I found the amount of oil in the cream made it quite heavy, so I didn’t really like it around my eye area and used it as a rich hand cream instead
  23. no difference


    I liked this eye cream a lot, it’s very lightweight and sinks in to the skin quite fast but the skin still feels very moisturised for most of the day. I can’t say that I have seen any dramatic difference to fine lines or dark circles yet. The pot lasts for a really long time too, although it is slightly unhygienic sticking your fingers in so I would recommend using with a spatula if that sort of thing would bother you.
  24. Good for hydration!


    Love this - so hydrating and soothing for the eye area. I have quite dry skin and this clears any flakiness or dryness that comes up, plus the tub lasts forever! Not sure how this would go for somebody with specific eye area concerns like dark circles, puffiness or signs of aging. As a general hydrating eye cream I can’t recommend it enough.
  25. Nice eye cream but does not brighten


    This is a really nice eye cream that leaves the eye area feeling nourished and moisturised. However, I found that it does not brightened by eye area/ decrease the appearance of dark under eye circles.
  26. I do enjoy


    I do enjoy this eye cream. I have normal to dry skin and the thick texture of this cream is just divine. Its quite a large pot so lasts a while too. I'm currently using a clinique eye cream at the moment but would happily return to this.
  27. Nice eye cream


    A nice hydrating eye cream. Does the job. Heaps of product in the tub so lasts a very long time.
  28. Great product!


    I love this! It's so nice and creamy but not uncomfortable on the skin.. it really feels like it's doing me good under my eyes & it lasts FOREVER!! I rated 4 stars for the weird smell though
  29. Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream


    Even my husband wants to use it now as it's so cool and refreshing to the skin and it provides a lot of moisture without being too heavy or sticky
  30. Lovely but not for me


    A lovely cream for its fragrance and consistency but no noticeable improvement in my eye area so won’t be purchasing again.
  31. nice light eye cream


    the skin around my eyes is super sensitive so I can't use anything that's too rich as it will cause little white pigments. this is great, it's light and absorbs easily
  32. Good Texture


    When seeing the word 'oil' in the product name, I was a bit worried that it would not work well as I was planning on using it under makeup. To my relief, this product was not in any way oily. The texture was very smooth and lightweight, it absorbed straight away once applied on the skin. After using this for about 2 weeks, the skin underneath my eyes felt much more hydrated and it regained its elasticity, however do note that this product isn't targeted towards getting rid of dark circles.
  33. Creamy makeup base


    Beautiful creamy daily eye treatment from a long established Kiwi brand which uses organic and natural products as much as possible. Can't fault it on all aspects of performance and it works perfectly as a make up base for concealer or brightening cosmetics (I use touch éclat over it and it helps make the product glide more easily). One star subtraction for packaging - the glass pot is heavy and unwieldy for travel and I just can't learn to love dipping my fingers in a potentially unhygienic pot!
  34. Great eye cream


    This is a great eye cream, I got it in a travel size but it's lasted me ages. I've used it every morning after cleansing with an eye serum underneath. I have seen a reduction in my fine lines since I have started using it, so I'll probably repurchase once I run out.
  35. great


    This is the most amazing eye cream. So soothing and gentle. Smooths the skin. The generous size lasts for 6 months so good value.
  36. Great


    I love this eye cream! It's so beautiful to use and you only need the tiniest dab which goes a long way. I'm sure the first pot I had lasted me nearly 6 months. Money well spent!
  37. Good


    great little hydrating eye cream. Haven't noticed miraculous improvements however does keep my under eye area smooth, soft and little less dark.
  38. Simple and hydrating


    A fantastic hydrating eye cream with natural ingredients that does what it says - plumps and smoothes the delicate under eye skin. It's a great base for makeup - I've not experienced balling etc - but I can imagine it might be too heavy for warmer climates. Only gripe is the packaging which I can't stand for any moisturiser really, hence removal of one star.
  39. Light


    I've tried many eye creams and this one is seriously good. So light and great on my skin.
  40. My go-to eye cream


    Very light, whipped consistency that is gentle and super hydrating around the delicate eye area. Helps with puffiness and dehydrated, tired skin. Little to no scent and in my opinion, the perfect simple eye cream. I instantly feel 'fresher' whenever I apply this, whether its morning or night.
  41. So good


    I have very dark and tired under-eyes from overworking. I bought this to get rid of the bags and dark circles under my eyes, and it works so well. I have noticed a huge difference in my under eyes and I credit it all to this. It is such a beautiful under eye cream that doesn't clog my pores at all. It lasts forever and is definitely worth the price, highly recommend!
  42. Nice cream


    I find this eye cream to be light and hydrating. You only need to use a small amount of product so it lasts a long time. I have combination oily skin and I use this twice a day. I'm not sure if it is any better than other eye creams available and it is expensive when full price so I'm not sure if I would repurchase it unless on special.
  43. Nice, simple eye cream


    I have tried a number of Antipodes products and in general I really like the brand. I have very dry under eyes and I think this eye cream is hydrating and sinks in quickly which makes it nice to wear under makeup. However, I don't think it's anything ground breaking, just a pretty simple, basic eye cream. The natural ingredients are a bonus but I'm not sure that the price is justified. If you are just looking for a basic, hydrating eye cream with non-toxic ingredients this is definitely a great choice but if you are looking for more than that in an eye cream then I would give it a miss. Could work well as an eye cream for younger people (early 20s) that are just starting out and don't want anything too thick or heavy.
  44. Light


    Light and fuss-free eye cream. Sunk in quickly and moisturised my eye area really well. Woke up with less puffy eyes that were hydrated. One tub will last ages as you only need a very small amount. Highly recommend. My favourite eye cream.
  45. Nice eye-cream


    I really enjoyed using this eye-cream. I was looking for something clean, nourishing and simple - and this ticked all the boxes. It's packed with a bunch of amazing ingredients to keep your eye area moisturised so it doesn't lose its elasticity and form wrinkles. It felt great under the eyes and soaked in relatively quickly. It has a white, lightweight lotion consistency. Definitely made my eye area more hydrated and plump, instead of dull and dehydrated. I don't have wrinkles yet but I think the formula won't really reduce wrinkles, as it's very gentle and is good for intense nourishment. I took one star off because I would have preferred it in a tube or pump, other than that I have recommended it to others before.
  46. Creamy nourishing eye-cream


    Like this eye cream for its natural ingredients and creamy texture - great in winter.
    I use it by itself for hydration and nourishment, or it can be used after serums that target specific concerns. By itself, I haven't seen any visible difference to my dark circles or fine lines - but you shouldn't expect those kind of results as this is not that kind of active targeted eye-cream.
  47. Feels Nice


    I am enjoying this eye cream. It feels very hydrating on the under eyes. A little goes a long way. I feel like it has plumped up my under eyes and made my dark circles less noticeable
  48. Soothing and Hydrating

    Ash (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I really like this product due to it's plumping and hydrating factors.
    It's a soothing light cream, that's erasing my fine lines and wrinkles.
    Awesome that it's organic too.
  49. One of my favorite


    I like using it as my facial cream, the small glass bottle is cute and very convenient when go travel. It is highly moisture rich cream make me feel good when in winter.
  50. Natural and soothing.


    A wonderful soothing product that I find reduces puffiness and dryness around my eyes. I tend to be sensitive to skin products and soaps however this product is gentle, soothing and nourishing and without a fragrance, which I especially like.

    A small bottle seems to go a very long way.

  51. fantastic


    have been using this eye cream for the last couple of weeks and it has been fantastic.

    i have been using this on my eye which has an eczema patch and it has absolutely moisturized it. furthermore, i use it on an eczema patch on my elbow which is now no longer scaly and dry but smooth and hydrated.

    i don't like having to dip fingers into the cream (hygienic reasons), but other than that, this is the perfect eye cream and completely organic!
  52. Quality ingredients, nourishing, gentle


    I love this range, love the ingredients, simple packaging, and avocado oil.

    Nourishing, soothing, gentle, easily absorbed. I believe that what I put n my skin is absorbed so I do not want chemicals or toxic ingredients. Antipodes is fantastic. Great product for sensitive, dry, eye area. It seems expensive but the jar lasted me for 6 months and I use it generously day and night.
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