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Aesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash 50ml 50ml

4.6 of 165 reviews


4 instalments of $2.50

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4 instalments of $2.50

Or 4 instalments of $2.50 with LEARN MORE

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FLAMMABLE This item is flammable therefore postage is restricted to Standard Post within Australia

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Aesop's latest addition to the Resurrection hand care range provides a portable solution for keeping hands clean when fresh water is unavailable. Test results show that this product kills >99.9% of bacteria upon contact with the skin.
  • Australian Made
  • Cruelty Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Vegan

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SUPERIOR - 98% recommend

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  • 50+

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Aesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash 50ml Reviews

4.6 of 165 reviews

98% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



The packaging of this product is very small and does not have a strong alcohol taste

Most Helpful Criticism

Does the job


This hand sanitiser does the job but leaves my hands feeling a bit sticky. Smells wonderful but would not re-purchase as it doesn’t absorb into my skin very well.
  1. Good


    The packaging of this product is very small and does not have a strong alcohol taste
  2. Smells great


    This is a lovely hand sanitiser. It smells lovely and doesn’t dry out your skin. A great size to keep in your handbag.
  3. Great for clean hands on the go!


    I have one of these in every bag. It is non-sticky, refreshing and leaves a nice clean feeling.
  4. Great hand sanitiser


    I really love my Aesop hand sanitiser. I first tried out the Geranium scent before trying out this one. This one turns out just as great. Lover the packaging and the smell. It does not dry out my hands in which I truly appreciate. It is now my handbag staple!
  5. Generally Good


    Aesop’s product is added with natural essential oils to keep hands soft and moisturized, but it will not feel sticky after use. The fragrance is fresh and pleasant. It can be carried on long flights and when going out.
  6. Good handbag staple


    I keep one of these in all my handbags. It smells amazing and is not overpowering. I also find it less drying than some of the other sanitisers on the market.
  7. Good


    I like the smell
  8. Good


    I like the smell
  9. good quality brand


    this brand is really good quality and this hand sanitiser is fantastic, does not give me a sticky feel.
  10. great


    A great rinse free wash, does the job and good size for my handbag
  11. Great


    Effective hand sanitiser with a lovely fragrance, love it
  12. Luxury


    This is such a luxury hand wash! It is very convenient especially during this pandemic
  13. Smells good, easy to carry in a hand bag, a bit sticky afterwards


    Smells good, easy to carry in a hand bag, a bit sticky afterwards
  14. Lovely


    Such a luxurious hand sanitiser, it smells as good as it looks and love that they have no added nasties
  15. Does the job


    This hand sanitiser does the job but leaves my hands feeling a bit sticky. Smells wonderful but would not re-purchase as it doesn’t absorb into my skin very well.
  16. A treat


    Smells great, does the job and not overly drying - can't complain!
  17. So handy!


    This is great to keep with you at all times, as its really easy to use on the go! Lovw the smell, and as always, Aesops packaging is very chic
  18. smells great


    It's more luxe compared to standard hand sanitiser but the scent's really nice so no complaints!
  19. Handsome little sanitiser


    This sanitiser looks great when you whip it out in front of others, and transports you to a land of nice smells when you use it. It's a convenient size that doesn't take up too much room in your bag or car, and most importantly it has a quality lid so you don't need to worry about leaks. Doesn't leave your hands dry or stripped of moisture and doesn't smell like a brewery!
  20. hand sanitiser


    I love the aesop hand sanitiser, especially during the pandemic. It works well and doesn't smell weird like others.
  21. love this


    lovely travel size hand wash, smells amazing and effective
  22. Essential


    This product is really good. I always keep one in my bag wherever I go, as it is always handy to have it on me. The only downside is that it can leave my hands a bit sticky, but this usually clears up a little bit after.
  23. Bougie little thing


    Does the trick especially during current times, but a little bit expensive for what it is!
  24. Does the Job


    It does the job without the nasty sanitiser smell, it s a staple in my hand bag.
  25. Did its job


    This hand sanitizer does its job I didn't love it but I didn't hate it either. It leaves your hands a bit sticky afterwards.
  26. Okay


    I wasn't a fan of the smell, ended up using it for cleaning. Dries out my hands and it's a bit pricey.
  27. Handy!


    Great thing to keep in your bag for easy hand washing wherever you go! Lovely smell and feels nice on the hands
  28. aesop


    this is a grerat hand sanitiser - doesn't look as clinical as others! still gets the job done.
  29. Amazing


    My favourite hand sanitiser due to the lovely smell and it doesn't leave your hands feeling dry or leaves a sticky residue like a lot of the hand sanitisers out there. Perfect size for your handbag too!
  30. Lifesaver during Covid 19


    Great pocket hand sanatiser. It smells nice and doesn't dry your hands out, or cover you with a spray like a lot of the options when out and about at Cafe's or shopping centres.
  31. Great


    This product is great, Good size while you are travelling. Smells amazing and gives that fresh clean.
  32. Aesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash 50ml


    This is amazing!cleans very well eithout drying and smells divine.I will 100% repurchase.
  33. My go-to


    Love this hand sanitiser, it’s been my go to for years.
  34. Perfect for travel


    I love that I can bring this scent with me when out, instead of just using the original hand wash at home!
  35. fresh gentle hand wash


    this hand wash is very gently clean, leave hands moisture and fresh smell, I love it
  36. Perfect for the car or in a bag


    Great product and scent. Love it!
  37. Must have!


    Love it, it has a very nice citrus smell and leaves hand nice and soft...size is great for on the go... hope it will release in refills pack so I could top up the bottle when it runs out....
  38. Fantastic hand wash!!!


    Very good smell hand wash product with a tender leaving on hands!!Great!
  39. A great hand sanitiser!


    A convenient size for your handbag or to keep in the car, I enjoyed using it as it has a fresh uplifting citrus scent. I found that it wasn't drying on the hands, however it is a bit pricier than other options for the small size.
  40. Fantastic alternative to sanitiser


    Amazing smelling sanitiser, I actually want to use it!
  41. lovely smell


    very nice citrus smell and leaves hand nice and soft
  42. Best hand sanitizer


    This hand sanitizer is the bomb!! Beautiful scent, perfect handbag size. Will always have this on hand...especially at this time!
  43. Great for Travel


    This product has helped me on long haul flights and in "sticky situations". I love the smell of the product and the packaging is so small and cute. Love.
  44. Smells great


    As far as hand sanitisers go, this has to be one of the fanciest! Does the job and smells divine. Have just repurchased because I can't go backwards after starting with this!
  45. Better scent than most!


    I bought this sanitizer a few weeks ago to easily carry around when I use public transport. The fragrance is quite nice, though it doesn't quite mask the typical, hand sanitizer smell of alcohol. I also was worried before purchasing that the lid may not be secure enough, resulting in leaks, but the lid is quite sturdy. I highly doubt this would ever spill in a handbag or tote, so I'm satisfied!
  46. Best sanitizer there is


    Smells amazing, perfect handbag size and leaves skin feeling smooth not dry like most
  47. The best I've used so far!


    Moisturising and smells amazing! Not drying like all the hand sanitiser out there at the moment. Would get the big pump if I could!
  48. Perfect while on the go


    This product is great while on the go. I have one in every bag. It is not drying, smells amazing and gives that fresh clean feel when you can't get to a sink.
  49. works well


    this is just a hand sanitizer. however i love the smell of this and how clean it makes my hands feel. i love how portable it is too, such a great size
  50. Non drying sanitiser!


    This formula smells great and doesn't leave your hands dehydrated (like most sanitisers). The only downside is it's quite pricey for a sanitiser. There are cheaper alternatives, but would definitely purchase again!
  51. Non-drying sanitiser


    This sanitiser smelled lovely and didn't dry out my hands like many others do. I did find it a little bit sticky after drying though, so I likely won't repurchase as I don't enjoy that feeling. I may have used a bit too much, however.
  52. hand sanitiser


    my favourite hand sanitiser in these times. this is great for when I can't get to a sink - it doesn't dry my hands out and smells amazing.
  53. hand sanitiser


    my favourite hand sanitiser in these times. this is great for when I can't get to a sink - it doesn't dry my hands out and smells amazing.
  54. My favourite hand sanitiser


    This is the best hand sanitiser out there! It feels beautiful on your hands and doesn't dry them out, and the smell is just divine. Once you start using this you won't go back to other hand sanitisers!!
  55. Handy handbag item


    Great handbag necessity. Doesn’t dry out your hands like most sanitisers
  56. For anyone looking to up their hand sanitiser game


    This is an extremely good sanitiser. Smells incredible and does the job.
  57. Perfect


    Really a great product. Smells divine, covers all germ killings points and looks bougie. Good price for quality as well. Can't see a sanitiser replacing this one.
  58. Cute pocket sized


    If you love the Aesop hand wash and moisturising hand cream, then you'll love this. A hand sanitiser that doesn't small like alcohol at all but rather the beautiful signature Aesop scent.

    Only criticism is that the alcohol percentage is lower than 70% which is the the recommended % from WHO.
  59. Love the smell!


    I have this in my handbag because of the handy size and carry it everywhere I go. I love Aesop products as they smell divine and this is no exception. It also doesn't dry out your skin which is nice.
  60. Perfect companion for doing your 10-step skincare routine.


    If you have a super long skincare routine and find yourself washing your hands until they resemble prunes, in between each product - then this one is for YOU. Wash hands, apply Aesop - cleanse - apply Aesop - serum - apply Aesop .... you get the drill. No need to wash your hands 184028 times every morning and night between products. Also great for when doing your makeup and wanting to make sure yo...
    Read More
  61. Best smelling hand sanitiser


    This is my favourite hand sanitiser. Smells great, not drying and a surprisingly good price point for Aesop.
  62. good


    The smell is really good. love it
  63. Makes sanitising pleasant


    Now that we need to sanitise our hands so regularly, whipping this out of my handbag makes it a much more pleasant and luxurious experience. Smells nice and looks luxe.
  64. Convenient


    So much nicer to use than the cheapies, the smell is wonderful as per all Aesop products, and it evaporates fast leaving a non sticky result. The tiny bottle runs out fast but I still love it. Non drying on my dry skinned hands too.
  65. Nice hand-sanitiser


    Nice smelling hand sanitiser to have in your bag for when you stuck and unable to wash hands! Excellent for mums with babies/children when you can't always wash your hands!
  66. Great sanitiser


    This is a good sized sanitiser to have in your bag and not only does it removes germs, smells great too!
  67. Clean and Sexy


    I love this stuff. Ive had the 500ml bottle for nearly a year now and its going great. I use it to sanitise my hands before doing my skincare of makeup, and its much nicer putting freshly sanitised Aesop hands on your face as they don't smell like alcohol (yuck!). The Mini packs are great for travel and ive never had an issue with leakage.
  68. Smells luxe


    Got it for the smell, wasn't disappointed! Doesn't dry out hands. Love it.
  69. Luxe Hand Sanitiser


    Lovely smelling hand sanitiser that doesn't dry out your hands. Handbag essential!
  70. Perfect size


    This is incredibly continent - great little hand bag option
  71. Perfect size


    This is incredibly continent - great little hand bag option
  72. The best hand sanitizer on the go!


    I love this, living in a Covid 19 world this is so easy to slip in your pocket or handbag so you can clean your hands on the go.

    The smell is better than others on the market and it doesn't dry out your hands.

    The pricepoint is reasonable.

  73. Great hand sanitizer


    One of my all time favourites, smells amazing. Sad it’s sold out, will probably be for a while now :(
  74. It’s okay


    This is a bit expensive for $10, it doesn’t smell any better than a regular hand sanitiser and in fact much the same as a cheaper alternative. I got this so I could at least have something but in normal times unsure if I’d repurchase
  75. Best Hand Sanitiser


    I use this all the time, and it's one of the few hand sanitisers that does't completely dry out my hands and make my skin flakey. The smell is fresh and citrusy which is nice. It is a little more expensive than other hand sanitisers (like from the supermarket), but if you have sensitive or dry skin, this one is worth the extra cost.
  76. Won’t dry your skin


    Nice and nourishing for a hand sanitizer
    I actually like the smells also
    Great for hand bag or car
  77. chic hand sanitiser


    Definitely the most expensive hand sanitiser I brought, but it's Aesop, nice scent and clean my hands well
  78. Great product for clean hands


    Very easy to use - smells great and leaves hands feeling soft and smooth. Perfect travel size to take anywhere and be prepared to share!
  79. Smells amazing


    Not sure how antibacterial it is (vs dettol, palmolive) but it definitely smells divine!
  80. So handy


    This is such a perfect travel size and it lasts a while too. It's a great price as well - I lovveee this scent and it saves me from drying out my hands. It's such a nice little luxury
  81. so handy


    as someone who gets very dry skin around the cuticle area, this hand wash really helps to minimise the amount of times i need to wash my hands daily with soap and water therefore minimising the dryness! it smells fresh and is such a great size too.
  82. aesop


    travel size, cleans well, nice smell.
  83. lovely smell


    beautiful scent and a great hand wash. great value for money, highly recommend
  84. Great to carry around in handbag


    I pop this on multiple times a day, to give my hands a quick clean. I like that it doesn't smell too synthetic like many other hand sanitizers.
  85. I really like this


    This is my favourite rinse free hand wash..and i have tried a few..great packaging and product as expected from Aesop
  86. aesop hand sanitiser


    basically hand sanitiser with that earthy aesop scent. love the convenient size and price isn't too much either
  87. On the go


    Great little hand sanitizer! Feels nicer and not sticky like the cheaper alternatives out there
  88. great for on the go


    I love using this when Im on the go. There are so many germs everywhere and I love being able to clean my hands whenever I need or like to
  89. Smells amazing


    I really like this hand sanitiser. It doesn't have that sticky feeling some leave behind (like the Aqium one). Also has that signature Aesop smell.
  90. Great Hand sanitizer.


    It's very convenient to carry this bottle of hand disinfectant when you go out. It's also natural in taste and ingredients. I like it very much.
  91. love it


    love this hand wash. works amazing. use it all the time. highly recommend
  92. Handbag essential


    Best hand sanitiser, my handbag essential, it smells nice and clean my hand well. Reasonable price as well!
  93. Great sanitizer


    Just a great travel size sanitizer that doesn't aggravate my skin. I use it constantly.
  94. Love


    Handy to carry around and cleans thoroughly
  95. Love it!


    So hydrating as it penetrates deeply into the skin and leaves a lovely scent.
  96. Handy to have in bag


    My most purchased item from Aesop, I used so many bottles already, what can I say really nothing to fault, natural for your skin and just handy to have in your bag.
  97. Quick


    Like hand sanitiser with a botanical scent. I like the product and it is effective but it dries out your hands
  98. hydration and smell nice


    I have it as a sample gift with purchase. It smells nice and different from the other hand sanitizers. It never dries my skin out. It's a bit over budget.
  99. handbag and travel essential


    This is a great hand sanitizer. I always keep one in my hand bag, or in my carry-on when I travel. Plus it's cruelty-free which is a must for me when choosing products.
  100. Great travel must have


    Bought this for a trip to India and loved it. Smells lovely and fresh and doesn’t feel like it dries out your hands.
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