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Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm Tube 75ml 75ml

4.7 of 233 reviews


4 instalments of $8.25


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4 instalments of $8.25


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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry

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Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm Tube 75ml

Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm Tube 75ml

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4.7 of 233 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Nice and nourishing.
The smell is clean and fresh, so perfect for those that favor non floral scents. The feel is smooth and creamy yet it doesn't leave a greasy layer post application. A great hand cream.

Most Helpful Criticism

not moisturizing enough
I love the mandarin/orange smell like of this hand balm, but I'd love it more if it was more moisturising.
  1. Good hand cream

    This is a good hand cream, not too greasy and not tacky to apply. It's a nice hand cream but not too moisturizing for my very dry hands. I like the smell though.
  2. Nice and nourishing.

    The smell is clean and fresh, so perfect for those that favor non floral scents. The feel is smooth and creamy yet it doesn't leave a greasy layer post application. A great hand cream.

    This is such a great product, it’s doesn’t feel greasy, it soaks in to the hands perfectly. I wash my hands constantly throughout the day and this Moisturiser has seemed to nail the thick but not too thick ratio. Would definitely recommend it is not going to be a staple in my bag, love it.
  4. Love this at work!

    I keep a tube of this at work to use when I’m feeling stressed. It’s a beautiful scent that relaxes me (although some of my friends don’t like it as much).
  5. Very hydrating

    My hands feel really hydrated, I use a bit of this everyday and over time my hands are a lot softer and supple, nice smell and it absorbs well into my skin.
  6. Love it!

    I love this hand cream. I have been given it twice as gifts and find the smell amazing! So delicate and floral. Absorbs really well. A big expensive, but so nice as a gift.
  7. Dry skin friendly

    Great to use on dry hands and feet too! Really solves those cracked and dehydrated skin troubles.
  8. Lovely scent

    Very hydrating without leaving a sticky residual and lovely scent. My only complaint is that the aluminium tube got a hole in it which meant I could not carry it around.
  9. Lovely texture and scent

    This hand cream is one of my faves and it is a stable in my hand bag. It has a great aroma and the balm texture feels super hydrating on my skin.
  10. Favorite hand cream

    A little goes a long way with this beautiful rich hand cream. A great addition to my nightstand and handbag- the fragrance is lovely and uplifting and whenever I apply it people ask me why I smell so good. Great on dry elbows and worked into cuticles too.
  11. The perfect gift item

    The aroma of this hand cream is just gorgeous, really fresh and complex. It's not the most moisturising cream around, but it certainly softens your hands. It's one of my main go-to little gifts for teachers!
  12. Lovely hand cream

    The smell is amazing and it feels great after a long day at work! Even my partner loves this product. Worth the money and it goes a long way!
  13. Best-ever hand cream!

    This luxe, delicious smelling formula is the ultimate indulgence. A tube lasts forever as a little goes a long way with this product. The divine scent reminds me of a day spa and is very soothing. My hands feel soft for hours afterwards but not greasy. I think this would be my top hand cream of all time!
  14. best hand cream ever made

    this is a must have for all hand cream collector! smell is amazing and 100% moisturising. on my third tube already! :)
  15. Aesop is amazing

    This hand cream smells amazing and very hydrating. Aesop continually release amazing products of a high quality that always smell delicious.
    Aesop is a perfect gift for anyone!!!
  16. Aromatic and nourishing

    This hand balm soothes my chapped hand eczema and this has seemed to help a lot! No more random tears of the skin which is great and the scent is like you're in a top notch day spa,
  17. love it

    Awesome hand cream. Very moisturising and I love the smell.
  18. Great

    Great for dry hands. I’m a dad so I’m constantly washing my hands this helps them from becoming dry and cracked
  19. Nice smell

    I love to apply this throughout the day as it smells great, and find it’s pretty hydrating without leaving a greasy residue. It feel luxurious and I love it!
  20. So good

    love Aesop’s hand creams/body lotions and this is no exception. The citrusy scent isn’t too soft nor overpowering, and gradually fades on its own. It’s very emollient and sinks right into the skin after a couple minutes. My hands are noticeably drier when I don’t use this lotion, so I put some in a small container to always have in my bag! Give it a try!
  21. Smells amazing

    This hand cream is wonderful. I work in a lab, so need a great hand cream to make up for all the times I wash my hands. The smell is also amazing!
  22. Refreshing scent.

    This cream has a very strong smell, especially once it warms up. I like this but maybe not for everyone. Strongest smell for me is mandarin. I'm looking forward to trying other Aesop hand creams too.
  23. My go-to winter hand cream

    With 2 small kids (changing nappies etc) I dread winter as my hands are cracked and sore. Aesop Hand Balm is now my winter saviour as it keeps my hands smooth and soft, and it smells great!
  24. My go-to hand cream

    With 2 small kids (changing nappies etc) my hands get red and irritated. However since using Aesop Hand Balm they are smooth and soft. This is my go-to hand cream and I love the smell too!
  25. Saved my bitten nails

    I have very dry, cracked fingers, due to bad nail biting, and this hand cream has saved them! I love the smell and how rich it feels to put on. It also doesn’t leave that horrible wet/clammy feeling a lot of moisturizers leave on your palms, it actually soaks in! Worth it!
  26. Smells divine

    The lotion itself is also really good - very hydrating and doesn’t leave your hands feelings greasy, like all Aesop products it smells divine.
  27. Gorgeous Cream

    This is thick and luxurious, my skin feels so silky smooth as all the dryness disappears and the smell id divine.
  28. not moisturizing enough

    I love the mandarin/orange smell like of this hand balm, but I'd love it more if it was more moisturising.
  29. smells great but light

    I love a good hand cream and this one smells great, like citrus/mandarin but it is on the light side of hand creams. still moisturizing but I wouldn't use it in winter
  30. Great gift

    Love love this hand balm! Smells like mandarin and hydrating but not overly greasy.
  31. The best

    By far the best hand cream on the market. Love the scent, quick absorption and leaves your hands smooth and hydrated
  32. Love this but takes a while to absorb

    I love using handcream, but generally apply at work and need to go back to my keyboard pretty quickly. This smells amazing but find the formula takes a little long to absorb. Worth it for a before bed cream but not great if you have to get right back into things.
  33. Love this hand cream

    Love this hand cream. Smells beautiful and feels luxurious. I have it on my bedside table and use it before I go to sleep. Recommend as a lovely gift or a special treat.
  34. Will never use another hand cream

    I had a friend recommend this hand cream to me. I work in a job where I am using my hands and washing my hands constantly and this cream has been a life saver. I will never go back to any other hand cream!
  35. Beautifully fragrant, luxurious-feeling hand cream

    I keep this cream in my hand bag plus have a jar in my bathroom. It smells so delicious and fresh, it has a similar effect to aromatherapy - relaxing and invigorating for the senses.
    When I apply consistently over a few days, I notice a significant difference in the elasticity and softness of my hands.
  36. my go to hand cream

    Absolutely love this hand cream! It's my go to and I always have a tube on the go. Super nourishing and fabulous scent
  37. great hand cream

    this hand cream is the only non greasy one I've come across! I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my hands very hydrated! I would recommend this to anyone!
  38. The smell is divine

    This product is iconic. The smell is so gorgeous that I put my hands to my nose after ever application to soak in the scent. It's a very light weight formula and from a hydration perspective it has some room for improvement
  39. Luxe and worth every dollar

    This hand cream is the perfect companion to my Resurrection Aromatique Hand wash. Its non greasy and super moisturising. I love the aluminium packaging - it looks great in my bathroom and on my work desk. It also smells amazing!
  40. Always get complimented

    Overall really lovely hand cream, always get complimented in the office when I use it.
  41. my favourite

    This hand cream is by far my favourite! I have very dry hands, and I find this product very moisturising as it doesn’t strip away excess oils from my hands. Would recommend to anyone!
  42. Hands down, best hand cream!

    Super nourishing, doesn’t leave hands oily. And the smell is next level amazing without being overpowering.
  43. Beautiful Scent

    I received this as a gift and loved it. Smells and feels beautiful!
  44. Best non greasy hand cream!

    This is the best! I have always avoided handcreams as I hate how oily and ready they make my hands feel. This sinks right in and makes my hands stay lovely and moisturised all day. The best!!!
  45. Beautiful Hand Cream

    This Aesop Hand Balm is definitely my favorite hand cream on the market. I love the subtle citrus smell that doesn't over power the area. It is highly moisturizing and mandarin rind acts as a natural hand sanitizer. It lives in my handbag and i'd definitely buy again!
  46. great

    Love the smell and very hydrating, love the packaging
  47. Non greasy

    Smells really nice, sinks right into the hands without leaving an annoying greasy residue
  48. terrible packaging

    I have been using this hand cream on and off for years; the last two tubes I received were gifts from people who knew how much I liked this hand cream.
    The balm comes in a 75ml metal tube. The metal tube can be somewhat impractical when bounced around in a handbag for weeks/months (it can split and ooze out which is annoying). It's a reasonably thick, herbal-smelling cream which nourishes and protects my hands and nails
  49. Delightfully good

    I make sure to always carry a tube of this product everywhere I go, it is a beautiful hand cream. The cream itself is hydrating not at all greasy which makes it perfect to use anywhere anytime. I always gift them!
  50. Great texture

    I find the texture and feel of this to be beautiful on my hands, I keep a tube in my handbag and use it on the go, lovely aroma too.
  51. Sensational fragrance

    This is the most divine-smelling hand cream! It has a beautiful silky texture as well, leaves hands soft but not at all greasy or oily. An all-time fave.
  52. Best hand cream for work

    I needed to get into a better habit to apply hand cream more frequently because my hands were drying up like a prune from the weather turning cold. This cream smells so beautiful that it gears me into that habit quickly and my hand became significantly smoother and softer within 1 day.

    I love that the formula is not tacky, dries down matte (not oily, yay!!), and very moisturising. It doesn't interfere with work, typing, or any other life functions at all -- which is VERY rare and the primary reason why I never got into the hand cream habit before.

    I'll definitely repurchase.
  53. Luxurious and smells divine

    I've repurchased this hand cream time and time again. It smells heavenly and it a beautiful consistency that sinks into your skin.

    I keep it in my desk drawer at work and find it gives a moment of relaxation during a busy work day! Also makes a lovely little gift.
  54. Lovely on hands and great gift idea.

    I love having a tube of this in my handbag, at my desk or on the bedside table for easy access. I use applying it to take a moment out of whatever I'm doing to relax and re-centre. The smell is beautiful and organic and packaging a pleasure to look at.
  55. Luxuriously creamy

    Super luxurious. I received this as a gift and I love it! It's a thick and creamy hand cream that smells divine and absorbs quickly. Would purchase again and gift to others too.
  56. My second favourite hand cream

    This is my second favourite hand cream, after Aesop's reverence hand balm. I find this scent is just slightly more mainstream or predictable. But is still absolutely beautiful and the product works perfect, is absorbed easily etc. As per all these style of packaging, it can split as it's metal. Try not to bend it too much.
  57. Hydrating, amazing scent

    The best hand cream, non oily, absorbs easily and smells so gorgeous it always gets compliments when wearing!
  58. Amazing fragrance

    I absolutely love the smell of this cream. The citrus scent is to die for and it keeps me wanting to reapply it over and over again. The texture is light but very hydrating and absorbs into the skin well.
  59. fantastic citrus smell

    I'm so obsessed with the citrus smell of this product, it's so nice and I keep a tube on my work desk in case of dry hands
  60. Beautiful

    I make sure to always carry a tube of this product everywhere I go, it is a beautiful hand cream. The cream itself is hydrating not at all greasy which makes it perfect to use anywhere anytime.
  61. .

    Beautifully scented and beautiful texture, very moisturising.
  62. Resurrected my hands!

    Perfect for my handbag. I love this product and gave them as a great gift for family at Christmas
  63. An extremely nourishing hand cream

    An extremely nourishing hand cream, that smells incredible. The only thing I don't like about it is the packaging, it's prone to leaking!
  64. Uplifting and hydrating hand cream

    I have a tube of this at home and at work because it is a beautiful hand cream. The cream itself is hydrating and velvety and not at all greasy. The scent is uplifting and lingers nicely for at least an hour. At night after a hard day at work I use it in my feet after a shower and it feels wonderful. Perhaps a little expensive but worth the splurge I think.
  65. Smells divine!

    Can’t get enough of this hand cream! Smells great and feels so soft and hydrating on.
  66. hydrating

    Perfect for my handbag. I love this product and gave them as a great gift for family at Christmas
  67. Great for hand repair

    Great for when my hands are feeling super dry. It's a really nice product to have in your bag and use regularly. The only thing I don't like about it is the packaging if you squash it the product has a tendency to burst out when you open it, which is annoying.
  68. Great

    It smells so good. It’s good for your hands. It’s just perfect in winter because it’s moist.
  69. Cult Favourite!

    Love the smell and texture of this hand balm. Skin feels smooth and hydrated with a relaxing "day at the spa" like smell.
  70. Best hand cream

    Love this hand cream, it's nourishing and goes on nice and thick - but doesn't seem sticky or uncomfortable afterwards. Smells amazing too! The only downside is the packaging which overtime can crack and then you can't throw in your handbag. But if you squeeze from the bottom, you shouldn't have that issue!
  71. Great for dry hands

    This is the best product for dry hands, it also smells great and is not greasy, I keep one in the car for when I am out and about.
  72. Fantastic

    Works a treat to soften hands and moisturise nails and nail bed surrounds. My hands go dry from dish washing liquid and this keeps them soft and hydrated.
    The smell is incredible - I’ve used it for years and never get sick of it.
  73. Great hand cream

    This product ticks all the boxes :
    Non greasy
    Nice scent
    Light weight
    Easy to absorb
    What more can I ask for !
  74. a handbag staple

    A beautiful hydrating hand cream. Effortlessly absorbs into the skin and very gentle to use.
  75. Love the smell.

    Love this scent of hand cream not to mention has helped my dry skin immensely !!
  76. Favourite Aseop Product

    I was given this a gift before I had my first baby as a pamper present and i have loved it and repurchased every since. The smell is amazing and so refreshing and balm is great for dry elbows as well as hands. Highly recommend, especially for price
  77. Love it!

    I was given this hand cream as a gift and loved it! I have re purchased ever since. It is incredibly hydrating and doesn’t irritate my sensitive hands.

    I know it's a bit pricey but I love this hand cream. The lush packaging and not to mention I love how this smells. It doesn't feel greasy when applied. Leaves hands smelling great and well moisturised. I don't feel like I need to reapply a lot like most hand creams. A little goes a long way.
  79. LOVE

    I LOVE the smell of this hand balm so much! It's not super rich or hydrating, but the scent is really lovely. Good as a summer hand balm but not enough for dry hands in winter

    I brought one of these for my husband as he is a tradesman and has very dry hands, HE LOVED IT!!

    not only did he appreciate the softness it gave to his hands but also its long-lasting capability and smell!
  81. Bag necessity

    I adore these Aesop hand balms, they smell so beautifully natural and fresh, whilst nourishing cuticles and hands, a necessity for my bag / desk and the perfect gift idea! people always love it and really appreciate Aesop products when receiving.
  82. Everyday luxury

    Love this hand cream. I also have the handwash as the smell is divine. Word of warning, Ii you keep the metal tube in your handbag for a long time it can crack.
  83. Car favourite

    Love how incredibly nourishing this is - has a great texture too never leaves your hands greasy!
  84. Handbag Luxe

    Excellent for rough skin, cuticles and nails, this balm is an Aesop classic! I have one in my handbag and on my desk - couldn't live without it (particularly in winter)
  85. Gift that keeps on giving

    Love this hand cream, I've used most of Aesop's hand creams but love this one the most as it leaves your hands feeling so moisterised and plump. Perfect for aging skin as very moisterising and would be great for people with very dry hands.
  86. luxurious

    very luxurious hand cream. Amazing scent as with all aesop products. Leaves my hands feeling soft and supple.
  87. great for winters

    this is a very gentle hand cream and can help u get rid of the dryness caused on hands in winter. i like its smell too, and it works wonders in minutes.
  88. Most lux cream ever

    Honestly the best hand cream you could buy. I am a potter so I get extremely dry sore hands and this cream has saved my hands.
  89. Great smell

    I have this in my handbag and apply during the day mixed with a bit of sunscreen, smells lovely and keeps my hands fresh and soft
  90. Best hand cream I’ve ever used

    As I’m a flight attendant, my skin gets very dry so I’ve tried so many different hand creams and none of them have moistured my hands like this one does, not only does it smell amazing!! But it hydrates/moistures like crazy! Absolutely love it
  91. Aesop hand creams never disappoint

    I bought this as a present after having used it previously. I love its fragrance and the feel of the cream on your hands. Aesop products are yet to disappoint.
  92. Smells absolutely divine

    the best smelling moisturizer. they need to bottle that smell!
  93. Great cream, bad packaging

    This cream is lovely because it has a light texture, hydrating, not greasy, smells beautiful. However, the lid on my tube will not stay on and I think for the cost the packaging shouldn't have this problem. It is also easily squished in your handbag so be careful!
  94. Love this!

    This hand cream is my fave. It makes your hands so smooth and smells Devine and its the perfect size for your handbag.
  95. Fantastic

    I love this hand balm. It’s so gentle on skin. My hands get really dry and it doesn’t hurt the splits, also repairs the dryness.
  96. perfect

    I work in the hospital so it is very important for me to wash my hands regularly, however this has led to quite dry hands. I found this product on recommendation from my friend. I use it every morning and night and my hands are so smooth. I love this product and will continue to use it. The fragrance is refreshing as well.
  97. So lovely

    I purchased this version of the handcream before I tried the Reverence one which is the blue tube. I found this to be just as effective as the blue one but I think this is less (slightly) moisturising and did not heal my hands as fast. However, if you don't have super dry cracked hands this would be perfect. The pink tube is so pretty and I have nothing to fault. The price is well worth the product.
  98. Velvety hands

    Leaves your hands feeling soft and velvety afterwards, the scent may be overpowering to some though !
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