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Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau De Parfum 30ml 30ml

4.7 of 104 reviews


4 instalments of $25.25

Or 4 instalments of $25.25 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $25.25

Or 4 instalments of $25.25 with LEARN MORE

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FLAMMABLE This item is flammable therefore postage is restricted to Standard Post within Australia

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Sexy, provocative, rebellious. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau De Parfum is a glam rock revision of a classically feminine fragrance, a contradiction of soft white florals and fresh black coffee. An enticing shock to the senses, Black Opium is the quiet confidence that stops them in their tracks.

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SUPERIOR - 98% recommend

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Fragrance Notes:

  • Citrus
  • Fruit
  • Gourmand
  • Spice
  • Sweet
  • Oriental
  • Patchouli
  • Vanilla
  • White Floral

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4.7 of 104 reviews

98% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

I will never switch from this!


I am absolutely in love with this perfume! It smells amazing! I think I’ll keep this smell forever!

Most Helpful Criticism



I got given this as a gift and find it a bit underwhelming. To me, it just has a bit of a generic perfume smell and is fairly sweet and powdery. It's not unpleasant, just not really my cup of tea.
  1. I will never switch from this!


    I am absolutely in love with this perfume! It smells amazing! I think I’ll keep this smell forever!
  2. Love it


    I love the scent of this one, its very feminine but not too overpowering unlike some. I do find though for it to last all day I do need a few sprays.
  3. Very gorgeous perfume!


    Such a lovely and gorgeous perfume! mt favourite in the ysl opium line! Very youthful scent
  4. Everyday scent, i've bought it three times!


    This is a great every day scent, it's well priced and smells great. I find the scent doesn't last all day but I'm happy to reapply given how cheap it is.
  5. Good


    This is really popular perfume, we called it "bad girl perfume'', but I think it's too strong for me. I think this scent is suitable for going to club, not for school or work.....
  6. Long lasting


    Beautiful perfume. The bottle is very special, the smell is youthful, sexy and fresh. I love it and I get lots of compliments when I wear it. Will buy again.
  7. beautiful


    Beautiful perfume that is the perfect mix of sweet and coffee scents. Lasts all day long and I always get complimented on it!
  8. Perfect


    This smells sweet and has a vanilla tone to it too. It lasts all day for me and sometimes i can even smell it on my clothes the following days.
  9. Highly recommended

    Hannah P

    This perfume is so sophisticated and classy. I've gone through two bottles and always get compliments when wearing it. I just wish it wasn't so pricey. Luckily it only needs two sprays and lasts well on the skin.
  10. Great


    This perfume is my favourite and the smell is so pretty and it lasts all day.
  11. Sensual and sophisticated


    I love this scent, I have just finished the bottle after having it for over 2 years. The scent is almost woody with a hint of vanilla (to my nose anyway) and makes me feel so nostalgic. I have received a few compliments when wearing. I'm not sure if I would buy it again on account of wanting to try a more updated scent.
  12. The smell is so unique and sexy


    I love this perfume, I get so many compliments whenever I wear it. The smell is like no other, it is on the pricey side, but it lasts all day and two sprays goes a long way. The bottle is super cute also. I LOVE IT.
  13. pricey but amazing


    this product is a little pricey but honestly so worth it! it smells amazing and lasts for hours on end. definitely recommend
  14. gorgeous


    has a very nice smell, prefect for day wear and very inoffensive
  15. Delicious


    I've noticed that I always love these sweet & spicy perfumes the most. YSL seems to have a bunch of them. This one is lovely. It does dry down well and lasts quite a while on me. I've received many compliments while wearing it.
  16. Strong


    It’s quite strong and great for special occasions. It’s worth the price and last me over a year
  17. Such a beautiful smell


    This smell is so sweet and pretty, I love wearing it.
    Although the bottle seems small, the perfume lasts ages. I have used other perfume bottles which appear big but not much perfume product inside.
  18. Amazing


    I have been using this perfume for so long. The smells are so good and they last all day long
  19. super stylish

    Chele Pagno

    I got this perfume as a birthday present it has a great fixation and is very nice.
  20. sweet and girly


    a really nice perfume that isn't too cloying
  21. Amazing


    I love thisperfume and i spray it before heading off to work and it helps me get in the zone. The smell also lasts for half to full days and this small size is affordable
  22. Rich and delicious


    This one is always amazing for date night or going out! It's rich and divine and smells unique enough to stand out but also elegant and sophisticated with the right amount of sensual that it appeals to most noses. Love it! And longevity is amazing too
  23. Just lovely


    I was reluctant by the name, but turns out this is quite subtle once it settles. Warm and sensual. The bottle is gorgeous too, it has all this texture and kind of sparkle without being tacky glittery. Love.
  24. Go To


    Such a powerful fragrance, that can be worn both day and night. It is a really energising scent.
  25. Gorgeous perfume!


    I love this perfume and have been using it for a couple of years now. The smaller size bottle runs out way too quick for me so I'd advise sizing up to the larger bottles unless you're unsure about it :)
  26. Divine


    This is one of the best fragrances I have ever tried. It smells divine and lasts all day or night and doesn't fade. Always attracts compliments as well.
  27. YSL Love


    this perfume is so nice! every time i wear it i always get compliments! a little spray goes a long way and my bottle lasted me ages! bit expensive for 30ml though!
  28. perfect for a night out


    This is my go-to evening/night out perfume. It's such a sexy scent, without being overbearing. I don't usually use this during the day because I like something a bit more lightweight and fresh smelling, but for special occasions, this is perfect! I always get compliments when I wear it too. You definitely don't need to use a lot because the scent is quite strong and long lasting.
  29. Simply the best


    No matter how many different fragrances I try, I always always ALWAYS come back to Black Opium. I'm 28 and love this scent for both daytime and nights. It really is amazing and always gets compliments!
  30. Nice scent


    One of my favourite perfume, I do receive so many nice comment when I'm wearing this one...
  31. Such a sexy scent


    There is so much depth to this scent, it's definitely not your usual floral scent. This smells very sultry and sexy, I love wearing this during the night time when I am heading out.
  32. great perfume


    great perfume. nice smell. does last forever on your clothes and skin can smell it hours after. just dont use too much or you can get a headache.
  33. 5 stars


    This is my all time favourute. I received Black Opium as a present, but now I have also re-purchased twice more. Long lasting, yet not to overpowering. Love it!
  34. Great


    This is a very beautiful sweet smell. It makes me feel confident and feminine
  35. Signature scent


    This is popular for a reason. I have gone through more bottles of this than I'd like to admit.
    A little does go a really long way though if you spray it strategically. It also pairs really nicely with the Black Opium moisturiser and dry oil spray that you can use on your hair and body.
    No other scents I've tried can compete with this!
  36. My favourite scent


    I have been using this product for years, and haven't found anything that I would consider replacing it with.
  37. WOW


    This scent is so beautiful. Sweet with a hint of coffee, perfect for all ages
  38. Fruity


    Really fruity but has a floral scent to it after a few hours
  39. Unisex Love


    For male of female I love this smell! So sexy and dark! I love it
  40. Long last


    Absolutely love the smell, smells sexy long lasting I always get compliments
  41. Black Opium


    A very sexy and sophisticated scent very different to the usual florals I go with. The scent stays on all day long so you can tell its great quality
  42. Lloovvee


    I love this scent. Such an elegant but sexy smell. Will def re purchase and recommend
  43. Simply divine!


    Love this perfume. Smells great on everybody and lasts a long time. It's not polarising and very easy to wear. Would recommend!
  44. Ok


    I am not a big fan of the tones of the smell but it lasts super long
  45. Sophisticate scent


    The scent is very sophisticated and elegant, but it’s way too strong for me, even if I spray a tiny little bit.
  46. Beautiful fragrance


    A beautiful, sweet, vanilla smelling fragrance but has a slight coffee smell to it buts it’s lovely!
  47. great staying power


    One of the strongest perfumes I've tried before, ill give it a 10/10 for staying power as well, it definitely lasts longer than most fragrances iv tried and I only need 2 sprays each time.
  48. Different


    Im usually someone who doesn't enjoy sweet perfumes but, surprisingly this is both sweet and tame. It is subtle enough to notice you are wearing something but, not too full on that it is overwhelming. Would recommend to someone if they wanted to try something with a sweeter smell
  49. smells amazing


    smells amazing and is suitable for all ages. i always receive compliments on it when i wear it. scent lasts all day on the skin and is perfect all year round
  50. Overrated


    The scent is a bit weird, it's not very feminine and a little too strong. I was disappointed and had high hopes for it. It also doesn't have great staying power. I'm not a fan of the tones in the smell
  51. I love the smell, a little goes a long way


    I'm so into this scent by YSL. It smells incredible, but I find a little goes a long way. So just a small spray is enough.
  52. love love love


    I received a sample of this perfume when I bought another and have ended up returning the one I bought and have bought this one instead. The smell is subtle yet mesmerising. I'd describe it as a sexy smell that leaves you feeling amazing while wearing it
  53. smells dreamy


    I wear this to work everyday and get compliments. it smells so nice, it's not too young or too mature or too sweet it's sexy and cool.
  54. LOVE


    I was so lucky to receive this as a gift. It is the best smelling perfume I own. Vanilla and coffee undertones! what a dream smell
  55. Ok


    I got given this as a gift and find it a bit underwhelming. To me, it just has a bit of a generic perfume smell and is fairly sweet and powdery. It's not unpleasant, just not really my cup of tea.
  56. My all time favourite


    Definitely worth the price, absolutely adore the scent and it lasts all day. Love that it come with a mini sample to try before opening the bottle I purchased, what a great way to safely try perfume online!
  57. Fresh but has depth!


    I love this version of Opium! It's nowhere near as heavy and spicy as the original. Instead it's light and fruity, but still has some depth to it thanks to pepper and vanilla. I think most 20 somethings would love it ;)
  58. Beautiful


    I love this perfume. It is strong, like a blast of coffee and vanilla and pepper. Have been through a few bottles.
  59. smells so good


    smells sweet and sugary, kind of like la vie best belle but with a bit more of a sharp vibe
  60. Such a nice perfume!


    This is my favourite perfume! I didn't like the original black opium very much but after receiving this for my birthday I'm hooked! It smells amazing and the scent lasts longer than any of my other perfumes.
  61. amazing!


    smells like coffee, vanilla and sugar. it smells just like desserts in a bakery!
  62. Surprising scent!


    I received this perfume for my birthday and I must admit I was very hesitant to use it. I've been stuck on my Marc Jacobs scent for a few years and I let this perfume sit in my draw for about a year before I started using it.

    They say change can be good and when I finally switched to this perfume I was VERY impressed. I receive compliments all the time when I wear it - it's a flatter...
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  63. Elegant


    I didn't like the original Opium at all so didn't try this one for ages. What a mistake! It really is a completely different scent.
    This is a lovely, elegant fragrance - a warm gourmand with a strong vanilla note. I was hoping the coffee would be a little more dominant based on its description - it's definitely there but not that strong.
    It's a good evening/date night fragrance. Lasts ...
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  64. Highly addictive


    No wonder it is called opium! Sexy, sensual, mysterious, complex...cannot get enough of this perfume. Less is best. Staying power is really long compared to other EDP.
  65. Sexiest perfume for night time


    The coffee and vanilla notes in this are beautiful. It makes a sexy perfume that’s intriguing, young and likeable without being girly or super floral. Everyone who smells you will like it. Lasts forever, I can still smell it on me after a whole day and night out. I personally wouldn’t wear this at day time or to the office, I think it’s best for nights out and dates - but each to their own! Either...
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  66. Favourite!


    This is one of my favourite perfumes it smells so good!! The only perfume I buy
  67. Great


    Love this perfume!!! Perfect for nights out or special occassions. I'd describe it as a dark and sexy scent.
  68. Beautiful for special events


    Was spoilt with this for a recent birthday and I absolutely adore it for going out to dinner or a show. I have worn it to work a few times and received lots of compliments. Worth the money
  69. My favourite


    I love this perfume it’s my favourite at the moment . Everyone asks me what perfume I have on . I can’t smell it my self on me but that’s a good thing . I can smell it on my clothes though if iv had them in when iv used the perfume .
  70. My go to


    My signature scent. I literally collect these.. I have every single special edition they brought out. The smell is amazing, it lasts all day. Love!
  71. sweet evening perfume


    Opium smells very sweet to me and I like it more as an evening perfume. It's like a sweet, warm, floral spice. Great for nights out
  72. Great


    Would definitely recommend this perfume to anyone- it's the perfect mix between a fruity fragrance and a darker one
  73. Best perfume


    Love love love this perfume!! 25yrs old and it's definitely my kinda smell. Sweet yet subtle. Highly recommended
  74. Go to nighttime scent!


    This is by far my favorite scent for special occasions! Smells amazing and luxurious, and the packaging is nice too. I find the scent lasts longer than other perfumes and it isnt too overpowering. Just purchased my second bottle :)
  75. Great


    I bought this as a gift for a friend and decided to treat myself to a bottle too. I have been bought this previously and it smells gorgeous I always get compliments when I wear it and I highly recommend.
  76. one of my favourites


    This is by far one of my favourite high end scented perfumes that'll invest in. It lasts on the body and I always get compliments when using it
  77. Lovely scent


    This smells so nice, it's on the sweet side with main notes of floral but it's very feminine and suitable for daily wear
  78. Good


    Bought this perfume for my daughter for Christmas. It is her absolute favourite perfume. The size is great for travel and is her go to perfume.
  79. LOVE


    Love the sweet, fruity fragrance. I feel like I can still smell the scent after I've put my clothes through the wash. super long lasting and not to overpowering. always get compliments wearing black opium


    I received the same sample size last month and I also had a tester of it from my local drug store. It smells amazing like I mean you can wear it for work, going to the shops, going out or even just for chilling. It has this distinct smell and it’s amazing.
  81. Amazing perfume


    This Black Opium perfume is amazing! It smells wonderful and gets lots of attention. The bottle is also gorgeous.
  82. Beautiful scent!


    This is great for a statement and for a night out. It is a powerful sexy fragrance that tends to suit most people. Huge fan!
  83. YUM!


    This is an amazing product!! The smell is divine and everyone always asks what I'm wearing! Love it
  84. Amazing


    Such a gorgeous smell, always get compliments when i wear it!
  85. I'm in love


    I love this scent and I always get compliments when I wear it.
    I find it has coffee & vanilla notes with subtle sweet flowers... which for me is perfect.
    I switch between this & Giorgio Armani Si Eau De Parfum, so if you like similar complex scents this is worth buying because I promise you won't regret it!
  86. Sexy & delicious


    Love this perfume, it smells like coffee & it’s so so delicious! Not overpowering at all, but also wears beautifully through the day. I love wearing it to bed!
  87. Strong and sweet!


    Smells like a coffee and caramel to me. Makes me hungry but is a little to sweet and cloying for everyday wear in my opinion.
  88. Classy perfume for a classy lady!


    I LOVE THIS! It is my go to scent for a night out! I feel so sexy wearing it and I always get complements on it and I'm like thanks it was expensive haha.
    The price kills me a little on the inside but the scent is very strong so you only need like one to two spritzes of it.
  89. holy mother of perfume


    After hearing and seeing so many people buy this perfume but have never smelt it myself, I was confident enough that I purchased this online without smelling first but after ready so many peoples reviews it made me feel like it was definitely a scent I would like, and boy am I glad I did

    I have received so many compliments about my scent since wearing this perfume, friends family and ...
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  90. Intoxicating


    My fav perfume and so glad to see it here on Adore as usual, great service.
  91. Beautiful


    Beautiful scent! Such a luxe item that I keep for special occassions
  92. A beautiful scent


    This is one of my all time favorite fragrances. The smell is strong but not overpowering and it lasts on the skin for hours. I always get compliments when I wear this.
  93. Summer is coming!


    I have been using YSL Black Opium for a month now and am delighted with it’s staying power. I wanted a perfume that would last but also not too heavy as I don’t like a heavy fragrance in the summer months. Black Opium (despite it’s name!) is ideal as it has ‘staying power’ but is a fresher, more citrus fragrance than the usual Opium by YSL. Has the usual vanilla notes too and not overpowering-I’m ...
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  94. Gorgeous scent


    The vanilla and coffee notes really are the stars of the show with this amazing scent. I tell myself to save it for special occasions but let's be honest, it's so good I use it all the time and I never get tired of it. I think it's more of a fall and winter scent but I'm certainly not above breaking my own rules and spritzing this on year round. I'll always be sure to have a bottle of this gem rea...
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  95. Signature scent


    I have tried so many perfumes but none smell right on my skin except for this! I wear this almost daily and i never get sick of the smell. It is a beautiful and romantic scent, one which i regularly get compliments on! I love that this reacts well with my skin and i know others find that it does too. Overall i would recommend this perfume!
  96. Feminine classy fragrance


    Love this perfume! Smells so feminine and pretty! I use this perfume for nights out as it can be a heavier scent
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