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Aesop Reverence Hand Balm - 75ml tube 75ml tube

4.5 of 92 reviews


4 instalments of $8.25

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4 instalments of $8.25

Or 4 instalments of $8.25 with LEARN MORE

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Aesop Reverence Hand Balm is a rich balm to soothe and treat hands. Enhanced with skin-softening Potassium Lactate and Lactic Acid for sustained hydration, with a superior non-greasy after feel.
  • Australian Made
  • Cruelty Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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Aesop Reverence Hand Balm - 75ml tube Reviews

4.5 of 92 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Pleasant hand cream


Really good hand cream for dry hands, very hydrating a little greasy but I didn't kind it.

Most Helpful Criticism

A classic - not in love with the scent though


I have the hand soap which I absolutely love and so wanted the handcream to match, but the cream seems to smell a little different and I don't love it as much as the hand soap. As a hand cream though it's pretty good - effective, not too greasy.
  1. Pleasant hand cream


    Really good hand cream for dry hands, very hydrating a little greasy but I didn't kind it.
  2. Smells great and lasts ages


    This is the holy grail of hand creams! It smells so good and seriously lasts ages! I always have a tube in my bag wherever I go. Such a great gift idea too.
  3. Smells divine


    This product smells amazing - like most Aesop products.

    It's very moisturising, but kinda lingers in "greasiness" for a bit after application. It is not bothersome though. I also like the green smell a lot!
  4. Hydrating and great smell!


    I love this Aesop hand balm - the scent is different but so good once you're used to it and I feel like my hands throughout the day are super hydrated.
  5. Smells Divine


    It smells so good, a bit pricy for a hand cream but worth trying.
  6. Love Aesop and love this


    As usual with Aesop products, this smells beautiful. It's non-greasy and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin despite the strong scent. Makes a beautiful gift and is gender neutral. Aesop is pretty expensive, but a little goes a long way and it really does make you feel happy when you use it.
  7. first aesop purchase and wont be my last


    went to the aesop store to test smell most of their range and this stuck out to me i had to go home and order . best decision ever since its a balm that is non greasy , asorbs into hands and arms leaves me feeling great after every use
  8. Great hand balm


    It’s a great hand balm , not too oily however it’s really moisturising your hand , will definitely purchase it again. Love Aesop!
  9. Best smell ever


    verified purchaser
    The smell of this hand cream is incredible. It is sooo incredibly moisturising as well. I absolutely love this stuff! The tube is about 3 quarters empty and I got it in May. Next time I’ll get the pump version!
  10. A classic - not in love with the scent though


    I have the hand soap which I absolutely love and so wanted the handcream to match, but the cream seems to smell a little different and I don't love it as much as the hand soap. As a hand cream though it's pretty good - effective, not too greasy.
  11. lighter than I thought


    Quite thick in it's consistency it soaked into my hands quickly and left them feeling soft and moisturised. The downside to buying a new item online is their is no option to smell it first. I did'nt really like the smell, it was woody and masculine in my opinion, the packaging is dark blue/grey and I think you could buy this for your husband or boyfriend to share with you. It left my hands fe...
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  12. Most intense hand cream


    Im not the biggest fan of the smell, but boy, this hand cream is the most powefull one I ever got. This is the only hand cream that can keep up with the constant damaged on your hands cause by the frequent use of hand sanitizers. This really works and I can't praise this product enough
  13. Luxurious & Lovely


    The texture of this hand cream is so beautiful. It has the perfect balance between light, moisturising, and non-greasy. I quite enjoy the scent, although I can see why it may be polarising. It’s definitely got a herbal, woody scent to it in a really subtle way. It dries down to a slightly different scent - it reminds me a little bit of how Country Road stores smell (if that makes sense?). I have f...
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  14. a bit greasy


    i love all things Aesop, but I've noted that most of their products are a bit "tacky" feeling for awhile after applying.
  15. Favourite


    This is my fav hand cream, I used it every day when I used to get really dry hands from work.
    It has quite a strong smell which I love, and is really thick. Absorbs well and leaves my hands feeling really smooth but not oily. I haven't tried the Resurrection one so I can't compare but this one is great!!
  16. not the best


    did not really like this one all that much and found it to be a bit oily, it also smells a bit weird to me
  17. Love the Smell


    Aesop has amazing products and this hand moisturiser/balm is just beautiful. I use this before bed and rub it into my hands and by morning my skin is so soft and supple. I also rub it into my nails and cuticles and it does wanders. Love it.
  18. Highly effective, smells amazing!


    I have struggled with dry skin on my hands for many years and have tried many different hand creams that have left my dry skin greasy and irritated. I decided to give the Aesop Reverence hand balm a go and the results have been amazing! My skin looks and feels so much better and the smell is divine. It does not leave my skin greasy either.
    This is my second tube so far and works amazing with...
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  19. high five

    ashley wild

    I needed something that would keep up with my constant hand washing. aesop goes on thick but absorbs quickly and hydrates really well. i adore the musky scent, but my partner finds it a bit masculine and overpowering
  20. Nice


    Lovely handcream (I keep a tube of this in my car) with a lovely scent. I don't love it as much as Ressurection, but it is hydrating, nourishing and smells beautiful. Would always recommend.
  21. love it


    I love the smell and the product itself is fantastic and hydrating without a greasy finish on the skin.
  22. amazing


    It works well to heal or prevent dry skin and leaves a smooth finish that doesn't feel greasy.
  23. Love


    non greasy and hydrating, love the scent too!
  24. Love


    So hydrating!! Doesn’t leave hands feeling greasy
  25. Strong smell but good cream


    If you enjoy the smell this one is great. I use it on my hands and sometimes feet too for really dry skin. Goes on thick and soaks in well to the skin.
  26. on the expensive side


    Washing my hands more these days means more hand cream is needed. This is moisturising, but just on the expensive end to me.
  27. I love it


    Very good! I use it everyday.
  28. It’s good!


    I really like this! I’ve been using it more recently and I think it’s nice.
  29. Great


    would recommend
  30. so hydrating


    this hand cream is perfect for winter when your hands get dry. it hydrates them so well and smells amazing. definitely recommend
  31. love it


    love this hand cream. use it daily. make them feel so soft. highly recommend
  32. Not my favourite Aesop hand cream


    This product has a very strong fragrance which I am not a fan of. I prefer the other hand moisturiser (Resurrection). Reverence does not feel as hydrating either!
  33. Hydration nation


    This product is honestly one of the most hydrating hand creams I have ever used.
  34. Love it!


    Keeps hands hydrated during the day, even through a couple of hand washes.A lovely thick hand cream that really does moisturise your hands.
  35. The best in the Aesop hand balm range


    The best in the Aesop hand balm range. I love the scent and the texture of this one.
  36. Hand balm


    I love Aesop packaging! its so classy and re usable! this hand balm feels so nice on the skin!
  37. love


    just leaves my hands so smooth, not tacky or sticky, excellent quality and feels so luxurious
  38. I hate how much I love this


    I officially have an addiction. I work in hospitality so my hands are contactly getting burnt/ dirt/ grime/chemicals all over them. I finally feel more feminie with how soft this makes my hands, & the smell is really different & gorgeous too. Never going without it again.
  39. Strong smell


    Strong smell but works to hydrates hands very well! No longer suffer from dry patches because of it! I think the packaging is really cute and vintage too
  40. My go-to for gifts


    I really enjoy Aesop hand balms. This one has a slightly stronger and unique smell when compared to other Aesop hand creams. I love using this and will often buy this as gifts. Makes an excellent stocking stuffer at Christmas.
  41. Moisture


    This hand balm is very moisture but not greasy and sticky. Definitely recommend.
  42. Great


    Absorbs well and very moisturising! Definitely recommend. I love the scent but it is a strong and distinct smell that not everyone likes.
  43. My favourite hand cream!


    I love hand creams - I have so many of them and they also make great affordable gifts for people. This is by far my favourite hand cream. It is moisturising, non-oily, no residue and has the natural Aesop smell. And the packaging is simple but gorgeous!
  44. very impressive


    This is definitely slightly more expensive, but worth it for the great quality!
  45. Extremely moisturising


    Extremely moisturising, but scent can be strong for some. If youre not a fan of the smell when going past a Lush store, this is not for you.
  46. love this


    Another great product from the line. Another important factor is the amazing smell, I look so forward to using it everyday!
  47. Great moisturisation


    A lovely thick hand cream that really does moisturise your hands, and help they keep hydrated during the day, even through a couple of hand washes.
  48. Love


    Love Aesop hand creams always leave your hands feeling smooth and soft.
  49. Smells so good


    I love the Aesop hand creams, they absorb quick and smell lovely and natural! Amazing.
  50. Love the smell


    I absolutely love this hand cream. The smell is divine and has a lovely woody undertone. It’s extremely hydrating and not oily. I love the tube as well. I know there are cheaper hand creams on the market but this one is worth every cent! Will definitely re-order.
  51. I love this product!


    This hand cream is so lush - like all Aesop products.

    It is a beautiful smelling product like really natural but not artificially and it does the job, makes you hands so moist and soft, not oily.

    It might seem pricey for a hand cream but it is so gorgeous and definitely worth the treat. Would also make a great present.
  52. lovely hand cream


    not my favourite scent from aesop, but this is a very moisturising hand balm that absorbs well
  53. Non greasy and moisturising


    I used to prefer Resurrection's scent, but continued with this one because it's such a better formula. Now the smell has really grown on me (smoky, definitely a maturer scent) and it's perfect for colder weather. Pretty packaging, too.
  54. not my fav


    I like most of the scents of aesop products, but this one was really not my fav. I don't know how to describe it, but definately try before you buy! It was described as forest smelling to me, but scents vary from person to person
  55. moisturizing


    I like how moisturizing this is, but I'm not a fan of the scent. It's a bit to forrest-like and "fresh" for me
  56. silky soft hands


    a bit pricey but its definitely one of my favourite hand creams at all times.
  57. Lush scent and rich hydration


    Must have Aesop item. Subtle gorgeous scent and deep hydration. Quick absorption and Not too oily and great in winter when your skin needs more love.
  58. Love it!!!


    Love love love this hand cream. My hands get really dry doing daily Mum duties and this seriously saves my life.
  59. Best hand cream


    Love this hand cream. Gives my hands new life after having to constantly wash them at work. The tube looks so pretty on my bedside table or in my handbag. I use a little on my 2 year old after a bath too. Scent is lovely and not too overpowering.
  60. aesop does it again


    This product is definitely slightly more expensive, but worth it for the great quality! I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my hands very hydrated! Also, the scent is beyond brilliant, I definitely recommend!
  61. lovely cream


    Aesop has the most beautiful creams! I have super dry skin and this product leaves my skin feeling very hydrated, would definitely recommend!
  62. for dry winter days


    i used to get dry hands during winter and i am so glad i got this. i haven't had a day of dry hands since i started using this. it absorbs so quickly and works instantly
  63. Heavenly


    This hand cream offers amazing hydration for the hands and is suitable for every skin type. The smell is woody but delightfully light - can't live without this one on my bedside table.
  64. My fav hand cream


    This is my FAVOURITE hand cream ever. I find the scent is just a little more different, interesting than the resurrection hand cream by Aesop. Both are beautiful, but this is just a little more special. And as per Aesop moisturises - goes on well, smooth, soaks in easily. If you don't use it quickly enough, the packaging does have a habit of splitting, as it's metal. Try not to completely bend ove...
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    I love this product so much!!! The scent is so lovely - although I have had people around me complain about how strong and medicinal it smells so might not work for those who don't like these smells. I love it though. I find it therapeutic.
  66. Lovely Scent


    This product has a wonderful scent and is great as a general light hand cream, but if you work in the garden or do pottery like I do it's not enough.if someone is working in an office it would be great.
  67. LOVE


    This hand cream offers amazing hydration for the hands and is suitable for every skin type. The smell is woody but delightfully light - can't live without this one on my bedside table.
  68. lovely


    Beautiful scent, and not overpowering. The tube is pretty big for a hand balm. Definitely recommend especially for the colder weather when hands get chapped. Definitely interested in trying more products from Aesop!
  69. BEST Handcream


    I love this product so much!!! The scent is so lovely - although I have had people around me complain about how strong and medicinal it smells so might not work for those who don't like these smells. I love it though. I find it therapeutic. I love the packaging, the tube is so pretty (but the material itself is a pain when you're getting towards the end of the product as it cracks). I find this to...
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  70. Amazing hand cream


    Smells divine and makes my hands soft!
  71. Great


    Great consistency and a very pleasant smell. I cant live without it. Love the tube. and its the first time Ive actually gone though a whole hand cream and re purchased it.
  72. Beautiful scent


    I love Aesop products and this hand cream is no exception! It is one of the best hand creams I've used. Absorbs beautifully and smells divine
  73. Love this product


    Best hand cream I have used. Didn't take me long to get used to the earthy smell. Shared it around with family members. Have to order another tube as I have give mine to Mum!
  74. A bit too coriandery


    I loved the feel of this hand cream but NOT the scent. I gave it to my dad as it was just too earthy for my liking.
  75. Love it!


    I alternate between this and the pink one, depending on the weather and how dry my hands are. This one is my favourite. It moisturises and nourishes without the excess residue. One thing though, it has a strong aroma so I'd recommend testing before you buy.
  76. Non greasy


    I like the hand balm doesn't leave you hands feeling too greasy but still well moisturized. I'm not a huge fan of the scent but it's a good hand cream
  77. So smoothing


    Very soft and gentle on the skin with a beautiful scent to match! This has quickly become one of my favorites.
  78. had to buy one for myself


    I bought this as a gift and decided that I must get one for myself.

    In my line of work I often suffer from dry skin on my hands.

    I found that this product left my hands feeling smooth and smelt great.

    It acted as a prevention and a solution to my dry hands.
  79. Unique scent with a lovely, rich and hydrating formula


    I keep this in my handbag and love to rub it into my hands and nails while I’m sitting on the train commuting to work on cold mornings. The scent is strong and unique. This is a particularly good product for winter when my hands are extra dry and need a rich cream. AESOP have always excelled at hand balms and this one is no exception. It makes a lovely gift too.
  80. Life saver


    Moisturises my hand so deeply and so well, and while the scent seems to be controversial I love it! It’s not over powering so it’s very pleasant.
  81. Great


    i prefer the sent of the Resurrection Aromatique hand blam but the formula is still good! great for dry hands
  82. One of the worst scents


    With my hand creams I look for two things, an pleasant scent and a it being moisturising without residue. Although this hand cream was very moisturising I could not get past the scent, to me it smelt like something between petrol and burning plastic. And the longevity of the scent lasted multiple washings of my hands.
  83. Thick, moisturizing and smells great


    I love this hand balm because it absorbs quickly and you get what you pay for.

    If you haven't smelt it yet, I would not order it. I recommend going into a store and trying it out beforehand.
    This is very heavily scented (I almost use it as a perfume) and it has a very strong woodsy masculine smell.
    If you are buying for a gift or buying online I would recommend the one ...
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  84. For a dry hand boost


    I use this before settling down at night. Smooth and smells lovely, takes a little while to soak in. Leaves hands refreshed and ready for another day of continued washing (nurse)
  85. Sexy hand balm


    This balm is like no other, the scent is so strong, calming and sexy? I love Aesop products and this is always by my side this balm. Makes your hands baby smooth and leaves the best scent.
  86. Love!


    All round great hand cream. I absolutely love the scent of this one. It's very different to most hand cream scents.
    Love that it leaves my hand feeling super soft without it being greasy. Absorbs very well.
  87. Great hand cream for dry hands


    This hand cream is absolutely worth the money and works wonders. I have sensitive skin and I like my hands to be moisturised, as air conditioning can be very drying. I would recommend this hand cream to keep your hands moisturised, and the scent is lovely and refreshing as well.
  88. hands down the best hand cream


    this stuff is amazing. well worth the price. super soft hands, and an awesome scent.
  89. Best hand cream!


    I love this hand cream. It just absorbs into the skin so well. Leaves my hands feeling super soft without the greasiness. Smells amazing too! I'm now on to my second tube
  90. Awesome


    I have multiple aesop hand balms, and all are very good. Leave my hands very soft!


    Best hand cream ever, I love this product for the zesty refreshing aroma and ability to soak into my hands without an oily residue. It's a great pick me up and always leaves your hands soft and supple.
  92. I love Aesop


    Love the Aesop handcreams and I have used a few different ones. They are nice and can be used as unisex. My husband often uses it and he is a tradie.
  93. Lovely unisex hand cream


    - tube looks gorgeous (and that's important to me, it's nice to have a few pretty things in life)
    - sinks into the hands very quickly
    - hands feel nourished and softer
    - would be great for a man or a woman

    - smell wasn't for me (but others would probably love it - the essential oils of vetiver, petigrain and bergamot really come through at fi...
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