Aesop Reverence Hand Balm - 75ml tube

75ml tube
Aesop Authentic
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Aesop Reverence Hand Balm - 75ml tube


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Aesop Reverence Hand Balm is a rich balm to soothe and treat hands. Enhanced with skin-softening Potassium Lactate and Lactic Acid for sustained hydration, with a superior non-greasy after feel.


This balm, characterised by its complex woody aroma, offers superb hydration for the hands and is suitable for every skin type. Labour-wearied hands will appreciate the exceptional moisturisation offered by seven carefully selected emollient ingredients. 

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Awesome - 01-06-2018 by

I have multiple aesop hand balms, and all are very good. Leave my hands very soft!

LOVE LOVE LOVE - 18-02-2018 by

Best hand cream ever, I love this product for the zesty refreshing aroma and ability to soak into my hands without an oily residue. It's a great pick me up and always leaves your hands soft and supple.

I love Aesop - 27-10-2017 by

Love the Aesop handcreams and I have used a few different ones. They are nice and can be used as unisex. My husband often uses it and he is a tradie.

Lovely unisex hand cream - 30-04-2013 by

- tube looks gorgeous (and that's important to me, it's nice to have a few pretty things in life)
- sinks into the hands very quickly
- hands feel nourished and softer
- would be great for a man or a woman

- smell wasn't for me (but others would probably love it - the essential oils of vetiver, petigrain and bergamot really come through at first, and it dries down to a woody base. It sounds funny talking about basenotes in a hand cream but they are really there!).
- the metal tube isn't fabulous for handbags - if the metal bends too much, it can crack or leak. I prefer metal tube handcreams to stay in one spot like the bedside table or desk drawer, and I keep plastic tubes for my bag.
- maybe sliiiiiightly overpriced, but Aesop is gorgeous quality.

I wouldn't repurchase due to the smell, but the consistency is lovely especially if you like something that doesn't leave your hands feeling greasy.

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