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Alpha-H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF50+ 50ml

4.4 of 207 reviews

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4 instalments of $10.74


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Protect your skin from sun damage whilst boosting hydration with Alpha-H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50+. This emollient face cream provides broad-spectrum sunscreen protection to future-proof skin against signs of premature ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation.

  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Vegan
  • Australian Made
  • Has SPF

What customers say

GREAT - 89% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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Alpha-H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF50+

Alpha-H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF50+

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Customer Reviews

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4.4 of 207 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

A must have


Purchased for my sister, she loves her new beauty regime with this product. No other product has worked so well.

Most Helpful Criticism

Way too shiny


Purchased as part of the fan favourites pack. Huge fan of the other products but no matter what I do, this is just so shiny. On freshly cleansed skin with nothing else on, my face looks like I have one of those weird Instagram filters on that makes you look like your face is covered in plastic. Very effective for protecting your skin but from the research I’ve done, butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane isn’t reef safe and I go ocean swimming at least 3x a week so I won’t be repurchasing.
  1. not for oily skin


    this wasn't my favorite product as it leaves my skin a little bit too shiny.
  2. A must have


    Purchased for my sister, she loves her new beauty regime with this product. No other product has worked so well.
  3. Disapointed


    I bought a started pack that included this moisturiser and I loved all products except this one. About 3 to 5 hours of wearing it my eyes stung so much I couldn't keep them open. It was so painful. I won't be buying this moisturiser in the future.
  4. favourite moisturiser


    the best moisturiser I've ever had, makes my skin feel amazing, highly recommend
  5. Way too shiny


    Purchased as part of the fan favourites pack. Huge fan of the other products but no matter what I do, this is just so shiny. On freshly cleansed skin with nothing else on, my face looks like I have one of those weird Instagram filters on that makes you look like your face is covered in plastic. Very effective for protecting your skin but from the research I’ve done, butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane ...
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  6. Perfect daily SPF


    I’ve been using Alpha-H’s Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50+ right through the hot spell and it has been great. It hasn’t broken me out (oily/combo skin that breaks out when you look at it wrong) and I’ve been able to wear it under makeup daily without any slide. My face hasn’t burnt at all (and my nose is usually my flash point) – instead I’ve just cultivated a gentle golden glow. Consider me so...
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  7. excellent day moisturiser


    verified purchaser
    This is a really nice light moisturiser which sits nicely under makeup while also providing sun protection. This is an excellent day facial moisturiser as it combines sun protection with moisturising properties. I will definitely keep using this product.
  8. basic


    basic moisturiser. i do like that it has spf and doesn't sting my eyes
  9. Perfect Primer, Moisturizer and Sun Protector


    Love this product - I was worried it would be too heavy for my skin but it absorbs perfectly. It works super well under make up and I wear all year round as a morning moisturizer. I even wear it when surfing and it is strong enough to protect my skin while in the ocean for hours. Definitely worth the investment.
  10. Aussie made


    This product leaves my skin feeling fresh - no oily residue despite the SPF. I love that it’s natural and an Aussie product.
  11. High SPF


    I like to use this daily as it has SP50, so I don't have to worry about applying sunscreen on top of my moisturiser.
  12. A bit greasy


    I like that this sunscreen spreads well and feels moisturising and is free of fragrance and alcohol so good for sensitive skin, however, it has that inevitable greasy feeling of traditional sunscreens and a bit of a sunscreen scent. Whilst it's a good sunscreen, I feel there are much more elegant and better feeling sunscreens out there. This one would definitely not work well for oily skins.
  13. Long lasting


    A great protective moisturiser. Little bit goes a long way. Stays on your face for ages aswel which I love
  14. Best moisturiser + SPF


    This is the best moisturiser with a high SPF that I have ever used. It doesn’t feel heavy like some SPF products, and it still does a great job moisturizing my skin. This is one skin care product I wouldn’t do without.
  15. Not for oily skin


    I really wish it worked well for me, but it didn't :-(
    They recommend it for oily skin but it made my skin really shiny.
  16. Great spf 50


    Sunscreen is an absolute must to prevent aging and cancer and this one from alpha h is my favourite. It is so moisturising and it has the highest spf for the best protection.
  17. Very convenient


    Real timesaver in my morning routine, instead of using 2 products. Doesn’t leave a white film but for my normal to oily skin it leaves me feeeling too greasy.
  18. Lovely SPF 50 moisturiser


    I think this would have to be my favourite SPF 50 moisturiser. Lightweight, it absorbs well and my make up always goes on perfectly over the top. I’ve tried lots of others but this is my go to.
  19. Best moisturiser and SPF


    I love this moisturiser. It saves me time in the morning from applying moisturiser and sunscreen separately. It doesn’t leave a white cast and doesn’t have that sticky SPF feeling.
  20. Great Product.


    I was really nervous to start using SPF in the mornings prior to do my make up with fear of having a really oily residue and possible white sheen left to my skin. I wanted to get an SPF and moisturizer combined product. This Alpha H product has meet all those needs perfectly! I love that its an SPF, Moisturizer and primer all in one. It hasn't effected my make up at all no extra oiliness or anythi...
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  21. Nice moisturiser with SPF


    Nice moisturiser with spf that doesn't leave my skin greasy.
  22. Good for sun protection, not ideal for oily skin


    It’s good for sun protection. However, I found it not suitable for my skin as it’s little oily. But I guess it’s good for dry or normal to dry skin.
  23. Amazing!


    Alpha H is just amazing! And I use this moisturiser during the day and dont need to worry abut SPF as it already has it.
  24. Love it!


    I simply love this brand! My skin looks and feels great.
  25. Essential!


    I wanted to get a day moisturiser which included SPF as it is coming into the warmer months and I spend a decent amount of time in the sun. This makes it so much easier to know I am getting protection and a nice dose of moisture on my skin.
  26. Moisture


    This product helps to moisture my skin and protect it with the SPF50. Love it.
  27. The best!


    Very surprised at how soft my skin felt after! I love to use this before bed, especially when I’ve been outdoors all day!
  28. Good for sensitive skin


    My partner uses this and says it feels good on his usually sensitive and dry skin. Sadly I can’t wear it on its own because it has a slightly white cast and makes my face look ashy, but works fine on my partner’s fair skin. There are better sunscreens on the market for a lower price though, so won’t repurchase.
  29. Amazing


    This product hydrates my skin and protects it. Works well with my foundation too
  30. Keeps skin hydrated without feeling heavy.


    I have combo skin and usually hate the feeling of anything with a high spf, but this is the exception.
    Feels so light on and only need a small amount.
  31. Love


    This moisturiser is right - it doesn't leave my face shiny or oily after I have applied it. However, it potentially could for those with more oilier skin. Lovely formula with no white caste - would definitely recommend!
  32. Nice and non-greasy, but...


    I’m not so convinced about the sun protection on this one. It feels nice and is not at all greasy, while still being nourishing - but I’ve worn it in the sun for about 30 mins a couple of times and still felt like I was getting colour. I’d still add a stand-alone sunscreen on top of this.
  33. Perfect lightweight SPF


    Good high SPF that doesn’t leave your face looking too shiney or white, smoothly applies and good for protection.
  34. Mattifying with SPF 50+? Yes please.


    I’ve been using this daily for over a month now, I like to wait before reviewing in case any unwanted nasties happen after using the product for a while. The alpha h moisturiser has been great. Most importantly, it is mattifying like it says it is! I don’t wear foundation pretty much ever, so a day moisturiser that makes me shiny is a big no-no, and having a high spf is also super important, I’m v...
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  35. Good product but sensitive eyes


    I bought this SPF moisturiser based on my experience with using other Alpha-H products however, I wasn't overly satisfied as the SPF component stung my eyes whenever I used it and it wasn't moisturising enough alone for my dry skin. My tube ended up expiring before I had used it all and in hindsight was a poor choice for my skin type. I now prefer to use Ultra Violette Queen Screen.
  36. Most important skincare step


    Now i'm in my mid 30's I realise how important using an SPF every day is, and not just make up that contains it (you need a FULL teaspoon of the product to get coverage). This is a lovely product that is absorbed easily and sits really well under make up. Lots of chemical sunscreens don't agree with my skin, they make me break out - but this is one that agrees with me. I use it every morning over ...
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  37. Everyday Moisturiser


    A great everyday moisturiser with SPF in it. Would recommend.
  38. Beautiful


    Love this cream, using it morning and night.
    Has a lovely smell and don’t need a lot to feel hydrated. Meaning it will last longer. Super impressed.
  39. Good coverage and non-irritating


    I really enjoyed using this product but my only downside was the price. I feel there are other brands which can offer something similar for even a similar or lower price point. However, it does provide good coverage, feels lightweight, and doesn't cling to dry skin patches either.
  40. Great


    This moisturiser hydrates my skin and protects it. It also goes well under foundation and my skin doesn't look dry.
  41. Very Hydrating!


    A great daily moisturiser which is ideal for instant hydration and for making my skin super soft. It wears great underneath foundation and I love that it has added SPF, making it a great all rounder!
  42. Will not purchase again.


    Was excited to try this product out as I have combination skin and wanted a light moisturiser for summer. Unfortunately, I found that I needed a lot of product to get any sort of decent coverage on my face and neck. It also irritated my skin for about 15 minutes after application, making my skin tingle and feel slightly itchy before settling down. Just not the right product for me I guess!
  43. Sensitivity


    I loved the way this went on and the fact that it is SPF but after the third day of repeated use my eyes started reacting to the product . They went red and were watering which never happens, sometimes my skin can react to a product but never so bad my eyes water. I had to go into the bathroom at work and wipe the product off my face but the reaction stuck around. Unfortunate!
  44. Essential everyday product !!!!


    I purchased this product to use everyday under my makeup as moisture and protection from the harsh sun. I find it works extremely well! absorbs into skin easily, provides a nice base for powder foundation, is not sticky and doesn't leave a white shade over the skin.
    Will continue to purchase!
    Thanks for another quality product Alpha-H!!!!
  45. love


    I always take this with me when I’m travelling! I love using this during winter as it stops my skin from appearing flaky!
  46. Excellent for daily wear


    A lovely moisturiser that is excellent for daily use every morning. It hydrates well, feels nice and provides all the necessary sun protection you need.
  47. SPF50+ Needed!


    I wanted to get a day moisturiser which included SPF as it is coming into the warmer months and I spend a decent amount of time in the sun. This makes it so much easier to know I am getting protection and a nice dose of moisture on my skin.
  48. Don’t really trust


    Why does this product advertise ‘free from parabens’ but in the ingredients it does however contain parabens?
    One of which subsequently increases UV damage?
  49. Great product


    This sunscreen is great for everyday use. It is moisturising and light. It has the perfect texture and feels great on the skin.
  50. Good SPF moisturiser


    This moisturiser makes my morning skincare routine so much quicker as I don't have to put sunscreen on afterwards. It makes me face feel really soft too. Only drawback is that it is a bit greasy when I first put it on and need to wait for it to absorb - there are worst things! Another good thing is that it doesn't block your pores.
    Totally worth the buy :)
  51. Essential


    Love this moisturiser! its great to use everyday & also has SPF in it!
  52. SPF level is great but it's very oily


    I love this product as an SPF, it's helped to calm my rosy complexion without leaving a white film on my skin like most other higher rated SPF's I've used. However I'm a bit disappointed because despite this product being advertised as a 'matte finish' and 'non-greasy' finish I've found it to be very oily on my skin.
  53. Great sunscreen


    I’ve tried a lot of moisturiser/sunscreen w SPF over 50. This one is so lightweight and doesn’t look milky or white on my skin. Also good Under foundation- very happy with this product
  54. SPF level is definitely a big plus.


    I have acne prone combination skin and was curious to see if this would work for me, its a bit too greasy. I broke out a bit when I first started using this. My skin felt hydrated, however, and the SPF level is definitely a big plus.
  55. A daily moisturiser with SP50 is a must have


    A daily moisturiser with SP50 is a must-have and I really like this one as it feels good on my skin, is high quality, and well priced too.
  56. Amazing


    As i have dry/sensitive skin i found this product great for me! would recommend to anyone.
  57. Love it


    I love this product, I have swapped it out for my everyday moisturiser and makes me feel like I don't have much on at all, moisturises whilst being nice and lightweight, soaks straight into my skin.
  58. Great moisturiser - doesn't break me out.


    I really enjoy using this moisturiser. The SPF level is a major PLUS! Plus it contains antioxidants which is an added bonus.You receive 50ml of product which is standard for a facial moisturiser. I find you can pick it up for cheaper than the usual retail price from Adore Beauty which is great. I have acne prone skin and it doesn't break me out luckily. It has a slight tint which stops it from lea...
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  59. Great sunscreen for dry skin


    I first discovered this brand when I received a sample of the liquid gold. I loved that product so much, I decided to try a few other items. I really love this sunscreen, it's surprisingly moisturising. I suspect possibly too much for oily skin, and I do have to let it sit for a few minutes before applying foundation. (Doesn't affect my foundation in anyway). I have dry sensitive skin and this fee...
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  60. Great Moisturiser - Does the Trick


    Love this moisturiser. Does exactly what I need it to. Thanks!
  61. its vegan!


    I love that this is now vegan and the spf is quite high so great to use in summertime
  62. Great cream for my combo skin


    I recently moved to a more tropicall climate and needed a lighter moisturiser. I’m on my 2nd tube now and it works really well. I love that it contains sunscreen and it absorbs quickly , even on my oilier t zone. It is also great under foundation
  63. Mixed feelings


    It's definitely expensive for how much product you get, but it's not a bad moisturiser. I've got oily/combination skin and I broke out a bit when I first started using this. My skin felt hydrated, however, and the SPF level is definitely a big plus
  64. Not my go-to, didn't really work for me


    Was excited to try this SPF out. I have acne prone combination skin and was curious to see if this would work for me, but for some reason my skin seems to not like it much. It seems to give me painful red inflamed spots (somewhat akin to cystic acne).

    It claims to have a matte finish but i found it left more of a luminous finish, which isn't something i necessarily dislike. I think i...
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  65. Refreshing!


    i like this moisturiser, its refreshing and leaves your skin feeling dewy! i like to apply 10 minutes before i put my foundation on!
  66. Great for Acne Probe skin!


    I used to have cystic acne before and am currently undergoing skin needling. I needed a moisturiser that wouldn’t clog my pores, wouldn’t become greasy through the day with a high SPF. Have used this for a week now daily in the morning and sometimes at night, very happy happy with the results! I use it addition to the Apha H Clear Skin Blemish Control Gel for an extra kick!
  67. Average


    I like the feel of this product and it is moisturising, but for the price point and the amount of actual product you get, it is quite expensive. I also noticed that it is supposed to provide a matte finish but i end up glowing, which honestly i don't mind
  68. Intensive and thick


    I like this moisturiser as it really feels like it’s quenching your skin. It’s a bit heavy during the day I find. I have to use a lot of powder after I apply, but definitely gives deep hydration
  69. love it


    a little bit goes a long way with this product. Very moisturizing but not greasy feeling
  70. Good quality moisturizer


    Great all around. I prefer it to the moisturizers with SPF from ASAP and Skinstitut, as this glides more easily and has a more pleasant natural scent! No white cast
  71. It does what it says!


    I love this. I have combination skin and I have tried so many moisturizers and I haven't been super impressed with any until now. This really does protect from the sun. Yesterday I went out into the hot Qld winter sun and got fried all over except my face! So yes it protects from the sun 100%. Secondly, this goes on nicely and there is no strong smell. Also, it does not make my face greasy not eve...
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  72. Great


    This is a great day cream. Keeps my skin moisturised and oil flow balanced.
  73. Love this moisturiser


    Such a beautiful moisturiser that really hydrates and plumps the skins without leaving it feeling sticky or greasy. Skin felt instantly nourished and glowing
  74. One of the better SPF's


    The main thing I like about this is that it has not broken out my acne-prone skin. I don't mind this sunscreen in terms of the feel of it but apply at least 15 mins before you put makeup over it to let it sink in properly.
  75. Great product


    a little goes a long way, feels hydrating on my skin and prevents me getting burned because i have sensitive skin, highly recommend
  76. excellent


    this product is honestly amazing! It nourishes my skin and makes it feel so hydrated and soft! I definitely recommend this product to anyone and everyone, especially if you have dry skin!
  77. Instant skin glow 10/10


    I love Alpha H products so I decided to try this and I am so glad I did. Its hands down the best moisturiser under foundation or to just brighten up you skin.The cream has this sort of luminous pink glow but once applied it melts in and leaves the skin soft, more even, plump and radiant.
  78. Lightweight moisturiser


    Love using this moisturiser. It absorbs quickly into the skin, doesn't leave an overcast on darker brown skin and love the feeling of knowing I'm wearing something with SPF to protect my skin from the harsh Aussie sun!
  79. Very good sun protection


    A great all year round day cream as it is moisturising, hydrating and most importantly has 50 plus sun protection. Use on face and neck, and be protected all day
  80. Amazing!


    I got this as a free sample when making a purchase and I just had to buy the full size. It doesn't feel like a usual sunscreen and there is no icky residue, it feels more like moisturiser, with all the added benefits!
  81. Awesome


    a little goes a long way, feels hydrating on my skin and prevents me getting burned becuase i have sensitive skin, highly recommend
  82. Part of my everyday routine


    I have very acne prone skin, mainly caused by hormones and stress. As I was changing to a different contraceptive I was really scared about my skin flaring up. As the acne cream I was using made my skin sensitive to the sun, I needed a moisturiser with a high SPF in it and this was the best I could find! Smooth on the skin, does leave the skin slightly tacky but what do you expect from an spf
  83. Great


    This provides excellent SPF protection, which is very important in Australia and New Zealand due to our climate. A little goes a long way and it doesn't have the greasiness I have found in other products. I would recommend this - just wish it was more than 50 mls
  84. Great for acne prone skin


    I have been using this for about a week now and have very acne prone skin and have not had a reaction to it like other face sunscreens.
    It is a bit shiny after you put it on, but I use it as a primer under my foundation and finish off with a mineral powder and my skin stays matte for the day.
    Highly recommend
  85. Best moisturiser


    This product is amazing!! It’s helped me with my acne so much as my acne is caused from lack of moisture. When I’m not feeling make up I put this on and it leaves me with a beautiful glow all day. Can not recommend a product more
  86. Nice


    This is a nice product. I use it when I'm feeling a bit lazy and am not doing my makeup for the day so I can just pop it on and know I've got a little sun protection on if I go outside briefly
  87. Fantastic!


    Love this moisturiser with spf I use it as a sunscreen on top of another moisturiser and it still feels light on my skin not greasy or heavy. Also love the way my skin looks after applying as someone that doesn't often wear make-up it's great this cream doesn't make my skin look oily or shiny.
  88. Won’t go without again


    I’ve been looking for something like this for agers!!
    And I’m glad I purchased it!

    It’s light on your skin, doesn’t leave a white colour like other SPF’s and sinks into your skin really fast.
    The only reason why I gave this one less star was because of the size. I actually wish they made it in a bigger bottle. But considering it’s on sale, I might have to stock up :)
  89. I like it


    Nice texture, not too thick! Doesn't feel greasy either
  90. Love that it has sun protection


    I love this moisturiser! Great for everyday use. It makes my face feel a little greasy when I put it on, but once it soaks into the skin it is absolutely amazing!
  91. great for the morning moisture


    i use this mostly in summer as it has SPF protection.. its lightweight and doesn't cause breakouts
  92. Fantastic, good for oily skin and great in the sun


    I have been using this product daily as part of my daily skin care routine. The moisturiser is non-greasy after application and works really well in the sun. It is long-wearing and does not give me any breakouts.
  93. Best sun protection


    I absolutely love love love this suncream, I can say it's finally I found good cream with spf under my makeup. Alpha h best best company and I'm fans of them every thing they have it's wonderful.
    This cream gave me good protection also made my skin smooth glowy omg real glow not oily at all my skin combinations so I have oily T zone area and this cream for me is the best . Highly recommen...
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  94. Perfect for everyday use


    I use this daily for sun protection, I find that it keeps my skin from getting burnt and doesn't feel too heavy on the skin, as sunscreen does.
  95. Love it!


    Absolutely love this moisturiser . It feels lovely and light and the spf is a bonus. I'm a repeat buyer!
  96. Okay if you use a little


    I've used this product for about 2 years, along with others from alpha-h. I've always put some hydrator gel on before applying quite a small amount of this because it's not hydrating enough on its own. At the same time though I find it feels quite oily so I've never put a lot of it on - I have oily skin myself. It also contains beeswax, which is a shame as I'm vegan so I need to find another sunsc...
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  97. Best Sunscreen on the market


    I've tried a lot of Sunscreens available and this is the best I've found for under make-up. It sinks in fast, the sunscreen smell dissipates fast and it doesn't mess with anything you put on top. I personally use this on top of a thicker moisturiser because I have dry skin and find that it's not quite enough to keep my skin hydrated but as a sunscreen it's perfect.
  98. My new favourite moisturiser


    I have been through a few bottles of this and use it as my daily moisturiser. The spf is a bonus too! I have combination oily skin and it works a treat along with the other alpha h products I use. I have always had clear skin but this product in conjunction with other alpha h products have also given me a healthy glow.
  99. In love with this!


    I’m so glad I came across this product. I’ve finally found an spf moisturiser that’s non-greasy and works with combination skin. Definitely recommend!
  100. Good


    I swear by this product and use it everyday before applying my make-up. It is so light and goes a long way. The best thing is knowing you’re wearing SPF without it feeling thick and oily.
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