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Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash 500ml 500ml

4.7 of 423 reviews


4 instalments of $10.00

Or 4 instalments of $10.00 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $10.00

Or 4 instalments of $10.00 with LEARN MORE

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Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash is inspired by Aesop's bestselling Resurrection Hand Balm. A superior cleansing gel for hard-working hands.
  • Australian Made
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 97% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry

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Questions & Answers

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Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash 500ml

Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash 500ml

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Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash 500ml Reviews

4.7 of 423 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Best smell for hand wash!!!


It's makes every time wash hand become an enjoyable thing!

Most Helpful Criticism

Beautiful scent


I was given this as a present and The scent in this hand wash is amazing and it feels hydrating BUT I just can’t justify spending that on handwash
  1. Best smell for hand wash!!!


    It's makes every time wash hand become an enjoyable thing!
  2. One of the best


    Smells beautiful. Will not go other brand since using Aesop hand wash
  3. Love it


    Smells beautiful and leaves my hands feeling so hydrated and doesn't feel greasy
  4. Great


    Smells amazing and adds a little luxury to my day
  5. Smells amazing


    I love this hand wash. It has a beautiful, earthy smell and it looks great on the bathroom counter.
  6. Great


    Love this natural hand wash, has a lovely fragrance.
  7. Lovely


    This is a nice hand wash with a great scent. Uncomplicated and simple. Does what it says. A must-have if you want a beautiful bathroom.
  8. My go-to soap


    I love having this soap to make my home feel more like a day spa! The smell is dreamy and it is a moisturising soap that isn't stripping at all.
  9. Good


    very good smell
  10. Good


    I like the smell and the texture is very moist
  11. great product


    I love aesop, very good smell and refreshing
  12. Hydrating!


    Really great hand wash that doesn't leave skin feeling irritated and and dry after repeated use. Lovely smell and the bottle is quite large, meaning it lasts for quite a long time.
  13. so lovely


    this is a very high quality and beautiful smelling hand wash and leaves my hands feeling nourished
  14. great


    this is a super nice and fancy hand wash, really good
  15. well worth exploring this range

    love this brand

    It smells beautiful, natural (it doesnt smell like chemicals) & it'll leave you feeling relaxed, calm & feeling very clean.The aromas of this brand leave me feeling clean & calm am sure theyll have the same effect on you :)
  16. Amazing scent


    This hand wash smells heavenly, and does its job perfectly!
  17. Beautiful


    Smells beautiful! Leaves my hands feeling soft and moisturized after use
  18. Love the scent


    I really like its scent and the feeling when washing hands! Feel calm and soothing every time I use.
  19. Smells so good but is pretty pricey


    This hand wash was a splurge purchase recently. I loved the smell and it made my hands feel so hydrated, however it didn’t last long at all and for $40 a pop I expected it to last a little longer. Not sure if I’ll repurchase.
  20. Simply stunning


    Smells beautiful and leaves my hands feeling so hydrated!!
  21. Lovely soap, not worth the pricetag


    I was underwhelmed by this - not sure what I expected but it is great smelling soap and lathers nicely. Overpriced but still nice.
  22. A bit drying


    Smells great and for a luxe hand wash definitely smells like it. However, not sure why Aesop still uses sodium laureth sulfates when there are much gentler alternatives for surfactants, which I would expect at this price point.
  23. Doesn't dry out hands


    I have been very careful with washing my hands frequently and this hand wash does not dry my hands out when used lightly. The smell is also beautiful.
  24. Smells fresh and citrusy


    Love the smell and doesn't dry out your hands. However I do prefer the texture of Aesop Reverence hand wash and because of the thicker consistency seems to last longer therefore will be repurchasing that one again instead!
  25. great product but exxy


    I love this product. Good packaging, lasts a long time, doesn't feel greasy,
  26. Super bougie


    Nice soap, scent is unisex. Large container with decent amount dispensed. Makes a nice unisex gift, good for decorating a guest bathroom, but otherwise hard to justify the price.
  27. Smells incredible


    Although expensive this hand wash looks great in my bathroom but also smells amazing
  28. Love to pair with hand cream!


    I love this wash, it is so light but cleansing. I pair with the hand cream to lock in the scent and moisture
  29. best hand wash


    my favourite hand wash!
  30. hand wash


    I like keeping this by the kitchen because it cleans greasy/ dirty hands very effectively but doesn't strip moisture.
  31. Perfect for Sensitive Skin!


    Devine fresh scent. Doesn't over strip my hands, leaves them feeling nice and soft. A little goes a long way! Wish though it wasnt so expensive but definitely does not leave my hands dry and irritated after using it as other brands have.
  32. Hydrating Holy Grail Hand Wash


    I have used AESOP hand wash for a while now and can not go without. I have an over supply in the bathroom and kitchen - love this scent too! Super hydrating and with my nurse hands it really is my holy grail.
  33. So pretty


    Looks amazing in new bathroom and smells just as good! Love all the range
  34. Beautiful scent


    I was given this as a present and The scent in this hand wash is amazing and it feels hydrating BUT I just can’t justify spending that on handwash
  35. Amazing


    Smells amazing and doesn't dry out your hands. LOVE THIS!
  36. Pricy but worth a try


    Never thought I would spend this much on a hand wash but this one deserves a mention as it smells great and leaves my hands soft.
  37. super hydrating


    i love this hand wash as it smells amazing as well as leaving your hands soft and not dry
  38. smells amazing


    this smells so nice and fancy and leaves my hands feeling super soft and not dried out
  39. Smells amazing! Last forever!


    I love this hand wash - it smells amazing and the scent stays on your hands for a while. It has a bit of a sandy texture too so you really feel it cleans well. We've had it in our second bathroom and it's lasted for ages!!

    I just wish Aesop would do refill's - less packaging, less to landfill etc etc.
  40. Excellent hand wash


    Better than I expected! Love the scent, super refreshing. Just wish it were a little cheaper.
  41. Best handwash


    An outstanding product, probably the best handwash out there. Smells incredible, you’ll have people asking about it.
  42. worth it


    a nice splurge item - the scent is really fresh and lingers after you wash hands. It gets rid of grease and dirt on my hands too
  43. The best hand wash


    This is my all-time favourite hand wash - smells incredible and feels lovely on your hands (not drying at all). Only downside is that it's quite costly but such a luxe treat and would make a great housewarming gift too!
  44. Best handwash on the market


    Cleans your hands without drying them out, the scent is lovely and not overpowering.
    One bottle lasted 4 months as you don't need to use a lot.

    The bottle also looks bougie and cute on your vanity and the pump didn't break or falter.

  45. There is a reason why everyone has this


    Hands down (pun intended) it’s the best hand wash. the scent is great and it foams up really nicely. One bottle does last a long time so if you’re questioning the price just know you will have it for a while
  46. Nice smell


    I buy this cause of the smell. I keep this in the guest bathroom and always get complimented and questions where I purchased it because of the aromatic fragrance
  47. Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash 500ml


    This is amazing!cleans very well without drying and smells divine.I will 100% repurchase.
  48. smell great


    love this hand wash ! all my guests compliment it as it leaves there skin feeling great
  49. Worth the price but not the quality


    I've got dry skin so it didn't feel smooth after washing my hand but rather dry. The smell is great but not the ingredients that makes my hand dry
  50. Luxe


    Love a fancy handwash, this smells amazinggggggg
  51. All class


    you know you are bougie when you have this in your bathroom!
  52. good


    The soap has a clean refreshing smell and feels great on your hands. It does not strip them of natural oils and dries them out.
  53. Gorgeous scent!


    I love this hand wash, my mum constantly has this on her kitchen bench and she's converted me into having this as a staple in my home. The scent is beautiful, it's not drying at all and makes your hands feel extremely clean without feeling dry and tight!
  54. Lovely scent and aesthetic


    I got sucked into the hype, but I just love the smell of this. So luxurious!
  55. Lovely scent


    Very gentle on the skin and leaves your hand feeling soft.
  56. It works


    The soap has a clean refreshing smell and feels great on your hands. It does not strip them of natural oils and dries them out.
  57. Smells good, looks great


    Love my hand wash, smells so good and looks great.
    Wish I could buy a refill instead of a new bottle when it's empty
  58. Will never buy supermarket hand wash again!


    We all know the scent when you walk into an aesop store, and this is recreated in the hand wash!
    It's like a mini spa trip, in the kitchen or bathroom. The product doesn't dry out the hands and the smell is so fresh. The sleek packaging means it looks great on the countertop also. Did I mention the smell?
  59. Amazing Hand wash


    I bought this so many times. The scent is always amazing! It makes hands absolutely clean.
  60. Beautiful


    Beautiful, hydrating hand wash - lasts for ages and leaves your hands so soft and wonderfully fragrant.

    Can’t go past this amazing hand wash
  61. Smells amazing!


    Worth the price and you only need a tiny bit! Lasts a while.
  62. Smells divine, doesn't dry hands


    Yes it's expensive for handwash but it's worth the money. Leaves hands soft and smelling nice without being too cloying. It's gentle on skin and it's such a big container that it lasts ages.
  63. good hand wash


    I love this hand sanitizer so much that it doesn't feel tight after washing my hands.
  64. Smooth like A butter :)


    Best hand wash ever, I like the smell and glass bottles. The best part is after used my hand smoothed like butter, love it. But. there only one thing i consider is the pump too hard to press
  65. No.1 Handwash


    Aesop Resurrection Handwash is my absolute No.1 handwash. It fills my en-suite bathroom with the most beautiful Aesop-y scent. I wish that the price point was lower...but I do believe that it is worth it. Hence why I always have a spare bottle ready to go!
  66. Bougie hand wash


    this is my bougie hand wash but i love it and will treat myself to it from time to time. Smells amazing and fresh, and is not drying
  67. Smells Great


    This hand wash is really nice! I get lots of compliments from guests. Citrus isn't really my thing so I probably won't buy again. However if citrus your jam, go for it! You won't regret it.
  68. Love it


    Personally think these are worth the $$ - they look, feel and smell great. I personally prefer the handwash with the beads in it but this one is still lovely. Great present idea too!
  69. Favourite hand wash


    I received this handwash as a gift and was devastated when It finished! It has such an energising scent and looks gorgeous next to the sink. I also loved that it left my skin feeling clean but not dry.
  70. Aesthetic hand wash


    I love this hand wash - firstly, it's very aesthetically pleasing to look at and looks great and iconic on any vanity or even kitchen, but it also isn't drying and has a beautiful scent. I wish it wasn't so expensive but I do treat myself to it every now and then and is one of those luxuries I enjoy splurging on from time to time because it's enjoyable to use.
  71. Divine

    Love Beautiful Aromatherapy

    This is a gift I was given last year when I was sick for quite a while. It was pure aromatherapy, left me feeling very clean & positivity. We all know that certain smells effect us & this gives such a boost. Was grateful to get it & recommend it highly, a little goes a long way!!...I used it in the shower, who cares :)
  72. An experience


    Best hand wash ever, non drying, great aromatic scent and also slightly exfoliating. It's great!
  73. The best


    Smells so fresh and citrusy, exactly how it is described! Makes such a nice gift and looks great :)
  74. Lovely, non drying


    Love this hand wash. The mandarin scent is just heavenly. It’s effective and doesn’t dry out your hands. It also looks great on display but I wouldn’t use it everyday due to the price.
  75. nice but expensive


    very nice handwash cleans well and leaves hands moisturised and smells amazing! however quite pricey
  76. lovely


    this hand wash is such a lovely smell and the pump is great quality. love using this every time!
  77. Must have!


    The perfect spoil yourself gift to have in the home. The scent is absolutely divine and there is a reason why this is the must have Aesop product you see in every bathroom shelfie!
  78. A pleasure to wash with


    Washing your hands has never felt so fancy. I do find that I need to moisturise after, but it's an extra step to caring for your hardworking hands; they deserve the extra splurge and care.
  79. Feels good to wash my hands with this product


    I tend to have dry skin on my hands and with all the hand washing that I'm doing now, it's a real treat to use this often. Follow up with moisturiser. The scent is fabulous too.
  80. Nourished hands


    Amazing hand wash, extremely nourishing for naturally dry hands.
  81. Smells amazing and feels boujee


    Love this hand wash. This ones the best smelling of the Aesop range and it makes your bathroom feel extra boujee.
  82. Little Luxury


    I splurge on this hand wash for my master ensuite. It feels like such a beautiful indulgence every time I wash my hands. The smell is divine and my hands feel soft.
  83. Can't say enough good about this handwash


    Smells amazing and leaves my hands clean but not overly drying! I have one in the kitchen and one in every bathroom. Probably Aesop's best product!
  84. love


    I bought this because my hands were drying out from washing my hands so often with supermarket handwash #justpandemicthings
    Can't even begin to explain how phenomenal it smells, and it leaves my hands feeling so soft and nourished. Literally obsessed with washing my hands now?
  85. Glowing Hands


    I love love it . This is just my fav . I have tried so many hand soaps but this is the best . Even my 18 month old loves washing her hands coz of Aesop smell.. it’s just so soft moisturizing yet keeps ur hands so clean .
  86. Glowing Hands


    I love love it . This is just my fav . I have tried so many hand soaps but this is the best . Even my 18 month old loves washing her hands coz of Aesop smell.. it’s just so soft moisturizing yet keeps ur hands so clean .
  87. Smells A.M.A.Z.I.N.G


    The smell of this alone makes ti divine :) Lovely hand wash.
  88. Good product


    Smells amazing and leaves your hands feeling lovely and soft! Great purchase :)
  89. Smells amazing


    This is a an effective but yet gentle hand wash. Love the smell. It’s a bit pricey for a hand wash though.
  90. Lovely!


    Yes it's a bit pricey for a Hand wash but the fragrance is gorgeous and stays on the skin for longer than other handwashes. Doesn't dry out skin either.
  91. pretty packaging but pricey


    this does look really pretty in the bathroom but it is a bit too much money for a hand soap to purchase all the time
  92. a nice hand wash


    leaves hands feeling soft and clean. Also nice packaging to be used in the main bathroom. It is a bit expensive though
  93. amazing


    absolutely love this, smells great and not drying
  94. Beautiful smell and feel


    This smells amazing and the aroma stays on your hands until the next wash.
  95. Great for sensitive skin


    I love that this does not contain harsh soaps that dry my skin out very excessively. This is gentle and soothing on my sensitive skin and doesn't leave them super dry after all the hand washing! Scent is also a plus
  96. Great gentle hand wash


    I have struggled for years to find a hand wash that does not leave my hands dry and flaky, especially in the cooler months. I decided to give the Aesop Resurrection hand wash a go and I'm hooked! It smells amazing and doesn't leave my skin dry. My hands look and feel so much better now.
    It is a little pricey but it is worth every cent.
  97. The Best


    This is the loveliest hand wash I've ever bought. The smell is so luxurious but not overpowering - and my hands don't get dry using it throughout the day. As someone who cooks a lot and is constantly washing their hands, this is a great thing! Would definitely recommend - favourite scent of all time :-)
  98. Great


    Lovely handwash, smells incredible and is non drying.
  99. Aesop


    I have eczema between my fingers and struggle to find a hand wash that doesn't irritate or dry it out. I love this hand wash from aesop because it makes my hands feel clean without making them excessively dry.
  100. Smells amazing!


    Doesn't dry the skin out and smells great.
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