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Aesop Departure Travel Kit 2x 50ml, 2x 15ml, 60ml, 6ml, 10ml

4.6 of 73 reviews


4 instalments of $16.25

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4 instalments of $16.25

Or 4 instalments of $16.25 with LEARN MORE

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Sized for inclusion in carry-on, Aesop Departure Travel Kit is a thoughtful collection of products to ensure that your travel is a pleasure. A must-have for travellers and an ideal gift for those who are often on the go, this travel set hydrates your face, cleanses and moisturises your hands, and keeps your oral hygiene impeccable.

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Aesop Departure Travel Kit Reviews

4.6 of 73 reviews

100% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

a great sampler


I ordered this initially because i wanted the travel size bottles of some of my fave items, its been a really handy sampler to introduce you to a variety of Aesop products. i've used every product from it, they're all gorgeous!

Most Helpful Criticism

good sort


this travel kit has a good selection of different sorts of products. handy to take with you when travelling for sure
  1. Love it


    verified purchaser
    The combination in this kit is really useful for travelling or for the beginner of Aesop. I personally like the hand balm and mask included in this set.
  2. Lovely little set to try out the products


    verified purchaser
    This is such a great little set, not just for travelling, but also for trying out some great Aesop products before committing to a full-sized product. I especially like the face mask. The lip balm isn't my favourite as it's a little runny and has a gross SPF taste to it.
  3. a great sampler


    verified purchaser
    I ordered this initially because i wanted the travel size bottles of some of my fave items, its been a really handy sampler to introduce you to a variety of Aesop products. i've used every product from it, they're all gorgeous!
  4. Perfect travel present


    verified purchaser
    I got this for a friend before she moved overseas. We're both big Aesop lovers and this is the perfect present - both pretty and practical. Obviously smells divine and everything is in small travel appropriate sizes.
  5. so good


    great kit for everything you need for a get away ....
  6. Cute little pack


    verified purchaser
    This is the cutest little pack, especially with the tubes of tooth paste and masque. Great way to try a few items without buying the larger size first. I love it.
  7. Great gift idea!

    Tash B

    verified purchaser
    Gave this as a gift to someone who likes to travel in style, with a little bit of luxury. She loved it- all products were great quality, and generously sized for travel products.
  8. Excellent Value


    I partner bought this for me last year to take to Singapore. I absolutely adored using all the products throughout the trip - it was such a great combination and supply of all my essentials. Would definitely recommend - Aesop is THE BEST.
  9. Great set - packaging a little poor


    verified purchaser
    Fantastic set, however when it arrived the mouthwash had leaked. Unsure whether this was from faulty packaging or transit handling but the pack itself is great and all products are lovely.
  10. Your Travel Bestie


    I buy this every single time I go overseas. It is everything you need on a long flight to keep you sane (minus the deodorant and toothbrush). Its simple, its effective, the products work and eveyrone around you will wonder what youre using. They all smell amazing and are all practical minis to keep in your bag at all times!
  11. Travel kit


    Very high quality products, can't go wrong! The body wash is nicely fragranced, I do wish it was slightly bigger though. The lip balm is the perfect size to throw in a purse.
  12. Great Value


    This pack has everything you need for your travels. Everything is of high quality and is great value for what you get
  13. Excellent Products


    Great travel companion. I just wish the sizes are at least 75 ml rather than 50 on essential products such as body lotion/wash. Other than that, it's all you need to take on a weekend away. Products won't last more than a week I think if used daily.
  14. Great Travel Kit


    I used to use Aesop rinse-free hand sanitizer all the time. But I can't buy it everywhere recently, so I purchased this kit. I still like this travel kit very much. All the products are very practical. In addition, we hope that rinse-free hand wash can be put on the shelves as soon as possible.
  15. Great for on the go


    I do love the products in this kit for travelling. I do however prefer the other aesop lipbalm than the one that comes in this kit.
  16. Incredible Value.


    This is far greater value than I expected. The products are excellent and even the sample tubes are a really good size. The hand sanitiser is wonderful. You only need a small amount, it smells great, neither too sweet nor too "sanitary" and it dries quickly without any greasiness. The size of the hand sanitiser is perfect for my handbag. The lip balm is beautiful and effective. The size of the pro...
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  17. Great starter kit


    Great starter kit to introduce to aesop the brand -- but also perfect for travel and on the go- especially in your first few days of departing & settling in
  18. A frequent traveller recommends


    As I travel overseas often, I have become obsessed with travel kits and always buy a fresh one before every trip. This one is genius as it takes care of you from departure, through your flight and some, by way of arrival. Each item is thoughtfully curated and every need is graciously met. I love the inclusion of a rinse-free hand wash as on a plane and in an airport even, it's an absolutely essent...
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  19. Perfect Aesop


    The price of this set of small things has increased, but I really like it. I will buy it back before my next trip. It's so convenient to travel with them.
  20. Perfect


    perfect for when Im travelling. I get the products I love in the perfect sizes, no need to lug around the huge bottles
  21. amazing for travel


    this set is honestly perfect! all the products are amazing. it is the perfect gift set and great for travelling. definitely recommend
  22. All your Aesop favourite's in the one place


    This set is genius, I love that they're all travel friendly and most importantly that they're all essentials! Great before a trip or great to gift someone who's jetting off. Would definitely purchase again.
  23. Great gift idea!


    I purchased one set for myself for travelling and gifted one to my friend. This set is such great value considering the normal prices of the products. The minis are so cute and smells amazing!
  24. Great for travel


    I bought this to carry with me in my bag they are all the perfect size to have with you at all times. The products are so beautiful to use and are very light to travel with
  25. lovely product


    great for travel. has everything I need. take it on every trip with me
  26. An excellent travel pack


    I take this with me when I fly, I find it makes flying way more enjoyable as I can take time to freshen up my skin.
  27. So good


    I absolutely adore this set, it contain everything you need for short trip, also a great gift ideal as well
  28. Great travel kit


    Such a good travel kit. All the stuff I need that is great for my sensitive skin.
  29. Great travel size


    This is a great travel pack of beautiful luxurious products that work really well. You can’t go wrong here
  30. Love it!


    Price is a little dear for the purpose but great for treating yourself and also getting an insight into what aesop products are all about
  31. good


    This is fantastic for traveling. All these products work great, I love them!
  32. Good


    This is so handy for traveling. Definitely would recommend
  33. Great for gifts and perfect for travelling


    This was the greatest pre-travel gifts I received before a long haul flight! I ended up using up every product before I returned to Australia and invested in a few full size versions of the products I liked. At around $50 it's a perfect little gift, and feels quite generous because there are so many different parts. The box was also handy for holding everything in, thought I did move them to my to...
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  34. Perfect for travel


    The facial mist smells so nice and adds hydration, lip cream is very hydrating too. The mini hand cream is so good - stand out product that is Aesop's best product in my opinion.
  35. I love!


    I love this travel kit! I just purchased for my boyfriend because he travels a lot with work and he loves it! So easy to use and smells great!
  36. Value for money


    This pack is great value for money! I love every product and am going to take it for travel. But it’s great if you want to try all of the products without buying full-size
  37. Travel essentials


    Love taking this on the plane for hydration and hygiene
  38. Fantastic value


    This kit is a fantastic way to get started for value
  39. Go for your “go bag”


    I travel a bit and this has quite a few items that I use. Piece-meal this together with your daily products and you’re good to go. The only thing is that the mouthwash won’t last you too long and tastes a bit funny
  40. Best Travel Kit Ever!


    One of the best if not THE best 'travel kit' you can buy! It has everything you need - it's incredibly practical, whilst making you feel special because the products are soothing thanks to the oils used in the formulas. I bought my fiancé this pack before a work trip and he loved it too (he even used the face moisturiser/mask!). It's a must!
  41. Travel Kit!


    This travel kit is such a great gift! and you can recycle the bottles to! love everything about Aesop!
  42. Great Travel Set


    This suit is really worth it. It's very convenient to take when traveling. It's highly recommended. Love it so much.
  43. amazing


    Another great product from the line. I found an improvement in my skin’s texture after regular use.
  44. Incredible set


    So lovely and smells beautiful!! I’m so in love with this set and think it had helped a lot! Very very happy
  45. Great travel pack


    Love this pack, just perfect for travel. It have everything you need for a vacation, it's reasonable price, it's also a good gift ideal.
  46. PERFECT for travel


    This is perfect for travel if you don't have the time to curate your own little travel set - perfect for on flight and as you ease into the first day or so of your trip. Price is a little bit steep for the purpose but great for treating yourself and also getting an insight into what aesop products are all about
  47. obsessed


    Such a must have for those with problematic skin! Very hydrating and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight!
  48. incredible


    More great products from the line. I found an improvement in my skin’s texture after regular use.
  49. most valuable kit and good price

    Jasmin Bai

    there are 7 kinds of products. All the size is mini and so cute!The toothpaste and mouthwash are all my favorites and the size is good for traveling. Blue Chamomile Facial Hydrating Masque is impressive, it’s so comfortable on my skin. Hand wash and hand cream are famous products of Aesop and now they are in my daily using bag. I used the lip cream before,not my style but I will try it again. Mist...
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  50. Really nice kit with quality goods


    This kit is cheaper than the official site, and just three of the products inside worth the price. I have used the hand cream, lip cream, and hydrating mask, they are all really good. The hand cream is hydrating but not oily, the lip cream can be absorbed so quickly and feel comfortable. The hydrating mask works as a hydration product.
  51. small package with variety


    Good size for trial. I like to test all the products before purchasing the full sized ones. I have a very sensitive skin and easy to be irritated. It is a good pack for me to try many products at the same time. I love most of the products of Aesop, they are gentle and safe, but a bit costy.
  52. love


    It is very hydrating as it penetrates deeply into the skin and leaves a lovely scent afterwards
  53. Great for travel


    This Aesop kit is perfect for travelling. It includes all the essentials you would need for on the go. It would be a lovely gift for someone who loves the Aesop range.
  54. Perfect


    This is perfect for traveling. It has everything I need and also let me try different product in the same time. Definitely repurchase.
  55. Best gift!


    This is the perfect gift for a jet setter, it has so many goodies to keep you hydrated on a long-haul flight. Not to mention how beautiful the travel kit is!
  56. Nice travel kit


    This kit has a good assortment of products and the size is perfect for travel.
  57. Fab little set


    A great way to try out the fantastic range, or to take travelling.
  58. Perfect for travel


    I got this as a gift for my recent travels and it was so perfect it has everything you need and it’s such a good size. Perfect for long haul flights.
  59. boyfriend loved it


    I gave this to my boyfriend because he flies all the time and he loved it.
  60. A travel essential for me!


    I like to use this whenever I fly, it just makes the whole experience calmer and somehow more luxurious. A great gift idea.
  61. gift


    I got this for my mum as she loves the AESOP brand. winner!
  62. Mostly good, very convenient


    I got given this as a gift before an overseas trip. The sizes were perfect for a two week holiday and didn't take up too much room in my bag. The toothpaste and mouthwash I honestly didn't like as much as my usual brands, but were fine for a short time. Everything else I loved the scent of. The hand sanitiser was super useful. I found my skin a lot dryer on holiday, particularly with the long...
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  63. good sort


    this travel kit has a good selection of different sorts of products. handy to take with you when travelling for sure
  64. love


    This is definitely slightly more expensive, but worth it for the great quality! This is a wonderful way to try the range!
  65. Always happy with this brand


    Lovely little set, really nice and I think I ran worth the splurge to get some fantastic results.
  66. Great


    Fantastic little kit with all of the goods... big thumbs up.
  67. Great


    Would have to give this a 10/10. It’s truly amazing... I will continue to repurchase this!
  68. not really value for money


    the products are so small I'm not sure it's value for money
  69. good for travel


    Very good if you want some smaller sizes when you are travelling. Also good to try out the smaller sizes before you buy the larger sizes to see if you like the products
  70. really nice


    really nice quality and smell, great value, makes skin feel soft
  71. Great gift


    I received it as a gift and I am going to purchase it to give as a present too. It’s such a great gift, to receive and to give.
    I use mine when I travel, since I usually hate the hotel’s products. Good size!
  72. not for me


    I took this away with me during my travels. It's a good idea but I wasn't a fan of half of the products - like the mouth wash, the toothpaste and the blue masque. I wish it had face creams in it
  73. good value pack


    very good value, including hand wash, toothpaste and toner. It is perfect for travelling, and good size as well. Very light scent, smells quite nice.
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