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Kirsten Carriol’s childhood visits to her family’s sheep farm in South Australia inspired her to create Lanolips.

Carriol’s vision was to develop a natural lip treatment based solely on ultra-medical-grade lanolin. She wanted to create products that would offer maximum comfort in a hydrating and nourishing formula. Carriol spent six years developing the perfect lip ointment, and today she has met with people from all over the world who share her love for Nature’s Wonder Moisturiser, Lanolips has won many global awards along the way, including InStyle’s Best in Beauty Award for 2010, 2013, and 2014, and Glamour’s Best Power List 2012.

Lanolips uses the finest, purest medical-grade lanolin. In order to qualify as medical-grade, lanolin must go through a rigorous refining process in which it is stripped of all colour, scent, and impurities. This purified lanolin is then infused into some of Lanolips best-selling products, such as Lanolips 101 Ointment and Lanolips Lovely Lanolin Golden Ointment. Lanolips offers products not only for lips but also for the hands and body, plus multipurpose formulas and limited-edition sets in beautiful packaging.

Lanolips 101 Ointment is petrochemical-free, hypoallergenic, additive-free, odour-free, and colour-free. It is gentle and safe enough to be used on the delicate skin of newborns and in hospitals after surgery. Pure lanolin is one of the safest beauty ingredients available, making Lanolips a true staple in many medicine cabinets.


When Kirsten Carriol set out to create an ultra-pure lip ointment with the best hydration available, she immediately knew that lanolin had to be the key ingredient. Lanolin gives her products a lush, glossy finish whilst keeping them completely natural. She researched different products on the market and found that a lip ointment containing 100% ultra-pure medical-grade lanolin did not exist in the cosmetics world. Carriol knew she was onto something, so she enlisted her father to help her realise her dream of bringing 100% pure lanolin-based lip products to market. Over the years, she worked to develop and refine a perfect formula that met her high standards. The product had to be nourishing, moisturising, glossy, totally pure, and completely natural.

The result of Carriol’s hard work is the extensive Lanolips line. The production of ultra-pure medical-grade lanolin involves a very particular refining procedure to cleanse raw lanolin of all scent, colour, and impurities. This intensive process is what makes Lanolips the purest and most natural lanolin products on the market today.

While many beauty products include lanolin, Lanolips has the exclusive ability to prove that it uses nothing but100% natural, ultra-pure medical-grade lanolin. This lanolin contains no chemicals or additives, and it’s pure enough that many hospitals use it after surgery to aid in wound and incision healing.
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Kirsten set out to create an ultra-pure lip ointment, one that gave the best moisturisation available and that had a lush, glossy finish whilst remaining natural – something that didn’t exist in the cosmetics world. She enlisted the help of her father to help her dream become a reality. Kirsten worked to develop her perfect formula – one that was nourishing, moisturising, naturally glossy, totally pure and completely natural.


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