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Aesop Olous Aromatique Room Spray 100ml

4.4 of 22 reviews


4 instalments of $15.75


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4 instalments of $15.75


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A blend of citrus botanicals, balanced by breaking waves of Cedar and the refreshing spice of Cardamom.

  • Australian Made

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GREAT - 89% recommend

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4.4 of 22 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Love this room spray, it's refreshing and in a beautiful bottle.

Most Helpful Criticism

fresh scent


this room spray smells nice and fresh, not my favourite but I don't dislike it
  1. Beautiful smell


    I have always loved the way the Aesop stores smell, and now I feel like I have a piece of it in my home. It lasts awhile, but I wish it lasted a little longer! Great product, the bottle lasts awhile- I guess it just depends on how much of it you use! A little pricey for a room spray, but worth it for the smell.
  2. love the smell


    I really like this room spray, it just smells uplifting and relaxing and I found it to be quite long lasting
  3. Aesop


    Love this room spray, it's refreshing and in a beautiful bottle.
  4. refreshing room spray


    I like to use this to just refresh the air in the room when needed. It's got quite a nice relaxing scent
  5. Worth the price


    This room spray is one of my favourite. The scent is natural and divine but not overwhelming. Definitely repurchase.
  6. Beautiful


    A gorgeous spray at anytime of the day, especially lovely before dinner, as the citrus is very uplifting and refreshing. I love to spray this after cleaning, and at any time really
  7. FRESH


    I love the smell of Aesop in my house and the smell last forever. I cannot notice it as much any more but whenever I have guests over they always comment on the smell! Citrus fresh!
  8. Very fresh, long-lasting, gentle


    Really love this room spray - the scent is my favourite of the three Aesop sprays, with the grapefruit lifting up the room. The scent isn't too harsh or overwhelming, and it lingers in the air for a while after it is sprayed. Great product, worth the price.
  9. Long lasting


    verified purchaser
    I hate buying air freshners as I am sensitive to smell and immediately get attacked with a headache. This spray from Aesop is however different. Amazing smell that quickly refreshes the surroundings and the smell lingers on for days. I also sprayed a few drops on our linen and it stayed on till we changed our linen.
  10. spicy citrus


    Love this spicy citrus smell, makes my room so nice!
  11. fresh scent


    this room spray smells nice and fresh, not my favourite but I don't dislike it
  12. Strong woody scent


    The is a great quality room spray with a very strong woody scent. A bit too over powering for my taste. A little goes a long way with 2-3 sprays per room being more than enough.
  13. Natural scent


    Pleased with this product, it leaves natural nice scent, not overpowering
  14. Lovely scent but not packaging


    The scent is so divine but i found the spritzer was not good quality it didnt seem to spray properly but i would re purchase as the scent is intoxicating and makes you feel so fresh and calm in the room.
  15. Makes my rooms smell incredible, but it's expensive


    Makes my rooms smell incredible, but it's expensive. It's a nice treat. The packaging is great and looks really nice on the shelf.
  16. Expensive but worth


    A bit expensive but worth as one spray (max 2 for large areas) is enough to notice a difference and have a lingering impact, that doesn't just fade after 30 minutes! Sometimes wish they had a more expansive scent such as sweet/floral scents too, but remember this doesn't fit in with their brand! If you love the scent of aesop stores you'll love this!
  17. Worth the $$


    This room spray smells absolutely delightful! You can really tell it’s a quality scent when you enter the room. Not much seems to really go a long way. Worth the splurge!!
  18. for you have $$ to spend


    this spray is sooooo expensive, but it smells expensive. it covers cigarette doors, fish cooking and a wet dog lying on the carpets. I have repurchased it several times. it reminds me of being in Morocco, dark and spicy.
  19. Leaky with terrible spray nozzle


    I recently splashed out on this lovely smelling spray. I love the scent however the spray nozzle leaks and has like spray action. Pretty disappointed as it's pretty expensive! Made my hands and fingers smell wonderful though.
  20. If you want your house to smell like Aesop Shop


    This one is perfect if you don't mind the citrus smell. It's not at all spicy. I went to Aesop shop at Emporium and between the 3 room sprays, this one is probably the one with more of a "fresh" undertone rather than the herbal/spice ones.
  21. Most beautiful smell


    I love spraying this in my house! It feels so luxurious and lingers in the air for a long time. Love it.
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