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Aesop Protective Lip Balm SPF 30 5.5g

4.4 of 136 reviews


4 instalments of $5.00

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4 instalments of $5.00

Or 4 instalments of $5.00 with LEARN MORE

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The Protective Lip Balm SPF 30 nourishes and protects the lips with UVA and UVB protection. Essential for daily use.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Australian Made
  • Sulphate Free
  • Has SPF

What customers say

GREAT - 85% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Aesop Protective Lip Balm SPF 30 Reviews

4.4 of 136 reviews

85% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

I really love this lip balm!!


This lip balm can deeply moisture my lips and as a very good base before putting on the lip stick!!Great!

Most Helpful Criticism

Not too bad


Not too bad, I bought this to try because I love this brand, however I would like to say, you can have many other choices with this same price. And I found this lip balm can not twist back if you twist to much out.
  1. spf good lip balm


    this lip balm is very good for outdoor activity, I use this one when at work, go outside and travel
  2. One of my favourites!


    This doesn't dry out your lips as many other lip balms do, and it has a great herbal scent. I don't go anywhere without it.
  3. I really love this lip balm!!


    This lip balm can deeply moisture my lips and as a very good base before putting on the lip stick!!Great!
  4. Good


    Nice lip balm, goes on smooth, keeps my lips hydrated and I like that it has SPF.
  5. Fresh lips


    Keeps your lips hydrated during the winter and whilst wearing masks.
  6. Great for extended SPF protection


    This lip balm is quite thick but I like that as it stays on your lips. I use it when I exercise because I know I won't have to contiunally reapply it.
  7. Not too bad


    Not too bad, I bought this to try because I love this brand, however I would like to say, you can have many other choices with this same price. And I found this lip balm can not twist back if you twist to much out.
  8. Good


    Great lip balm, very smoothing however is not so thick and nourishing, and doesn't last super long. I would probably prefer to get one from the pharmacy.
  9. Hydrating + SPF = Brilliant


    This lip balm is incredible and will definitely be on my repurchase list! Not only does it hydrate my constantly dry cracked lips, it smells amazing and has the added benefit of SPF.

    I prefer the stick application rather than needing to use my fingers to apply. It applies smoothly to my lips and does not leave a white caste, like so many other SPF balms do. It also does not feel stic...
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  10. great product


    love this lip balm and that it has SPF added, that is great for when you are out in the sun as my lips can get burnt
  11. Okay


    After I bought this I used it maybe once or twice but wasn't bowled over and it just ended up with the rest of my lip balms. For the price it isn't anything special, and I definitely prefer the Burt's Bees lip balms, as they're much less expensive and make my lips feel smoother. I like that it has spf but the texture is slightly on the grainier side.
  12. Fantastic lip balm


    This lip balm is fantastic. It’s really moisturising, not greasy and has a lovely scent. Plus it has SPF protection but there is no scent or chemical flavour from it. I rate it 4 because it is pricey for the size and amount of lip balm you get.
  13. My favourite!


    This lip balm is the best! Super nourishing and has SPF30. And true to Aesop... it smells AMAZING!
  14. lip balm spf30


    I love that this has an SPF of 30. It hydrates my lips so nicely and is really easy to apply because it's in stick form
  15. worth it!!!


    I was hesitant because of its price tag considering its only a lip balm but I eventually bought it considering the brand. It lived up to its expectations! It feels so nice on my lips and the spf is reasonable high considering it a lipbalm.
  16. Not impressed


    Being a big Aesop fan I was very excited to try their lip balm... however, much to my disappointment, I was left utterly unimpressed! This product left big, chunky bits all over my lips and felt super sticky when I rubbed my lips together... Aesop really needs to change the formula for this product!
  17. Good SPF lip balm


    Good SPF lip balm with adequate SPF (30+). Not the most hydrating lip balm (but most SPFs are quite drying). Non offensive smell, easy to apply, no white cast.
  18. Okay, but difficult to apply

    Dani B

    Pro's of this balm is that it's nice and compact, it has spf, the finish is matte and it doesn't have an offensive smell or taste. Cons are the price and also the fact that the consistency is quite waxy. I assume when it's warm it is easier to apply or if you use your finger (but this seems to defeat the purpose of having a stick applicator). I don't hate it, but I don't love it.
  19. High SPF


    I've used a fair share of SPF containing lip balms and most of them have a slippery feeling and glide the lips quite easily. This product however has more of a gritty texture which I find doesn't sit under lipstick too well. I do really like that the product has a relatively high SPF protection since usually lipbalms tend to only contain 10-15 SPF.
  20. love the brand's everything


    needs SPF on everything now, even staying at home should use something with protection.
    lovely this one have it.
  21. Love it


    It’s a basic staple in my bag always. I used the other Aesop lip product in the tube for years until this one came out and both are great. I love the scent and the moisturising of this one, I have dry lips and am picky about smells and tastes and it’s just lovely.
  22. Summer essential


    The high spf protection in this makes it perfect for summer, pricey for a simple stick balm though
  23. Bit grainy


    I wanted to love this, because I like aesop and I need an SPF lip balm, but it's weirdly grainy. It does absorb over time, but it doesn't feel very nice when you apply it. It also doesn't apply/glide very smoothly. It's quite dear and I expected more for the brand and the price.
  24. Great SPF for lips


    Really great SPF for lips. It's a bit pricey but lasts ages and does not taste weird like some of the other SPF ones I've tried.
  25. Worth it!


    This lip balm is pricey however highly recommend as it is very nourishing and long lasting.
  26. Hydrating


    Best lil balm! So hydrating and long lasting. Perfect for when you’re out in the sun too
  27. Really hydrate the lips


    My favourite lip balm by far. Love that it has SPF and my lips feel so hydrated and smooth.
  28. Smells amazing


    As with all Aesop products, this smells amazing! Goes on smoothly with no stickiness. Great price point too
  29. Great lip balm with SPF


    I've been on the lookout for a stick lip balm with SPF to protect my lips and lip line from the sun. I wear sunscreen on my face every day, but obviously reapply lipstick throughout the day as it wears off. I am prone to pigmentation on the border of my top lip so I wanted to make sure it's as protected as possible. This lip balm is thick and creamy and feels really nourishing, doesn't smell or ta...
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  30. Not worth the coin

    Lip balm fiend

    Very disappointed with this purchase - lip balm does not go on smoothly and feels quite greasy once it warms up on your lips. Haven’t been sunburnt when wearing it so spf must work. But def did not see noticeable improvement In any other regard. I would not recommend.
  31. Great


    This moisturises my lips well and i am okay with paying the price since it has high spf and works well
  32. excellent lip balm


    excellent lip balm that is so great for my lips. best lip balm I've ever used
  33. Smells great, and protects lips from the sun


    I use this lip balm regularly throughout the day, it smells great and prevents my lips from getting burnt.
  34. worth the price


    $20 is quite a lot for a lip balm but this really works so well, better than any cheaper lip balm!
  35. Worth the price


    I can justify the price of this because it has SPF and I wear it every day under lipstick.
  36. good


    I like this, it works well but I don't think it's the best i've tried
  37. Pricey but worth it


    It is too good and the price is worth it I wouldn't hesitate to spend my money on this as it does such a fantastic job couldn't be any happier
  38. Great lip balm


    My friend recommended this lip balm for me. I use it every day. great protection from the sun. Love it.
  39. Pricey !


    WHile the lip balm felt great and really moisturised my lips i cannot justify the price. The spf is a good bonus but I don't udnerstand the need for sph in a lip balm. Was good but I will not be repurchasing
  40. love this


    great lip balm. use it every day. great protection from the sun. recommend
  41. Waxy


    I quite like this lip balm and the fact that it has SPF 30. However my lips are quite dry and on days when they are super flaky I find that the waxy texture of the lip balm doesn't sit too well on them.
  42. Lush lips


    My friend recommended me this product as I couldn’t find a good lip balm that actually moisturised and hydrated my lips for long periods of time. Insert Aesop Protective Lip Balm 30+.
    Have gotten the best results after using this!
  43. Love it!


    Always a fan of Aesop. And this lip balm is great!
  44. Great Balm & Great SPF


    I think this balm is awesome. I love that it is SPF 30. We protect our skin with SPF in our makeup/moisturizer etc. It's great to slick this on to protect & moisturize my lips especially when I know that I will be in the sun
  45. moisturizing


    found this nourishing for my lips
    keeps my lips feeling moisturized
    would reccommend
    like that it has spf in it
  46. Good lip balm


    This lip balm works and it’s great that it has spf in it. However it is quite pricey. I believe that the ingredients are more high quality but it works the same as some cheaper options.
  47. Wonder lips.


    This lip balm is fantastic. SO important to have SPF protection for the lips - which is why I opted for this one - but also a great moisturiser. This is a good quality product and your lips will thank you <3
  48. best lipbalm


    I love that this heals chapped lips, gives a protective barrier and works well under lipsticks! Also, the SPF30 is just such huge plus as you don't often see that in most lipbalms
  49. Good spf lip balm


    It's so important to have an spf lip balm. This one is good, I find it very moisturising and a good barrier. It stays on a long time.
  50. aesop lip balm


    Love the SPF in it but found it to be drying on my lips - needed constant application
  51. Amazing product!


    I love that this lip balm has SPF in it! I've tried a lot of lip balms to soothe my chronic dry lips and this is one of the best! I love how this product protects my lips from both the dry weather and the sun!
  52. It’s alright


    Always a fan of Aesop skincare, but for this lip balm.. I’m not a big fan. It’s ok when use it own, however when use the lipstick on top of the lip balm it just lipstick not easy to apply...
  53. amazing

    Lara Paltridge

    great to protect lips against the sun. i have very dry lips and as this has spf i felt has protected my lips from drying out and has hydrated them
  54. Best lip balm


    Best lip balm for dry lips, very hydrating and moisturising. love using this before bed to keep my lips hydrated. stops my lips from chapping
  55. Best lip balm for dry lips


    This is hands down the best lip balm I’ve ever tried. And I’ve tried almost everything. I get very dry lips that often peel, they get that bad... and I have found that this is the only product that has actually stopped that. My lips are actually nice to look at now! People are reviewing it saying that it’s a bit waxy, but I think that’s why it works so well for dry lips. I’ve purchased this three ...
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  56. Nice


    This lip balm does what it says. It provides protection and moisture to my lips.
  57. SPF is your best friend


    Good basic lip balm. Love that it has SPF while providing lasting protection. In winter it can tend to feel a bit waxy, but warms up quickly on skin
  58. Does the job


    Bit waxy but does the job. Great for hydration and protection against the sun.
  59. Great every day lip balm


    I'm a big fan of Aesop products and when I saw this was 30+ i had to have it. I am not disappointed, it is a bit thicker than a normal lip balm, and seems to have slight exfoliating tendencies. It doesn't dry my lips out like other lip balms and smells amazing too!
  60. Simple and does the job


    We worry about protecting the skin from the harsh UV rays but we tend to forget that our lips also need some protection too. Out of all the lip balms i’ve used, this is by far the one with the highest SPF. Before switching to a lip balm with SPF I’ve noticed that over time tiny specks of pigmentation hav started to appear on the edges of my lips. After switching over to this product I don’t think ...
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  61. travel balm!


    perfect size for travelling and great for keeping your lips hydrated on the plane! unisex packaging is also a bonus
  62. Its okay


    Look i didnt mind this lip balm. Its on the more expensive side and it is a bit waxy. However I dont need to continually keep reapplying and the smell is quiet calm.
  63. HG lip sun protection


    This is a beautiful sun protection product for the lips. I have chronically chapped lips, and after reading about how the sun can damage our collagen protection, I decided to get serious about proper sun protection for my pout.

    This is luxuriously thick but clear, has no sunscreen smell and is perfect for sensitive skin. It left my lips feeling juicy, and I liked it so much I used it ...
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  64. Doing a wonderful job


    Very nice, feels smooth and keeps my lips wonderful and smooth. I’m really impressed and will continue using it.
  65. Protection from sun & dry lips


    Great quality product that applies smoothly - I haven't had problems with it when the temperature is +30 or -5 degrees. It doesn't have a strong smell, and I don't need to reapply it often, making the one tube last me quite a while.
  66. Great lip balm


    I have frequent cold sores and issues with chapped lips. Since I purchased this my lips have been totally clear and not-chapped. It was worth the cost for me.
  67. Alright


    This is a good lip product. Only thing is it's quite little and it's a bit waxy
  68. This is an amazing product


    I initially purchased this during a harsh Melbourne winter and it definitely protected my lips from the elements and conditioned them nicely.

    The balmy product actually stays on the lips all day, it's really fantastic and lasts.

    Would definitely purchase again!
  69. Lip balm with spf


    I’ve been looking for a lip balm with spf and I’m so happy that I decided to try this out... it has a nice scent and beautiful natural finish. I have extremely chapped lips, and this lip balm helps to moisturise and protect my lips from getting dry.
  70. Great for everyone


    I love to use this when I go running, it has a very high SPF of 30 to protect my lips from the sun, but also keeps my lips moist while I am running, so they don't dry out, as it's always windy here.
  71. white residue


    I do find this to be nourishing and protective but I don't like the texture or the white residue it leaves
  72. Perfect SPF lip balm


    So happy with this product. Keeps my lips hydrated for hours, strong SPF & I love that it’s a unisex looking product so my partner will use one lol
  73. Sun protection


    I was looking for a lip balm with spf and this has that and keeps my lips super hydrated as well. Great sun protection
  74. Thick and nourishing


    Great lip balm. Thick and nourishing plus has spf- perfect for the handbag!
  75. don't like the feel


    I don't like the feel of this lip balm, it's a bit waxy to me and the spf also gives a bit of white colour
  76. Very effective at keeping lips in good condition.


    Took a while to get used to as it's thicker and isn't flavoured like ones i usually use. But over time I've ended up preferring it. Very effective at keeping lips in good condition.
  77. Lovely Lip Balm


    I really love this lip balm, it has that typical Aesop scent of tangerine and subtle lavender. I find you only need a thin layer and you are good to go for a few hours of nourishment.
  78. Just the right amount of moisture


    This lip balm is very luxurious and smells very refreshing. I love the fact that is has SPF as well but isn't greasy.
  79. love this!!!


    My lips are so dry in the winter time and I find this lip balm very hydrating! I also love how it has sunscreen in it because during summer my lips get burnt, would recommend to anyone!
  80. Best lip balm ever


    So hydrating, not sticky and easy to apply
  81. Favourite


    Best lip balm I have used, keeps lips hydrated and smooth
  82. Cute little balm


    hydrating and easy to carry around in your handbag!
  83. My favourite


    One of my favourite lip balm, never makes your lips cracked and is very hydrating
  84. SPF


    Good basic lip balm. Love that it has SPF while providing lasting protection. In winter it can tend to feel a bit waxy, but warms up quickly on skin
  85. Fav SPF Lip Balm


    I spent a long time searching for an SPF lip balm that was hydrating and protective! Byt it was worth the wait - this is by far the best!
  86. Must Have


    I always have this lip balm with me. It's so hydrating for my lips, and really doesn't let my lips get dry. Finding a good lip balm is so hard, because they can either put too much product on, or leave too little product. I could never find a happy medium until I found this lip balm
  87. Love it! All day hydration


    Really love this lip balm, it's my favourite by far and keeps lips hydrated all day with only one or two applications. Only downside is the price!
  88. Great


    Always keep this in my purse. The lip balm makes my lips feel so soft and moist. Very good price as well.
  89. Nice to have


    I liked this lip balm, especially with the SPF 30 rating. I found it hydrating but it did leave a white residue on my lips.
  90. Moisturising


    This has helped my chapped lips hugely! Will be repurchasing.


    i used this on holiday and it is overall a great lip balm if your lips are the type that sometimes burn. it is very effective but the only thing i’m not sure about in spf lip balms are how thick they are and this one was quite thick but if you like thick lip balm i would totally recommend!!!
  92. Not a fan


    This was somewhat moisturizing but still not as moisturizing as I was expecting. It also left a white residue. Not the lip balm for me unfortunately
  93. Leaves a waxy texture and white residue


    This lip balm has a wax like texture which can make it hard for a quick application as it sort of drags. It also leave a white residue which can look odd. Not my favourite but it is nourishing.
  94. Great


    I always have this lip balm with me. It's so hydrating for my lips, and really doesn't let my lips get dry. Finding a good lip balm is so hard, because they can either put too much product on, or leave too little product. I could never find a happy medium until I found this lip balm
  95. miraculous lip balm

    perfecting skin

    for a long time i could not find a lip balm that would make my lips hydrated until i found this. it protects my lips from sun as well and i am loving it.
  96. Excellent


    Use this every day - doesn't dry out lips like some do!
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