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Aesop Damascan Rose Facial Treatment 25ml 25ml

4.1 of 51 reviews


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4 instalments of $20.00

Or 4 instalments of $20.00 with LEARN MORE

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Vitamin rich moisturising treatment for dry, very dry or stressed skin. This sublime and precious blend of rich and readily absorbed seed extracts is completely free of artificial preservatives.
  • Australian Made
  • Cruelty Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

GREAT - 83% recommend

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Sensitivity and redness
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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Aesop Damascan Rose Facial Treatment 25ml Reviews

4.1 of 51 reviews

83% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Gentle and healing


I used this product after a fall left me with cuts and abrasions on my face. They healed very quickly, but very gently. I now use it when my face needs that extra bit of TLC. It also lasts a very long time.

Most Helpful Criticism

Hydrating facial oil


I received this oil as a sample and took this on a short holiday for me. I found that for my combo/oily skin, it was a bit too heavy of an oil for me. The oil is quite rich and I found this quite hard to absorb into my skin. You really do not need more than 1-2 drops of this for the entire face and neck and perhaps using it only a few times a week would be more suitable for people with already oily/combo skin types. However,the oil itself smells absolutely divine and has a very heavenly luxurious feel!
  1. Love it!


    The taste of rose essence is really mixed. Some people think it is pure, some people think it is too oily and does not have a rose fragrance. However, this is also one of the Aesop products that I have repurchased twice, because it works really well. How easy is it to use? It can be used alone. At the end of all skin care steps, rub two or three drops of rose essence on the palm of your hand and a...
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  2. nice to use in the night


    good and can be used for like 3 months
  3. Gentle and healing


    I used this product after a fall left me with cuts and abrasions on my face. They healed very quickly, but very gently. I now use it when my face needs that extra bit of TLC. It also lasts a very long time.
  4. like it


    Smells amazing and recommended for people using in Winter with sensitive and dry skin.
  5. Not the best oil


    I've tried using this as an oil on top of my cream (i have dry skin) and it's hydrating but just doesn't feel good once applied. It feels heavy and causes me to break out. There are better oils/hydrators out there.
  6. It works


    This natural rose oil does an amazing job for my mum & me It’s worth than any other essential oil I have ever tried.

  7. Not great for sensitive skin


    I think the product is great for the right skin. For me I received a red, dry, itchy rash after using the product a few times. My skin was worse after using it.
    Would recommend for someone with normal skin.
  8. Moisturising


    I have very dry skin and found this to be perfect. I only use a small amount and if moisturises in straight away. I think I would rather use it at night time rather than under my makeup as it can be too oily.
  9. Beautiful Oil


    This is a lovely oil that would suit most skin types - probably everyone except the super sensitive. It smells divine and is extremely nourishing - I even like to use a little bit on my cheekbones as a low-key 'highlighter'. Would definitely recommend!
  10. Very nourishing


    I used this as a treatment during the day and my skin looked instantly hydrated and plumper.. really lovely product.. could be great overnight too
  11. Luxe!


    This feels like a spa treatment everytime I use it. Perfect for normal[dry skin that needs a boost. I used it when my barrier was compromised from another product and it worked almost instantly. Regular use brought my skin back to normal and I now use it to maintain hydration and 'glow'.

    TIP: Mix in with your hand cream for dry hands, elbows and knees and use alone at night for dry c...
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  12. Lovely glow, great for stressed out skin


    Received a few samples and was having dull, stressed out skin day. Exfoliated and put this on and immediately my skin felt better. Absolutely lovely natural night treatment for skin, will leave your skin plumped and calm the next day. Also lovely to apply it before make up if you want a nice dewy glow.
  13. Amazing


    This facial treatment is quite heavy for someone with combination skin like me. But the product itself is amazing it smells absolutely divine and luxurious.
  14. Lovely luxe oil


    I received a sample sachet of this and managed to get 3 nights use out of it. It is quite a heavy oil and you really don't need to use much. It did sink in and gave a lovely glow as most oils do. I had no reactions or breakouts and would enjoy this as part of a winter regime or for a dry skin booster. Also it is very yellow! The colour was a bit of a surprise.
  15. Luxe but a bit exey


    I received a sample of this and loved how hydrated my skin felt after using a very small amount and during winter. It’s a bit too expensive for me as a seasonal, every other day serum but I’d recommend it if you have dry skin or are in need of a boost in glowiness.
  16. Fantastic product for dry, sensitive or irritated skin


    I got this as I had noticed my skin change to dry and sensitive. I popped in on after washing morning and night and after a few days I could really notice a difference. I have been using for 6 months now and still have a little left. Its true a little does go along way. It's super concentrated and spreads well.
  17. Hydrating facial oil


    I received this oil as a sample and took this on a short holiday for me. I found that for my combo/oily skin, it was a bit too heavy of an oil for me. The oil is quite rich and I found this quite hard to absorb into my skin. You really do not need more than 1-2 drops of this for the entire face and neck and perhaps using it only a few times a week would be more suitable for people with already oil...
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  18. Nice, but expensive


    I do love Aesop products and this is no exception, but it is very pricey and the smell for me is a bit much. Works well though and nice for an occasional treatment if you don't mind paying :)
  19. A winter staple


    Received a sample. I normally have combo skin but tends to get very dry in winter months so i need that extra help to hydrate. This oil feels and looks very pure and i used it mixing it with my night time moisturiser. It stayed quite oily on my skin ( so careful not to wipe it all over your pillowcase when you sleep ). However, it did deliver, as my skin felt hydrated and flakiness gone in the mor...
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  20. Hydrating but over priced


    I received a sample of this, it was nice to use. Given the price I had assumed that it would be a better quality than a less expensive Rosehip Oil. I was left a little disappointed. I felt the oil sat on top of the skin longer than the oil I usually buy
    It is hydrating, but not worth the price sadly.
  21. Prefer a Rosehip Oil


    I received a sample of this and whilst it was quite nice to use, I didn’t feel like it was better than The Ordinarys Rosehip Oil which is substantially cheaper. I have dehydrated skin but maybe it’s not dry enough to really reap the benefits of this treatment.
  22. Not worth the price


    Although this is a hydrating, quality face oil it does not smell like rose and will not dramatically change your skin.

    I found that it sits on top of the skin without sinking in.

    Retrospectively, I think my money would be better spend on a high quality rose hip oil.
  23. Incredible


    This was the product that made me an Aesolp convert, bottle mixed with a few drops of moisture is instantly moisturiser and my skin looks super fresh the next day. One of my absolutely favourites from them, it also lasts for ages.
  24. So moisturising


    I originally received a sample of this and was shocked at how well my skin was moisturised over night. So I went out and bought a full bottle. I actually started using it after a strong retinol and it stopped the shedding.
  25. A super luxe Facial Treatment


    This a super luxe Facial Treatment, it feels light and hydrating on the skin and has helped me heal some rough patches on my face. It's quite expensive, but that's the only downside.
  26. Lovely and hydrating, quite a strong woody smell


    Very hydrating oil, and you can tell it's quality from the colour. Very very hydrating and it does feel lovely on your skin, you only need two or 3 drops not the full 5 the packaging suggests. It does have a strong woody smell, does not smell like roses though it has a hint of rose smell it's just not that strong. You can use on it's own or mix a drop in with your usual moisturizer. I'll keep usin...
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  27. Good


    I have been using this for a while now. A bottle last a long time as a couple of drops is enough. I use it in the morning and it mixes well with my moisturizer. It is very hydrating without making your skin look oily. I think the smell is a bit strong. I would definitely buy this product again.
  28. Didn't like this


    I like face oils but not this one, I didn't like the scent and it though it felt ok, mixed in with the mandarin cream, it's quite expensive for the little bottle and there are much better face oils out there
  29. will buy again


    great for mature and dry skin but hard to absorb. I have to massage my face for 5 mins.


    It has a relatively thin consistency so it spreads nicely over the skin - one pump is enough to cover my face and neck. I have fairly normal skin and fortunately I don't suffer from many major skin concerns so I cannot say how it would perform on those of you with sensitivities. I will however say that it leaves my skin soft, smooth and well moisturised.
  31. Not for me


    I didn't like this at all, the consistency was too thick, it didn't absorb into my skin and the scent also was not favourable to me.
  32. Great treatment


    Use this once/twice a week only, great intensive treatment for dry or stressed skin. Great smell, as per usual
  33. So hydrating


    I use this 2 times a week as a treatment or if I need a hydration boost I mix in with my night cream. Such a lovely texture and scent and makes the skin GLOW.
  34. Was ok


    Got a sample of this and I'm not a fan of the smell or the texture. I have dry skin and do tend to use oils but this one's not for me.
  35. Great


    I was given samples of this and love how it makes my face soft, glowing, and smooth. I use 2-3 drops, gently rub my hands together, then press them onto my face. I really dislike the strong smell though. But I have used it several times and really like the result so much that I'm going to buy the bottle soon, regardless of the smell which does go away after an hour or so.
  36. Dream Product


    I have combination but dry-ish skin and love this treatment. It's a serum like product that doesn't leave my skin feeling overly oily or greasy. It has a beautiful rosy smell and I've seen a notable improve in skin tone since I've been using it. Its directed to be used 2 -3 times a week and little goes a long way (1 - 2 drops does my entire face) but I also love mixing it with a moisturiser if I f...
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  37. Heaven for dry skin


    This product worked so well on my chronic dry skin. You won't even need a moisturiser with this oil. Best used at night before bed as it is quite thick in consistency but noticeably brightens and plumps which is heaven sent for those with dry skin. I used this following an Aesop clay mask and got beautiful results. I'm not sure I would use it on a daily basis, perhaps once or twice a week.
  38. It’s missing je ne sais quoi


    I received this as a sample in my order and was very surprised to discover it was a highly pigmented orange coloured face oil. I didn’t love the smell but I was definitely intrigued, so I mixed it in with my moisturiser for an added hydration boost (as I have dry skin) and because of the colour it made me look as if I had a little bit of orange bronzer on my face lol. It absorbed as you’d expect a...
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  39. Skin feels fresh


    Rose smells lovely and this is very nourishing on the skin. Great for dry or tight skin.
  40. Dry skin hero


    I used this when my skin was very dry after introducing retinol to my routine. It’s rich and nurturing and a real skin hero. I’ll use this is winter when my skin becomes dry.
  41. Plump, dewy skin


    I received this as a sample and I’m in love and will be buying full size. I love rose frangrance and even though the scent isn’t strong it is still lovely. My dry skin looks plump and heathy.
  42. Lovely smell

    Ms Z

    My skin is a bit dry from winter so when I received this as a sample I was rapt it’s a lovely serum and a little goes a long way I recommend this to be used only at night as it’s quite heavy for day time
  43. Great for dry skin


    I use this in the winter when my skin is more dry and it's a beautiful oil with a lovely scent
  44. super rich oil-infused formula


    The scent is amazing!! I used this product when I had normal to dry skin in the winter season and I applied it by adding 2 drops into my aesop camelia nut facial hydrator for my night time skin care routine. Rather than a serum, this treatment felt more like an oil. It settled very fast with my facial cream on my cheeks and nose area with a semi-glowy finish, and was less fast-absorbing on my fore...
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  45. Lush, extravagant treat


    This facial oil is a phenomenal overnight treatment that moisturises and plumps the face. A little goes a long way, and it is quite heavy - not suitable as a day treatment. It has a divine smell and is suitable for sensitive skin. I received it as a sample and would consider buying it.
  46. hydrated and brightened


    Although this product does have anti ageing properties and is good for overall skin health, it is not a normal serum. It is an oil consistency that does not mix well with other products. I felt that no matter when I put this product on my skin, it sat on the surface. I ended up using it as a oil for night time only. I did enjoy using it, my skin felt hydrated and brightened each morning after usin...
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  47. DIVINE


    This stuff is divine. I love the smell and it has a beautiful indulgent texture. I have very combination skin and love using oils but many of them use a cheaper coconut base whereas this use Japanese camellia oil which is incredible for the skin and perfect for oily or dry skins. A little goes a long way and can be used as little or often as needed. Although its described as perfect for dry skin I...
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  48. Worth every cent


    I'm 40 with dry skin and I use this all year round. Its super concentrated so you only need a tiny amount.
  49. Worth the money


    This has saved my skin especially when I am suffering from eczema. It is such a beautiful oil and use only when I really need it and the fabulous oil is not quite enough.
  50. Great skin pick me up


    Tried a sample and decided to pay the big bucks for a full size. It's last for ages as a little goes a long way. It's not a daily dose and sometimes I forget to use it, so Iwhen I do I notice quite a change in my skin the next morning. I only use it at night as I think it's more of a treatment for the skin and also mixed a drop with my normal daily moisturiser for an added benefit. It is an oil s...
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  51. Nourishing and soothing.


    I was given this as a sample with my order and it was certainly the quality that you would expect from Aesop. After a day out in the winter wind, it was just the thing my skin needed - instantly soothing. I was a little suprised at the price, but a little definitely goes a long way.
  52. Gorgeous product


    Lovely product to use nightly on my combination sensitive skin! I mix 3 drops into my night cream for extra hydration and smoothness. Love the smell and because you only need a tiny amount, it lasts forever.
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