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Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser 185ml 185ml

4.4 of 111 reviews

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4 instalments of $9.34


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Say hello to Adore Beauty's most popular facial cleanser!

Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser is a light liquid cleansing gel for normal, combination or oily/problematic skin.

  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Cruelty Free
  • Australian Made

What customers say

GREAT - 84% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Oiliness and shine

Skin Type:

  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser 185ml

Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser 185ml

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Customer Reviews

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4.4 of 111 reviews

84% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great product


Have been using this for several weeks now and have had minimal breakouts compared to before using this cleanser. Smells great, is a great size so will last for ages.
Definitely recommend for oily skin.

Most Helpful Criticism

Doesn't lather/foam


The cleanser has great simple ingredients, more of a natural cleanser. It smells lovely too. I just prefer a cleanser that foams up, this doesn't at all so I felt like I was using 3 pumps to feel as though I was cleaning my skin.
  1. average


    Having read mixed reviews about this product I thought id take the plunge and give it a go as I was low on my GO TO cleanser and found this by chance. With its powerful ingredients I thought that it would perform a lot better than it did. I find that I need at least 2 full pumps to make my skin feel clean even after using a make up remover balm
  2. Feels a bit strange


    Since using this cleanser my skin has cleared up significantly! I always double cleanse because it doesn't foam which feels strange.
  3. Great product


    Have been using this for several weeks now and have had minimal breakouts compared to before using this cleanser. Smells great, is a great size so will last for ages.
    Definitely recommend for oily skin.
  4. incredible


    I love using this during winter as it stops my skin from appearing flaky! Such a must have for those with problematic skin!
  5. Gentle on my skin


    I have this cleanser in 200ml, which I bought 8 months ago and am still using! I love this non-foaming cleanser on my normal-dry skin. Great value for money as a little of the cleanser goes a long way. I like added bonus that this cleanser is also makeup remover and toner in one. Highly recommend to try.
  6. Lovely cleanser, smells divine!


    Only downside is that it doesn’t lather/foam up. Still a great cleanser though!
  7. I miss the foam


    Overall a nice cleanser, the non-foaming consistence does take a while to get used to though. My skin is left feeling very clean and the amount of cleanser you get is great
  8. My favourite cleanser EVER!


    I've used many cleansers in my life for my problematic skin - it is oily/combination but sensitive to new products or anything that's too harsh.

    This cleanser is the PERFECT balance. It doesn't foam at all which is great, and thoroughly cleans the skin from makeup and dirt without being harsh.

    My skin stays matte all day and it has honestly never felt better than it does right now. LOVE this cleanser and highly recommend!


    this cleanser is amazing! I have sensitive, oily skin and this cleanser is so good for my skin! It controls my face and doesn't make it break out at all, it doesn't make it too dry and keeps it hydrated. Definitely recommend!!
  10. Lasts forever


    This bottle lasted me ages!! I have pretty oily skin that can be sensitive at times. Would definitely recommend to anyone with a similar skin type! Cleans my face super well!
  11. Good for oily skin


    Nice cleanser, doesn' t foam up, but it does feel nice on the skin, gives a good cleanse, feels and smells nice and leaves your skin feeling clean, less irritated and does help with pimples and breakouts.
  12. Love


    I was looking for a new cleanser and got recommended this product so I thought I would give it a go. Makes your skin feel nice and clean and refresher and I am in love with this product already after a couple weeks.
  13. Great


    I gave this a go and I am so pleased I did! It cleanses all makeup with one go (except eyeliner, that takes two rounds) and my skin is so clean but not at all dry or squeaky (in a bad way). I have acne-prone skin and not one zit after starting with this. I hope it's a permanent result!
  14. Great cleanser for squeaky clean skin


    This is a great cleanser for makeup removal, especially after a full day of a heavy face.My skin is dry but I did not find this made it any worse which is a bonus!
  15. Great


    A very nice cleanser from alpha h. I have tried a few of theirs and they all do a great job. Gets the last traces of makeup at the end of the day and makes my skin feel fresh
  16. Great Product!


    Overall, this product is great. Feels so lightweight and completely cleans all makeup and dirt off my skin every time. And you don't have to use too much each time either.
    The only thing is the new packaging. I struggle to get the lid back on with a dollop of the cleanser in my hand. Other than that, I would highly recommend this product!
  17. Love Love Love


    My new favourite daily cleanser. I have really struggled with finding a good cleanser for sensitive, oily and acne prone skin, and this is by far the best cleanser I have ever tried. I would definitely recommend this product.
  18. Love it


    I have fairly oily and sensitive skin with a bit of acne on my lower cheeks and tried numerous products but have found this one to be the best cleanser. I use it every morning and afternoon and straight away noticed how much smoother and clearer my skin was even after the first use. Highly recommend. It doesn't feel like much while applying but I've noticed the longer massaged in the better the results are. Only need 1 to 2 pumps.
  19. Interesting


    This product is really interesting to use because it doesn't lather like a normal wash. It worked well however but ill probably stick to the other Alpha-H cleansers.
  20. My favourite cleanser


    Two words: Non Foaming

    Lately I've seen many dermatologists expressing concern about foaming cleansers because the can strip the skin too much. I have combination skin and this product helps clear away the dirt without leaving it squeaky-dry

    Was a bit weird at first because I'm used to cleansers having suds. I kept wanting to use too much, but soon got the hang of it. Will probably buy the 500ml bottle next time for better value
  21. Huge changes in my skin after a few weeks use!


    I was unsure about this cleanser as it’s non foaming but I could see a huge difference in my skin after a few days use. Have been using now for a few months and love it. My skin feels clean and so soft, will definitely continue to use
  22. great product


    This bottle lasted me ages!! I have pretty oily skin that can be sensitive at times. Would definitely recommend to anyone with a similar skin type! Cleans my face super well!
  23. Lovely cleanser


    This is a really gentle cleanser and I think it would suit all skin types. I personally need something with more active ingredients for my breakouts at the moment but this has done its job for many years.
  24. My new daily cleanser


    I was a bit worried that a non foaming wash wouldn’t completely clean my skin... but this has done more then any foaming face wash I have had has!
    Double cleanse at night (I have been double cleansing for a while but the difference this cleanser has made) and my skin has cleared up almost to point of no pimples besides the occasional break out due to hormones or food :)
    Love love love will keep buying
  25. Great


    This product is great! I use it almost daily. Its a cleanses pretty well and my skin feels smooth after using it. Theres heaps of product in the bottle.
  26. lovely cleanser


    As every other Alpha product this is great smelling product that clean my skin very nicely and feels great. Love how glory my skin looks
  27. Doesn't lather/foam


    The cleanser has great simple ingredients, more of a natural cleanser. It smells lovely too. I just prefer a cleanser that foams up, this doesn't at all so I felt like I was using 3 pumps to feel as though I was cleaning my skin.
  28. Helped with occasional hormonal break outs


    I used this in conjunction with the super scrub and found that it helped with hormonal break outs on my chin and around my nose whilst not being drying or striping. Definitely recommend them as a pair.
  29. If only I had this when I was a teen.


    This helped with some blemishes I had on my jawline. It may be drying for some. I didn't repurchase as I don't suffer from more than the occasional blemish however if I was a teenager this would have been my go-to cleanser back then.
  30. You don’t need bubbles


    I tried out this product as it said it was good for combination/oily skin which is my skin type. I really loved that I could just lather it all over my face including eyelids and it removes all traces of makeup, was very gentle and left my skin feeling subtle and happy. This product is obviously perfect for daily use with its balancing rather than stripping of natural oils.
  31. Good


    I purchased this along with the Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser and so far it has been okay, however I prefer some of my other products that I think are more suited to my skin.
  32. Lovely cleanser!


    I first tried this when I was able to get my hands on a sample. It is such a great cleanser that isn't harsh on my sensitive skin leaving me clean and refreshed.
  33. Good everyday cleanser


    Had a few samples of this cleanser and decided to finally give them a go. It has a nice gel texture which I liked, wasn't too runny or too thick. I found it similar to other gel cleansers I've used and was a good everyday cleanser. It wasn't particularly special that it rated above other cleansers I've used, but did the job it was meant to.
  34. Good


    Tried all the cleansers out there from ASAP, PCA, Skinmedica etc. but this one is brilliant for my sensitive oily skin. Leaves my skin silky smooth and not dry or irritated at all. Highly recommended.
  35. Fresh faced


    I am used to more foamier cleansers or ones that do lather up so with this one being a non foaming gel it’s does feel different but my skin is super clean and is healing keep my skin fresh and clear !!
    I’m not the biggest fan of the scent though seems a little fake fragranced for my liking .
  36. So-so


    I previously used the Triple Action Cleanser with Aloe Vera but I couldn't find it on here, so I purchased this one. This was a clear gel like consistency and the Aloe Vera one was a cream. I preferred the cream as it made my skin feel 'clean' (I love that squeaky clean feeling) and this one just made it feel so-so. It removes make up (in conjunction with an oil cleanser beforehand), but it just doesn't make my skin feel smooth and clean like the other Alpha H cleanser with Aloe Vera. I probably won't purchase again
  37. Alright product.


    Could be better didn't help that much with acne
  38. Unsure if I’d buy it again


    I didn’t realise it was a gel and didn’t foam or leather at all
    I find I have to use a lot more than I normally would of my previous cleanser to do the same job
    I like how my face feels using it though, it’s super clear and bright!
  39. Like it


    This is a great cleanser and it really melts away the makeup, with other cleansers I wash my face in the morning and still have makeup on but with Alpha H cleansers (I have a fair few of them) it ALL comes off.
  40. Oily breakout prone skin


    Found this product made my skin significantly worse. I have very congested skin that needs help to pull the impurities out. This was fab at removing the oil layer but everything below the surface felt “stuck’. Used for a month and I was constantly getting breakouts and hard lumps form under my skin. Reviews imply it’s fab but not for me or maybe people with congested skin. Won’t be getting again
  41. I have dry skin and prone to breakouts


    This cleanser clears me skin and doesn’t irritate it. It doesn’t make my skin dry out either which is a bonus. Good everyday cleanser, that doesn’t cause me any breakouts.
  42. happy with the product


    Not their best product but happy with the overall feel of my face after using
  43. Calming hydrating cleanser


    Skin: oily. Skin concerns: acne, redness, irritation/flaky patches, too much oil in t zone.

    It definitely does what it says. its nice having a cleanser that actually feels like its calming my skin rather than irritating it! I use a cleansing wipe to remove makeup before use and then the cleanser, it smells pretty and soaks into my skin leaving it very soft and hydrated. Then I wipe away with a damp cotton pad.
    My skin feels and looks more hydrated and calm, no more flaky patches or itchiness and skin feels less irritated.
  44. Very good cleanser

    ROSE 70

    This is a clear gel cleanser which helps remove my makeup & mascara, which is why I like it. I also like the pump pack which is economical.
  45. Unsure if I would use again


    I bought this cleanser based on the rave reviews however didn't realise that it was a gel consistency which didn't foam/lather at all. It is a bit hard to know if I have gotten all areas of my face because the gel sort of dissolves in the shower so I have to use 2-3 pumps of it.
    It doesn't leave my skin feeling tight or dry which is great and my problematic skin seems have to responded well to it, with no increase in acne however there hasn't been any decrease either and the consistency is hard to adjust to! Love Alpha H products but will likely try other cleansers in the range
  46. Might be a little too gentle for Oily Skin


    Oily Skin type; Concerns: Large Pores, Blackheads and Excess Sebum. I do quite like this cleanser as an all-rounder especially when i'm tired and cannot be bothered to go on with a lengthy skincare routine but I feel like this was definitely too gentle and it was quite hard to tell if it was spreading along my face because it doesn't really have even a tiny bit of foam.
    Love love love the smell. I don't know about calling it 'triple action' as it was definitely too gentle for me. Especially for really oily skin it felt like I had to double cleanse or even exfoliate every day after using it which is annoying because I don't want to exfoliate everyday and aggravate my acne prone skin. Would recommend this to normal skin types and sensitive skin as it is definitely a nice keeper as a gentle cleanser for them.
  47. Love


    This is the perfect cleanser, leaving your face feel soft and clean but not dry or harsh. You can use it to clean out your skin pre mask, take off the day, or remove hard to budge makeup!
  48. Love this cleanser


    I have combination skin, heavy hormonal breakouts and dry flaky at other times. I love a gel cleanser and this is fantastic! I double cleanse every night it removes all my makeup including stubborn eyeliner and leaves my skin feeling clean, tight, and fresh. I love this product and highly recommend.
  49. Alpha-Amazing


    I’ve got oily and temperamental skin especially around that time of the month for ladies. I’ve been using Alpha H triple action cleanser for 2 years now, I had hormonal breakouts around the jawline and chin area and I tried everything to clear them up but found the triple action cleanser has been my lifesaver! It cleared them completely and has controlled any further breakouts. I double cleanse with it at night time especially. It removes all make up as well, I like the gel consistency as I’m not personally a fan of foam cleansers. I use the daily essential 30+ moisturizer in the day time. Liquid gold on alternate nights, the micro exfoliant once a week and the pore refining clay mask on the jaw and chin area once a week/around that time of the month just for a good deep cleanse. I’ve been doing this for 2 years and I always get compliments on my skin now - which if you’ve had trouble with your skin in the past it’s a huge compliment!
  50. Great for combination skin


    I have an oily T-zone with dry cheeks, and am also very prone to dehydration. I had great difficulty in finding a cleanser that didn’t dry out my cheeks while not leaving my T-zone feeling oily. This cleanser does just that, after washing my face, it feels clean - not tight and not grimy. I’m in love. I’m on my third bottle so far.
    I use this with my Clarisonic in the morning, and by itself at night.
  51. Did not work for me


    I purchased this after reading so many glowing reviews and struggling to find something for my very problematic skin. I have extremely oily and acne prone skin and I prefer my cleansers to be somewhat foaming and leave my skin feeling clean.
    This cleanser is the opposite of that. It did not foam and therefore did not leave my skin feeling clean. If anything, I felt like it left a film on my skin after cleansing. Even worse, this actually broke me out big time. I am glad I was able to return it.
  52. Wouldn't buy again


    This cleanser didn't impress me. It wasn't terrible but I wouldn't purchase it again. I have very oily skin that gets dry in winter. Alpha-H Clear Skin Daily Face Wash works much better to control oil and break outs for me. I tried using Triple Action Cleanser when my skin was dry but I got more spots than when I use Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser.
  53. Updated review


    This is an updated review from my previous one a week ago. So, after a week of use, I started to get new blemishes and pimples popping up. Somehow, maybe this cleanser is too 'gentle' for me and it didn't respond to clearing up the pimples quickly. I had to purchase another cleanser ASAP to see if it works. I got their Clear Skin Cleanser instead and I much prefer that texture and it effectively clears up my pimples! Even though both are gel cleansers, my skin feels more comfortable with the Clear Skin cleanser.
    I'm not saying the Triple Action is bad or less responsive for a cleanser, it probably didn't work on my skin as much as I thought it should.
    I now used the Triple Action to clean my makeup sponges so I don't waste it. :)
  54. Alpha-H is my holy grail brand!!!


    Last winter I found my skin extremely dry and I couldn’t find anything that helped it. I decided to try some Alpha-H products and my skin was cleared up and plump within a week!!
    I have used this cleanser the whole time and I love it. I use it with a facial brush and my skin feels so clean and fresh after. It’s a gel consistency and I find it is soothing on my sensitive skin. I also love that I can use it around my eyes!
  55. Beautiful cleanser


    I purchased this after falling in love with the liquid gold.
    This cleanser wasn't what I was expecting, it doesnt foam up at all. Even though I was expecting something different, this is now a firm favourite.
    It is lovely and hydrating and very easy to use, your skin feels amazing afterward.
  56. I use it as makeup remover!


    I love this!
    I blob it all over my thick makeup and leave for a few seconds and then wipe it off with a dry cotton pad and it removes ALL of my makeup and cleanses so nicely!
  57. Disappointed


    I was really looking forward to trying this cleanser as I've enjoyed using other alpha H products, but this one really didn't work for me. For someone with oily acne prone skin it is just too gentle to be effective. My skin actually started to break out more when I was using it. It would probably be better for someone with dry or sensitive skin.
  58. A cleanser that surprises me!


    I waited for a week before i write this review so I can try it out first and wait to see results before i post it. Having to use foaming cleanser for such a long time, i was skeptical of trying this cleanser out. Am a huge fan of Alpha H but i read alot of mixed reviews about this cleanser. Lots of good reviews but also not so good due to the non foaming texture. However, I believe we have to try to find out so here I go.... when I first used it, I understand about the non foaming texture bit. I was very skeptical if I was cleaning my whole face with soap or there's nothing left.. I had to pump 1.5 to try and convince myself that there's soap on my face. I was reassured when I toned my face and the cotton pad came out clean with no dirt. 2nd day of use and my pimples shrank in size. After 6 days of usage, I understand now that even though sometimes it feels like there's 'nothing' while cleaning my face, the soap is there. I'm happy with it and will repurchase again. :)
    Thanks Alpha H, again you didn't disapoint me!
  59. Lovely Gel cleanser


    The gel consistency of this cleanser is amazing. It is refreshing and feels hydrating while also getting rid of all my makeup. Sometimes I find I have to double clean to end up super clean, but I have no problem doing so as it leaves my skin with such an amazing feeling. I found this helped to prevent breakouts too! Will be purchasing again
  60. THE BEST!


    I’ve been using this product for a couple months now and I love it! The texture of my skin and everything has improved I love this brand some much definitely recommended!
  61. Amazing and worth the price


    I have sensitive, problematic skin and this face wash doesnt sting or cause redness. Its gentle yet helps clear my pimples. It doesnt dry out my skin. Its my go to fash wash in between seasons. Inlove veen it


    I am halfway through with this cleanser and it is my favorite so far. Even though it is mild and non foaming, it does a very good job in cleansing gently and definitely not drying at all. Though, I have to say that it's on a slightly more pricey side for a cleanser!
  63. Not a fan


    I have to admit, after being so impressed with the essential hyrdration cream by Alpha H I was excited to try this. I have to say I’m a little disappointed. It’s nice but I feel like I need to cleanse my face twice as it really doesn’t feel like it takes off all makeup and impurities. I really want to like it but in all honesty it isn’t worth the hype or price.
  64. A Great Cleanser


    This cleanser is great for sensitive skin. It delicately removes all of my makeup and leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed. A great product.
  65. Good value for money


    A pretty good cleaners for the price. Did create dryness around forehead but helped with small breakouts. Definitely good if your on a budget.
  66. Keeps my skin clear


    I love this cleanser. It had been a few years since I used it and I forgot how consistently clear it keeps my skin - that's why I keep coming back to it.

    I'm always surprised by people who say it doesn't foam well - while this is true, it's actually formulated to be a non-foaming cleanser. I prefer it this way as I know foaming cleansers rely on all sorts of other ingredients to make them foam, rather than to actually cleanse. It's a placebo effect and doesn't benefit the skin whatsoever. I'll take the non-foaming one that keeps my breakouts at bay any day!
  67. Not the greatest


    I've found this cleanser is great for a general face wash in the morning although is essentially useless for using if you want to help take off your makeup or get a deeper, thorough clean.

    It doesn't foam up and doesn't go a very long way, I'm always finding I need a few pumps per wash to get anywhere. I think there's definitely better face washes available at cheaper price points. I don't reach for this at all.
  68. Amazing cleanser


    This cleanser is my absolute favourite. It is super gentle but still feels like it cleans your face properly. I use it twice daily and have noticed an improvement in my overall complexion. It's a great price for how much product you get!
  69. Not my type of cleanser


    This cleanser sounds amazing and it seemed to be exactly what my skin needed right now but personally i found the texture of the cleanser was too gentle for me and felt although it didn't clean my skin. It definitely works to cremove makeup as it removes all mine, it just doesn't leave me with that clean feeling i like, so doesn't feel like it does much. I would love to try another one of their cleansers though but wouldn't spend this amount of money on one unless i was 100% sure it is what i like.
  70. Great cleanser`


    I use this product nightly. I cleanse twice with it, first on my clarosonic and secondly just applying with my hands to ensure I haven't left any residue.

    Using this cleanser at night, and the balancing cleanser in the mornings has made a huge change to my skin. People are always commenting on how lovely my skin looks and I put it down to changing to Alpha-H products about 4 months about.
  71. Cleans well


    I received this product as a sample and I was sad when I ran out. It works well
  72. Gentle


    This is a very gentle cleanser but it is effective. I have found that it works really well with the other alpha h products.
  73. Great cleanser


    A great cleanser that balances the skin. Previously used 'Balancing Cleanser' from ALPHA-H and swapped it to this one as I noticed my skin breaking out. This has improved my skin greatly. Use it twice a day. Sometimes at night I need to double cleanse. Doesn't dry out or make skin feel tight.
  74. Gentle Morning Cleanser


    I use this one in the morning as I dont feel it would be strong enough to remove my makeup at night.
    With ingredients of aloe vera and cucumber this cleanser is so calming and soothing to skin.
    Gentle enough for anyone to use.
    I rather foaming cleansers at night and this one does not foam at all or I would I would use this one for all my cleansing needs.
    Great price as you get a very large bottle
  75. Requires multiple washes


    I bought this product as part of a skin regime including the liquid gold. I understand the need for the non-foaming cleanser as it is to be used with the liquid gold, although I find that I have to wash my face multiple times to get my daily make up off. I probably wouldn't mind this if I were to continue using the liquid gold, however this is too harsh for my skin.
  76. Love!


    This face wash is the best, I even ordered my younger brother some because he has also been struggling with pimples. It gets to work straight away to clear blocked pores and dirt (which most cleansers will claim to do but don't). I use it with liquid gold and my skin has cleared almost completely which I've been trying to do with all kinds of products for the past two years with no luck. I couldn't express how happy I am with this combo, it's a life changer!
  77. No. 1 Holy Grail cleanser!


    I've always used foaming, stripping cleansers in my never-ending quest to have a clear, non-clogged t-zone. It took me a while to get a handle on how to best use this for my skin type.

    For me, the best results come when working the cleanser in for a good 60 seconds (not my usual 5 seconds); removing the residue with a wet flannel or microfibre cloth; and rinsing thoroughly. This might be a bit too intense for people with normal or dry skin, but it certainly works for me. Alternatively, I use this with my Clarisonic in the evenings.

    The best thing about this cleanser is that it suits ALL skin types - it's all about how you use it. It can be as gentle as you like for dry skins, or a lot more intensive (if you use it as I do). You can also safely use it around the eyes without dryness or irritation.

    My never-ending quest for the perfect cleanser has finally ended, and this is it!!
  78. Nice!!


    Really lovely cleanser, smells and feels good! Removes makeup so well without drying, leaving my face smooth, soft and clean. Only need to use a little bit so it lasts a long time, worth the pricier tag. Will be buying again!
  79. great cleanser for combination skin


    I purchased this after doing an assessment on the Alpha h website where they recommend products based on your concerns. I had oily skin with frequent pimples on my chin and forehead. I've been using it for about 2 months (in combination with other alpha products) and I definitely feel its significantly helped clean up my skin. Initially I was sceptical as it doesn't foam or feel like its really scrubbing your face but it removes make up really well and my skin is essentially pimple free now. My skin is starting to become a little drier now (unsure if thats the change from summer to winter) so if you have dry skin I would dip your toes in with only a small sample pack as this full sized bottle is huge and I've barely made a dent in it in 2 months. Value for money. Was using Lancome prior and I will be sticking to alpha H from now.
  80. Light Gel Non Foaming Cleanser


    This non-foaming gel cleanser is so light on the skin, it's lightly scented and doesn't leave the skin feeling tight afterwards. I have normal/combination skin with hormonal breakouts and I bought this product as a part of an Alpha-H beauty care routine.

    I definitely feel like the cleanser balances the oil levels of my skin and it doesn't leave my skin red like some other cleansers have. It's a really nice, light, soothing gel cleanser and I would recommend this product to anyone who doesn't want to use a harsh product on their skin.
  81. Great Gel Non Foaming Cleanser


    I really enjoyed using this fresh scented gel cleanser. It cleans the skin well and leaves it feeling refreshed but not dry.
    I just unfortunately couldn't get past it being a non foaming gel. I still like the feeling of a foaming gel with bubbles cleansing off the day.
    But if you do like non foaming then this is the cleanser for you.
  82. Great in my rotation


    This is very light and actaully makes my face feel like silk and so soft.
  83. Love it


    I got this as a sample, started using it, and LOVED IT. It was the only thing I was using at the time. It made my face feel nice and clean, and very smooth. Was a very calming wash, wasn't harsh, so great for sensitive skin.
  84. Great cleanser that leaves your skin feeling fresh!


    This is a clear gel formula and usually I prefer something more foamy but it still does a great job at leaving your skin feeling fresh and smooth. I have used at times when I had acne and it really helped with clearing up my skin. Have also used from time to time like a mask and left on for a bit longer; afterwards my skin has felt super smooth. Would recommend.
  85. The best cleanser


    I have dry, 30 somethings skin with pregnancy pigmentation and acne scarring from my teens. I've spent so much money trying to find a brand of skincare I love. Alpha-H is it. I wear a full face of makeup daily including waterproof mascara. This is the only cleanser that removes all my make-up as well as my mascara. It's cleared my breakouts and leaves my skin clean and smooth. Highly recommend this product
  86. Creamy luxury but not "cleansed" enough


    Love the feel of this on my skin but perhaps because I wear a reasonable amount of makeup I don't feel it really does the job. I do love the feeling of my skin after I cleanse and it seems to agree with my skiin quite well. I do like it but often need to cleanse twice so it can mean I go through a bottle quite quickly.
  87. A Nice, Gentle Cleanser


    This cleanser is good. I feel that it's a bit too gentle for my skin. It doesn't really fit in with the rest of the Alpha H range, which are all harsher products.

    It cleaned my skin well, but I need more from a cleanser than just a basic clean. If you have sensitive dryer skin this might be a good product for you.

    Thinking I would love this, I bought the huge bottle. I will finish it up but wouldn't repurchase as it simply wasn't enough for me. I havent used it on my face in a while but currently use it to clean my makeup brushes which works well.
  88. Gentle efficient face wash


    Love this face wash, it feels like it gives my skin a good cleanse at the same time not being harsh or foaming. I wear the invincible zinc which can be difficult to remove and I found this cleanser to be amazing in removing it. My skin feels amazing.
  89. Light, gentle and effective cleanser


    I received a few samples of this product and I think it's fantastic. I'm always a little scared to change cleansers but this one is so gentle. My skin feels so nice and soft!
  90. Gentle non foaming cleanser


    I love this cleanser, it's so gentle on the skin but really does a great job. It's not drying and great to use twice daily without my face feeling tight. Its really helped to clear up my acne.
  91. Great all rounder!


    Love this cleanser... Removes all foundation but is gentle on skin. Leaves skin fresh, not oily, not dry! I use twice daily.
  92. Love this cleanser


    I really like this cleanser, it’s probably as good or better than any other I’ve tried.
    This is the first non foaming gel cleanser I've used and it's very light but effective.
    The subtle cucumber and aloe vera scent is lovely.
    I use this every day at night and it cleans my skin thoroughly without causing any redness or irritation.

  93. Gentle cleanser


    This is a gentle and soothing cleanser that cleans my skin really well without drying it out.
    This is the first non foaming gel cleanser I've used and it's very light but effective.
    The subtle cucumber and aloe vera scent is lovely.
    I use this every day at night and it cleans my skin thoroughly without causing any redness or irritation.
    I highly recommebd this cleanser!
  94. Better than any other cleanser


    I really like this cleanser, it’s probably as good or better than any other I’ve tried. It’s super light and my skin takes to it really well. No issues with reactions or drying out. While it’s light, it does a great job, within a couple of days I was noticing a change. Luckily I don’t normally break out but I do get light pimple bumps and I can tell that this has reduced them. I’m pretty much at a point now where I feel like I’ve basically got no flaws on my face so I’ll definitely keep using this and I’m recommending it friends.
  95. Hasn’t stripped my face of its natural oils


    I have been using this cleanser as directed every morning, massaging it onto my face and washing it off with a damp cloth. I’ve definitely noticed a silky texture to my skin after few days, my skin doesn't feel dry and it hasn’t stripped my face of its natural oils. I love the scent which leaves me feeling fresh. I’m now on the lookout for a moisturiser to compliment this cleanser!
  96. Suitable for oily skin


    As a tradie, my skin often picks up dirt throughout the day. From reading other reviews, I was excited to try this cleanser. My skin is normal to combination, and can be prone to breakouts and congestion. I have tried other Alpha-H products and experienced better results. I really liked this product the first time I used it - it felt and smelt great, however unfortunately I found it made my skin feel tight and dry after showering. This product would be great for someone with more oily skin. The packaging is practical and gender neutral so looks great in the bathroom.
  97. Love this Product & Range

    Little Miss

    I love this product. It's a great face cleanser and works perfectly on my skin, at first I thought it was not going to take all my makeup off but when I washed off the product with water I had a perfectly clean and refreshed face. It doesn't dry my skin out at all either. I love the whole Alpha Range- Highly Recommended!
  98. Unfortunately not the result I was hoping for!


    I was really looking forward to trying the Alpha-H brand and decided to purchase this cleanser instead of my usual Skinstitute one.

    I felt that you needed to use quite a few squirts per wash and also found I couldn't get away with just one cleanse. It seemed to cleanse ok if I didn't have makeup on but I needed to wash my face multiple times if I had to remove a days worth of makeup.

    My skin is looking quite dull and I have had a few little whiteheads come up which is out of the ordinary.

    I still have more than half a bottle but I've just ordered my usual cleanser and will be swapping back.
  99. Highly reccommend!


    I have sensitive skin, an oily t-zone and can be prone to small breakouts. This is the first cleanser I have ever used which noticeably made a difference to my complexion and did not irritate or cause my skin to breakout.
    I am a life long fan and would highly recommend this cleanser for anyone who needs something gentle that can still get the job done!
  100. Love it!


    I am in love with this cleanser. It took a while to get used to it not foaming but really like the smell and the way it makes my skin feel afterwards. My skin is clearer and looks healthier.
  101. Review & Earn

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