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The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA 30ml

4.5 of 346 reviews


4 instalments of $3.18

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4 instalments of $3.18

Or 4 instalments of $3.18 with LEARN MORE

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Lactic Acid is an alpha hydroxyl acid that exfoliates the skin. The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA offers mild exfoliation and is supported with a purified Tasmanian pepperberry known to reduce signs of inflammation and sensitivity that is often associated with exfoliation.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention
  • Deep Lines

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA

The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA

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The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA Reviews

4.5 of 346 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Oily skin remedy!


I definitely found this product too late. I have been suffering from oily skin for so many years has worked wonders. I have also recently developed some blemish marks on my skin and it’s reduced the blemish within a week of using it!

Love this product !

Most Helpful Criticism

Strong but effective


I was worried to use, because i have really sensitive skin, but I first tried the lowest strength acid and i found once my skin was use to it, i was able to use the next strength up (which i am still trying to get my skin use to), because first time i used it, it was very strong for my skin, but its still a great product
  1. Not my favourite AHA


    verified purchaser
    I bought this along with a few other AHAs to see how they went with my skin. This product gave me no irritation but I feel like the results were not as dramatic as other such as glycolic acid. I have oily skin and perhaps the Latic Acid works longer term and the glycolic give the overnight results. Nothing wrong with the product but I wouldn't repurchase.
  2. Oily skin remedy!


    I definitely found this product too late. I have been suffering from oily skin for so many years has worked wonders. I have also recently developed some blemish marks on my skin and it’s reduced the blemish within a week of using it!

    Love this product !
  3. Not bad! At home facial peel


    This isn't pad for the price at all. I use it every now and again. However i will unlikely repurchase.
  4. Smooth skin


    I was recommended this product when I went to buy some other ordinary products. And I am glad I decided to buy this one too! The first few application I found a bit weird as the it feels quite sticky when applied. However, you definitely get past this when you start seeing results! Lactic Acid is exfoliating and resurfacing, as well as being hydrating. My skin now feels so smooth and has even brig...
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  5. Cheap and effective


    This product is amazing! Both from the price point and the results. It has cleared up any congestion my skin has but doesn't dry it out. I know when I use this at night that I'll wake up with smooth, clear skin! Plus for only $12 what do you have to loose? Definitely worth a try!
  6. This product has really helped my skin feel smooth.


    This product was what I expected. I wasn’t blown away but it did help with making my skin feel more smooth and helped with my black heads.
  7. Amazing!


    I bought this quite a while ago and forgot I had it. I have been using it every night before bed and have seen such a difference in my complexion. My face is brighter and have less breakouts!! I have had bad acne for the past 10 years.
  8. Lactic acid


    I found this more gentle than the glycolic acid by The Ordinary. I loved it for resurfacing my skin and making my complexion look brighter in general. Love!
  9. My first chemical exfoliant


    This is my first chemical exfoliant and so far so good. I have dry and somewhat sensitive skin however this does not sting, unless I have a cut where it only stings a tiny little bit, for a brief period. I use this ever second day before bed and have used it to replace any physical exfoliants as I feel like this does the job just as well for myself


    (Skin Type: Oily)
    I use The Ordinary Lactic acid 10% + HA every single night. This product has helped so much with my acne, I barely break out anymore and my acne is much less visible. I can safely say that this product works as I have used this product for around 3 months. A little bit of this product goes a long way, I only find myself needing 5-6 drops of this. However I wouldn't recommen...
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  11. Smooth, glowing skin


    My skin looks like I've had a facial in the morning after putting this on at night. Love it!!
  12. Skin feels soft and smooth


    I have been using this for just a week and have already noticed a change in the texture of my skin. It feels much smoother and have had no irritation even with sensitive skin. I use every second day.
  13. Pretty Good!!


    I’ve recently swapped over to chemical exfoliants after my skincare expert friend critiqued my routine and I will say I do love this product. Super easy to apply and really affordable as well! I will say whilst the product works a charm, I often find my dry skin can be a bit flaky Around breakouts after using it - but it doesn’t deter me. I use it every second day instead of the niacinamide from t...
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  14. Good quality product for skincare starters or those on a budget


    If you're new to skincare or want to keep your skincare costs down, this is a great option for an exfoliant. I don't think I get the best results from this product BUT I'm super happy with the results considering how affordable it is. I like to have this product in my bathroom to supplement some of my more expensive exfoliants that I want to last a long time.
  15. Strong but effective


    I was worried to use, because i have really sensitive skin, but I first tried the lowest strength acid and i found once my skin was use to it, i was able to use the next strength up (which i am still trying to get my skin use to), because first time i used it, it was very strong for my skin, but its still a great product
  16. Never going back to physical exfoliation again


    This product is absolutely amazing. I was skeptical at first as a) i have sensitive skin and b) I have never used chemical exfoliation before (always used physical). After doing some research on how physical exfoliants were probably making my skin issues worse by creating micro-abrasions, inflammation and irritation (I have (had) sensitive oily/combination skin, larger pores, adult/hormonal and fu...
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  17. If Glycolic isn't working try this

    Chloe Rose

    I have combination skin, which means that the perimeter of my face is quite dry and textured. I have been using glycolic as my acid for years, and thought it maybe wasn't strong enough, but after trying this, I realised that glycolic was too strong and that I suit lactic acid better. Lactic is exfoliating and resurfacing, but also hydrating. Haven't seen any change in complexion (yet, I've only us...
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  18. Fast delivery


    Amazing, ordered the product on Sunday and arrived by Wednesday the next week. Perfect condition.
  19. I like it, but use with caution and on rotation


    It is a good product, I have been using it for a few months once or twice a week, on a rotation with liquid gold. It gives a nice resurface to your skin overnight, but it is quite strong, especially given I use other products that have exfoliating ingredients. The additional HA gives it a nice hydrating feel on my skin. Overall I do recommend this product, but it is one to use sparingly I think.
  20. First time user!


    This was my first time using a chemical exfoliant (or any skincare product really) ever. I have been using it nightly for about 3 weeks now, with the Niacinamide in the AM. I have medium-toned combination skin that gets mad dry and flaky in the winters, with occasional breakouts. I have not had any flaky skin, nor does it make my skin oily as many products do for my skin. I still get the occasiona...
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  21. Excellent value for money exfoliator


    This was the first lactic acid chemical peel I had used and I really love it. For a 10% formula it is REALLY well priced, easy and simple to use and very effective. After use my skin is smooth, more radiant and fresh.
  22. It works


    Loving this product. I tend to get some dry skin on my T-zone, this product works almost instantly to remove this surface dead skin while leaving the skin hydrated from the mix of HA. I am using it a little more regularly and finding that I am not getting the dry skin at all and making my skin brighter. I have used it on slight blemishes and I think it has helped them disappear more quickly too. I...
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  23. Great for pigmentation


    Love this product. I have found it has noticeably faded my pigmentation! I have tried loads of products in order to do this and now the $12 one works! Such a game changer. Also makes my skin feel so soft and bright after using!
  24. Very effective!


    I really like this product. My first time using an acid and i don't find it too strong or irritating. It gives a subtle tingle but its not uncomfortable and i find my pores are clearer and a bit smaller after each use. I press the product into my skin and i can hear a sizzling sound which i kind of enjoy!
  25. I love this stuff!


    I use this item every day, after my morning moisturisers and sunscreens it helps with how much product and make up sits on my skin.
  26. I love this stuff!


    I use this item every day, after my morning moisturisers and sunscreens it helps with how much product and make up sits on my skin.


    Seriously amazing stuff, how is something so affordable make my skin look so rich?! I am completely obsessed !!
    It makes My skin looks so refreshed & plump in the mornings from application the night before.
    I have sensitive skin so some nights when I apply it feels a little bit more tingly than others but I swear the feeling is addictive!
    Totally worth it, everyone should defi...
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  28. good

    Acne attacker

    honestly at the start i had really bad tingling sensation under my eyes and when this serum is applied to new breakouts/cysts it actually burns but in the morning it does bring your breakout a little down. I haven't seen much of a difference in my pigmentation. I find that its better using it as a night serum
  29. Great Exfoliator!


    The product is great for my skin, and I can sort of feel like working away to cleanse it, and I've learn to trust chemical exfoliators over physical ones, despite their name. It can be a little harsh, so I don't use it more than 2 times weekly, which does mean the bottle lasts longer.
  30. Amazing at Improving Texture


    I had initially bought this product to improve some hyper-pigmentation issues I had gotten from a past breakout. I was instead surprised by how well it improved the texture of my skin.
    Every time I applied it, it gave me such a healthy and dewy glow!
    Although, I noticed after 3 months of use it started to lose its effectiveness.

    PS. This product did help a bit with my hyp...
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  31. Pigmentation Game Changer


    Absolute love this product. This was the product that really turned me onto The Ordinary and made me want to try the whole range. Fades pigmentation and acne scars beautifully and also just makes my complexion so much clearer the next day. I feel lightly exfoliated! When I get a spot, I apply this as a preventative and it seems to help with the healing and fading.
  32. Prefer the 5%


    I'm pretty lazy so usually just use my hands to apply product- I found the 10% to be a bit runnier than the 5% so this was a little difficult- absolutely not a problem if you're using a pad to apply it though! I think the 5% is strong enough for me and a good beginner if you haven't tried a chemical exfoliant before.
  33. Going back to the 5%


    Tried this after using the 5% for a long time. Was a bit runnier than I expected which is fine if you're using it with a pad. I'm a bit lazier and pop it straight onto my hands so prefer the 5% which I find I still get great results from but is gentle enough for my sensitive skin. Gave it to a friend who loves it.
  34. Affordable and amazing


    Along with the ordinary’s other skin care products I have used this in my everyday skin care routine and my face is visibly improved, it has cleared up, looks hydrated and glowing and feels great. I have no negatives about this product. It bejng so affordable I thought it would need a lot to go onto your face but the smallest amount sprays a long way so it will definitely last.
  35. like it


    I like this for my oily skin as it helps with texture and acne
  36. Bargain product


    This exfoliant is a great first chemical exfoliant. It will help you get a sense of what they can do, is fairly gentle and is an amazing price. It goes on smooth and preps the skin for other products
  37. Initial improvement was not maintained


    My skin improved initially when I started using this and became clearer but after using it for a few months it gradually lost its effectiveness and it doesn't seem to help as much now.
  38. Good PM serum

    Skincare fusspot

    I use this every other night. I’ve repurchased it 3 times. A little goes a long way. It doesn’t dry out my skin, but it does dry out break outs. It’s evened out my skins texture.
  39. Game changer


    I’ve been using this product for about a month now. It makes my skin so smooth and evens my skin tone
  40. Great for exfoliating


    Previously I had used the 5% and that worked great for my first time using this type of exfoliator! My skin texture evens out great after the bottle was used up. When I re purchased this product I brought the 10% and would recommend for second time use as it is more aggressive but worked amazing on my acne prone skin !! A must have in my skin care routine !
  41. Smoothes my skin a lot


    I have noticed using this every night has improved the overall texture of my skin dramatically. I was surprised because it is such an affordable product! A little on the sticky side so I would definitely use a moisturiser after applying it then it feels fine. Would recommend for textured skin and for people who don't like physical exfoliation.
  42. Initial improvement was not maintained


    My skin improved initially when I started using this and became clearer but after using it for a few months it gradually lost its effectiveness and it doesn't seem to help as much now.
  43. Great exfoliate


    I’ve just purchased my second bottle of this and use it second daily at night. It is such a gentle exfoliate however it has really gotten rid of my dry skin. I sinks into the skin easily and has very little odour
  44. My daily chemical exfoliator


    I was hesitant to begin using chemical exfoliators, but did a lot of research and started here. I initially diluted the LA 5%with The Ordinary's squalane, then used the product undiluted.
    I have since graduated to this 10% solution (intially diluting it with the 5%) and I am amazed with how well my skin has taken to it. I can honestly say, as a previous sceptic, that my skin is smoother (t...
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  45. Didn't see any difference


    I'm a big fan of The Ordinary but this one just hasn't done anything for me. Not bad, but just no benefits that I can see. With some of The Ordinary products the next morning your skin feels amazing but this one - meh. Its cheap so no harm done!
  46. Good at the start


    I think this is great if you have incredibly robust skin, and it helped me when my acne was really bad, but after a while it began to dry out my skin and a bit on my neck got very sore. I think it is very good, but go moderately.
  47. Could be improved


    It leaves my skin radiant and softer, but I find the formula to be too watery and tacky.
  48. Nice!


    This is my first time using lactic acid, and i love it! I apply this every second night after i cleanse, it tingles the skin a little for a few minutes and then that sensation goes away.
    I wake up with very smooth bright skin. So good at such an affordable cost!
  49. Good for sensitive!


    This is a really good product and better than most Lactic Acid treatments, didn't make my sensitive skin red :)
  50. Amazing serum


    I have sensitive skin and this is a gentle exfoliant. It does not irritate my skin or sting
  51. Couldn


    This started out with good results for my skin helping to keep it clear but after a few months of use its effectiveness has lessened and it doesn't make much of a difference anymore.
  52. Great for pigmentation


    After a week of using this serum, I noticed a lot less pigmentation and redness all-round. The consistency is very watery and can be difficult to apply. I experience a little irritation when applying after a good scrub, just tingly and not uncomfortable. Definitely worth giving a go for the price! My skin was more supple and clear after consistent use.
  53. Lovely hydrating exfoliant


    I alternate this LA 10% +HA with glycolic acid every other day. I love that this is hydrating but I would still continue with hydrating skincare after 2-3min of application. My skin is soft, supple, no more dullness and best of all, no blackheads with just 4 uses over 2wks of using this.
  54. So good!


    I use this product twice a week only when my skin is clear (and only at night(. I use it to maintain clear skin and i dont layer my niacinimide on top, just moisturiser and oil. It makes my skin look so soft and radiant!
  55. Good


    This gently exfoliates my oily skin and helps my pore size
  56. Excellent for large pores


    I initially read the reviews for this product and was really impressed by the results I got. I have acne-prone skin with large pores and some discolouration, and the lactic acid really improved my overall skin tone by using it consistently over 5-6 months. I used it as part of my AM routine before my moisturiser and found that my makeup sat really well on top of it, which was very convenient. I st...
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  57. Sticky and too strong


    Smells like watermelon lollies and feels very sticky. Too strong and over works my skin.
  58. Helps smooth skin


    Product works well and lessens severity of breakouts, didn't have any issues with tingling.
  59. lactic acid


    i use it 2-3 times a week and it really helps to maintain clear skin for me. i get an occasional breakout and this really helps the texture
  60. Loving the glow


    I do love the glow this product gives my skin but I have lessened my usage of it each week. I feel like my moisture barrier was slightly compromised using it every 3 days so I have dropped to once a week as I build up my tolerance. I use a number of other actives so it is probably a good thing. I love that this doesn't have a tacky feel to it as well
  61. Gentle AHA


    I very much enjoy this! I have been using the Ordinary's glycolic toner but I find this lactic acid more gentle for my skin with the same results!
  62. Works for many things


    I have used a bottle of this product and have found many things, Firstly, it does sting especially if you get it around your eye area, however, other than that, I notice an instant range in my skin tone. I think with consistent use, it may show even better results.
  63. Love The Ordinary, Love This


    Bought this product originally as I read you could mix it with a cleanser and do a good Sunday Riley dupe. This is true but now I use it everyday (or with cleanser as a flash brightening mask). So good.
  64. Great intro chemical peel


    I bought this after finishing the 5% lactic acid by the ordinary. It’s a quality product that works and for such a reasonable price! I was looking for a stronger chemical peel to help with my dark spots and pigmentation. I’ve since moved on to glycolic acid which I like more, but I think the ordinary lactic acid is a great starting place for people who haven’t tried chemical peels before!
  65. Works well


    This is my first time using a chemical exfoliator and I am really enjoying it. I only use it once or twice a week as my skin gets dry and it really seems to help the texture and evening of my skin tone. I will continue to use this product.
  66. Good mild product


    Good mild facial acid, doesn’t hurt or sting. I scrub my face and leave this on overnight and following day my skin feels soft. Helps to expose clogged pores so you can actually get the gunk out. I’m on my second or third bottle and will keep using.
  67. Great price point - can't go wrong!


    I purchased this after spending a fortune on a similar product. I wasn’t expecting miracles, however I was pleasantly surprised that it was just as effective as the $$$$$ version. Would recommend giving this a try as you can’t go wrong with the price point and it works!
  68. Excellent

    Sarah P

    Switched from Clinique skincare regime to the Ordinary about 4 months ago. Experienced no purging what so ever and my skin looks more moisturised and I am experiencing less breakouts too. A little goes a long way with this product too - just a few small drops for the entire face. Recommend starting on this 5% before moving to 10%. And at this price point - it's hard to find a negative
  69. Amazing


    As someone who gets frequent chemical/medical grade peels, I love using this between treatments, or when I'm away on holidays and can't have a stronger peel. It is gentle enough to have zero down-time, and leaves your skin feeling very soft the next day, as well as helping to control oily skin. It can sting a little though if you have sensitive skin or if don't use peels/acids often.
  70. Love this


    The only product I’ve tried that really does reduce inflammation.
  71. Smooth Skin


    This is a great exfoliation, it makes your skin smooth by evening out your skin tone.
    I did find it slightly tingled but that went away quickly.
  72. Gentle exfoliater


    This is a good gentle exfoliater although can only use a few times a week without drying out skin.
  73. Great product


    I added this product to my skin care regime about 6 months ago.
    Using 2-3 times a week initially it gave a tingling sensation but settled quickly. I couldn't believe the difference in my skin after as little as a couple of weeks and I now used this product at a minimum every 2 night.
    I've seen an improvement in unevenness and tone, and reduction in any flare ups or irritation in my T...
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  74. great exfoliator


    I love this product, i have very sensitive skin so this gently exfoliates my skin. I use three times a week, but i think if you have less sensitive skin you can use it more.
  75. Good Product


    Good quality, gentle exfoliating acid. If used every other night you will notice a difference in a month or so. Be sure to use a high quality hydrator. I now use a glycolic acid, but would very happily switch back to this
  76. bye bye scarring


    most dermatologist recommend using chemical exfoliants over physical ones because its less harsh on the skin. My skin is super sensitive and this doesn't inflame it or redden my skin but it feels sooo amazing and smooth once i've used it. my scarring is almost completely gone and i've struggled for years to get rid of that. would 100% recommend the ordinary over alot of higher end brands as its ch...
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  77. Great


    This helps remove the dead skin cells and texture on my skin over time. Really good product
  78. love it!


    The 10% solution was a better fit to my skin compared to the 5% one. Now part of my bedtime routine! Love it and can definitely see a more even skin tone. My skin feels plump and ready for the day the next morning.
  79. Swear by this


    I love this. Wish it came in supersized. It is gentle on the skin (minor tingle) and it last forever!
  80. Good gentle exfoliator


    This is a good gentle exfoliator that helps to keep the skin clear without causing irritation.
  81. My favourite TO product

    Becky V

    This is the freaking holy grail of my collection. I have extremely dry and dehydrated skin after having a baby. After just one use I noticed a huge difference to my skin. A little bit goes a long way so I am expecting it last a long time too. My skin felt smoother as soon as I applied it. I use it every second day and I absolutely love it!
  82. Good exfoliation


    Tried a few times. Skin feels smoother after using. Gentle on skin compared to some other AHAs.
  83. The ordinary never worked for me.


    I'm an 18 y/o girl who has dealt with acne since puberty. I always only get it on my chin which I put down to hormones, I eat vegan for my skin but still battle cystic pimples on my chin at any time of the month. There is only maybe 2-4 days of the whole month where my skin is clear. My skin isn't really sensitive or oily or dry, but it does get dry patches over healing breakouts which I assume is...
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  84. A lovely refresh for the face


    I love to use this product all over my face every 3-4 nights, it just gives that refreshed feeling and takes away an impurities or bumps on the skin.
  85. amazing


    Great to use in the summer! So lovely and refreshing for my skin
  86. Exfoliating


    This is a very good product considering the cheap price and works by exfoliating away cells while soaking into your skin. There are much better products available but this is good if you're on a budget.
  87. I love this!


    I have very dry skin and eczema on my face and I was a little nervous about what this was gonna do to my face but I did not get any stinging or burning sensation at all. I did avoid the eczematous patch on my face but it was wonderful for the rest of my face. I used to have some small bumps on my face which I was very frustrated about. I thought cleansing, manual exfoliating and moisturising was e...
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  88. Radiant skin!


    I feel like it made my skin very glowy, and just resurfaced my skin so I had baby skin. I didn’t originally feel as though it was too rough on my skin, or that I dried it out, but after starting to use retinol, I think it’s way too rough my skin in conjunction with that. But I did thoroughly love it when I first used it!
  89. Really like this product


    I don't use as often as I should, but I do really like it. It goes on really smooth and leaves my skin looking nice and feeling hydrated. Is also a slight chemical exfoliant so it leaves you with a nice fresh glow :)
  90. Skin feels super clear!


    I use this product once or twice a week as an overnight facial. When I wake up my skin feels significantly brighter, tighter and clearer. It may be a little bit strong for sensitive skin, but for me it is a great and affordable addition to my skincare routine.
  91. Hello clear skin!!


    Agh how I adore this product! It clears my skin, prevents breakouts, and gives me a bright complexion. I use this daily in the evening. Make sure to use sunscreen if you use this product :)
  92. My fav!


    Really one of the best products i've tried for my skin. I was aiming for something that would help in evening my skin ton as i am prone to red patches and uneven skin. The results were close to immediate and I will continue using this to see how it holds up. As I have somewhat oily skin it hasn't worked against my skin negatively and has actually helped in balancing out my skins overall dryness an...
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  93. In awe


    This was my first experience with a chemical exfoliator and I found it to be incredibly gentle and hydrating. I suffer from a lot of surface dehydration , but from the first use my skin was transformed. It was softer, smoother and hydrated. I felt very little, if any, irritation from the product. This will definitely become a staple in my skincare routine.
  94. Gentle Exfoliant


    Gentle but effective exfoliant. My skin looks hydrated and smoother almost instantly after applying this product. Great product if you're new to trying acids. Love love love !
  95. Skin needs some TLC


    When your skin needs some TLC - breaking out, large pores, congested skin and texture this product is your best friend. If you have sensitive skin I'd recommend using the lactic acid paired with the ordinary hyaluronic acid so it isn't so harsh on the skin. Mixing hyaluronic acid and lactic acid using it nightly my skin after a few days is brighter and clearer! Helps fade my acne scars and textur...
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  96. Real improvements


    I have seen a great improvement in the appearance of my skin using this. I use it 3 times a week, it has a slight tingling sensation but very gentle. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and fresh
  97. Great


    My skin is so much smoother and there are no flakes on my skin after using this product. It also hydrates my skin and it is so affordable.
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