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Aesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash 50ml 50ml

4.5 of 89 reviews


4 instalments of $2.50


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4 instalments of $2.50


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FLAMMABLE This item is flammable therefore postage is restricted to Standard Post within Australia

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Aesop's latest addition to the Resurrection hand care range provides a portable solution for keeping hands clean when fresh water is unavailable. Test results show that this product kills >99.9% of bacteria upon contact with the skin.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Australian Made
  • Sulphate Free

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SUPERIOR - 100% recommend

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Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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4.5 of 89 reviews

100% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Smells amazing


I really like this hand sanitiser. It doesn't have that sticky feeling some leave behind (like the Aqium one). Also has that signature Aesop smell.

Most Helpful Criticism



Handy to carry around and cleans thoroughly
  1. Smells amazing


    I really like this hand sanitiser. It doesn't have that sticky feeling some leave behind (like the Aqium one). Also has that signature Aesop smell.
  2. Great Hand sanitizer.


    It's very convenient to carry this bottle of hand disinfectant when you go out. It's also natural in taste and ingredients. I like it very much.
  3. love it


    love this hand wash. works amazing. use it all the time. highly recommend
  4. Handbag essential


    Best hand sanitiser, my handbag essential, it smells nice and clean my hand well. Reasonable price as well!
  5. Great sanitizer


    Just a great travel size sanitizer that doesn't aggravate my skin. I use it constantly.
  6. Love it!


    So hydrating as it penetrates deeply into the skin and leaves a lovely scent.
  7. Handy to have in bag


    My most purchased item from Aesop, I used so many bottles already, what can I say really nothing to fault, natural for your skin and just handy to have in your bag.
  8. Quick


    Like hand sanitiser with a botanical scent. I like the product and it is effective but it dries out your hands
  9. hydration and smell nice


    I have it as a sample gift with purchase. It smells nice and different from the other hand sanitizers. It never dries my skin out. It's a bit over budget.
  10. handbag and travel essential


    This is a great hand sanitizer. I always keep one in my hand bag, or in my carry-on when I travel. Plus it's cruelty-free which is a must for me when choosing products.
  11. Great travel must have


    Bought this for a trip to India and loved it. Smells lovely and fresh and doesn’t feel like it dries out your hands.
  12. So good!


    This is way better than your average hand sanitiser! The smell is fantastic and somehow it feels more hydrating than usual hand sanitisers do. I bought this a few months ago for when I was travelling and it was a pleasure using! I'll definitely be repurchasing for my next holiday!
  13. Love the smell


    What a lovely hand wash! I particularly love the smell, it's all made with natural staff. It's just a little bit pricy, otherwise great raise-free hand wash !
  14. Smells amazing!


    Bought this as a treat for my long-haul flights. Smells so good and leaves no residue for lovely clean hands.
  15. Love the smell


    Really like the smell, I have severe eczema on my hands and needed something different from the stripping/drying commercial hand sanitisers. I don’t find it irritates or drys my patches at all but I also don’t always feel my hands are the cleanest they could be after use.
  16. Rinse free


    i like this handwash, easy to carry around in your handbag! has a nice smell & doesn't leave hands feeling dry!
  17. Smells so good


    I can't stand the regular smell of antibacterial gel, this is such a great alternative. Great for travel and work and leaves my hands smelling great!
  18. this is great


    Another important factor is the amazing smell, I look so forward to using it everyday!
  19. amazing


    It is very hydrating as it penetrates deeply into the skin and leaves a lovely scent afterwards
  20. Good


    I love this little product. Really handy to keep in your handbag
  21. Better than most


    As far as rinse-free hand wash goes, this is possibly the most pleasant scented. I keep this little one in my bag and it is handy, though I wouldn't go out of my way to use it when I have a clean bathroom nearby as it is slightly astringent and dehydrating, but then all rinse-free hand washes suffer from the same issue.
  22. Smells so much better than supermarket sanitisers


    Great for a quick clean when hand washing isnt an option and smells great, always have one on me!
  23. Great for your bag


    Great small bottle, so will fit into your bag. Works well and smells so much better than those commercial sanitisers. Only need the smallest amount, easy to use, quick drying too.
  24. Perfect for on the go!


    I take this hand wash with me everywhere. It’s hydrating, cleanses well and smells divine
  25. Great smell and feels good


    This is a great product, feels good and smells even better. It is a good item to take with you while travelling, perfect size too! Only thing is, it is a bit expensive, but would still recommend.
  26. Very useful


    Very useful and helpful to have in my handbag everyday. The city isn’t always the clean seat and I love having this on me.
  27. Hand sanitiser


    I really like this hand sanitiser. It doesn't have the typical hand sanitiser sterile smell but smells very natural and fresh
  28. Love this for travel


    This little no-water hand cleanser is so perfect for travel. It's not stinky and super drying like most hand sanitisers, it actually feels nice to use! Much nicer to store in your handbag than a fluorescent bottle of green sanitiser.
  29. Luxurious


    Beautiful smelling hand wash that doesn’t dry or irritate the skin.
  30. Nice scent and a bit expensive


    I really like the scent of Aesop, very earth smell and herb fresh scent. The price is above my budget always. I tried samples but couldn't afford the price of full size.
  31. ok


    I love products like these, they're a quick fix when you can't wash your hands. Love the smell of this one but it does dry out your hands
  32. Great in a handbag or baby bag


    This is now one of my favourite hand sanistisers, it doesn't leave that overwhelming alcohol scent that makes you want to retch, instead it leaves a nice aromatique scent and soft hands.
  33. A hand sanitiser that doesn't dry out your hands!


    This hand sanitiser uses oils to moisturise so the alcohol doesn't dry out your hands. Still doesn't fully evaporate though and you'll feel it wash off once you next wet your hands.
  34. Best Hand Sanitizer


    This is the best hand sanitizer out there! I like the smell and leaves your hands feeling clean and fresh!
  35. expensive but good!


    This is definitely more than I'd typically spend on a hand sanitiser but it is a wonderful product. No stickiness! I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my hands very hydrated! I would recommend this to anyone!
  36. best hand sanitiser on the market


    This is easily the best hand sanitiser you'll find! I love how my hands aren't left feeling sticky and dry and the smell is incredible. Definitely recommend!
  37. Tiny and useful smells great


    Not so potent that your skin is eaten. Small enough for taking everywhere.
    Love it
  38. This comes everywhere with me


    I love this! No dry hands but it keeps them clean and smells incredible! So good!
  39. best hand sanitiser on the market


    I love this hand sanitiser! I have super dry skin and this product leaves my skin feeling very hydrated, would definitely recommend!
  40. Great product!


    Love having this one in my car, great for on the go moments when you need to give your hands a quick clean! Pairs well with a good Aesop hand cream!
  41. must have for your bag


    i go everywhere with this product, it's a lifesaver when i need it to be!
  42. Smells great and feels refreshing


    This smells so great, I have the matching hand wash and hand cream so I appreciate that this is the same scent. It doesn't have that strange strong smell that most hand sanitisers have. I always make sure this is in my handbag.
  43. love


    i love this product it dries quickly and is easy to use
  44. Worth the splurge


    I always have this in my handbag for on the go. highly recommend. doesn't dry out hands, I know it's exy but a little goes a long way!
  45. new favourite


    I just tried out a little bit of this and it's become my new favourite, closely followed by the Dr Bronners. Not greasy, not sticky, not drying and actually smells incredible. I'm about to stock up on these.
  46. Beautiful scent


    My go-to hand sanitiser, such a gorgeous scent and doesn't dry out my hands at all. Lasts a long time too as I found I didn't need too much.
  47. Best


    This is the best hand sanitiser i have ever used. Nice subtle scent and doesn't dry out my hands.
  48. Nice


    I like this product for traveling it doesn't smell as nice as i thought it would but i still really like it
  49. Great for Dry Skin


    Doesn't dry out the hands and has a subtle scent. Always carry with me in my handbag.
  50. Travel must have


    Although this is more expensive that other hand sanitizers it smells lovely and is non drying. I like to treat myself to this before holidays when I know we will be out and about needing to use more sanitizer. I also find this less harsh to use on my children.
  51. Great Travel Gift


    I bought this for my mum before she went on a trip to Europe and she loved it. She said it was perfect for travelling when some toilets didn't always have soaps and for using after being in high traffic areas like museums etc. She was a fan of the smell too - which is high praise from my scent-sensitive mum!
  52. Good


    I cant travel without this rinse-free hand wash, and I like it is with oils.
  53. Nice smell, feels clean


    I prefer to wash hands if I can, but with two kids, sometimes I can't but this hand sanitiser feels nice on my hands and smells good too. I have mild eczema and this doesn't make it worse.
  54. It’s good..


    I do like this product, however the price tag makes me cringe a little. I do love Aesop and know the brand carries expensive products but this little guy for $10 is abit crazy.
  55. Non drying and smells great


    Although this is more expensive that other hand sanitizers it smells lovely and is non drying. I like to treat myself to this before holidays when I know we will be out and about needing to use more sanitizer. I also find this less harsh to use on my children.
  56. Great for on the go


    I always have this in my handbag for on the go. highly recommend. doesn't dry out hands.
  57. Better than most


    I hate the sticky feeling that most waterless hand sanitiser leaves and this product has almost solved that problem, though there is still a slight feeling remaining after a few minutes.
  58. Best hand wash I’ve tried


    - great size, easy to put in bag, rucksack...etc
    - does still have a slight alcohol smell, but has a better aroma than every other hand wash
    - doesn’t dry out your hands
  59. Aesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash


    I love the smell of this hand wash! Price is cheap and recommended... After I wash my hand with this soap, my palm feels like silky smooth... You have to get this one for your toilet...
  60. smells lovely


    smells really good but it is a little bit thick
  61. good quality


    A lovely scent that smells like a hand lotion, not a sanitizer. No sticky residue either. Highly recommend!
  62. So good for on the go


    Do great if you use public transport and want to feel fresh .. though find it hard spending so big on such a small bottle of sanitizer.
  63. Clean hands


    This product is perfect for keeping hands clean on the go. It smells great and is perfect for freshening up your hands.
  64. Water Free Hand-wash thats not harsh on your skin


    If you're a hygiene junkie who likes to keep their hands refreshed and sanitized on the go then look no further this little bottle is a must for your handbag or backpack. Free from unwanted ingredients which dry out your skin. Aseop have done it again.
  65. Great


    A lovely scent that smells like a hand lotion, not a sanitizer. No sticky residue either. Highly recommend!
  66. Very nice


    This is a lovely hand sanitiser and i love the packaging. It is fantastic at making hands feel clean on the go and it the right size for handbags. I would recommend.
  67. Love it!


    great item to keep in your handbag or when travelling. It is pricey for the amount of product you get but you dont need alot. Smells great
  68. Lovely


    This is a lovely hand sanitiser. Much nicer than the supermarket gels. It smells great and leaves my hands feeling moisturiser.
  69. must have in travel bag


    I carry this in my emergency kit wherever I go. It is a perfect size, has cute packaging and has a great scent to it!
  70. Pretty good


    TBH I only brought this sanitiser because of the super cute and stylish packaging. Its a nice hand sanitiser and definitely does the job. I love that it looks great and you can leave it on your desk at work or around the house. I would recommend and would probably buy again
  71. makes hands dry


    my hands do feel cleaner after using this but it leaves my hands scented and a bit dry.
  72. So convenient


    Extremely nourishing and smoothing with a lovely scent. Instantly hydrates; great for my sensitive skin. Just wish it wasn’t so expensive!
  73. Useful hand wash


    I love the original resurrection hand wash and this one has that same scent/it's like one of those alcohol hand cleansers that don't require water. Great to take with you outside and a useful item to have on hand
  74. Handy


    My hands feel super clean after using this. It's a handy product to have on your desk or in the car.
  75. A Great Product!


    I really like this hand sanitiser. Unlike other sanitisers, it doesn’t have that strong alcohol scent. It’s rasy to apply and smells lovely.
  76. Smells good and so convenient


    I keep bottles of this in my handbag, office and car and use it regularly.
    My friends have also started using it (or making off with my bottles! haha) and are equally devoted to it.
    I find it's gentler but still as effective as other brands (ie. Dettol), has a beautiful smell and is packaged nicely so you don't hide it away and forget to use it.
    A word of warning though - leaving...
    Read More
  77. Nice


    Very lovely scent, nicest smelling hand sanitiser I’ve ever used.
  78. Would recommend


    I bought this after trying a few other products from this range. It's a great price and is small enough to fit into a small handbag. It leaves your hands feeling clean and doesn't leave your hands feeling sticky or too dry. I will definitely repurchase this.
  79. Amazing smell, not like your usual


    Love Aesop everything.. this rinse free hand wash has an amazing scent without the alcohol smell. No sticky after feel and rinses into hands quickly. You don’t need much so it lasts forever.
  80. The most lux sanitizer ever


    If you want something that looks as good as it feels, this is the product for you. Great scent and sinks in super quickly.

    Not much else to say. It's a simple product but it is worth the price tag.
  81. Amazing


    Such a cool, unique and convenient concept. Would buy again!
  82. Smells amazing!


    The Aesop hand wash smells amazing and doesn't make my hands feel sticky or gross afterwards. My hands feel almost like it's been moisturised which is a huge plus for me! Love this and will definitely repurchase!
  83. Smells great, works perfectly


    Does a great job, and smells better than anything else on the market. My go-to gift for new parents who use a lot of this stuff.
  84. Refreshing scent


    I love this product, it smells a million times better than all of the other travel sized hand sanitizer options available. It doesn’t dry your hands out, and it absorbs almost immediately. Will keep purchasing, especially for overseas travel.
  85. Perfect hand wash and hydration


    Great for travelling and festivals. I took it to Bali for 2 weeks, and I still have half the bottle left ( I used it ALOT!!!) The scent is amazing and no left over residue, it all sinks in nicely.
  86. Handy reliable product


    Very happy with this hand wash. No rashes as have had with similar products. I like the smell and does not dry my skin. Never disappointed with Aesop!
  87. Great for a festival


    I brought this product to take along to a festival. I prefer this to other hand sanitisers as it smells nice and contains moisturising agents, so it doesn't dry out your hands like some others do.
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