Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm Tube 75ml

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Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm Tube 75ml by Aesop


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Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm is one of Adore Beauty's best-selling hand creams. This luxurious moisturising balm is perfectly suited to hydrating hands and cuticles. Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm is a greaseless formulation of hydrating botanicals that will transform even the dryest, more irritated hands.

After cleansing hands with Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash, massage a small amount of the concentrated cream into clean hands for superb hydrating and softening benefits. Excellent for rough skin, cuticles and nails, this balm is an Aesop classic. Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm may be used all over the body, and is especially good massaged into dry, tired feet at night before retiring to bed.

Also available in a 500ml pump pack, as well as the Aesop Resurrection Duet, the herbaceous lavender scent of this concentrated hand cream will leave skin hydrated without left over greasy residue. 

The Aesop Resurrection Duet includes a 500ml pump bottle of Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm as well as Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash, so you can luxuriously style your bathroom with Aesop's most popular products, and absorb the botanical benefits these best-sellers have to offer. Alternatively, gift the Resurrection Duet to a lucky friend or loved one.

Key Ingredients:

  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Mandarin Rind
  • Cedarwood Bark Oil
  • Lavender Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Cocoa Seed Butter
  • Beta-Carotene
  • Rosemary Leaf

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luxurious - 14-01-2019 by

very luxurious hand cream. Amazing scent as with all aesop products. Leaves my hands feeling soft and supple.

great for winters - 14-01-2019 by

this is a very gentle hand cream and can help u get rid of the dryness caused on hands in winter. i like its smell too, and it works wonders in minutes.

Most lux cream ever - 08-01-2019 by

Honestly the best hand cream you could buy. I am a potter so I get extremely dry sore hands and this cream has saved my hands.

Great smell - 08-01-2019 by

I have this in my handbag and apply during the day mixed with a bit of sunscreen, smells lovely and keeps my hands fresh and soft

Best hand cream I’ve ever used - 08-01-2019 by

As I’m a flight attendant, my skin gets very dry so I’ve tried so many different hand creams and none of them have moistured my hands like this one does, not only does it smell amazing!! But it hydrates/moistures like crazy! Absolutely love it

Aesop hand creams never disappoint - 07-01-2019 by

I bought this as a present after having used it previously. I love its fragrance and the feel of the cream on your hands. Aesop products are yet to disappoint.

Smells absolutely divine - 05-01-2019 by

the best smelling moisturizer. they need to bottle that smell!

Great cream, bad packaging - 05-01-2019 by

This cream is lovely because it has a light texture, hydrating, not greasy, smells beautiful. However, the lid on my tube will not stay on and I think for the cost the packaging shouldn't have this problem. It is also easily squished in your handbag so be careful!

Love this! - 03-01-2019 by

This hand cream is my fave. It makes your hands so smooth and smells Devine and its the perfect size for your handbag.

Fantastic - 25-12-2018 by

I love this hand balm. It’s so gentle on skin. My hands get really dry and it doesn’t hurt the splits, also repairs the dryness.

perfect - 25-12-2018 by

I work in the hospital so it is very important for me to wash my hands regularly, however this has led to quite dry hands. I found this product on recommendation from my friend. I use it every morning and night and my hands are so smooth. I love this product and will continue to use it. The fragrance is refreshing as well.

So lovely - 24-12-2018 by

I purchased this version of the handcream before I tried the Reverence one which is the blue tube. I found this to be just as effective as the blue one but I think this is less (slightly) moisturising and did not heal my hands as fast. However, if you don't have super dry cracked hands this would be perfect. The pink tube is so pretty and I have nothing to fault. The price is well worth the product.

Velvety hands - 24-12-2018 by

Leaves your hands feeling soft and velvety afterwards, the scent may be overpowering to some though !

worlds best hand cream - 21-12-2018 by

I'm only 29 years old however i cant help but to think my hands looks wrinkly! after using this for a few days my hands looked so much more smoother and felt amazing! other hand creams don't do this to me, some even make my skin feel more dry if I'm not constantly applying. but this keeps them feeling smooth all day! and the scent.. amazing!!

Perfect for sensitive skin - 14-12-2018 by

Extremely soft with a lovely scent. Instantly smooths and hydrates. Works really well with my dry and sensitive skin.

Best hand cream on the market - 10-12-2018 by

I buy this cream for my daughter, she says it is the best hand cream on the market. I also want to add that you can always rely on Adore Beauty with any product you order, you never have to worry that you won't receive the item. I have bought quite a number of products over the years and find them fast and efficient.

Awesome - 26-11-2018 by

great cream i would repurchase when im done so amazing

Good - 23-11-2018 by

Best Hand balm ever. I have tried a lot and this is by far the best. Not greasy but very nourishing. It really makes a difference.

Smells amazing and great for hands - 22-11-2018 by

Absorbs well into the skin and is nourishing without being sticky. It smells fantastic, very refreshing and I always get compliments on the scent when I use it. It's a good sized hand cream to keep at work in your draw or in your handbag. Great packaging too!

A favourite - 22-11-2018 by

Love the smell of everything aesop especially this hand cream. It lasts for ages and helps keep my skin hydrated

Lovely hand cream - 20-11-2018 by

This hand cream is beautiful! It smells incredible and the formula is beautiful - makes my hands so lovely and soft. Would definitely recommend

Perfect hand cream! - 16-11-2018 by

This hand cream is lovely. It smells amazing and absorbs into skin so well

Love this - 12-11-2018 by

Amaaaaazing smell.
So moisturising and helps my nails and cuticles. Works even during winter and after excessive dish washing.
I’ve got dry skin and weak nails.

Lovely! - 09-11-2018 by

Love this hand cream, the scent, the consistency, the packaging! works well at moisturizing dry hands and absorbs well into the skin

Hydrating without thick residue - 05-11-2018 by

I have dry hands, as I constantly am washing my hands. I use this cream every night on my hands, and they feel baby smooth. I wanted something that was rich and hydrating, that didn't leave me with an oily residue. It also doesn't have a strong scent, which is perfect, and is part of my night time ritual. It also lasts a long time, as you only need a small amount.

Gorgeous hand balm - 31-10-2018 by

I absolutely love the smell of this hand balm and though it's hydrating, it's not too rich and doesn't make my hands feel greasy. The balm absorbs relatively quickly and provides lasting hydration

Beautiful scent...questionable moisture - 30-10-2018 by

This hand cream is all about the scent. It is to die for beautiful and unique. I bought it after smelling it being used by my colleague on the next desk. However I have very dry hands and it just doesn't do the job for me from a moisture perspective. So it's 5 stars for scent and packaging but it would be a 1 or 2 for moisture. If you only need average moisturising properties I would not hesitate to repurchase.

Beautifully Scented Hand Cream - 30-10-2018 by

This hand cream is smooth, absorbent and non-oily. It has a beautiful scent and works well to keep hands soft and moisturised. It is great for everyday use, I personally use it before bed. However, if you have extremely dry or cracked skin on your hands I would recommend a hand cream with a thicker, longer lasting hand cream. This is a great cream for normal to moderately dry hands. Have purchased as gifts for friends.

Wonderful gift - 29-10-2018 by

This hand cream is fast absorbing and smells absolutely divine. It's a lovely treat, and makes for a fabulous gift. The only word of warring is that that it is that the essential oils are too strong if you have eczema, but that's not really the products fault.

Love the smell! - 24-10-2018 by

This handcream smells great, and it doesnt leave the hands oily after. It absorbs really fast so you can actually use your hands after application haha. It's not the most hydrating handcream ever but it's great for on the go!

Great handcream but not the best - 22-10-2018 by

I do love this hand cream, it's nice and light and it smells amazing, but its not the best hand cream I've ever had. I find that this hand cream helps in the upkeep, but if you're hands are really dry and in need of some TLC, this hand cream is not the one.

So nice - 22-10-2018 by

Has the same smell as the hand wash which I love. Feels so nice on my hands and keeps them soft

Don't leave the house without this! - 22-10-2018 by

I have been using this hand balm since 2013. I'm never without it - it's in my handbag, at my work desk and in my bathroom. It smells divine and feels even better. The mandarin scent is quite unique and delicious. And you can't go past the Aesop packaging which is always beautiful.

AMAZING - 17-10-2018 by

I can no longer live without this hand cream. It's easily absorbed, gorgeously scented and absolutely nothing compares.

Pure luxury - 17-10-2018 by

A beautiful, greaseless hand cream that does what it says - nourishes and softens. My extra dry hands feel supple and smell divine. I have already repurchased in the larger size.

LOVE - 15-10-2018 by

This is my second tube of this hand cream and I have no regrets! My hands used to be dry and worn out, and my cuticles were rough and peeling but this cream has been amazing in healing them. Not only do my hands visibly look much better, they also feel so soft and nourished. Plus the smell is DIVINE. I get excited about putting this stuff on as soon as I open the tube and get a whiff of the scent. Yes it's a bit on the pricey side but in my humble opinion it's worth it!

Excellent for dry hands - 12-10-2018 by

I suffer from awfully dry hands in winter and this has seen me through. I love the fragrance of this product and have bought it as a gift for others. It also really lasts a long time, and a little bit goes a long way - even on very dehydrated skin.

Stunning! - 11-10-2018 by

Best hand cream! Smells beautiful and makes my hands so soft and smooth. I love the brand and the packaging is so good. It's a bit pricey but it's nice to treat yourself!

Packaging and smell is DIVINE - 10-10-2018 by

The packaging and smell of this hand cream is absolutely divine - I love it so much! However functionally, despite natural ingredients and so forth, i have to really layer on the product for my hands to feel moisturised. If you have quite dry hands I wouldn't recommend this product as it is light and more suited to everyday spring/summer seasons

Holy Grail - 07-10-2018 by

I use this religiously every day and keep some around my house. I LOVE the smell and the consistency.

Gorgeous - 05-10-2018 by

The best and only hand moisturiser I will ever use!! I keep it in my work drawer. Even when I’m walking around the office people comment that I smell nice because they can smell the balm. Leaves skin soooo soft and moisturised!!

Lovely - 05-10-2018 by

Nourishing, luxurious and cruelty free. A lovely hand cream.

really nice scent - 04-10-2018 by

i like the resurrection scented products from aesop the most. the hand balm makes my hands feel less dry but it's not the most moisturizing hand balm on the market.

Like it - 02-10-2018 by

I don't use hand creams that often but my partner loves aesop products so we have this one. It's pretty good, has a nice fresh scent

Beautiful scent very uplifting - 01-10-2018 by

I am totally addicted to this hand cream, it is very moisturising and is easily absorbed.

Worship at the Temple of Aesop - 01-10-2018 by

Of course, if you buy anything Aesop, its going to be luxurious, expensive and organic. This hand balm is no different. It feels like silk, feels like it nourishes my dry, over washed hands and smells fresh and grassy and beautiful. you can't go wrong with Aesop!

My favourite hand cream - 01-10-2018 by

This is a rich hand cream but doesn't feel oily once applied. It smells lovely-think of the smell of orange syrup cake. This is my go-to for myself and I also buy it as a gift for others which has been popular!

Luxurious - 01-10-2018 by

It's kind of a small tube, but the hand balm is very luxurious and has a nice citrus/mandarin/orange scent. It's not a very rich cream but does hydrate the hands

Lovely - 01-10-2018 by

Great hand balm! This feels really hydrating on my dry hands without leaving them sweaty or clammy. Love the smell too!

Love the scent - 01-10-2018 by

I use this with the hand wash and they have the same fresh, mandarin, citrus scent. The hand balm lightly nourishes and doesn't feel overly greasy.

Nourishing - 27-09-2018 by

This hand cream is packed full of nourishing ingredients to leave hands soft and moisturised. The thick cream feels like a protective barrier.

Gorgeous - 26-09-2018 by

One of the most gorgeous hand creams I've tried. The scent is wonderful, bit floral but quite fresh.

Absolutely divine - 24-09-2018 by

Love this hand cream! Very soft and moisturising without being oily. Has a lovely floral citrus smell. My favorite cream!

Beautiful - 24-09-2018 by

If you love the scent of the hand wash, you will love this hand cream and vice versa. Very nourishing with a beautiful scent, this hand balm is one of my favourites!

Luxurious - 21-09-2018 by

Beautiful, thick, non greasy and smells amazing. I feel the product on my hands for ages after applying, but it doesn't feel greasy or sticky.

one of the best - 21-09-2018 by

aesop never fails to deliver, this product is a favourite of mine from their range. it smells absolutely divine and the tube packing means that it travels with me to work/uni/travelling. always get compliments on the fragrance of it and it leaves my skin feeling soft

Rich and nourishing - 19-09-2018 by

I love this hand cream. It is the perfect rich consistency, but it melts into the skin for hydration - without leaving hands feeling oily/sticky to touch. Has a lovely subtle, natural scent. Plus the packaging is lovely and high end. Love having this in my handbag, car or on my desk at work!

The best - 18-09-2018 by

Such a lovely quality hand cream that will last and be worth the cost ! lovely smell and doesn't leave you hands wet for too long . You will not regret this purchase . Its a handbag must

LOVE! - 17-09-2018 by

I was given a tube of this balm as a gift and I love it! It's perfect for dry hands and cuticles. I even use it on my heels! TOTAL LOVE!

Love it! - 10-09-2018 by

Hands down the best hand cream! And I’ve tried plenty. It smells absolutely wonderful and has kind of like forest scent to it. If you are thinking about buying and are not sure because of the price I say go for it! It will be worth it. It will not leave your hands greasy and dries quickly

Great - 10-09-2018 by

I love all the aesop products. This cream is great for dry hands. Lasts for ages and smells so divine. I highly recommend.

Amazing - 07-09-2018 by

Loooove this hand balm!!! I get dry skin and this moisturises without leaving them sweaty or clammy. Love the smell too

Great product - 07-09-2018 by

Such a lovely cream. Keep it in my handbag at all times.

The most amazing hand cream! - 05-09-2018 by

I was reluctant to spend this much on a hand cream but after reading the reviews I'm so glad I did! Well worth the money, it's so luxurious and divine and has made my hands really soft and my nails nice and strong. Will definitely be purchasing again!

Smells amazing - 04-09-2018 by

Smells amazing and isn't greasy!

A divine scent and texture - 04-09-2018 by

This is my absolute go-to hand creme. It has a BEAUTIFUL creamy, heavily moisturising formula and texture that is not too heavy - it doesn't soak into hands immediately, just leaving them feeling dry again 10 minutes later, but is not too heavy and does not stick to the surface of your hands and refuse to rub in either!

The scent is DELICIOUS - it really is a unisex scent, too, and so I think this would make an excellent present for anyone.

My only comment on this size hand balm, in the metal tube from Aesop, is that towards the end of use the metal tube can become cracked and bent, and it can be difficult to extract the last remnants of the hand balm from the tube therefore, making you feel like you're missing out on all of the amazing moisturising richness that you want from this product!

GREAT - 04-09-2018 by

this is a such a great moisturiser!!!! love it so much and take it everywhere I go!

Expensive but worth it - 03-09-2018 by

Relatively expensive for a hand cream, but lasts a while and smells delicious - worth it

Luscious - 30-08-2018 by

Feels so luxurious and smooth on my hands. Smells divine and really hydrates my dry skin.

Just divine! - 28-08-2018 by

I wash my hands frequently so I need to use hand cream each evening at bedtime. I've used many brands of cream and this one moisturises as well as any, but also has an absolutely divine scent. Some cheaper creams have a clinical smell or no scent at all but I really love perfumed products and this one is delicious. I'd pay a higher price for this product given how wonderful it smells, and the large size of the tube that could last for maybe a year. Would make an excellent gift.

EXTREMELY HAPPY! - 28-08-2018 by

This is the miracle Hand Cream. When I apply it to my hands and lower arms it is like magic and totally erases the lines on my hands. I am 52 years old and would highly recommend for moisture/nourishing and line erasing.

Could be better - 28-08-2018 by

I've been using this hand cream for a while now and I'm not sure if it's my favorite. Takes quite a while for the oilyness to sink in. There's definitely other products out there that's better/cheaper. Stunning packaging though..

Amazing but pricy - 23-08-2018 by

This is hands down the best hand cream I have ever come across, it provides smoothness for hours without that sticky feeling. Unfortunately its a little bit too expensive for me to keep repurchasing.

An investment for hand cream, but worth it! - 22-08-2018 by

I love this, I was recommended by a friend and I hope to do the same for you. It is a lovely think consistency that doesn't leave your hands feeling gummy after application. The botanical smell is beautiful and lasts for quite a while on the skin. I'm currently on accutane, experiencing dry and cracked skin on my hands and this instantly nourishes those dry spots. It's expensive for a hand cream, but I highly recommend treating yourself.

One of my favourite hand creams! - 21-08-2018 by

I have dry flaky skin, probably from being generally allergic to the harsh soaps in the office and at the gym!

I always have a tube of hand cream lying around at home, in the office and in my handbag. I've found the Aesop the best in quality and extremely moisturising! No itchy contact dermatitis from those extremely fragrant hand creams either.

These hand creams also make great gifts!

Great for dry hands - 21-08-2018 by

I adore hand creams as my skin and hands in particular get very dry when the weather gets cold! The only problem is sometimes hand creams make my hands sweaty but I find that this one sinks in and just nourishes them without making them too moist when I'm trying to use a pen or anything like that. Love this!

Great for dry hands - 16-08-2018 by

I have dry hands that are dryer in the winter. I've used cheap hand creams in the past but nothing did the trick so I decided to try this after reading good reviews. It's thick and leaves my hands feeling hydrated. A little product goes a long way so the tube will last you. I would recommend this :)

Luxurious - 15-08-2018 by

Smells amazing! i love this hand cream, really hydrating im on to my second tube. I always keep it in my handbag and its a great gift idea!

Lovely Smell - 14-08-2018 by

This product has a lovely scent and lasts for a significant amount of time. Its consistency is very thick and creamy! I love it.

Beautiful hand cream - 14-08-2018 by

What a beautiful handcream! This is very moisturising and has been a lifesaver this winter. It is quickly absorbed and smells beautiful.

Cant fault it! - 14-08-2018 by

Love this hand balm, the tube is perfect to keep in your bag! IT smells amazing and hydrates my skin perfectly! a must have in winter.

Best hand moisturiser - 08-08-2018 by

This has saved my hands this winter. I love the scent and the rich texture is a treat for dry winter skin. Would definitely recommend.

ticks all the boxes - 08-08-2018 by

I love this hand cream!! It meets all my requirements for a handcream-you only need a small amount and it absorbs straight away, smells great and leaves skin feeling soft. A bit more than I would normally spend on a hand cream but definitely worth it.

Great product - 08-08-2018 by

Love this hand cream and it's goes such a long way.

Smells amazing! - 06-08-2018 by

There really is nothing like the smell of this hand cream! Of course it’s nourishing for the hands but it’s the smell that really makes it a favourite.

Little bit of luxury - 03-08-2018 by

This hand cream has saved my hands from turning into their usual scaly selves this winter! Using just a little bit morning and night it leaves my hands feeling so moisturised, without being greasy. The scent is an interesting one.. It's not my favourite but it's not at all offensive and it's kinda nice to have something different. Keen to try the other hand balms (and everything else) in Aesop's range

moisturising - 30-07-2018 by

This is such a lovely moisturisers - except it is quite thick. I love the smell and it stays on your hands for ages, but it does leave them a bit sticky.

one of the best - 30-07-2018 by

Super nourishing and dries quickly. The scent is one that it won't offend anyone and I know for a fact that those around you who see you use it will ask you if they could try some! Even my male friends feel intrigued to try it :) Love everything about it!

Good hand cream - 26-07-2018 by

My go to hand cream - I gave it a 4 stars because I dont like the slight stickiness that it leaves once dried. However, it smells amazing and is very luxurious.

Luxurious hand cream - 25-07-2018 by

Love this hand cream as it leaves your hands feeling so moisterised and plump. Perfect for aging skin as very moisterising and would be great for people with very dry hands. Love putting it on after using the handwash!

Smells Amazing - 24-07-2018 by

I have really dry hands and this product hydrates them for hours!! A small bit goes so far and the smell is amazing!! Really recommend this product!

So Luxurious - 23-07-2018 by

The scent, the smell and the way your skin feels after makes you think you have just been to the spa. It's a little more than i would usually spend on hand cream but it lasts ages and it's just a nice little luxury in life

Smells nice - 20-07-2018 by

Good hand cream - smells nice - does dry slightly sticky but does the job!

A great hand cream - 17-07-2018 by

This is a great hand cream for dry, cracked skin. I also have sensitive skin and this cream doesn't cause me any problems whatsoever. A little bit goes a long way, so a tube of this lasts me a long time! Would definitely continue to purchase...


I never thought I would be the kind of person who would love a hand-cream. I originally bought one of these for my mother and she used it religiously. Then my roommate bought it and I fell in love with the smell.

This is a rich and creamy hand cream that almost works like a perfume. It's very heavily scented but works perfectly as a pick-me-up throughout the day.

Best hand cream I’ve used - 12-07-2018 by

I’m not usually one for hand cream - I find they usually leave an oily residue and touching things afterwards is unpleasant. Well... this resurrection aromatique hand balm is definitely NOT like other hand creams. It smells fresh and like you’ve been to a day spa with “rosemary leaf, mandarin rind and cedar atlas” - but full disclosure, my hubby hates the scent.
This hand balm sinks straight into the skin and there’s no oily residue left behind. It leaves skin feeling soft, and cuticles are softened too.
I have a patch of eczema on my hand and super dry skin and this hand balm has helped the eczema to basically go dormant and where my hands were cracking from being so dry before, they’re now feeling soft and normal thanks to this amazing product.
I received this as a gift and will definitely repurchase. This product is a new favourite of mine and a must-have. I take it everywhere. Thanks Aesop!

LOVE - 12-07-2018 by

Worth every penny. It melts on your skin and smells like Aesop Spa. Will repurchase for sure. I have working hands and this is just a pampering

Hands Down the Best Hand Balm - 09-07-2018 by

This is hands down the best hand balm I've ever used.
Because I spent so much time gardening, I used to have quite rough hands.

This all changed when I discovered Aesop Hand Balm.

Rich, moisturising and calming.

Great gift idea - 09-07-2018 by

The smell is nothing short of divine. Like all Aesop products, it does what it says it will do - nourish dry skin. It's a great edition to have on your work desk or to give as a gift as everyone will love it.

Loooove - 07-07-2018 by

I get very very dry hands in the winter, so this hand cream is a must have wherever I go! I keep these all over the house, in my bag and in the car. It is so nourishing and makes my hands feel so soft without being too greasy. It also smells amazing and truly is a resurrection balm! I would definitely recommend this to everyone.

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