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Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash 500ml 500ml

4.7 of 274 reviews


4 instalments of $10.00


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4 instalments of $10.00


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A superior cleansing gel for hard-working hands. This globally adored product gently cleanses without dehydrating skin.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Australian Made

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SUPERIOR - 97% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry

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Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash 500ml

Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash 500ml

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4.7 of 274 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

An at-home luxury


I adore the citrus/rosemary scent. This always leaves my hands feeling *really clean* without feeling dry afterward. Plus it's Aussie made! This is certainly a treat item, but when I'm looking to gift myself something, I always turn to this handwash. It's also great to gift to loved ones, either by itself or in the travel / Reveller kits.

Most Helpful Criticism

For special occasions


Let’s admit it, this wash is expensive. BUT, it smells so darn good!! Worth the splurge every now and then if you feel like spoiling yourself, but I wouldn’t purchase for everyday use. Also makes a great bubble bath/body wash!
  1. An at-home luxury


    I adore the citrus/rosemary scent. This always leaves my hands feeling *really clean* without feeling dry afterward. Plus it's Aussie made! This is certainly a treat item, but when I'm looking to gift myself something, I always turn to this handwash. It's also great to gift to loved ones, either by itself or in the travel / Reveller kits.
  2. For special occasions


    Let’s admit it, this wash is expensive. BUT, it smells so darn good!! Worth the splurge every now and then if you feel like spoiling yourself, but I wouldn’t purchase for everyday use. Also makes a great bubble bath/body wash!
  3. smells heavenly


    So this is a fairly expensive hand wash, but it's a really good quality product and smells divine. Personally I have a cheaper hand wash for everyday use and keep this on hand for when I have visitors. Plus it's cruelty-free and that's a must for me.
  4. Such a luxury


    A huge splurge but the smell of the hand wash lingers after use and is divine. I love this
  5. Worth the splurge!


    I never spent much on hand washing stuff but the one changed things for me. It feels so luxurious, smells great and doesn’t dry out my skin! The bottle lasts ages too.
  6. A splurge!


    Love the smell of this, it's very unique compare to other hand wash. The bottle is so classic and looks amazing in the bathroom. The only thing it's the price, but worth the splurge if you want something fancy.
  7. It’s great!


    The packaging is lovely, it’s hydrating and doesn’t irritate my skin, and it smells great!
  8. hand wash


    Love this in the guest bathroom, as it leaves hands clean but is a bit pricy
  9. So nice


    It’s just looks nice in the bathroom already! And it clean my hands well, love the scent!
  10. Like it


    This hand wash smells amazing and my hands don’t feel dry after washing. Love all the natural oils that are in the ingredients and that its a vegan brand. Pity about the sodium lauryl sulfate though. Otherwise would have been 100% for this product.
  11. I love it!


    I received this hand wash as a gift and I absolutely love it! It has a wonderful fragrance and texture, plus it leaves my hands feeling silky smooth! I no longer experience dry hands when using this (and I'm a chronic hand washer).
  12. Good stuff


    Got this for the wife, she loves it, says it is the best hand wash she has ever used, it's a bit pricey for a hand wash but her hands are not drying out the way they used to.
  13. Such a nice hand was to use


    Such a nice hand was to use, it feels and smells really beautiful and is a lot of fun to use.
  14. amazing


    This is my favourite wash to use, keeps my hands nice and soft!
  15. Love the smell


    Gosh not only does this hand wash smell great but it feels great on my hands after using, I will be buying more of this in future as my hands are no longer drying out.
  16. A luxurious treat for the hands


    A luxurious treat for the hands, one of the best handwashes in the Aesop range, I just love the smell and texture.
  17. Luxe luxe luxe!


    This product has luxe written all over it !
    Such a devine smell and is a great asset to any guest bathroom!
    the packaging is lovely but I use sparingly as it is so expensive
  18. Hand soap


    i love this hand soap! it really lathers up! i know its a bit pricey but it does last a good 6 months!
  19. smells amazing!


    Love this hand wash so much - the scent is just amazing like citrus/mandarins/oranges. I can never get sick of it!
  20. Love love


    The smell of this is divine, it's very classic AESOP smell but very sophisticated. The packaging is also very sleek and looks great in the home which is a bonus.
  21. Nice


    I love the scent of the hand wash and the packaging looks luxurious. It’s perfect for my bathroom.
  22. Scent is Strong


    Scent is strong, but as a hand wash in the bathroom or kitchen, it does a great job at covering up onion or garlic scents. Makes for a gorgeous and fancy house warming gift!
  23. Nice!


    I put this in my airbnb property and it gets so many comments and the packages is so nice
  24. Great hand wash


    A great handwash that has a natural scent to it. Not too clinical or sweet. I like the packaging but could be made more luxe with a glass bottle.
  25. Beautiful hand wash


    Between applying make up and facial creams, I can wash my hands 4-5 times during my morning routine. Aesop Resurrection is non drying, smells amazing and is basically pure luxury.

    Once you go Aesop it's hard to go back to standard supermarket hand washes.


    I love this smell of aesop! So fresh and just cuts any other smell from your hands. We have this in every sink in the house!
  27. overpowering smell


    Like with most Aesop products the smell is over powering and the result is a let down. Great marketing though.
  28. Lovely hand wash


    Lovely hand wash. It smells really lovely and lasts for a long time
  29. oranges and mandarin


    I just get oranges and mandarin from this hand wash and I love it! So refreshing and uplifting
  30. adore


    Another great product from the line. This is definitely slightly more expensive, but worth it for the great quality!
  31. Looks and feels luxurious


    It’s moisturising and looks sleek next to the sink. I wouldn’t personally repurchase just purely because of the price but will refill it with normal hand soap when it’s all used up!
  32. Smells divine


    This hand wash is so good. I love the smell, and a little goes a long way!
  33. love this


    Another great product from the line. This is definitely slightly more expensive, but worth it for the great quality!
  34. Beautiful product but expensive


    I really love how this product smells and leaves my hands feeling (even with prolonged use it doesn't dry out my hands), however I can't get over the price tag. The ingredients are of high quality, and the product does last for a while if a small pump is used each time (which is more than enough). Worth the treat once in a while, your hands and nose will thank you for it.
  35. Luxurious and gentle


    I love this hand wash and its aesthetically pleasing bottle looks great in the bathroom. A little product goes a long way and it smells amazing. It's great quality and I think it's worth the higher price
  36. Luxury packaging


    Bottle looks awesome in the bathroom, adds a bit of luxe. It's a divine handsoap too, though you'd want it to be for the price. Guests often comment how nice it smells.
  37. Alright


    This hand wash smells really good and a little bit goes a long way. But I do think it is very overpriced
  38. Smells divine


    This stuff is amazing!!! Just a tiny amount on your palm will do, as it lathers well, leaving your hands feeling clean and smooth. Smells exquisite too!
  39. At home luxury


    Yes it is a little pricey but I find it lasts forever, just one squeeze is all thats needed and it smells amazing and leaves my hands feeling squeaky clean!
  40. Very hydrating

    Regina Fuentes

    Work with boxes everyday so I get really dirty and dry hands. This not only help cleanse but also hydrates my hands and feeling soft
  41. Makes any bathroom luxurious!


    I love this scent so much but also the aesthetic of the bottle makes my very dull bathroom look super high end!
  42. Really nice smell


    Washes hands really well and leaves a really nice smell for a long time after washing
  43. Nice but exxy


    This is a nice hand soap - smells and feels good. But I see it as the fancy soap only - the one brought out when guests come over. It's a recognisable luxury. Can't justify spending this much on everyday hand soap.
  44. very genlte


    A lovely handwash, that is both gentle, effective at cleansing, but also smells very nice. You only need a very small amount, so this large bottle will last you ages.
  45. Lovely on hands


    A gorgeous hand wash that not only cleanses well, but also smells divine. A little is all that is needed, so this is definitely good value for money. Hands are cleansed and left with a lovely scent.
  46. Feelin’ fancy


    This smells and looks amazing. Yes the price point is high for a hand soap, but let’s be honest, it makes a girl feel fancyyy.
  47. Gentle and amazing


    I find this is all time favourite in the bathroom. Guest always comment on the smell and packaging and its gentle on the skin!
  48. Best hand wash ever


    I have been buying this for my bathrooms & kitchen fur years & adore it. I have tried others but always end up back with Aesop! Smells great & the bottle looks good too which is a bonus!
  49. Aromatherapy spa in your bathroom


    Deliciously fresh scent that lasts on your hands well after the wash.
  50. Nice


    Hands smell amazing, leaves no residue and well worth the money.
  51. Divine scent and doesn’t irritate sensitive skin


    Yes is is expensive and feels like a very luxurious purchase but I’ve decided I deserve it. It smells divine, looks beautiful in my bathroom and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin or dermatitis. And - it always makes me feel a bit special!
  52. Lovely moisturising hand wash


    I love this product. So nice and smells amazing after washing your hands.
  53. Moisturises


    Lovely for moisturising dry hands. Refreshes them by putting moisture back in. Convenient pump + size lasts a long time!
  54. Beautiful - like being at a day spa


    I love this product. The smell is divine and you feel like you’ve been to a day spa. It’s a nice treat and the design of the bottle looks gorgeous in the bathroom
  55. Feels good


    Love this hand wash. It smells good and feels good. I put this in my bathroom and use it day and night. Just the price is a bit expensive.
  56. My treat for home


    I keep a bottle of this hand wash on my kitchen bench for a little bit of indulgence. It just smells divine, like a day spa, and I smile a little every time I wash my hands.
  57. Beautiful to use and display


    Love this Aesop hand wash. It smells good, leaves my hands (which are typically dry) moisturised and of course looks lovely on display in the bathroom. It’s a splurge for a hand wash, but I do think it’s worth it.
  58. Great moisturiser but can be oily


    I have reasonably dry hands and have this in my ensuite. If I use it too frequently it over hydrates my Hands and can leave them almost "oily".

    Great product tho - I probably just over wash my hands being a germaphobe :)
  59. Lovely


    A high quality hand cream, which sinks in to skin to moisturise without leaving hands greasy. Smells botanical but it leaves only a delicate scent on the skin rather than anything too over powering.
  60. Fancy handwash


    I love this handwash and would use it forever if it weren’t for the price tag. Smells good. Feels good for my sensitive skin. Last me 3 months of using it day and night. Just the price.
  61. Beautiful


    Beautiful, non drying out, gentle hand wash. Leaves my hands soft and fresh.
  62. Pure Luxury


    This is pure luxury, I use it all the time and won't use anything else. It smells nice and always leaves my hands feeling fresh.
  63. Always a staple in our household!


    Love this handwash, such a beautiful unisex scent that feels luxe to wash your hands with. Always a staple in our guest bathroom, love this handwash and often gift it.
  64. A bathroom icon


    I love this Aesop hand wash. It smells great and looks great in any bathroom.
  65. Okay - not the best Aesop product


    I like this hand wash because it feels nice and smells good but I found it dried out on my hands. I usually love Aesop products, but this one did not quite do it for me. I do have drier skin than most so that would be part of it.
  66. Luxurious


    Such a beautiful luxurious hand wash that looks great when guests come and adds a bit of luxe to your home
  67. Amazing


    Amazing hand wash that looks great when guests come. Adds an expensive luxe touch and the product itself smells beautiful
  68. Love the smell


    Lavender and citrus are a great combination so I love the scent of this hand wash, it's a bit on the pricey side but I feel it's well worth the price as it is of superior quality and it does not dry my hands out.
  69. Love the smell


    I love the smell and feel of this when washing my hands, it doesn't leave residue like cheaper brands do and my hand always feel clean.
  70. Stylish and Smells Lovely


    Packaging is so chic. Also, bottle is big so it lasts a lot longer than other hand soaps.
    Lovely smell!
    Always slightly wary about the fact that it contains sodium laureth sulfate and also that it is pricy $$$.
    But overall, very happy with it and would recommend.
  71. Love this!


    Love the bottle & look of this! The product is fantastic and you feel clean afterwards. Love the smell also!
  72. Looks and smells divine


    Love this as a luxe hand wash, great gift and looks great on any counter.
  73. Treat yo self!


    LOVE this amazing smelling hand wash. The product is soft on my skin & every moment of washing my hands is sooo much more enjoyable with this beautiful product! It is a bit expensive for a typical hand wash but it lasts for ages and it makes the whole process so much more enjoyable for the whole family!
  74. Forever purchase!


    This is by far my favourite smelling hand soap - uniquely Aesop and so fresh - this is the main reason I continually purchase this hand soap as soon as the bottle is finished. Despite its price tag, I feel I get value for money - it lasts for months in my busy house, doesn’t dry out my skin like many other soaps and lightly lathers without too many bubbles and soapy residue.
    On a very superficial level, I also love having the Aesop brand in my bathroom.
  75. Gorgeous


    The scent is lovely it cleans without stripping hands of moisture. It's a splurge but it's iconic.
  76. favourite hand wash


    This is by far the most luxurious hand wash you will use! I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my hands very hydrated! Another great product from the Aesop range, definitely recommend!
  77. Luxe and worth every dollar


    I love this hand wash. It's from a beautiful and natural brand, the gel formula is so superior to other brands and it doesn't leave my hands feeling tight or dry.
    I love the citrus and relaxing lavender scent combination and it lingers on for a while after using it. The gel formula lathers so nicely and I feel does a great job washing my hands. Aesop's simple yet eye catching packaging is second to none. It looks so nice displayed on my bathroom and guest bathroom counters.
  78. Wow


    Okay this hand wash is great. Smells fantastic, feels luxurious and doesn't annoy my skin. Honestly really great, the only flaw for me is the price I truly do love it but sometimes I can't justify spending $40 on soap. But I have repurchased so I guess the quality overrides the price.
  79. amazing hand wash


    very expensive but such a divine product from Aesop! It never dries my hands out and I've received so many compliments on it! Would recommend to anyone.
  80. expensive but good!


    First of all, I adore Aesop's products! They are very pricey but I seriously love how good their products make my skin feel. I have very dry hands, and I find this product very moisturising as it doesn’t strip away excess oils from my hands. Would recommend to anyone!
  81. Worth the splurge


    This soap is next level! It was given to me as a gift and I can’t go back now. This smell is AMAZING, is super nourishing on my skin, and leaves my hands feeling fresh and clean after. Not to mention our guests always love it too.
  82. The best


    My guests always comment on how gorgeous this soap is! I totally agree and have one in both bathrooms.
  83. love the smell


    this smells amazing and doesnt dry out my skin. it is a bit costly though but i do enjoy it
  84. Great smell!


    Great hand wash, love the way it makes my hands smell!
  85. great for guest bathroom


    i have kept this in the guest bathroom and it smells incredible. it is definitely a luxurious and expensive product but it is totally worth the buy *if you want to leave a good impression on your guests*
  86. Smells good


    Smells great, leaves my hands feeling soft and cleansed. The bottle size is quite large 500ml, so it lasts ages
  87. Everyone should use this


    The smell is absolutely divine and leaves my hands feeling fresh and super clean.
  88. Just Beautiful


    Every bathroom in my home has one of these - i love the smell and how soft my hands feel afterwards! The scents are just divine, I can't pick a favourite.
  89. expensive but worth it


    I know $40 is crazy for a hand wash but the exfoliating beads are sooo worth it. I have super dry hands and i've noticed a difference when i use this hand wash. My hands are much softer due to the exfoliation!! I recommend to my friends beause its not only a great product, but looks stunning in my bathroom.
  90. Great smell, soft on skin


    Product smells lovely, nice and soft on the skin, got one in the kitchen and the bathroom, also lasts me ages
  91. Spa Feeling


    Absolutely love this product.
    It has small exfoliating beads in it which feel so lovely when washing your hands.
    The smell makes me feel like I have just come out of a day spa!
    You don't even need to use a WHOLE pump of it for a good lather, only a half pump.
    I use this in my main bathroom (2 users) and have had it for 7 months and still going strong! I think i could make this last for 1 year!
  92. An absolute classic


    This is the definitive Aesop product. Love it on its own or even more with the matching hand cream.
  93. luxurious, fresh scent


    Super luxurious product, perfect for guest bathrooms. Heavenly scent/aroma. Only a little pump is needed to form a lather, so will last quite a while! I have gone through so many of these and will continue to purchase. Packaging is minimal and aesthetic. It is on the more expensive side however, I think this product is worth the splurge.
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