Aesop Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser 200ml - 200ml

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Aesop Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser 200ml - 200ml


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The Aesop Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser offers gentle yet thorough cleansing, with the benefit of mild exfoliation from Lactic Acid.

The invigorating, rich lather of this innovative formula suits all skin types and leaves skin feeling completely cleansed, softened and clarified.

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Where has this been all my life - 01-06-2018 by

I like this in the summer because it has cleanser and exfoliator in one, so my skin care is easier and I have more time to enjoy the sun!

Must have for dry skin - 29-04-2018 by

I've been using this oil cleanser for almost a year and I can't imagine using anything else. This cleanser is very nourishing and leaves my skin feeling clean, soft and nourished. I'm prone to dry skin, especially in winter and this has been perfect. I also have very sensitive skin and I've never had any reactions from the Aesop range.

It's ok I guess - 19-03-2018 by

This was a sample I tried and this was my first time using anything from this particular brand. I wasn't blown away or anything, it did the job, but there are many other cleansers I've tried that I a lot nicer than this, texture-wise. It sort of reminds me of something you would find in a hotel room.

It's probably a bit drying for my skin, but I'm persevering with it to see if I get used to it. - 19-08-2014 by

Works well but probably a bit drying for my skin.

Great buy - 26-12-2012 by

I am 34 and have reasonably sensitive skin. I had been using Estée lauder's perfectly clean face wash for years but really wanted a change. I bought this and my fears of an instant break out were quashed. I am now on my second bottle and find that a bottle lasts 8 - 10 weeks (and I use it twice a day). This is well worth taking a risk on.

Good for a combination skin - 04-07-2012 by

I always use this product in winter because I find it gives me a great cleanse but still hydrates my skin.

I was given a pump with my 200mL bottle, so I think it's only when you buy the smaller 100mL size that there is no pump.

Love it!

Repeat purchase for sure, shame about the price - 13-04-2012 by

I'm onto my fourth bottle of this AESOP gem. After having this product recommended to me and then trying the generous number of free samples I was given, I decided to give this cleanser a go.

I haven't been disappointed with this cleanser and only hesitate before re-purchasing each time because of the price. But then I remember the alternatives I've tried in between re-purchasing and how much less satisfied I have been with those.

This product leaves the skin supple while providing a good overall clean. Never drying, tingling or otherwise.

Highly recommended, look beyond the price! Also, I was given a free pump with mine and have been able to re-use the pump for all four bottles due to it's durability. I find half a pump is sufficient for my face and minimises the wastage.

Aesop Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser - 29-03-2011 by

Same problem as previous reviewer. No pump means fiddling around with a palm full of cleanser trying to get the lid back on in the shower. First thing I noticed when I read the ingredients was the use of SLS's as well. I have sensitive skin and can't use anything with it in. Best thing about it, it

- 22-03-2011 by

I used a sample sachet of this cleanser but from the looks of the packaging, its not very shower friendly unless you buy the pump for the bottle. It should come with a pump in the first place IMO. This cleanser contains SLS which is not compatible with my skin so I would not purchase this. Its a lightly foaming wash with the usual herby Aesop scent. Not so different to the Fabulous Face Cleanser.

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