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Aesop Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream 60ml 60ml

4.2 of 68 reviews


4 instalments of $13.75

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4 instalments of $13.75

Or 4 instalments of $13.75 with LEARN MORE

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Aesop Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream is a daily moisturising cream for normal to oily and combination skin types, featuring botanical actives of Mandarin, Lemon Verbena and Lemon Rind.

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GREAT - 77% recommend

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Aesop Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream 60ml Reviews

4.2 of 68 reviews

77% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Luxurious and divine smelling


I bought this many years ago and always wanted to come back to it and I'm so glad I did. It's lightweight but also really luxurious felling, very hydrating and I LOVE the smell. It's like putting a citrus dessert all over your face, very lemon meringue pie.

Most Helpful Criticism

Too oil


It is too oil for oil skin, and hard to absorb
  1. Lovely scent

    Gretchen Shirm

    This feels quite fresh on the skin and is lovely and smooth to apply. Slightly too rich for my skin though-I find primrose better for my oily skin.
  2. Divine citrus fragrance


    I received a sample of this recently and loved the invigorating aroma of mandarins. While the cream smelt wonderful it unfortunately left a little bit of a white cast, but this ended up disappearing over time.
  3. Too greasy and thick


    I found this moisturiser way too thick and greasy for my combination skin. Whilst the smell is divine, the consistency just didn’t work for me.
  4. Beautiful and lightweight


    I love this moisturiser. I wish we got along better. It’s perfect weight, non-greasy, absorbs well. Beautiful smell. I love it. My skin is hyper-sensitive and the citrus component seems to cause me a little redness. I wish it wasn’t the case because the texture, smell and absorption are perfect.
  5. Luxurious and divine smelling


    verified purchaser
    I bought this many years ago and always wanted to come back to it and I'm so glad I did. It's lightweight but also really luxurious felling, very hydrating and I LOVE the smell. It's like putting a citrus dessert all over your face, very lemon meringue pie.
  6. Nice moisturizer


    I got this as a sample it's smells good although I prefer skincare without fragrance and more antiage ingredients
  7. Too oil


    It is too oil for oil skin, and hard to absorb
  8. fragrance??


    The fragrance is so nice but I'm not sure whether thats the best for my skin... Other than that it's incredibly light but still hydrating.
  9. Aromatic scent & Hydrating


    The scent is just divine. Texture feels thick when first applied but it really absorbs quickly and well. It has delivered the hydration my winter skin craves for and my skin looks clearer. The citrus component of this product has helped brighten my pigmented complexion.
  10. Beautiful


    I don't like the packaging and the fact that I have to dip my fingers into the jar. But I use it both day and night, and find that my skin feels and looks amazing in the morning. The smell is wonderful, and its a pretty light texture.
  11. Beautiful aroma


    A truly lovely cream with a wonderful smell. I have very dry skin and I found this to be a great help in adding much needed nourishment. Well done AESOP!
  12. Better than expected


    I got this as a sample which I tried over a couple of days. When I read that it was for oily to combination skin, I thought that, like many products made for this skin type, it wouldn’t be hydrating enough. But I was pleasantly surprised at how well it moisturised.
  13. Great smell and works amazing with makeup


    I wear this under my makeup in winter on my combination skin. It’s hydrating but not oily. I normally use In Two Minds in summer and this is just slightly richer so perfect for winter.
  14. Stuck on the scent


    I really wanted to like this but I could not get past the scent unfortunately. I don't like having such a strong fragrance on my face so only gave it a few tries before I stopped. I liked the texture and consistency of the cream which glides on smoothly, however I wouldn't purchase again.
  15. Nice fragrance


    The fragrance is love and the moisturiser is not too heavy for my oily skin.
  16. Nice Scent


    A nice moisturiser that's light, but nourishing. It's also got a lovely fresh, fruity scent. It's not something I would add into my regular routine though
  17. Most amazing smell!


    This cream is a light weight hydrated cream, with the most wonderful smell. Perfect to apply before bed.
  18. amazing


    Love this product because I have an extremely busy lifestyle. It’s lightweight non greasy fluid applies and glides onto the skin SO easily. Saves a lot of time while being very moisturising. While designed to be used under makeup, I use it both day and night.


    the thing i love most about this is the smell! very lemon and citrusy. I have dry to combination skin and I found this moisturiser very nice. would definitely buy again
  20. Sample


    Too heavy to my combination skin, i won't pay for the divine scent. I love all Aesop products scent but compares to the other brands with same price I'll prefer effective product. I always feel like this brand is designed for people who have good skin or young people.
  21. Not the best!


    It takes ages to fully absorb and leaves my skin a bit ‘filmy’. Therefore I probably won’t repurchase. Mid 40s, normal to dry skin, fine lines and mild pigmentation.Whilst this is hydrating and the smell is divine, I do find it to be quite thick and heavy.
  22. Aussie Made


    I love that this is an Australian brand to start with. I received this as a sample, and I found it to be a nice hydrating and refreshing moisturiser. While it's a nice product, I have other moisturisers that I prefer, so it's probably not something I would purchase
  23. Delicious aroma


    I got a sample of this recently and loved the fresh citrus aroma. It was like applying a fresh burst of vitamin C to the skin. It moisturised my face without making it greasy and gave me a healthy, radiant glow. A really nice moisturiser with aromatherapy benefits!
  24. It’s ok


    I tried some free samples and liked it enough to purchase a full size container. I can only use it at night on my combination skin. It’s light but I still feel really oily as opposed to oily. The smell is really nice and not overpowering (unlike some products with a citrus base products that smell like toilet bowl cleaner). It’s also good you don’t need large amounts. However, I’m not sure I’d rep...
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  25. Nice


    Nice packaging and smell but definitely think there are products for the same price point that have a better and more lasting effect on the skin
  26. Light weight and hydrating cream


    I usually use the 120ml version at home but I bought the 60ml one when I went travelling and it worked out great! The scent is lovely and the cream itself is very light weight but still hydrating. Overall, it's a very beautiful cream and a luxury to use.
  27. Ultra rindy


    I have been using this as my day and night moisturiser and is a beautiful texture however I’m not sure on the scent, it is a very intense citrus. It goes on easily and is great as a day cream used with the SPF facial lotion for a good coverage but even with slightly oily skin would prefer something more for night time.
  28. Classic


    Very basic facial cream, it’s gentle it’s moisturizing... but little basic for the price tag
  29. Love it!


    I received a sample of this and can’t get enough of the scent! It’s the best smelling face cream I’ve ever used, and it felt beautiful on my skin. I have combination skin and after both times using had no issues and my skin felt lovely and soft.
  30. Best moisturiser for dehydration/sensitivity!!!


    After coming of acne medication I had extremely dry skin/sensitive skin.

    I was looking for a natural, soothing moisturiser to help improve flakiness and fine lines and I must say... this moisturiser is incredible.

    I have tried soooooo many other brands that leave my skin feeling dehydrated several hours after use.... this is my new holy grail
  31. HG moisturizer for combination skin


    I've finally found my HG moisturizer.

    After working my way through the camellia face cream, the primrose face cream, the sage spf 15 face cream, the aftershave balm and then striking out with the In Two Minds face hydrator, I tried the only Aesop face cream I hadn't tried over all these years, and it ended up being the best one for my skin ever!

    I have combination, occas...
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  32. Refreshing!


    Got a sample of this in my order & absolutely loved it! Such an amazing fragrance and not too overpowering. Very fresh and fruity. Goes on beautifully, a little goes a long way. Definately worked well for my oily skin as it has a slighty gel consistancy so didnt leave behind any grease or residue. Wore well under makeup and definately hydrates. Cant wait to purchase the full size.


    The only facial cream that doesn’t feel oily afterwards. The smell is soooo lush
  34. very genlte


    Lovely for all skin types, and is very hydrating. Makes the skin feel soft and nourished. Good for all skin types, and is good for oily skin too, so its nice in the warmer weather.. Smells very nice
  35. very hydrating


    A lovely day cream that is very hydrating and feels very nice on the skin. Good for your face and your neck. Has a lovely scent and the texture is great, it soaks into the skin quickly, just use a small amount.
  36. smells so amazing


    The Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream has one of my all time favourite scents. It smells just like fresh oranges/mandarins. The cream is best suited to oily/combination skin
  37. Lovely scent and hydrating


    This moisturizer smells great and is very hydrating. I love adding it on top of one of the Aeaop serums. It provides a very nice glow on my skin and is great for daily use.
  38. Lovely!


    This cream does exactly what it says- hydrates! I love putting this on my face, and feeling it transform my skin into feeling soft and hydrated. A little goes a long way though, so you would get MULTIPLE uses out of this product :)
  39. Smells amazing


    Whilst this is hydrating and the smell is divine, I do find it to be quite thick and heavy. It takes ages to fully absorb and leaves my skin a bit ‘filmy’. Therefore I probably won’t repurchase. Mid 30s, normal to dry skin, fine lines and mild pigmentation.
  40. Pretty good


    smell good and really comfortable on my skin.
  41. smells great but average


    This cream smells great but as far as facial creams go, it' was quite average for me. It's like a base cream, doesn't do much in terms of hydrating, acne, anti-ageing or anything
  42. My favourite winter face cream!


    This moisturiser is my favourite night cream in the colder months! The thick, rich formula is super nourishing and the strong citrus scent is lovely and invigorating. It doesn't make me break out like some other heavy moisturisers have done in the past, and is gentle enough to use around the eyes too. My skin always feels soft and lovely in the morning when I've used this the night before.
  43. Best moisturiser for fresh skin!


    I have used this product for 2 months now and my skin hasn't looked so fresh and clear. The scent is delicious and it isn't heavy when applying to the face. I have combo skin and it doesn't break me out but still feels super hydrating. Going to be a staple in the skincare cupboard for a long time.
  44. Great product


    I use this cream along with macadamia nut oil at night. The smell is absolutely amazing and it leaves my skin feeling soft and supple. Highly recommended. This will be my go to cream from now on!
  45. smell is amazing


    This cream is so hydrating for my dry skin and smells absolutely divine! I would definitely recommend if you're searching for a moisturising and lightweight cream!
  46. Really lovely!


    This is a delicious product feel like you could eat it. Smells divinely mandarin, pretty colour, light non greasy texture. I love the natural ingredients, some may find it a bit dry if they prefer a heavier moisturiser.
  47. My sensitive, acne prone skin loves it.


    A great option for those of us with acne and dry patches.

    You can easily alter the richness of its moisturising effect by using a toner beforehand. I find it smooths on far easier and soaks up better when I use it on a damp face.

    Only criticism is the scent can be a bit much when I put it on right before bed.

  48. Stunning scent and super natural!


    Love the smell and the natural effects this product has on my skin. I really enjoy knowing I am not adding unnecessary chemicals to my face. However its not hydrating enough. I have oily/combination skin and feel it's not enough. lovely product though!
  49. Very nourishing and hydrating


    I find this facial cream really nourishes and hydrates my skin. My face always feels much smoother after I've been using it frequently. You don't need to use too much, a little goes a long way with this one.
  50. Great for redness


    This Product smells divine and has an instant moisture surge and cooling affect! Great for skin that gets irritated and hot.
  51. Nice moisturizer


    I do enjoy using this, but it feels quite heavy on the skin. Keeps me nice and supple though, and the jar goes a long way!
  52. beautiful mandarin scent


    This has the most beautiful mandarin scent! I like how it's light, but it's also not that hydrating or nourishing. I'd use this for really hot summer days or with a serum, but otherwise I don't find it hydrating enough
  53. gorgeous scent


    I love the smell of this face cream, it's smells so fresh. Sadly, it's their least hydrating face cream, so I have to add an oil for it to be moisturizing enough for my dry skin
  54. Good


    This is a delicious product feel like you could eat it. Smells divinely mandarin, pretty colour, light non greasy texture. I love the natural ingredients, some may find it a bit dry if they prefer a heavier moisturiser.
  55. Lovely


    This is a classic and great cream and my favourite thing about it is the light and lovely citrus scent. I thought the citrus might irritate my dry skin but it has only improved it. I find my skin is brighter and less dull and very hydrated and it's all thanks to this product.
  56. Lightly hydrating


    I really love the mandarin scent from aesop, it smells so gorgeous. The cream is lightly hydrating. I find it's good as a day cream but it's not that hydrating or as nourishing as I'd like it to be
  57. Lovely scent

    Ms Zig

    I got a sample of this and love the scent great for dry skin but it’s a little bit heavy
  58. great smell


    I got this as a sample and the smell is amaaaazing. SO light weight as well
  59. Great but overpriced


    This is a decent hydrating cream, but it is not the best I have ever tried. I do love the scent but I find it to be a bit thick. I tend to use this as more of a mask in winter or on planes when my skin tends to get very dry.
  60. Surge of Goodness!


    This Product smells divine and has an instant moisture surge and cooling affect!
    So luscious I love it!!!
  61. Very heavy


    I found the vitamin C scent a little too much for me and it was really heavy for my combo skin, packaging is gorgeous though!
  62. Light and smells wonderful!


    I use this moisturiser especially in the summer as it has a lovely, but not overwhelming, citrusy scent, lovely for a morning refresh. The cream is a nice consistency, not too thick, and moisturises without being too heavy!
  63. Expensive


    Have never used aesop creams. Have oily conjested skin and this hydrates it well without making it oily - am just not sure if I love it for the price.
  64. Expensive, passable but sadly overhyped


    Age: 26 Skin Type: Dehydrated Skin Relatively Unsensitised,Occasional Blemishes
    Skin Tone: Fair/Caucasian Sex: Male

    Aesop's Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream has all the hallmarks of the boutique Melbourne brand's formulae. Seed Oil, Fragrant Oil of Citrus, basic humectants and fatty alcohols. Good news is, this cream does what it says on the label. It's a lightweight emulsion of ...
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  65. Nothing special


    Given the price tag and the hype around Aesop, I wanted to love this. Sadly it wasn't a match for my dry combination skin. I wanted something that offered non-greasy hydration but this seemed to sit on top of my skin without fully sinking in and hydrating. It wasn't oily feeling but just didn't absorb well. It smells lovely and fresh but sadly that was the only pro for my skin.
  66. Smells amazing


    I love the scent of this moisturiser. It’s little greasier than I hoped for but definitely feel moisturised and less dehydration
  67. Smells delicious, good for sensitive skin


    I've been using this for approximately two weeks and am really enjoying it. I have been trying and trying to find skincare that doesn't irritate my skin and cause me to break out and so far this has been good. It's not greasy, you don't need much and it smells delicious.
  68. Delightfully fresh


    I've had horrible acne for 8 months; painful, red and ugly. After months of trying more expensive products I had pretty much given up. Winter hit and my skin was both oily and dry, flaky and pimpled. Looking for a night cream to soothe my skin, I went to the Aesop counter and tried this on a whim. The staff were lovely and offered my several samples and once I tried it I loved it. It is expensive ...
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  69. Top Five


    This face moisturiser is still in my top five beauty products. The scent is fresh yet comforting, so hyrating for the skin without shine & a natural product as a bonus! There is no need to be putting harmful chemicals on your skin when there is a product as high quality as this. Aesop, never diappointing.
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