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Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser 500ml 500ml

4.6 of 125 reviews


4 instalments of $12.50


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4 instalments of $12.50


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 An invigorating body cleansing gel for all skin types.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Australian Made

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SUPERIOR - 96% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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4.6 of 125 reviews

96% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great scent


This body cleanser has a great scent. It effectively cleanse my skin and leave it soft. Definitely love it.

Most Helpful Criticism

pricey but lovely


i love all the aesop products, i do hate that they are a little expensive. I got to try this as a sample and the smell was very refreshing and over all really nice however i probably wouldn't purchase this as my everyday body wash
  1. Great scent


    This body cleanser has a great scent. It effectively cleanse my skin and leave it soft. Definitely love it.
  2. Worth every penny


    I love this cleanser! I tried out a travel size and it made me feel squeaky clean without drying my skin out in winter. The pump is super handy too
  3. Beautiful cleanser


    I really wish Aesop was a little more affordable and then I would use all of their products! This body cleanser has such a beautiful texture and smell to it, you feel like you're only using natural ingredients on your body. I would recommend this product and it's on my wish list for a 'treat yourself' moment.
  4. Worth the try!


    Pricey but worth it! Love the smell! Really makes me relaxed before going to bed.
  5. Amazing


    Very fragrant and a little goes a long way. I love this body wash!
  6. Divine!


    While it’s pricey, this is an amazing product if you like to spoil yourself! Geranium is one of my favourite fragrances and this wash smells amazing!
  7. Refreshing!


    A lovely cleanser with a fresh, clean fragrance. A beautiful gentle formula. Love the packaging, pump works well and looks great in a contemporary bathroom. An all round luxurious experience.
  8. Smells so good


    Like all Aesop products, this smells so good. Whilst it is a little bit pricey, I would definitely recommend it or buy it as a gift for a friend. A little goes a long way. It is not too drying on my sensitive skin.
  9. Great body wash just a little pricey


    Great product that lasts forever. Smells great, cleans well without over drying. Won't be dissapointed but slightly expensive is only reason not 5 stars
  10. Great for everyone


    Great for the whole family, very generous 500 mls so easy to have in the shower. Lathers nicely, only need a small amount and smells lovely, suitable for men and women.
  11. Classic staple item


    Classic aesop item, great smell and exceptional quality, like all their products. Lathers really well and leaves a light scent.
  12. You must try this


    This product is irreplaceable
    I love it
    It smells fresh sweet and very fresh with great hydration for the skin.

    It’s a regular for me
    Thanks Adore for the samples !
  13. Why are all the lovely things so much moolah?


    Sigh...if only this were half the price. I received a 50ml of this in a gift with purchase and have loved the lovely smell it has and enjoyed the generous lather. Unfortunately $50 for body wash is a bit out of my price league but I can see why so many people have this in display bathrooms or as bougie housewarming gifts. A lovely treat!
  14. Luxurious


    This and the hand soap just is amazing. Guest always commenting.
  15. Love this a lot


    Smells delicious! I love Aesop and smelling like this makes me feel fancy and luxurious. This is great!
  16. A little goes a long way


    This body wash is absolutely beautiful! The scent is divine and feels sliky. After using it, my skin doesn't feel like it has been stripped of moisture. A very small amount goes a long way, so the product will last a lot longer than cheaper, supermarket brand body washes.
  17. Nice to wash with


    Such a relaxing shower with the beautiful smell and feel of this wash on my skin, it is worth the price and is totally luxurious.
  18. A beautiful fresh and luxurious body wash!


    I am a huge fan of Aesop and have a large collection of their products. This is the first body wash I tried and I absolutely fell in love with scent! It's refreshing, clean and very luxurious. The actual product itself lathers extremely well and does not dry out my skin excessively and a little goes a long way. It does not irritate my sensitive skin and the scent lingers for a good 1-2 hours which is an added bonus. This is a must try!
  19. Gorgeous smell


    I absolutely love the smell of this body cleanser. The only thing is I did find it a little expensive, in saying that though it would make a lovely gift for someone you love. It doesn't strip the skin at all, just beautiful.
  20. Lovely, uplifting body wash!


    I received a sample of this body wash and was really impressed with the lovely scent and how it felt Hydrating on my dry winter skin but it also didn’t irritate me. The only downside is the price. For something that ends up washed down the drain it is rather expensive. But if you have the budget for it, it’s definitely a great wash!
  21. Doesn't strip skin


    Bit expensive for a body cleanser but I like that it doesn't strip natural moisture. Decent body wash, but you could potentially find a cheaper alternative
  22. Favourite body wash


    This is such a great body wash, it is such a nice scent and it is perfect for washing off the smell of chlorine after going swimming.
  23. Divine but expensive


    I received this as a gift with purchase from Adore Beauty. the scent is amazing and refreshing but I can’t justify spending so much on this product when there are similar products on the market for a fraction of the price
  24. Gorgeous product


    This is a gorgeous product. It’s super moisturising and smells delicious. Yes it’s on the pricier end but I really love this brand and feel like it’s worth the money. Beautiful!
  25. Awesome


    Very moisturising with sunburn and reduced the amount of ingrown hairs I’ve had. I highly recommend
  26. Smells Like Vacation


    Anytime i use this i feel like i am having a post nap shower on holidays with sun kissed skin. It is gentle yet hydrating. Highly recommend
  27. Lovely


    this body wash smells so good and foams up so much which is honestly amazing! i love it so much
  28. Nice! But pricey...


    I really enjoyed using this body cleanser. It smells beautiful. It lathers nicely and makes me feel very clean after using it. My only issue with it? It's a bit pricey...
  29. great!


    I love this body cleanser, the scent doesn't linger and it isn't too strong. My skin feels cleansed but not stripped
  30. Beautiful


    Very expensive but in my opinion it is well and truly worth it, my skin feels so well cleansed after using and the smell is to die for, I find it very relaxing to use, you don't need a lot so the bottle goes along way.
  31. good body cleanser


    This has a fresh, relaxing scent and is a good body cleanser. It cleanses well but doesn't leave my skin too dry
  32. My all time favourite body cleanser!


    This gorgeous body cleanser is such a treat! It is quite pricey but in my opinion well worth it, the scent is divine and the gentle formula cleans the skin thoroughly without leaving it feeling dry like some foamy cleansers do. An added bonus is the beautiful packaging looks lovely in any bathroom. A definite must have if your budget allows.
  33. Great for the skin, smells amazing


    This cleanser is such a treat and leaves your skin feeling soft and smelling like a summery flower - love love love!
  34. Lovely scent


    This is a super lovely smelling body wash, but i found that it doesn't foam up in your hands. I have begun using it with a body puff which has helped a little go a long way!
  35. Smells nice and softens skin


    The smell is lovely and it softens skin nicely..i have sensitive skin and it didnt irritate at all, would buy again
  36. Makes skin super soft


    I've recently swapped to this body cleanser and my little girl yesterday noticed how soft my skin was! Only downside to this cleanser is I don't feel super clean after I'm finished, most likely because it's so moisturising.
  37. Lovely Cleanser


    I've been using this for years. I have quite sensitive skin, so it's great to be able to use something that smells amazing but doesn't leave my skin dry or irritated
  38. Lovely body wash


    Lovely daily body wash.
    I fell in love with it. It’s a little piece of heaven in your bathroom. The entire house smells heavenly after using this.
    Pricey but SO worth it!
  39. Amazing


    Smells delicious and leaves skin feeling clean and soft
  40. Favourite


    Worth every scent! Cleans and hydrated skin to perfection
  41. Love


    Smells like heaven, great value and cleans skin thoroughly
  42. Love


    Gorgeous luxury product. Smells divine. Too expensive to continually purchase so I get this if I want to treat myself or for others as a gift.
  43. Queen of the bathroom


    The scent is heavenly, I really look forward to showering with Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser Gel its amazing. Aesop do no wrong in my eyes and this product is no exception!
  44. Adore the smell


    I absolutely adore the smell of Geranium and found this to work really well for me, felt very clean without being dry at all. I love all the Geranium products from Aesop and use this with the body cream too.
  45. Great product


    Got this as a sample, used to be a big fan of aesop, whist it is a great product that I would recommend to everyone I am sceptic when it comes to purchasing it myself since theres many out there that does the same job. Great as a gift tho.
  46. Not a fan of the scent and too drying.


    I received this as a gift last year but can't say I was a fan of the smell, perhaps best to try it out in-store before purchasing?

    I don't normally use body cleanser but found this to dry out my back to the point where if I didn't immediately after using heavily moisturise my back it would become itchy and irritated. I wouldn't recommend for anyone with sensitive skin.
  47. pricey but lovely


    i love all the aesop products, i do hate that they are a little expensive. I got to try this as a sample and the smell was very refreshing and over all really nice however i probably wouldn't purchase this as my everyday body wash
  48. Smells amazing!


    I love this cleanser! My gf bought it for herself but I love using it smells so awesome
  49. Just Divine


    I don't know how Aesop does it but they have managed to create the most perfectly textured gels on the market, combine that perfect texture with their unique scent profiles and you have the perfect Body Cleanser. Highly recommend.
  50. My go-to treat-yoself body cleanser!


    Everyone pretty much has said it all, the smell is absolutely amazing, just like any other products from Aesop. The only thing is the price! I wish it could be a bit cheaper. This is my go-to treat yourself product, if i need extra spiritual boost on some bad days or even just on a normal day and i feel like pampering myself, then this is 100% the choice!
  51. Smells amazing


    This body wash smells so amazing, I love to pair it with the body scrub in the same scent. Feels luxurious and leaves your skin feeling lovely and clean. Added bonus of making your shower look cute too! A bit of a splurge but worth it.
  52. Lovely wash


    I love this body wash. It has a fresh and invigorating scent and it always wakes me up in the morning!
  53. Lovely scent but a bit too pricey for me


    Lovely product with a really nice scent. It's a bit too pricey for me for everyday use but it would be lovely as a gift or as a special treat. Would recommend
  54. Great


    The scent is heavenly, I really look forward to showering with Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser Gel its amazing.
  55. Hands down the best Body Cleanser on the market


    I don't know how Aesop does it but they have managed to create the most perfectly textured gels on the market, combine that perfect texture with their unique scent profiles and you have the perfect Body Cleanser. Highly recommend.

  56. Boyfriend loves it


    My boyfriend always comments on the softness of my skin after I use this. A nice scent too!
  57. Best product


    This product leaves your skin feeling fresh, normally cleansers dry my skin but I find this to be great and my skin actually feels supple afterwards.
  58. Love the smell, but expensive


    The smell of all Aesop products is incredible however I didn't find this cleanser to be particularly moisturising. I love the luxury of using it however find it is far too expensive
  59. The ultimate body cleanser


    A bit on the pricey side for a body cleanser, but the smell is divine and I always ask for some at Christmas/birthdays. It is gentle on the skin and a great treat to start the day.
  60. One of the best Scent


    I've tried all sorts of body cleanser from organic brands and this one by far has the strongest smell that lingers for a long time. The only downside is the price.


    The smell of this is absolutely divine and it doesn't dry out my sensitive skin. I like to use it in the evening as the smell relaxes me. My boyfriend is also obsessed with this! 4 stars only because it's a tad pricey for the amount you get but I will be repurchasing as it is lovely
  62. Relaxing scent


    I wasn't a fan o the geranium scented products at first but they've really grown on me. This body cleanser doesn't feel dry and it has a nice relaxing scent
  63. LOVE


    Love this body wash - Aesop do it best. definitely worth the price tags - you can feel the quality of the ingredients and formula when you use it. It smells beautiful and I would definitely recommend - makes a wonderful gift!
  64. Great smell


    Bit pricey but really great product. Smells divine.
  65. worth the price tag


    Expensive for a body wash but what can you expect from Aesop. Luckily the product I believe is worth the high price. Smells nice and fresh and leaves my skin feeling cleansed without being completely stripped.
  66. Nice fresh scent


    I find this cleanser a bit drying but I do enjoy the fresh scent. Love the bottle size too, it's lasted me months!
  67. So cleansing


    This scrub is so cleansing and smells beautiful. Love it
  68. Great scent and cleaner


    Great scent and enjoyed getting into the shower using this product. Although a bit on the pricey side but whenever i feel like a splurge or treating myself this is the one product i will always reach for.
  69. Uplifting!


    I can't explain how much I look forward to showering since I bought this. Got it originally as part of the Germanium Leaf Duet and is worth every penny! 500mL bottle lasts forever and makes my skin so soft without drying it out.
  70. smells amazing


    This is a great cleanser as it smells amazing and its moisturising, if you have the cash and wanna splurge I would definitely recommend
  71. Love it!


    Love the uplifting aroma. Two to three pumps of this liquid magic is enough for the whole body.
  72. luxury resort feel body wash


    If your looking for exceptional quality and an amazing natural essential oil scent this is the body wash for you . It has a high lather and very natural day spa , resort sort of feel to it with the blend of Rose geranium, bergamot and madarin its fresh and citrus scent with the depth of the rise geranium make it an uplifting aroma . I also use the matching scrub and body lotion . It smells and feels divine , best used with a body puff or sponge and can be used in the bath as well for a fragrant bath . If you love indulgent body washes also try the oribe body wash its Amazing too with even more concentrated fragrance.
  73. Smells great


    I love this product. We stayed at Hamilton Island and they had it for toiletries which got us hooked.
    The bottle looks great in the shower and whilst it’s pricey, it lasts for ages.
  74. Smells soooooo good!


    I love this product, it smells like a day-spa getaway, everyday. Great on my skin which at times can be quite sensitive. It also goes a long way at this size.
  75. Luxurious


    Good product, wouldnt pay $40 for this again but makes a great gift!
  76. Gorgeous Smell!


    I love the fresh smell! It's very hydrating and you don't need much at all. Good value for money.
  77. Amazing luxury


    This is perfection. You cannot beat the scent and the ideal lather. I buy this whenever I need to treat myself or others. You will look forward to showering every day and be trying to conserve every droplet given its price. Best in market.
  78. Amazing scent!


    I love this body cleanser from Aesop for daily use in the shower. It has an amazing herbal scent and leaves my skin feeling clean, fresh and hydrated. And my skin always smells delicious after I use it!
  79. good cleanser


    i like this cleanser because it doesn't make my skin feel to dry. not the biggest fan of aesop packaging, it's very simple and minimal, their products all look the same
  80. So great for the shower as a body wash


    I love using this. The scent is just beautiful, it soaps up nicely and doesn't make your skin feel dry afterwards. I have used my first bottle, and I will be absolutely purchasing again!
  81. Not drying


    My partner loves Aesop products. I reckon the packaging is pretty minimal and not that special. They're cleansers are good though. Not too dry
  82. Love the scent


    This body cleanser leaves my skin lightly scented. Very nice and fresh
  83. Good product


    I'm a fan. Cleanses well without drying my skin out or causing irritation. Great fragrance, and I love that they sell a larger size.
  84. Fresh scent


    The fresh scent of this cleanser is really nice. It cleanses well and leaves my skin softly scented. One of my favourites!
  85. excellent


    The cleanser smells amazing! I have sensitive skin and find that it's hydrating and gentle enough.
  86. favourite body scrub


    love this scrub, also love the rest of the geranium leaf products from aesop and any of their other products too! i use this with my body wash and love how it leaves my skin feeling, plus the smell is heavenly
  87. always buying this one


    the cleanser is maybe my favourite but also it's hard to choose from the aesop range. it smells amazing and just hydrates your skin so well. i use this with my geranium leaf body scrub and it's the best combination
  88. Love it


    I absolutely love this body cleanser. It's the only thing I use. I will continue to buy this.
  89. Buy on repeat


    My husband and I buy this on repeat; it has a beautiful unisex smell that we love and the product packaging always looks great in the bathroom. I have quite sensitive skin and this cleans without being harsh or drying out my skin. Not an overly foamy product but lathers well and you don't need a sponge to use it. Definitely recommend this for those who like form and function!
  90. Smells amazing


    I love this body cleanser.
    I've never been a fan of using soap bars and much prefer using liquid cleansers.
    I tried out this aesop Geranium Leaf Body cleanser 2 months ago and absolutely loved it ! The 500ml bottle has longevity which i always look for in a product. It smells great and has definately improved the softness of my skin. I am now purchasing it for a 2nd time. I cant see myself using anything else from now on :)
  91. Pretty good


    This is really lovely, only thing that puts me off is the price! Something nice to buy if you want to treat yourself
  92. Another Aesop addiction!


    Along with the hand wash this is also another beautifully aesthetically purchase! I love the beautiful scent, again concentrated so two pumps is enough for my whole body or one is a using a my Japanese bath wrap. Non drying or irritating this leaves skin feeling beautifully clean with light fragrance would highly recommend
  93. Nice cleanser


    I got it as a sample. Like this cleanser. The smell is not too strong. However, I would not buy it as I find it expensive.
  94. Smells DIVINE


    Yes, this is "expensive" for a body wash. Especially when there are now an increasing number of perfectly nice ones available for far more reasonable prices (around $10.00 mark).
    However, the smell is DIVINE and I get out of the shower feeling so much better about my morning based entirely on using something as simple as this body wash. It also doesn't have any "soapy" smell or residue, and doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped or dehydrated.
    Added bonus - the large bottle will last you far longer than you would think.
  95. The best!


    Be warned! Once you use this you will never go back! It smells amazing, so fresh and clean! And it leaves the skin oh so soft with no residue...just healthy soft skin. It’s the best on the market and it’s worth every dollar! There isn’t anything out there I’ve found that compares....and believe me I’ve looked! If they sold this smell as a perfume I’d be all over it! One pump will wash your whole body and it lasts ages! Nothing cleans like it!
  96. Amazing smell


    I normally rave about the effectiveness of AESOP products, but I wouldn't say this product is more effective on your skin than any other quality body wash I've purchased.
    However, the smell is DIVINE. It is so aromatic and calming; it turns showers into a mini aromatherapy session and happy place. So soothing before bed and invigorating in the morning. I will definitely repurchase!
  97. LOVE this


    This is the most beautiful scented body cleanser I've ever used. Definitely worth the cost - and lasts a long time. I got my first bottle in July last year and have only just re-purchased!
  98. Beautiful!


    I love this body cleaner! It has a fresh and natural aroma that my fiance and I both love! It reminds us of the weekend we got engaged as it was in our lovely AirBnB cottage. I also love the look of the bottle on the bathroom shelf. It's always on my wish list.
  99. Great everyday luxury


    Love the smell of this body cleanser - makes for a luxurious shower, reminds me of being in a spa!
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