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Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm Tube 75ml 75ml

4.6 of 406 reviews


4 instalments of $8.25

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4 instalments of $8.25

Or 4 instalments of $8.25 with LEARN MORE

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Perfected moisturising balm for hands and cuticles. Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm is a greaseless formulation of hydrating botanicals will transform even the most abused hands.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Australian Made
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 96% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry

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Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm Tube 75ml Reviews

4.6 of 406 reviews

96% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

this has been great for my eczema


You really cant go wrong with this and i've since bought it in the larger jar and pump bottle versions. its been really great for my eczema and has kept it at bay especially with all the extra hand washing lately. every time i whip i out in the office, its like the Pied Piper, people suddenly appear asking to have a little, so if you don't like to share, use it when others aren't around!

Most Helpful Criticism

Not a fan


I love handcreams and use them regularly however even though I love the fragrance of this and the concept and values behind the Aesop company, I find this handcream isnt great for me. I dont like the texture and its a bit too heavy for me. I prefer lighter less oily creams.
  1. this has been great for my eczema


    You really cant go wrong with this and i've since bought it in the larger jar and pump bottle versions. its been really great for my eczema and has kept it at bay especially with all the extra hand washing lately. every time i whip i out in the office, its like the Pied Piper, people suddenly appear asking to have a little, so if you don't like to share, use it when others aren't around!
  2. Lovely


    My hands get so so dry in the winter time and this really saves them. I’m super impressed, it smells lovely and helped a lot this year.
  3. Resurrection alright!


    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! I love this hand cream! It's super lightweight, not oily or greasy at all like some other hand creams. It melts into your skin so beautifully and a little goes a long way! I love the scent also, its not over powering but it's really refreshing. A must have for those dry winter days & nights!
  4. Heavenly scent


    I think Aesop is quite overhyped, but i LOVE the scent of this hand cream. Such a treat :) and great for gift giving
  5. Resurrected my dry hands


    Aesop products are phenomenal! I love this hand cream so much! It smells so good and instantly hydrates my dry hands during winter. Its definitely a keeper in your purse for nice soft smooth hands.
  6. Not a fan


    I love handcreams and use them regularly however even though I love the fragrance of this and the concept and values behind the Aesop company, I find this handcream isnt great for me. I dont like the texture and its a bit too heavy for me. I prefer lighter less oily creams.
  7. NIce scent & packaging


    Very nice scent and the packaging is really convenient. A little bit pricey
  8. Scent is great


    verified purchaser
    Smells amazing, would purchase again for the scent but it was not hydrating enough for me.
  9. Good but pricey


    Nice scent, not fake or floral like most hand creams - and good consistency, but not a miraculous product. still have to apply consistently throughout the day.
  10. Amazing


    Wonderfully fragrant and super hydrating.
    Perfect size for your handbag
  11. Smells excellent


    This smells so beautiful. Perfect for keeping in your hand bag - lovely on hands, but also great in a pinch if you're smelling less than fresh and need an emergency fix. Non-greasy, and surprisingly my skin didn't mind it (I have sensitive skin on my hands). Great packaging, looks nice and you can use every last little drop. Which at this price point I think is really vital. Worth the money.
  12. All time favourite hand cream


    Smells amazing, doesn't make your skin oily, moisturises and makes hands feel new again!
  13. light non greasy


    love this hand cream, feels light and doesnt make my hand feels greasy. i feel like the price is reasonable as you dont need a lot each time, a little bit go along way
  14. Handy for a handbag


    This smells great and isn't too greasy. The only problem I found is it's quite hard to squeeze out the last of the moisturiser so you end up wasting a little bit.
  15. nice hand cream


    I like this hand cream very much. It is especially moisturizing when applied to my hands. It is easy to absorb without a greasy feeling.
  16. My favourite hand cream in winter


    This is my favourite hand cream in winter now. Using hand sanitisers multiply times a day, my hands gets dry and this hand cream comes to my rescue! ?It also has this amazing smell of mandarin, strongly recommended to those who love citrus.
  17. Best hand cream


    This is the best hand cream is really good for dry hand and the smell it make me comfortable
  18. Nice product


    This hand cream is good for dry skin. It is not cheap so it is a good buy when it’s on discount.
  19. Moisturising but expensive


    Really nice soft feeling hands after use and smells nice too. Only gripe is that it is a bit pricey for a hand cream so its not necessary but a luxury product.
  20. Best hand balm


    I have use this product for many years, absolutely the best hand balm I ever had. Will continue purchasing. Love Aesop!
  21. Lovely hand cream for daily use


    Thick but not too greasy. A lovely hand cream.
  22. Really beautiful and luxurious hand cream


    It makes your hands feel refreshed and soft. It smells so nice, even my husband commented! You get quite a lot of product in this tube too. Will be repurchasing!
  23. Amazing scent and texture but so expensive


    This hand cream smells amazing (I'm a big fan of mandarin, so definitely love the citrus notes) and feels very smooth and hydrating, but it's just so expensive... I can't resist sampling it whenever I walk past an Aesop store (it's always in one of the big pumps outside) but don't know if I could ever justify buying it at that price!
  24. Best hand cream ever


    Love my hand cream, use it every night. Smells great and moisturises my hands well. I've been using it for years. Bit pricey but its worth it.
  25. Love, love, love!


    So lux! Love the scent.. I don't buy any other hand cream!
  26. A great moisturiser


    The smell of this moisturiser is so luxurious and pleasant and it certainly helps hydrate my skin during dry winters. Only reason why I wouldn't say full stars is because of the price point; whilst this is a great product, there are other hand creams that serve the same function at a lower price, so this is definitely a hand cream for when you feel like pampering yourself.
  27. Luxurious


    Such an effective, luxurious hand cream, love it so much. The tube is a bit annoying when it gets used up, but the creaminess of the product makes up for it.
  28. GOD SEND


    I swear by this hand cream!
    I always wanted to purchase an Aesop product.
    And I’m so glad I did! The smell is gorgeous it smells like I’m in a luxurious spa filled with the aroma of essential oils.
    Every time I use it at work the girls ALWAYS say oh my gosh that smells amaaaaazing!
    And it’s also a hand cream that doesn’t stay oily which I hate! I always buy this for my fa...
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  29. Perfect gift!

    Amelia L

    I love giving this product as a gift as it's so beautiful and luxurious. It makes my hands feel so nice and soft and not greasy like some other hand creams I have tried before. I also have the blue one which is more smokey, so I would recommend this one for everyday use.
  30. Beautiful smelling hand cream


    The smell is divine, and the cream is thick but doesn't leave you with greasy hands. Love this product and have repurchased a number of times.
  31. Best-smelling hand cream


    This is one of my favourite hand creams, it moisturises without being heavy or sticky and smells absolutely amazing. It does cost more than I usually like to pay for a hand cream so I don’t buy it all the time, but when I do I never regret it. It’s also a really lovely gift as everyone tends to love the smell and feel.
  32. great cream


    this is really great and helps my super dry hands. My hands get super dry from the weather and from hand sanitiser, so this is a must
  33. Beautiful hand cream


    This is such a lovely product, leaves my hands so soft and hydrated, especially when they’re dry in winter. Could not recommend enough!
  34. Awesome!


    Obsessed!! Will continue to buy this over and over again. Best hand cream out there and smells sooo good! Aesop products do not disappoint.
  35. Non-greasy hand cream


    I love how quickly this hand cream absorbs - definitely doesn't leave your hands feeling greasy. It has a nice, refreshing light scent and lasts a very long time. A great addition to any handbag!
  36. Smells like summer


    Smells like my childhood summer times, aside from that it's pretty nice but I need something that's balmier.
  37. My favourite handcream


    I love this hand cream so much! It smells heavenly and leaves your hands soft, but not greasy. I hate hand creams that leave a residue, and unfortunately so many do. But not this one! I have really dry hands and this moisturises them and leaves them feeling supple and soft, but not sticky!
  38. My favourite hand cream


    This is my all time favourite hand cream. I like to try new ones but always come back to this. It is super hydrating, the hydration lasts a long time, and it has such a beautiful scent.
  39. Hydrating treat for hands


    I love the citrusy-woodsy smell of this cream! It feels velvety and smooth, never greasy. It's on the pricey side for sure, but a 75ml tube has lasted me 6 months with daily use, and still has about a fifth left.
  40. Worth the hype


    This stuff is amazing! Feels rich and nourishing but not oily - great for every day use - which also feels like a treat. So in love with the mandarin scent - I feel like I don’t need to wear perfume when I use this. It would also make a great gift
  41. My new bestfriend


    My current fav hand cream - I bring it everywhere I go and I use it like every second. The scent is very natural, and it smells so good!
  42. Overall a good hand balm


    This is basically the perfect gift to anyone. The smell is insanely good. Only downside is it does take a while to absorb into the skin.
  43. My go-to!


    I return to this again and again. It’s the only moisturiser that saves my dry hands in winter. I love the scent too!
  44. Luxurious!


    I got this hand cream as a secret Santa gift and l love the scent. It absorbs beautifully and isn’t oily like many hand creams. I probably wouldn’t purchase for myself as it’s a little pricey. Good old sorbolene is just an effective, though certainly less luxurious.
  45. Works well


    excellent moisturizer, but leaves hands greasy for awhile afterwards. Love the smell.
  46. beautiful


    Lasts so long and smells so lovely! My hands instantly feel soft and hydrated!
  47. the best hand cream


    leaves my hands so soft and refreshed, also does not leave them feeling oily like some other hand creams do
  48. So hydrating without any residue


    A really great tube that packs a punch of hydration without leaving my hands with an oily/ sticky residue that is gentle enough for everyday use.
  49. Everyday's little luxuries


    Beautiful scent and not overpowering. Absorbs into the skin quickly, hands are moisturised without leaving a layer of film or feeling sticky or greasiness. Always a repurchase and a tube lasts throughout one winter season.
  50. Great, but I’m allergic to almonds


    So this stuff is great, but it does have almond oil in it, which I find aggravates and can give me eczema. : ( pity as most of their products are so good.
  51. Absorbs quickly, light moisture


    If you've spent your life being plagued by the sticky, uncomfortable feeling of protective hand creams, then this is the hand cream to go for. Unfortunately it also means that if you wash your hands often, you'll need to reapply this just as frequently, but it's well worth it in my opinion.
  52. smooth balm


    this balm is so nice and moisterizing on the hand, a little bit will go a long way. this tube will last for a while. it smells like citrus and a hint of orange, very light and refreshing
  53. Smells amazing


    This is my favourite hand balm for normal hands (Therese probably better ones that are cheaper if you have very dry hands).

    It’s smells and looks lovely, and lasts quite a while. It’s also a great gift when you’re not sure what to get someone.
  54. Essential


    I love this hand cream so much, I have to put it on every night before bed and my hands are never dry!
  55. Silky Smooth


    Easy to take with you anywhere and the smell is just delish. The cream glides on and whilst it is seems to go far it does not leave it too oily. I normally put it on my hands at night time and by the morning they are so silky smooth and fresh. Love it!! I do wish it was a little cheaper so i can buy another tube asap. Love it and would totally recommend :)
  56. Not sure


    Not sure whats the hype is all about, it's moisturising but not like magically you don't have to put it on after a week of application.
  57. pretty hydrating


    this was pretty hydrating on my hands. Probably not as good as others but it has nice packaging and good for on the go
  58. Fabulous for florist hands! (Or anybody who needs some hand pampering!)


    Working everyday with my hands as a florist means they are constantly in and out of water, handling thorny product and are subjected to general amount of wear and tear everyday. This is a beautiful product to soothe and pamper them with everynight. Luxurious texture, not too oily and soaks into the skin leaving them feeling youthful (as much as possible!) highly recommend.
  59. Cult classic


    I was recommended to try this by a friend and I was not disappointed! I love the fresh scent and the tube lasts for ages. It really soaks in nicely into my skin but still feels luxurious when you put it on.
  60. Rich hand cream smells amazing


    This hand cream is rich and hydrating but not oily. And the scent is amazing!
  61. Love it


    My fave hand cream. Soaks into the skin well and has a nice natural smell. Doesn't have a greasy residue. Only thing was I felt like i needed quite a lot at a time. Bottle doesn't last too long.
  62. Best hand cream


    I am in love with hand cream, and I have only been using it for less than a week! I have been washing my hands a lot during these Covid-19 times which means that my hands have been drying out and quite scaly. I tried a few hand creams t try and fix this, but nothing worked. It was only when I tried this hand cream that I noticed my hands improving and recovering. I would say that the scent might n...
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  63. best hand cream so far


    Smells amazing and so soft on my hands. working in a lab, I’m washing my hands a lot so this cream really helps prevent them from drying out
  64. Aromatic luxury


    I've purchased this hand cream 3 times now, and I'm very picky with my hand creams. This one has a really luxurious texture that's just the right consistency — thick enough to make a difference, but without that heavy, greasy feel. The gorgeous scent and packaging are the luxurious cherry on top. I love keeping this on my desk and bedside table.
  65. amazing


    Not sticky or oily. Delightful cream - beautiful packaging, fragrance and feel.
  66. Amazing


    This hand cream is so nourishing and luxurious. I adore the smell - and especially like that it matches my favourite Resurrection hand wash. Would definitely recommend - worth every penny!
  67. Aesop


    Love the scent of this hand cream. It hydrates my skin really well without being greasy.
  68. Great one for your handbag


    I keep this one on me at all times, I love the smell, and it hydrates really well without making your skin greasy
  69. Lovely cream


    This is a really lovely cream, leaves the hands soft without being greasy, and smells really nice. I think it's a little overpriced, hence the four stars.
  70. Okayish experience


    It has a lovely smell and is one of the best ones out there given price and cruelty-free. It is quite moisturizing and leaves no greasy feeling. However, it only provides quick hydration and does not prevent lose skin or wrinkles.
  71. Lovely scent and works well


    A really pleasant hand cream that smells nice without being too overpowering. Moisturises well and helps (a little) with dermatitis on my hands (but not as well as some pharmacy brands).
  72. LOVE


    I adore everything about this hand cream. It smells so fresh and it makes my skin feel incredibly soft. I suffer from dryness and eczema and with consistent use of this cream I haven't had a dry patch in the longest time! It's my new go-to.
  73. Favourite hand cream


    Love the smell of this hand cream. It's very hydrating and a great handbag essential.
  74. Favourite hand cream


    Love the smell of this hand cream. It's very hydrating and a great handbag essential.
  75. Nice hand cream


    Nice cream that gets absorbed quickly and is hydrating, however, is not thick enough for when my hands get really dry during the colder months. I use this mainly in the warmer months.
  76. Amazing handbalm


    Amazing handbalm ! Upon applying, an orange smell is so distinctive! It is shooting and refreshing at the same time, even before bed, it does not too refreshing that makes you active. Love that. Aesop has always been one of my favourite brands.
  77. Moisturising


    I wash my hands a lot, and i use this every single time and my hands are back to being soft. Smells sooo divine as well
  78. My fav handcream


    Since using a lot of hand sanitizer and frequently washing my hands due to the COVID 19 situation, this is a lifesaver.

    It does have a strong scent, so beware if you plan to use it in the office.

    I love the squeezy tube and it looks fancy sitting on my vanity.

  79. Strong fragrance, but soaks in well


    Like most aesop products this has a pretty strong scent. It's botanical so the smell is pretty fresh, just wouldnt recommend using it right before you eat. Cream soaks in really well.
  80. still figuring it out


    only been using it for a week, can't see the magic that everybody was talking about, and costs me $30 for a hand cream......i am still trying to get the best out of it.
  81. Great hand cream


    Not too oily. And quite thick which is great for nourishing dry hands!
  82. The best hand cream!

    Ali H

    Quickly absorbed, great fragrance non-greasy- Love it!
  83. Smells like a Spa- gorgeous scent !!!


    This hand cream smells lovely with a good use of essential oils . It's a rich cream but absorbs within a few minutes, It hydrates my hands after washing them quite a lot through out the day and protects them. It gets rid of all my dry patches and I can't stop smelling my hands after use.The size is great for popping in your bag .I would definitely purhase again.
  84. so-so


    on the expensive side, it smells beautiful but i can just use any other brands
  85. Thick creamy hand cream


    This cream is super thick which means on my hands which tend to get super dry it protects and brings them back to life.
  86. Love the scent!

    hannah p

    Great handcream that absorbs really quickly. Love the scent, its 'natural' scented but still feminine
  87. A jetsetter's dream


    I take this on every short and long haul flight I go on and apply as soon as we're in the air. The scent helps me feel more relaxed and my hands so soft. A very luxurious product!
  88. beautiful


    a lovely hand cream with a great smell, leaves hands so smooth
  89. Beautiful product


    Super hydrating and amazing to use.
    I leave a tube at work, for a fresh pick-me-up throughout the day
    Lasts for ages...
  90. Love the smell


    I wish i loved it as i love Aesop but i find this is not the best hand cream, its not very nourishing..probably won't repurchase
  91. hand balm


    thick, rich balm softens my hands and gets rid of the wrinkles i get when it's cold and dry outside. perfect solution for cold days
  92. Very good


    This hand cream is gorgeous. The scent is lovely, perhaps a but herbal, but very nice to use and stayed some time. The texture likewise is good, although it takes a little while to sink in, and the results on my hard working hands are excellent, softening and smoothing skin.
  93. Love


    Love this product and the aesthetic of the packaging is BEAUTIFUL
  94. Handbag staple


    I wash my hands so much with my work and this one is so nourishing! It’s really great for dry cuticles and elbows too
  95. The Best Gift


    I received this for my birthday and was very happy! Such a great hand cream and the packaging def feels luxue. Also great for dry legs or arms in a pinch. The smell is always divine.
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