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Aesop Reverence Aromatique Hand Wash 500ml

4.6 of 162 reviews


4 instalments of $10.00

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4 instalments of $10.00

Or 4 instalments of $10.00 with LEARN MORE

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The Aesop Reverence Aromatique Hand Wash is an exfoliating hand wash with finely milled Pumice to gently scrub the hands. Enhanced with Petitgrain extract and Bergamot Rind to ensure scrupulously clean hands.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Australian Made

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry

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Customer Reviews

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4.6 of 162 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

love it


i have this in my guest bathroom. it always makes the guests feel good and it smells luxurious and is very hydrating.

Most Helpful Criticism

I don't like the smell. Too smokey, almost smells like burnt food.


Don't like the overly smokey smell. Smells like charcoal.
The exfoliating is nice but can be too harsh for some people with sensitive skin.
  1. Nice handwash


    I preferred the scent of the other handwash, but this is a nice handwash.
  2. Soft Hands


    I accidentally ordered the product instead of Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash. This hand wash leaves your hands feeling soft and not dry. There is a slight grit to the gel which exfoliates as you build up a a lather. The fragrance isn't as pleasant as the Resurrection but is nice nonetheless

    Delivery was prompt and instructions were followed as requested
  3. love it


    i have this in my guest bathroom. it always makes the guests feel good and it smells luxurious and is very hydrating.
  4. Amazing bathroom hand wash/scrub combo


    This is perfect for your bathroom - the tiny particles really feel like a luxe hand exfoliation experience every time you wash your hands, and the smell is very pleasant - quite neutral. Also looks very upmarket on your bathroom sink. Would definitely recommend either in your own bathroom or as a nice housewarming gift.
  5. Beautiful gift for the person who has everything!


    Light weight, and stroly aromatic gentle handwash, makes doing the ordinary task a luxury.
    Is quite expensive for what it is but can be a lovely alternative if you find alternative hand soaps drying or if you'd like to treat someone!
  6. Really fresh


    My guests always comment on how much they love this. It’s really lovely!


    What's not to love about Aesop hand soap! I love this product in all scents - it leaves my hands clean and feeling soft.
  8. I don't like the smell. Too smokey, almost smells like burnt food.


    Don't like the overly smokey smell. Smells like charcoal.
    The exfoliating is nice but can be too harsh for some people with sensitive skin.
  9. exfoliating hand was


    verified purchaser
    fabulous exfoliating hand wash for that extra clean feel
  10. beautiful scent


    this hand wash smells amazing and definitely cleans your hands super well. Definitely recommend!
  11. Every day luxury


    his is just gorgeous. It feels luxurious, and adds that extra bit of pampering to the every day washing..
  12. lovely hand wash


    lovely hand wash with an amazing scent. use it all the time, highly recommend
  13. Luxurious feel


    This handwash feels and smells very luxurious - however I do find the exfoliating component to be quite harsh if it is used multiple times a day. Its great especially if you are having guests over for something different and out of the ordinary :)
  14. Love the smell and feel


    My favourite hand wash..i love it! Might get a bit drying with the pumice for multiple use during the day..but still love it..amazing smell!
  15. hand wash


    smells lovely and cleans hands very well with the exfoliation bits in it. i appreciate the size of the handwash too, lasts very well
  16. Smells lovely


    Love this handwash, smells fantastic and leaves hands really soft and smooth.
  17. divine


    Smells absolutely divine and my hands are always so soft after using this
  18. Great hand wash


    Fabulous hand wash with exfoliation for that feeling of extra clean
  19. beautiful scent


    this hand wash is amaizng, it smells stunning and lasts for a long time. definitely recommend
  20. Love it!


    Great smell, lasts for ages just wish the price was lower!
  21. The best hand wash ever


    I’m obsessed with this hand wash! I love Aesop! Smells amazing!
  22. Love it!


    This is just gorgeous. It feels luxurious, and adds that extra bit of pampering to the every day washing..
  23. good


    This hand soap smells so good. It is really good but it is a bit pricey
  24. Lovely smelling


    I love the smell of this hand-wash. Brings a touch of sophistication to any bathroom
  25. The smell is incredible!


    I love aesop so much and I love the smell of this handwash! we have at every sink in the house! love it!
  26. Luxe!


    I smelt this in one of the wineries in Red Hill VIC, and immediately went home and bought it. The pumice is the best thing in this product, literally makes your hands so soft afterwards, will keep buying even though its super pricey!
  27. Beautiful scent


    So this is a fairly expensive hand wash, but it's a really good quality product and smells divine. Personally I have a cheaper hand wash for everyday use and keep this on hand for when I have visitors.
  28. Expensive but nice


    This is obviously a gorgeous hand-wash, both aesthetically and as a product. With that said, I personally don't think I'll repurchase it after going through the bottle that I have. It looks stunning on the bathroom counter, but the bottom line is, it's a hand-wash and I don't think I can justify spending $40 on a hand-wash. If you can, then it is truly a lovely product!
  29. Love it!


    I've never tried an exfoliating handwash before but I've got to say that my hands love it! As a chronic hand washer, I love how this product doesn't dry out my hands. I actually enjoy washing my hands with it! The smell takes some getting used to and I generally like the scent of Aesop products. It's still good however and now I really like it!
  30. Love the scent!


    I adore all of Aesop's products because I juts love the scents - so unique. This hand was is no exception, I keep coming back to it,
  31. Love love love


    Yes it’s an expensive hand wash but I love everything about Aesop, this is no exception. So gentle, luxurious and hydrating, the scent is spot on. Will repurchase
  32. Lux favourite


    You'll either love or hate the fragrance of this hand wash. I really love it's masculine, smokey scent. Such a lovely, luxurious treat to have in the house,
  33. Expensive


    Yes this is expensive, the smell takes a bit of getting used to but I think it is a must have if you are forever washing your hands as it stops them from drying out.
  34. not my favourite scent


    I'm really not a fan of the scent, it's just not for me and I've tried a lot of aesop products. That's probably personal preference. As a hand wash it's not bad, not overly drying but makes your hands feel clean

  35. Luxurious


    This is just gorgeous. Feels like it's doing something extra as you wash your hands (which it is!!) It's not cheap of course, but seems quite concentrated, and I find I use much less of this than other (cheaper) hand washes. It ready feels luxurious, and adds that extra bit of pampering to the every day.
  36. A kitchen must have!


    It’s luxe for hand wash but actually works, and looks great in any setting. Whether it’s gardening, cooking with meat or garlic, even fish, I feel this hand wash is the ideal option, due to its exfoliating nature. My hands love it.
  37. Obsessed with this


    This stuff is amazing! I love it so much. The smell is divine and I love the very gentle exfoliating effect. It just feels like such a high quality product. Yes it's expensive but so worth it in my opinion! I've never found a hand wash I like more than this one.
  38. Luxurious


    I splurged on this hand wash because I love the fine pumice as an exfoliant. Bit pricey but a little goes a long way and washing your hands has never been so enjoyable.
  39. clean hands


    love this scrub for thoroughly clean hands. the exfoliating pieces are great and not too harsh. my hands feel so much better and cleaner
  40. Exfoliating


    Wasn't expecting the exfoliating effect but I really like it! The scent is strong but very sophisticated and not like a boring hand soap. Bit pricey though
  41. Favorite Handwash Ever


    This is so nice! Smells so clean and beautiful and has a nice exfoliating effect. Everytime I use this I walk away sniffing my hands. Can't get enough!
  42. Beautiful hand wash


    Really lovely hand wash that works very well and smells beautiful
  43. the best


    Very surprised at how soft my skin felt after! Another important factor is the amazing smell, I look so forward to using it everyday!
  44. Lovely smell, bit pricey


    This hand wash leaves my skin hydrated and smelling beautiful, however, it is quite expensive. It's worth the treat for me once in a while - packaging is lovely too.
  45. Smells so good!


    I love this hand wash. It smells amazing and looks great in the bathroom!
  46. love


    It is very hydrating as it penetrates deeply into the skin and leaves a lovely scent afterwards, Such a must have for those with problematic skin!
  47. Great hand-wash


    I would recommend this hand-wash. Smells and feels great.
  48. Alright


    This handwash is good and smells nice. The only thing is it is overpriced and probably not worth the money
  49. Great for everyone


    I love this handwash, not only does it smell absolutely stunning, but it cleanses the hands very well, and is also very gentle. You do not need to use much, a very small amount is all you need, so this large bottle will last you so long!
  50. Fantastic


    I love the scent and it truly is a luxurious product. The cost is high for a hand wash though.
  51. Worth it


    I ummed and ahhed over this product for years. Literally years. I mean... holy price-tag! I can honestly say, however, that it was worth every cent. It smells amazing and the gentle exfoliate leaves my hands squeaky clean and ultra soft. I am such a fan of the whole 'Aesop aesthetic' so it also just looks so lux and lovely on my countertop.
  52. lovely but resurrection is better


    Like this one but Aesop resurrection smells better :)
  53. I like it


    It is more expensive than other hand wash but its worth.
  54. Best hand wash


    Love the smell while washing my hands, it is rather pricey but worth it, no residue and no dry hands afterwards.
  55. Luxe


    Luxurious hand wash - love the packaging because it is functional but looks luxe. The smell definitely has strong notes of Bergamot
  56. Great for the bathroom


    This is such a great hand wash! I put it in my bathroom and my partner loves is, to the point where he goes overboard and uses too much because it smells so good.
  57. Such a luxury


    This is such a lovely hand wash and I always get compliments from friends visiting about its smell! I am just not sure how anti-bacterial it really is...
  58. not a fan of the scent


    I'm really not a fan of the scent, it's just not for me and I've tried a lot of aesop products. That's probably personal preference. As a hand wash it's not bad, not overly drying but makes your hands feel clean
  59. Luxurious


    Beautiful and luxurious hand wash that smells and feels amazing and adds an expensive luxe feel to your home
  60. Luxurious


    Super luxurious hand wash that adds an expensive touch to your home! Product is lovely and doesn’t dry out the skim
  61. Nice


    Nice hand wash, I know it's expensive compared to other hand washes on the market but I feel that it's worth paying the extra money for something that is good quality, leaves your hands smelling amazing and is gentle on my skin.


    this cream is so good! I consistently have dry hands and this moisturizers them so much and makes them feel so soft and hydrated. Absolutely recommend
  63. great hand wash


    This is a great hand wash that doesn't leave my hands feeling too dry like other hand washes! I don't love the reverence scent, but I don't mind it either
  64. Fantastic


    Love this hand wash, it smells fantastic, looks good in my bathroom and leaves my hands smelling super fresh.
  65. A hand wash for guests to remember


    I have had this hand wash in my guest bathroom for a few motnhs now and each time they come out they comment on the scent of this hand wash and the silky texture of the bubbles. A perfect addition for the bathroom
  66. Really good stuff


    Wow, first time purchase and I love it, the smell and the texture when washing my hands is very nice. I will be buying more.
  67. luxurious but amazing


    There is no denying the price of this hand wash but I think it's worth it! I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my hands very hydrated! I would recommend this to anyone!
  68. Feels great


    I love the smell and feel of this hand wash, it does not dry out my skin which is a big plus.
  69. amazing hand wash


    This hand wash is much pricier than others but I think it's worth it! I have very dry hands, and I find this product very moisturising as it doesn’t strip away excess oils from my hands. Would recommend to anyone that doesn't mind the hefty price tag.
  70. Beautiful Product


    Amazing scent. I love this hand wash but can't justify the price so always buy alternatives. A great gift though.
  71. Lovely product, cleansing and smells good


    I bought this for a colleague and also purchased one for my guest room. It was a great gift and it cleans hands thoroughly and also smells amazing. Lasts for a long time too as it’s a decent size.
  72. buy again


    This smells amazing, this is my favourite hand wash
  73. Bathroom Must Have!


    Every bathroom in my home has one of these - i love the smell and how soft my hands feel afterwards! The scents are just divine, I can't pick a favourite, I'm constantly rotating
  74. Soft on hands


    Really soft to use throughout the day smells lovely but doesn't dry my hands out at all, have one in the kitchen and both bathrooms and find it lasts for ages too
  75. soft and gentle


    This hand wash is soft, gentle and smells divine. Its one of my favourite products by Aesop
  76. Gentle on the hands and the enviroment


    This is an all round amazing hand wash, that although on the pricey side is worth it as your hands are extremely delicate and need to be looked after. I highly recommend the Aesop hands washes and the reverence aromatique is one of the nicest scents. Soothing and made with no nasty ingredients.
  77. I wouldn't use any other hand wash!


    I have been using this particular Aesop hand wash for years and for good reason. Aside from the fact that it's Australian made and owned, vegan and cruelty free it gently exfoliates my hands every time I wash them keeping them soft and smooth. Worth the money and the bottle lasts a while as it's huge.
  78. Love this.. the smell is amazing!


    This was my first aesop purchase and i love it, the smell and pumice texture really cleans well and it looks great in the bathroom..will definitely purchase again and again
  79. Beautiful smell but a little drying


    We normally buy Aesop hand wash because we love the smell and the packaging. This is the first time I have tried this particular variation and while the exfoliating feeling is nice it does leave hands quite dry whereas I haven't found that with their other hand wash. I'd buy this again but I'd buy the moisturising lotion to go with it.
  80. Guilty pleasure


    I bought this on a whim as I see it so often at the classy restaurants and I remember the linger of the smell after. I enjoy how it foams and washes off, there is no tightening if the skin and it slips off with the water leaving a very refreshing and moisturized but no synthetic after feel. It truly is a luxury hand wash. The after scent is divine and quite therapeutic. It lingers for ages after.
  81. Amazing!


    This hand wash leaves my hands feeling so nice, smooth and hydrated, and it has an amazing scent! However I do wish it was more affordable.
  82. Best product


    Bought this for my wife as her hands are always dry after ordinary soap, she loves the product and the smell and says her hands do not dry out and fell rough like they did before.
  83. So Fresh


    Overall really like this hand wash! It has a lovely earthly smell and leaves my hands feeling fresh. Would recommend the whole range of Aesop.
  84. Love


    I love this hand wash, it smells amazing and looks great by the sink. The exfoliating action feels super luxurious
  85. Nice Hand wash


    This is a nice hand wash, smells great, feels good on my hands after washing, I like it and would buy it again.
  86. Love Aesop


    Great hand wash and I love the smell. My hands always feel nice after using it and yes I will be purchasing more when this runs out.
  87. Just Lovely


    Bought this for my bathroom, and can't believe I hadn't tried it sooner. I love the mild exfoliation it gives, I haven't had to use any other exfoliant for my hands since I bought this and I think it will be really good to use in Winter. The scent is also nice and mild which is great.
  88. Amazing scent


    This product has a delightful scent, a great gift.
  89. Great Product


    Took a few days to warm up to the smell as it is quite strong, but now I love it. Leaves hands feeling soft and clean - love the petitgratin for an extra clean feeling.
  90. Perfect Hand Wash, excellent birthday gift


    I often gift this to people for Birthdays and special occasions. It just turns to handwash into a beautiful ritual. Very luxurious, perfect texture and lather and of course, another incredible Aesop scent.
  91. Great


    Quite pricey for a handwash but it feels and smells lovely and leaves your hands squeaky clean. Pumice is useful to me as my hands are regularly covered in fountain pen ink or dye stains. Bottle looks minimalist, smart and not at all girly. I don't regret buying it.
  92. Lovely Hand Wash


    Overall really like this hand wash! It has a lovely earthly smell and leaves my hands feeling fresh. Would recommend the whole range of Aesop.
  93. Best product


    This product was given to me as a gift and I absolutely love it. I will never return to using ordinary hand wash.
  94. Stunning


    Love the smell of this and love this for the home! Would also recommend as a wonderful gift option
  95. Smells Amazing


    This hand-wash smells so amazing and the smell lingers for hours after. I have been given this as a gift multiple times and I still get so excited every time i receive it! It feels thick and luxurious and cleans hands well.
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