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Alpha-H Clear Skin Blemish Control Gel 20ml

4.4 of 147 reviews

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4 instalments of $4.24


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An intensive on-the-spot treatment gel which can be applied both under or over make-up.
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GREAT - 86% recommend

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Alpha-H Clear Skin Blemish Control Gel

Alpha-H Clear Skin Blemish Control Gel

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4.4 of 147 reviews

86% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Blemish control


I was hoping this product would assist with my blemishes. And it does. I use morning and night after I cleanse and tone. It works a treat! I use with other Alpha H products and my skin is looking very fresh.

Most Helpful Criticism

Spots be gone...Kinda


This is my first spot on treatment. It's ok. Doesn't get rid of my pimples though. After a week or so the pimples go down when normally they stay red. So it does work but it takes some time to get them gone. I won't repurchase and I will try a different brand. If you have little spots this would work really well. But for the bigger pimples you will need something stronger.
  1. Spots be gone...Kinda


    This is my first spot on treatment. It's ok. Doesn't get rid of my pimples though. After a week or so the pimples go down when normally they stay red. So it does work but it takes some time to get them gone. I won't repurchase and I will try a different brand. If you have little spots this would work really well. But for the bigger pimples you will need something stronger.
  2. Blemish control


    I was hoping this product would assist with my blemishes. And it does. I use morning and night after I cleanse and tone. It works a treat! I use with other Alpha H products and my skin is looking very fresh.
  3. Non-irritating and effective


    My skin gets the occasional hormonal breakout and I use this religiously whenever a pimple starts to form; it calms the spot and gently pushes the gunk to the surface or sometimes completely “dissolves” it. Doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin or feel too harsh like some other acne products I’ve tried, will repurchase.
  4. Great


    I apply this when I get a new pimple and after 8 hours, my pimple looks smaller.
  5. It works!


    This works plain and simple. Honestly the only spot treatment I've found does exactly what it said it does
  6. Not Convinced


    I don't have oily or super blemished skin, however when I do break out, I find the Liquid Gold to be a lot more effective in fixing my skin than this gel. This might be amazing to those with more oily skin, however this wasn't for me.
  7. Works every time

    C T

    I love this product! When ever I have a spot come up, I dab on a bit of this and its gone the next day without drying out my skin! I don't have acne prone skin, nor do I get blemishes very often, so I think thats probably important to note - so if your skin sounds like mine, then I highly recommend!
  8. pretty good product


    I expected dramatic results, in my case because I have acne I really thought this product would help clear my skin. It does help to clear up blemishes faster and especially those painful pimples it helps treat it so they’re not so inflamed anymore but I only really use it if I have minor spots on my face. Smells nice and fresh but I probably wouldn’t buy it again because it’s quite pricey for an average product it’s quite similar to that clean and clear pimple gel that I used when I was younger except it’s less harsh.
  9. Not sold


    I'm a fan of the Alpha H range but found a few products don't work as well for me as i'd like. I usually use The Ordinary Salycylic Acid 2% all over my face to prevent acne, but it's been out of stock! Because i can't use any Benzoyl Peroxide on my skin - too drying - i gave this product a try. Just using it on my breakouts rather than over my entire face. It's working on drying out the larger cyst blemishes, but not on smaller white heads and black heads. Give this a try if you have light acne/blemishes.
  10. Great


    I use this at night and it dries out my pimple by next morning. Great product. Would buy again
  11. Calms a break out


    Calms a breakout. I use this often when I have spots, I feel that it helps stop bacteria from spreading.
  12. Best stuff for breakouts


    I’ve been struggling with breakouts for a few years now and found it so hard to find something that actually works I just pop this on a zit and it’s definitely smaller in size the next day and completely gone after 2, and doesn’t dry out your skin like some products
  13. very gentle


    A very gentle but very effective pimple treatment, it doesn't dry the skin out, but heals the pimples, calms the redness and shortens the life of those pesky pimples
  14. Helps with hormonal acne


    I get breakouts along my jawline when I am about to get my period. I find this gel to be effective in helping my skin get under control when I am getting hormonal acne, especially along my jawline.
  15. Very affordable gel


    Seems to work by drying out the skin a ton. Would recommend using moisturising the area around it to restore hydration. I do think it works on active acne though.
  16. Blemish control


    Didn’t work as well as I’d hoped for. Dried the area too much.
  17. Great as a spot treatment


    I use this on inconvenient whopper pimples that are so big they need their own post codes - it’s calming and tames irritation but it still takes a few days of treatment to notice a considerable difference. The tea tree smell is quite strong but I’m not too bothered by it.
  18. Actually works!


    I get the odd hormonal pimple and this works amazing overnight. Prevents further break outs and even sits well under makeup
  19. Clears Quickly


    Is amazing for the odd pimple! I get one every now and again and this helps them disappear quickly.
  20. seems to be reducing acne and redness on forehead after a few applications


    bought this for my daughter who has been struggling with acne on her forehead for several months, tried various different acne creams and this is by far the best for reducing the redness and drying acne after only a few uses. will continue to use
  21. Keep coming back


    I keep coming back to buy this product as it really helps with getting rid of my pimples in 24-48 hours. Would love more in the bottle though.
  22. Amazing


    100% would recommend to my friends who need a quick(ish) fix for spots and blemishes. This gel greatly reduced the size and inflammation of my pimples overnight (I apply before going to bed), although stubborn ones might take a little longer. Just be sure to keep moisturising as normal, as this can leave dry patches on your skin
  23. Average


    Heard about this product and thought I’d give it a go . Didn’t see much difference except a drying feeling followed by dry patches the following day .
  24. Gentle But Effective


    I have very complicated skin that fluctuates between dry and oily, and can be sensitive to harsh products at times - very frustrating! I had spent months trying to reduce a persistent patch of hormonal blemishes and saw this product on a sale so I thought why not? I'm glad I did, because it worked! It didn't over dry the area or irritate it, but every morning I have seen a marked reduction in the spread and intensity of the blemishes. I would highly recommend giving this product a try if you have difficult skin. I would absolutely repurchase!
  25. Good


    This has helped my pimple size in a short amount of time.
  26. Fantastic


    I've tried several different acne spot treatments in the past, and this one has become my favourite. It is really effective at treating my breakouts and also reduces healing time. My new holy grail!
  27. does the job


    effective at reducing the duration of a pimple. Smells fresh and eucalyptusy :)
  28. Spot treatment


    Very effective to minimise angry red spots overnight. Definitely calms the pimple
  29. Effective!!


    This gel helps to control and clear my spots within two days. It is also very affordable. Works quite well for me.
  30. Handy zit zapper


    This spot-fighting gel from Alpha-H is a pretty solid staple in my skincare rotation. I love the fact that it's completely clear - if I'm having a no-makeup day I can dab this on and no one is the wiser. Extra points for the slightly medicinal yet equally soothing eucalyptus scent.
  31. Great


    I have hormonal pimples on my skin and this is pretty good. It is calming, gentle and doesn't dry out the skin at all, smells nice and you only need a tiny amount.
  32. Clears breakouts in 2 days.


    Love this product as it always clear my pimples and breakouts within 2 days. I also love the eucalyptus smell.
  33. Awesome


    only a pea size needed, I apply this on fresh breakouts at night and by morning they are reduced in size and aren't as inflamed, highly recommend
  34. Actually works


    I have tried so many different spot treatments and this is deffinately my favourite! Reduces the size of pimples and redness within a day. I love the smell aswell
  35. Not a fan


    I feel that it doesn’t do much much for my skin to be honest. Especially on under the surface pimples
  36. pretty good


    I love this!!

    I put on as I can feel i'm getting a serious pimple, it isn't for every day for sure.

    pretty good it defiantly helps and is better than others I have tried like Aesop control
  37. Amazing spot treatment.


    I am 46 and have good skin but I have started to get a few breakouts here and there. This gel is fantastic. I put the smallest amount to each spot twice a day and within 24 hours the redness has gone and you can barely see them. My 15 year old son is also starting to get a few nasty pimples and again same result within 24 hours. Wonderful product. Highly recommed. Love Alpha H products.
  38. Works fine


    This gel helps to control and clear my spots within two days. It is also very affordable. Works quite well for me.
  39. Spit treatment


    I love this spot treatment. I put some of this on whenever I have a pimple and within a day or two the spot looks much better.
  40. Great Product


    This works really well. Smells nice and you don't need much so it can last for a long time. Seems to controls breakouts and spots.
  41. Good


    Overall this treatment is a powerhouse of GREAT ingredients and when compared to some other products it’s cheap and affordable! I have very evil pesky skin so the fact this product has done stuff for my acne speaks for itself. Give it a try!
  42. Did the job


    Seems to make my spots stop and not get any worse. I usually get them around my chin and it helps clear them up
  43. Love it


    As a user of other alpha h products I bought this one for my teenage daughter as acne was starting to be a problem for her. She started using this morning and night and almost straight away noticed a difference in the size, colour and pain associated with the pimples. Her skin is now beautifully clear, she only gets the rare flare up and at the first sign of this she will apply the blemish control which stops it before having a chance to get worse.
  44. Love this stuff!


    Love this blemish control it has really helped with the pimples I had breaking out, now that I have used the Alpha - H products for awhile my blackheads have disappeared and my pimples are gone, just waiting for the final blemishes to go! - LOVE LOVE LOVE Patience is the key here!
  45. Am looooooving this!


    I've just started using this (when a spot pops up) and am finding it to be fantastic. I've used many many MANY spot treatments and recently they have have all been "burning" my skin, leaving me with a sore and dried out area which then peels and take ages to heal. With this, a spot appeared I put this on pretty quickly and by the next morning it was nearly nearly gone, WITHOUT any burning or sensitivity in the area. Win, win situation and an effective product that works!
  46. Works well


    I like this product. It did well with red spots, lessening the swelling by about 50% over night after 2applications. Seems to have stopped further breakouts in the same trouble spots. Will continue to use.
  47. Works without drying


    This stuff is great for whiteheads and for inflamed spots that don't come to a head. It works without harsh drying and make up can be applied over the top. My son is just coming in to his teens and suffering his first few blemishes and it's great for him too as it dries clear, is not super strong smelling and the tube has a nice small opening so getting a tiny amount out to apply is easy. On to my second tube and will re-purchase again in future for both my son and I.
  48. great for blemish control


    great for blemish control as it reduces inflammation and suitable for oily skin types
  49. Pretty good


    Smells good and didn’t irritate my breakouts although not really sure if it reduced them at all, they just didn’t get any worse
  50. Amazing


    The combination of tea free & niacinamide & salicylic acid is perfect yet not too harsh to clear my skin. Helps get rid of deep cystic pimples in days not weeks!
  51. Great product for breakouts!


    I've been using this for a few weeks, and I've noticed a huge difference with my breakouts. I use it in the evenings, and by the morning the redness and swelling has reduced and by day two, it's almost gone.
  52. Gets rid of breakouts instantly


    Tried for the first time and I'm so impressed! If I've ever got any blackheads or breakouts I'll use this and the results are pretty much instant.
  53. No more spots!


    I love this product, not harsh on the skin at all but gets rid of any blemishes I have. Smells great too which is always a bonus! Goes on smooth and works well when layered with moisturiser and foundation.
  54. Great


    This product is amazing! I love this more than anything! It has been helping so much with my recent breakouts and helping them stay away. It has such a refreshing smell. I will definitely be buying more
  55. ‘Meh’


    Not the best spot treatment on the market. Works here and there but haven’t seen any major results. Would have been more upset if it didn’t have the affordable price tag on it.
  56. Amazing


    I have been using alpha H skincare for a few years now
    And love it, I decided to add this to my cart to
    Try as I’m getting married this year and didn’t want to run the risk of pimples on the big day! It definitely didn’t disappoint. Any sign of a pimple i put on overnight , next morning it’s so minimal you can hardly notice! I think it may be my new favourite.
  57. Unsure


    I have never been the type to struggle with pimples but get the occasional hormonal breakout and find this is quite effective at reducing the redness and calming the area.My sister suffers from acne and she didnt find any improvement on her skin after using this product.
    I think this product is good as a spot treatment for people who get the occasional breakout but if you get persistent pimples I would invest in something stronger and more effective.
    I personally wouldnt rebuy but would consider repurchasing if this product became a cream rather than a gel.
  58. Bye Blemishes


    This product is amazing! I love this more than anything! It has been helping so much with my recent breakouts and helping them stay away. It has such a refreshing smell. I will definitely be buying more
  59. No more Spots


    I love this product! I originally bought this for a few pesky break outs. I put it on cleanser skin at night and in the morning, all the redness has gone and pimple is barely noticeable. Continued using it for a few days and the spot disappears. It has even reduced the appearance of a few acne scars I have and you don’t need a lot of product at all.
  60. Yes!


    Love this, apply when I feel a spot coming on and it just smothers it and when I wake up it's gone. A big fan of alpha h
  61. Works a treat


    I put this on blemishes after I shower and the next day they’re gone. Best blemish gel I’ve used on my skin
  62. not my fave


    it smells nice, but i'm not 100% convinced it makes blemishes go down any faster.
  63. Love alpha h


    I love alpha h products, though this one wasn’t as good as the other products I’ve used. It works fine, but isn’t more effective than other similar products. I did like that it dries in a way which makes it easy to put makeup over it, that’s not always the case with blemish control products.
  64. Good


    I do love this product but do find it alone is not enough to conquer a spot as it is just not strong enough. However alongside the rest of my skin regime it goes quite nicely. I find it does enough to soothe large aching cystic pimples and calms redness.
  65. Alpha-H Clear Skin Blemish Control Gel


    I find it does enough to soothe large aching cystic pimples and calms redness.
  66. Bye bye spots!


    I am a big fan of Alpha H skincare and they are all I use in my skin care routines! I recently decided to add this to my collection as I am prone to the odd hormonal spot or two. I have been using this in conjunction with my usual Alpha-h routine and popping it directly on to a couple of spots as they appear and have noticed amazing results. Spots seem to disappear almost overnight! It seems to remove the redness and inflammation in them. It absorbs quickly- so it doesn’t slow down my morning routine waiting for it to absorb before following with my primer etc. Similarly- it can also be applied over make up (for any fast appearing spots- you can deal with them quickly!).
    It has a nice smell- fresh and soothing.
    It will definitely become a staple in my skincare routine now!
  67. Not a miracle but helps


    Helps dry out spots a little with antibacterial ingredients
  68. Pretty good


    I don’t have a huge problems with acne these days, so I’m not sure if it would work well if you have that. But if you get the odd hormonal spot then it definitely seems like this product makes it go down quicker! Well worth a try.
  69. Not for me


    This is a good spot treatment if you have those little pesky ones, but if you have an ugly pimple I don’t think it does much. It does have good ingredients, it’s just not something I reach for as much as another I like more. Wouldn’t care much if it went awol.
  70. Great


    This product is amazing! I love this more than anything! It has been helping so much with my recent breakouts and helping them stay away. It has such a refreshing smell. I will definitely be buying more
  71. Good


    This is such a good blemish control gel. After using this my blemishes are calm and less noticeable. Also smells great :)
  72. Great to control spots


    Used this in conjunction with the rest of the clear skin products and it really targeted those pesky spots. After having kids my skin was hormonal, oily and I had milia and it really do help to combat this.
  73. Love this range


    I use the alpha h clear skin range every day as I struggle with terrible breakouts on my chin and nose. NOT ANYMORE! alpha h has cleared all my breakouts!
    I cleanse with the clear skin daily face wash followed by this clear skin blemish control gel. I no longer break out thanks to alpha h products!
  74. Better than Mario!


    Tried out Mario Badescu drying lotion but would pick this gel over it anyday. This gel doesn't dry out the skin to the point of having flaky skin but instead shrinks the blemish considerably upon a few applications. I usually apply overnight to let it work its magic.
  75. Great!


    I love this gel! It's great for really drying out spots and pimples fast, however I wouldn't say overnight. But, if you really want a pimple gone extra fast, I usually apply the gel a couple of times throughout the day on the area, and by the next day, it's practically gone/less inflamed.
  76. Works quickly


    Bought for my son, has been amazing at clearing his breakouts quickly.
  77. Didn’t work for me :-(


    Unfortunately this product didn’t work for me.

  78. Holy Grail


    This product is incredible! I'll put it on breakouts before bed and I wake up and notice a huge difference. It doesn't dry my skin out either which is a huge plus because normally these type of spot treatments do for me.
  79. Like it


    I dont get many blemishes but when i do i put this on and it clears it right up!
  80. Gets the job done


    I have been having so many breakouts lately that I’m so glad I ordered this item (I’m having to smear it pretty much all across my face at the moment so it’s getting a good workout!) I enjoy the fresh scent and it’s not too noticeable on the skin. Also really happy with the size of the product for the price because it’s definitely going to last me a while if I have hardly made a dent in it with the workout it’s been getting the last couple weeks!
  81. Saves my life!


    I have pimples on my body, chest and back areas and this little tube clears it in 2 weeks completely! Doesn’t work on my face for some reason though but perfect for pimples on my body!! Love it!
  82. Great Product


    I love AlphaH products and this one is no difference. I am in mid 40's and have oily skin, with small visible capillaries and blemishes around the base of my nose. I found that the product improve my complexion, and my overall skin tone evens out. Definitely worth buying.
  83. Clear Skin finally


    The Alpha-H range is like heaven on my skin. I have sensitive, pimple prone skin and find that the Alpha-H range works wonders on it! I have used many of their products before but nothing gives immediate results like this blemish control gel. There are plenty of pimple and blemish serums and gels out there but this is the only one I have found that actually works on my skin. It doesn't dry the skin out, burn the skin or make the skin feel tight. It treats the blemish/pimple and I see results within a 24hr period (sometimes overnight even). If you are like me and have trouble finding good products that are going to do what they say on the package then this is the one to buy, it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg and it actually does work! The Alpha-H range is honestly perfect for difficult skin like mine
  84. There are better spot correctors


    This product was ok but there are much better spot correctors on the market
  85. Very Effective


    A great spot treatment which is fast working and really effective. When I apply it at night time on my zits, I wake up with less redness and the pimple almost gone! Such a good product for getting rid of those pesky zits!
  86. Like it


    Pretty good, probably not recommended for intense teenager pimples, but great for the odd blemish that pops up!
  87. Not sure it works...


    I'm not really sure whether or not this works. I bought it after using Murad's spot gel which seems to just burn pimples leaving no pimple but a long-term scar. This version is definitely much more gentle, which I love, but I'm not really sure whether it does speed up the process or not. Not sure I would purchase again, but I will continue using it until I run out.
  88. Affordable and works!


    Love this product. It's cheap and works quickly. Been using it for years and will continue to do so.
  89. Not amazing


    Expected this to be a miracle worker after reading so many good reviews. Didin’t do anything miraculous for me. It’s really thin and spreads well, smells nice and sits well with other products, but I don’t feel it worked as well as simple niacinamide on my breakouts.
  90. This is a winner


    This product is a little pocket rocket and it does what it says. Alpha H is my favourite skin care product and doesn't disappoint. This blemish gel felt like it was working instantly and I was pleased to see that it reduced the redness and healed spots quickly. I am 53 and have had some hormonal chin breakouts and this product cleans them up beautifully. I like to put it on at night on any spots but also have been using at any time. It is inexpensive and will be a staple in my collection. This is a winner.
  91. Amazing


    I have used many blemish control gels in my time as I suffer from acne, and this stuff is incredible! Not only does it get rid of my blemishes almost over night, it also doesn’t stain or bleach my pillows like many of the other products that I’ve tried before! I highly recommend this product
  92. Cheap and effective


    This is a great cream because some of the oils and creams can make someone with dry skin end up with acne, so its a good way to ensure that you dont get pimples from the products while still hydrating your face well!


    This stuff is fantastic! I pop this on my skin on my little breakouts after cleansing and it helps them go down and reduce inflammation around that area of the skin that is feeling troubled! Super antibacterial, and such a great price for what it does and the result it gives! If you're struggling with lingering breakouts, this stuff works a treat! Alpha H honestly have the most afffordable result driven products, and I just love how natural and active their products are.
  94. Amazing


    Great product - ideal for hormonal breakouts at "that time of the month". I find this product refreshing and it really works.I normally suffer from extremely oily skin, enlarged pores and frequent blackheads, along with the odd hormonal blemish. I always need to have a spot treatment on hand to target individual pimples and over the years I have tried endless products, searching for the ultimate zit zapper. I have been impressed with this blemish gel as it has proven to effectively stop pimples in their tracks and prevent new ones forming. It is to date, my 'Holy Grail' spot treatment, and that is saying a lot :)
  95. didn't work for me


    I bought this when I had a lot of breakouts and I didn't find that using this daily reduced my breakouts in any way. :(
  96. not very effective


    I found this product reduced the life of the spot a bit and the spot didn't get really big but I actually found the Apha-H Liquid Gold better at getting rid of spots.
  97. There are better products available


    Was underwhelmed by this product given all the positive reviews. I notice little results after use. I think there are more effective products available. A little does go a long way and it relatively inexpensive so still worth a try.
  98. FINALLY! A spot treatment that works!


    This product is one of the most underrated products I've ever purchased. I don't know why everyone who has ever had a nasty pimple has never tried this. I find the supermarket products incredibly drying, and for a similar price this product is gentle on the skin but works miraculously on spots. I purchased this a few months ago and have gone through hardly any of it. A little goes a very long way on this item! Definitely purchasing again soon!
  99. Great product


    When I use this product I see results in a few hours! I only get few breakouts though when I do I apply this gel straight away and the redness reduces very quickly. It stops breakouts and removes my blemishes and is a must have in my skin care routine!
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