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Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask 75ml

4.5 of 117 reviews


4 instalments of $12.25

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4 instalments of $12.25

Or 4 instalments of $12.25 with LEARN MORE

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The Antipodes® Aura Manuka Honey Mask is a luxuriously hydrating daily cleanse treatment, which replenishes vital nutrients and restores natural radiance.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Paraben Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Oiliness and shine
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask Reviews

4.5 of 117 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



Calming, nourishing and moisturising is just a few words I’d use to describe this mask! The antioxidant properties helps to keep skin super fresh and blemish-free.

Most Helpful Criticism



I received this product as a sample. It smells lovely and has a nice thick creamy texture but I don’t think it was hydrating enough. It was hard to remove and left a tacky sort of film on my face but I think I would buy the full product to give it a fair go.
  1. Undecided


    I received this product as a sample. It smells lovely and has a nice thick creamy texture but I don’t think it was hydrating enough. It was hard to remove and left a tacky sort of film on my face but I think I would buy the full product to give it a fair go.
  2. Nourishing


    Calming, nourishing and moisturising is just a few words I’d use to describe this mask! The antioxidant properties helps to keep skin super fresh and blemish-free.
  3. i love this mask


    It is a natural product with lovely scent. I like to put it on before shower and wash it off after my shower. My face certainly feels softer and calmer after use.
  4. Plumping and hydrating


    It's not the consistency you would expect for a mask, it's almost a thick moisturizer that seeps into the skin quickly and leaves it a bit sticky, however i love the way it makes your skin feel. It leaves it very plump, dewy and soft and has a surprisingly high % of manuka.
  5. Nice experience


    I use this mask when I want to relax and enjoy the nice smell, I have also used this after I skipped my night routine and desperately needed nourishment, but it’s not the most moisturising mask ever. It’s also helped me when I was dealing with irritated skin and breakouts as it helped soothe my skin while providing the antibacterial properties that honey has. Definitely agree with those saying it’...
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  6. Great for combination skin


    For those who don't like scented skincare, let me say that this is probably not the mask for you. I really like the smell though - it's sweet/almond/vanilla scented.

    I LOVE the gel texture of this. My skin is combination and a little unpredictable - sometimes oily, sometimes dehydrated, the occasional breakout. I use this mask as a bit of a 'rescue me' treatment, and the smell adds t...
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  7. A nice ~treat yourself~ mask


    Comes in a tube which makes it easy and hygienic to use.
    It smells strongly of honey and vanilla, it's a lovely smell but can be overpowering to the scent-sensitive.

    For me it's definitely a 'weeknight relaxing spa night' kind of mask - it was moisturising, but other than that, i did not find that it did much for my skin. It's definitely more of a fun kind of mask for me.
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  8. good moisture


    I use it from last year, now I use the second of this mask, I love it very mush, I'm oil skin but it can hold my skin very moisture
  9. hydrating but nothing special


    i dont know if my breakout is caused by this new mask or just hormonal change..but it did give me a few pimples after using it...however very hydrating though
  10. Healing and calming mask


    I find this mask is very calming and has helped me clear up breakouts on my jawline. Makes a big difference.
  11. Nice and nourishing


    A nice, thick mask which can be used as a wash off mask or layered on top of your skincare overnight. Skin is left feeling nourished and plump.
  12. The freaking best!


    This mask is amazing. Its great for clearing up and calming any kind of acne or pimples. Its also super hydrating and I love to just leave it on for hours to soak up as much of it as possible. I've repurchased this about 4 times now.
  13. Really nice


    I prefer this over the Halo mask from Antipodes. It has a much more calming effect on my skin and makes it feel nice and bouncy afterwards. Manuka honey is great for your face and this mask definitely does not disappoint.
  14. Antipodes and honey = Heaven


    One of my favorites from the Antipodes range. This mask is really calming and hydrating on the skin. Also smells wonderful -Mandarin and vanilla - yum
  15. Calms my acne


    This product really calms down new forming acne. Strongly recommend if you have acne-prone skin and it definitely would help if you use this mask at least twice a week.
  16. didnt notice a difference


    im not sure what i was expecting, but it didnt seem like there was any difference despite regular use. i stopped using it halfway through the tube.


    This mask is really calming and hydrating on the skin. Up there in my favourites!! Also smells wonderful - mix of floral and vanilla with mandarin.
  18. Super Hydrating


    Love this amazing hydrating mask, it’s my one stop shop wherever I am, a must have product for sure. Great for pampering myself at home and for travel. In a convenient tube packed full of manuka honey, so healing and nourishing on my dry as well as a great spot treatment should I need it. It has a subtle mandarin fragrance which is divine. Totally recommend! 
  19. Good mask


    This is the second Antipodes product I have ever tried and I quite like it. It’s nicely scented and applies ok (could be a bit thicker maybe?). I use it twice weekly. There is no dramatic visible results after use but my skin seems happy enough - reasonably moisturised and no breakouts, always a plus. Still on the fence regarding repurchaseing.
  20. average


    bought it because a friend recommended it but its not that great, no amazing results
  21. Smells wonderful


    Love the feeling on my skin
  22. A nice face mask


    A nice enough face mask that seems to hydrated and soften my skin. Nice formula overall and works well for my dry skin. Would recommend
  23. Favourite mask


    This would have to be my favourite face mask. I like to use it in the mornings and apply it straight on to my skin, I find it can replace both my cleanser and moisturiser in the mornings. Has the most wonderful smell too!
  24. Good Stuff


    This mask is sooooo moisturising! Definitely recommend it to people with dry or dehyrated skin.
  25. Nice and moisturising


    I love using this mask once a week to plump up and nourish my skin after a long week. I look and feel better after using it.
  26. Super Hydrating


    Gorgeous mask to indulge in once or twice a week for when your skin is in need of some added hydration or feeling a bit dull. I love the addition of honey which is such a beautiful treat for the skin.
  27. Soothing


    Nourishing and soft on my pimple-prone skin. Leaves my face feeling refreshed, brightened and moisturised. Love it!
  28. So hydrating


    I used a sample of this whilst in hospital, it smells beautiful and left my skin feeling suple and soft, it was very hydrating will be purchasing this and might try some of their other products to
  29. thick and heavy


    Super thick, heavy and greasy. I dont like it all
  30. So lovely


    I love this NZ brand. The products are ecologically low impact, have a high percentage of natural ingredients and are effective. This one leaves my skin bright and hydrated.
  31. My skin looks so much healthier after putting this on


    I apply this once a week and it leaves my skin looking so fresh. It's incredible, I love the smell and the texture of the mask is nice too.
  32. Just so so


    It's creamy and the scent is a little bit too much for me. It's not good for sensitive skin, because I feel a little painful around my nose when I use it, even though my skin is not sensitive.
  33. The mask is okay


    After reading rave reviews, I thought this mask would cure all my problems. Maybe my expectations were too high, but I don't notice much improvement in my skin after using this. My skin just feels more hydrated and a bit smoother. Not sure if it's worth the price tag though.
  34. Honey mask


    I love this honey mask - not sticky or anything, just pure hydration that makes my skin feel so so soft the next day. Can't recommend enough!
  35. Not for sensitive skin


    The skin feels nice and soft after the mask, however, I felt a bit of a tingle on my skin when the mask was on. I also found it to be a bit too oily.
  36. Calming


    Really refreshing hydrating calming face mask. I just this on my face and neck after cleansing and my skin feels great! Smells beautiful too! Small amount goes a long way
  37. Moisturizing mask

    Nay nay

    I use this once a week when I'm having a bath and pamper myself, smells lovely, like oranges which was surprising given it's a manuka honey mask, nicely moisturizing and nourishing for the skin,rinses off easily and doesn't leave a film..I'm used to clay based masks so this is a nice change not feeling tight afterward
  38. Brilliant Product


    I love this NZ brand. The products are ecologically low impact, have a high percentage of natural ingredients and are effective. This one leaves my skin bright and hydrated.
  39. Hydrated and radiant skin!


    This is a great mask for those with dry, acne prone skin. This hydrates the skin beautifully and overtime, has helped to fade my acne scars. I do find it stings/creates warmth to the skin when applied, however nothing that is too painful. Smells divine too!
  40. Love it


    I love this mask! it's natural, it's gentle on my skin, great for everyday use !
  41. Honey Heaven!


    Without a doubt this product is my favourite from the Antipodes range I use it as a daily mask leaving it on as I jump in the shower and gently buffing it off with an enjo pad. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Not to mention your skin smells divine!
  42. Good for use on long haul flight


    I used this on a long haul flight recently and my skin felt much more hydrated than previous flights I've taken. Really love that it's cruelty free too!
  43. Noticeable results


    This mask is super gentle but delivers results. I can definitely feel my skin is more hydrated and plumper after using. I also use as a spot mask on pimples as the manuka honey is a great antibacterial.
  44. love


    love the scent of this mask so much! it smells so yummy like honey and my skin does feel hydrated and looks more healthy after using it

  45. Hydration


    This mask is very hydrating, it leaves my skin so plump. I’m definitely repurchase it.
  46. soothing


    I find this mask to feel quite soothing, my skin looks healthier - brighter and fresher after using this!
  47. Amazing


    Love this mask, when I remember to use it the results are amazing. Clears up my skin and feels really nice
  48. Creamy and hydrating


    The most hydrating facial. Also calming on the skin.
  49. Smells Great


    This is such a yummy smelling mask! After using it my skin felt smoother, more supple and was less red than usual post a face mask.
  50. Nice enough mask

    Laura O

    Left my skin feeling smooth and slightly brighter. I have quite oily skin, pimple prone skin and typically prefer a mask that provides a deeper clean, I probably won't re-purchase this because of that. I can see how others have loved the mask though.
  51. honey love


    love the scent of this mask so much! it smells so yummy like honey and my skin does feel hydrated and looks more healthy after using it
  52. Cool sensations


    I love any brand that is local and certified organic and cruelty free, but actually delivers real and instant results, and Antipodes is one of those rare brands for me.

    I discovered this mask on sale at Priceline and couldn’t resist the fact that it contains Manuka honey, an ingredient that is known to be calming and healing and hydrating, perfect for the cold winter weather.
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  53. Gentle and moisturising


    This mask has a thin lotion-y consistency which means you kind of need a lot to get a nice even layer on your face. But in saying that I probably use this every second day and have barely made a dint in the tube, so I think I will get a lot of uses out of it. It smells delicious and feels like a real treat putting it on and because it’s not clay-based like a lot of masks it is really easy to remov...
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  54. Honey honey


    Love this honey mask! Smells nice and makes my skin feel soft and plump the next day. Makeup sits nicely over my skin now I've been using this mask for a few weeks.
  55. Silky and soft


    This applies really nicely, very silky. Feels soft and my skin feels lightly cleansed afterwards. Good if you want something that wont strip your skin.
  56. Amazing for acne


    This mask is the best for acne or severe breakouts! it has minimized my pimples significantly
  57. Good


    I love this mask. Very hydrating and has such a lovely scent
  58. Moisturising


    Received this in a sample form with my order. Beautiful face and neck mask. Smells Devine and has a thick creamy and cooling consistency. After 15 minutes my skin felt really soft and moisturised.
  59. Smells amazing, feels amazing and results are amazing!


    This mask has been part of my skincare routine for years. It is a beautiful creamy mask that smells of honey and vanilla. It is a gentle product that is great at calming and soothing any blemishes or redness on the face due to the antibacterial properties of the honey. This mask is great for all ages and all skin types as it gently deep cleans and really hydrates the skin. The results of this mask...
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  60. so great!


    smells great and makes my skin feel great!
  61. Creamy facial


    Really creamy facial that left my skin feeling so plump and hydrated. Amazing for people with dry skin.
  62. Good


    For me it works perfectly. I have dry to very dry skin, rare breakouts. I use the mask instead of a night cream and it hydrates my skin until the morning. Especially in winter this is the best for stressed skin.
  63. I like it


    This mask is hydrating and easy to bring when travelling. Just like other antipodes products, the scent is good.
  64. Calming


    Such a calming facial. Feels so hydrating and moisturising on the skin. Amazing!
  65. I really like it


    I thought this was nice and made my skin look great. Great brand!
  66. honey love


    smells so great and is a lovely feeling hydrating mask
  67. Amazing for dry skin


    This facial is amazing on dry skin its really calm and soft on the skin and really hydrates!
  68. it works well


    This mask is hydrating and gentle. I use it every week and will buy it again.
  69. Hydrating and nourishing mask for all skin types!


    I really enjoy using this mask and its a mask I always come back to especially when my skin is irritated, itchy or experiencing breakouts. It does not dry down or extract anything, but the manuka honey and powerful ingredients help to nourish and heal the skin. After washing, your skin will feel a lot healthier, hydrated and nourished. My tip is to keep this tube in the fridge so its lovely and sl...
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  70. hydrating


    I liked this mask, it has a nice scent and my skin looks and feels hydrated afterwards
  71. A-ok


    I enjoy this mask but don’t feel like it is outstanding any any way. It’s nourishing on my sensitive skin but doesn’t seem to give results in terms of clarifying or assisting breakouts as promised. It’s a nice mask to pop on to relax- the frangrance is uplifting and it is lightly hydrating.


    Cannot fault this mask. Definitely don't need to use daily as they say but it is so nice and a little goes such a long way! One of my favourite mask... AND THE SMELL!
  73. Little goes a long way


    A little goes a long way with this facial I only need to use a tiny little bit to cover my face. Its thick and creamy and makes my skin feel really nice and soft and hydrated!
  74. Lasts a long time


    This facial is really calming and soothing and the tube has lasted me so long because a little goes a long way. Its super hydrating!
  75. Super hydrating


    I love everything about this facial. It comes in a cute and easy tube and a little product goes a long way so it has lasted me months of weekly use. It smells so subtle and calming - a mix of vanilla, honey and orange/mandarin. My skin always feels so hydrated and plump after. I alternate this mask with clay masks.
  76. Makes my skin fresh and hydrated


    I just read on another review that someone else uses this after The Ordinay 30% peel. This is the exact mask I use after the same product!

    I use the peel weekly and think that makes a big difference to clearing up my skin and always follow up with this mask. It is definitely hydrating and I feel my skin is plump afterwards. It does tingle a little when I put it on, but not in an uncom...
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  77. I like it


    I really like this mask. It makes my skin look amazing. Lasts a while as you don't need to use much.
  78. Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask


    The level of hydration on these masks are amazing!! Lots of serum leftover in tube so you can actually use it as a daily serum too. Adds a nice glow to the skin and gives a healthy "glass-skin" look without make up! My go-to masks for long flights.
  79. Glowy and plumped skin


    This is a very nice hydrating mask. I use it once a week after The Oridnary 30% peel, which I use to help prevent acne. That is a great exfoliator but my dehydrated acnegenic skin needs a lot of moisture afterwards, and thisndoes the trick. This mask goes on slightly tingly, but quickly becomes soothing and cooling (nice on a warm summer evening), and while it doesn't dry it does become sticky. I...
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  80. Calming facial


    This is a great facial for people with sensitive skin. I find the charcoal/clay facials irritate my skin a little so I started using this one and its so calming and gentle on the skin. Has the consistency of a gel/cream and applies easily. My skin felt so plump and hydrated afterwards.
  81. Lovely hydrating mask


    I found this to be a lovely hydrating mask - my skin feels so smooth and hydrated after use and I actually think it looks more bright and clear! Doesn't break me out at all and I love that it contains manuka honey which has antibacterial properties. I use it every 3 days and love the extra moisture it gives me.
  82. Calming


    Really calming facial. Has a cool and cream like consistency. The floral honey scent is also a bonus. Skin always feels silky smooth afterwards.
  83. Lovely mask


    I've been looking for a face mask that isn't 'mud' or 'clay' for a while now (because it irritates my skin) and received a sample of this with my last adore order. Really pleased with it: its smooth, cooling and has a light-medium mask thickness to it. Its so unnoticeable that sometimes ive forgotten its on. Definitely would recommend for people with sensitive skin.
  84. Hydrating & calming


    I use facials daily (mainly Aesop mud facials) and this Manuka honey mask is a great one in between to give my skin a boost of hydrating. Its a very cooling gel like consistency and smells beautiful. My skin felt instantly soothed and calm after applying. Sometimes mud masks can be a little harsh on my skin and make it feel a little dry so I alternate them with this one to keep my skin feeling gre...
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  85. Cool & Calming


    Originally received a sample of this and have now purchased the full size. Smells so lovely and has a cool calming mask consistency. My skin felt so plump and soft after using this.
  86. Super moisturising


    Having used many of antipodes products in the past my sensitive skin has seen many positive results from their products, and this is no exception. The honey mask is super soothing and the scent is most pleasant with a mixture of sweet honey and a hint of vanilla. After using this product, my skin honestly felt soft and smooth like a baby's bum :)) and my skin felt much more hydrated.
  87. Repurchased so many times


    This is my favourite mask! It has a really nice texture and is super moisturising. I didn't see much of a difference with acne/blackheads but Manuka honey is antibacterial so it should in theory lol
  88. Soothing mask


    I use this mask when I feel like my skin needs some additional nourishment and I have fallen asleep with it on too! It’s soothing and my skin feels calmed and soft afterwards. Love this brand.
  89. Calming on the skin


    I usually use the Aesop mud facials and recently received a sample of this one with my order - its so cool and calming and smells amazing. Had a really creamy consistency and was easy to apply and wipe off. Skin felt really soft and hydrated afterwards.
  90. Smells beautiful


    Received this as a sample - scent is beautiful it’s a mix between honey, vanilla and mandarin. Has a really cool non irritating cream texture and felt just like applying a moisturiser. Skin felt plump and hydrated after.
  91. skin so soft


    This mask left my skin baby smooth and was so soothing on my sensitive skin.
  92. Lovely Product


    I have normal to combination skin, with occasional breakouts. This mask smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh. No tightening feeling afterwards and didn’t break out.
  93. Sweet smelling soothing mask


    I received this mask as a gift - it was a lovely treat! The packaging is simple, yet reflective of the quality brand. The product itself feels nourishing on the skin and leaves skin feeling hydrated and calm.
  94. For bad skin days


    I actually rarely use this as a mask, I use it when I get blemishes, when I'm about to get a pimple and it seems to just make the blemishes disappear, perhaps because of the antibacterial properties in manuka honey. I also use it when I get random red itchy spots on my skin, and again, they just disappear after using this. I always I make sure I have a tube of this around. And because I use it pri...
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  95. great


    This is my only holy grail beauty item. I put it on at night and sleep in it and have a new face by morning! Really good for dry skin, spots, and congestion!! (Sometimes I use it as a spot treatment too) I use it about 3 nights a week and lookforward to every day after.
  96. Great product


    I bought this mask as I have combination skin and needed something to clarify and soothe. This mask felt very luxurious and I left it on my skin overnight to enhance results. My skin always feels nicer the next day. When my sister came over she used it as well and she really enjoyed it too!
  97. nice treat


    I've bought and used this several times. it smells nice, and I feel as though I am doing good things for myself, but I haven't noticed a massive difference in my skin? maybe over time it might help, but not a lot of "glow-y" skin people talk about.
  98. Great


    The smell of this mask is amazing, it has some honey but mostly vanilla scents to it, and its very hydrating to the face. As soon as I took this off my skin felt so soft and looked less red. This is my new addiction.
  99. Amazing


    This mask leaves my skin feeling smooth and healthy. Such a deluxe item and well worth it for the price
  100. Loveee


    Just the thing for spotty tired skin. Really takes the redness out of acne while keeping my skin soft and hydrated. Don't think I could live without this mask now!
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