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The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2% - 30ml 30ml

4.5 of 453 reviews


4 instalments of $3.18

Or 4 instalments of $3.18 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $3.18

Or 4 instalments of $3.18 with LEARN MORE

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 The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA offers mild exfoliation and is supported with a purified Tasmanian pepperberry known to reduce signs of inflammation and sensitivity that is often associated with exfoliation.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention
  • Deep Lines

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2% - 30ml

The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2% - 30ml

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The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2% - 30ml Reviews

4.5 of 453 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive


Laura Turner

Seems to be doing the job!

Most Helpful Criticism

not so sure


I cleared my face a bit but not that much of a difference honestly -
  1. Love

    Laura Turner

    Seems to be doing the job!
  2. Fantastic!!


    it improves your skin tone
  3. Love


    This is such a lifesaver! Ever since I stopped using physical exfoliants and instead starting using this 2-3 times a week, I never have problems with texture on my skin. My breakouts are also usually alot less angry the morning after using it
  4. Perfect exfoliator


    This product worked perfectly in getting rid of my dead skin cells, I used this twice a week and could see a difference in only two weeks which is a significantly better result than other exfoliators I have tried. I would recommend however, if you have sensitive skin maybe opt for the lactic acid 5%.
  5. Perfect medium exfoliator for me


    I usually used a high percentage lactic acid and mixed it with a natural cream to dilute it. After trying a great face primer from this brand I wanted to try this lactic acid product. It's great value and personally gentle but not too much, just the right percentage for noticeably effective changes to my skin texture. Have tried many all different exfoliating acids in past and lactic personally se...
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  6. Soft texture that absorbs well


    I haven’t notice a difference with this product but I like the texture because it’s watery and absorbs (not like BHA’s that leave some shine on the skin).
  7. lactic acid


    verified purchaser
    this is a really effective lactic acid product, it keeps my skin clear and smooth without drying it out
  8. Fantastic!!


    it helps my acne in my face
  9. Love it but dry


    I use it twice a week but my skin seems to be pretty dry
  10. great for legs


    So i bought this product to help exfoliate my legs - i have really dry skin and found the lactic acid is gentle enough to use often on my legs. it feels a lot better than the glycolic acid almost watery in texture. easily absorbed so i can quickly moisturize after. def recommend
  11. Quite strong


    I switched over to this after using the 5% formulation for several months thinking my skin was ready but this is quite strong. It works well, but does create some redness so I choose to use this in only less sensitive areas of my face. A great chemical exfoliator but I'd definitely suggest starting with the 5% if you're new to these acids.
  12. Great chemical exfoliator


    I really like this product. I use it most nights before bed. I prefer chemical exfoliators over physical ones, and this one is strong enough but not over exfoliating. If you have really sensitive skin you might want to start with 5% first.
  13. not great


    not sure on this one, did not see any negatives or positives from using it for about 3 weeks
  14. Love it!


    Love love this product. I don’t think I have sensitive skin, I’ve seen a few people say it was too strong for them, but personally I think it’s fantastic. I don’t use it very regularly as I’m not treating an issue, I use this more as ‘the occasional exfoliant’ so maybe every 2 weeks I might use it once. After 1 application I can feel such a huge difference, my skin is soft and subtle and smooth. I...
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  15. love


    great exfoliate and gentle on the skin/. it great that you can get different % as i have sensitive skin and started with 5%
  16. No noticable difference


    I used this daily for a few months but I did not notice any significant positive changes to my skin in that time.
  17. Too strong for sensitive skin


    I really like a lot of products from the ordinary but this one is actually too strong for me, I started using it once a week expecting to build up but my skin was too sensitive after using it, I tried for a few weeks and it didn't got better so I decided to refrain from using it. Maybe it is better for people with a less sensitive skin.
  18. Product's colour changed after 3 months


    I rarely used the product but noticed that after 3 months, the colour has changed? I'm not sure what happened there.
  19. Helps brighten my skin


    I used this product after I finished using the 5% lactic acid version and it worked really well in keeping my skin bright and clear. Would definitely recommend anyone new to exfoliation to try out the 5% version first though, especially if you have dry and sensitive skin like I do.
  20. Gentle exfoliator


    My sister was using the ordinarys Glycolic but it was a bit too much for her skin. I purchased the lactic as its more gentle and she’s loving it. It’s a really nice consistency and sinks in nicely.
  21. Love how my skin feels


    My skin feels so smooth after this product, but not overly tight like some other exfoliants I've used.
  22. Great for keratosis pilaris on face


    I have been using this product for nearly two weeks and have found it has reduced the kp on the sides of my face. Although it is not a huge difference, it has helped within only two weeks of applying it every night. Definitely give it a go if you are looking for something to help reduce the appearance of kp.
  23. Great!


    I used this around the time I normally get horrible hormonal acne and not only did I only get a single breakout, the product reduced the size of the breakout significantly overnight. Definitely recommend especially at the price point!
  24. Wonderful exfoliant for use 1-2 times a week


    Great exfoliant, makes my skin feel fresh and exfoliated. Can feel a bit harsh sometimes so I only use 1-2 times a week.
  25. Gentle but effective


    Absorbs into the skin so quickly. Is so gentle but such a great exfoliant, Have repurchased twice!
  26. Love it


    Love this product - my go to when my skin needs a bit of a boost to radiance! This has been a re-purchase of mine multiple times.
  27. super gentle


    very gentle compared to glycolic but still has exfoliating action. Love this for when my skin is more sensitive
  28. My Holy Grail


    This has got to be my holy grail exfoliating product. I used the 5% for a while but didn't notice too much difference but the 10% is amazing. Ive stopped using it every single day as I'm using more exfoliants/prescription retinoids but this has been my go-to for years- have used over 10 bottles I think.
    Great consistency- doesn't burn and layers well. Makes my face so smooth it's a lifesaver...
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  29. Awesome!!


    I have Acne-prone skin , and was not too sure if i should buy this product.... but its life changing it has helped me get rid of my acne!! and it also made my skin so smooth, 100000%% get it and u won't regret
  30. Great product


    I have oily skin that breaks out and this product has already made my skin feel less bumpy, as well as fade my acne scars.
  31. Very gentle


    I bought this product to smooth my skin and move my skin tone more even and I've been using this product twice a week for a month. So far the result has not been quite obvious. However, I do like that it is not harsh on my skin and I will increase dosage next month. I won't be able to use it up within three months though.
  32. Not sure


    I can feel my skin very slightly sting when I apply this LA but I don't think it's improved my skin texture or pigmentation.
  33. lactic


    clears my skin really nicely. it doesn't dry my skin out like harsher acids. would recommend
  34. very good


    It is not as strong as I expect., after I put it on, My skin turns red a little bit.
  35. Best body exfoliant


    I've been using the Lactic Acid %5 on my face, neck and decolletage every second day, with great results, and following up with this on my body. My skin is smoother, more hydrating and it's improving my pigmentation. It's very gentle but really effective, highly recommend
  36. Great for acne treatment


    Love this product for treating hormonal acne. Go easy with the application the first few times you use it. I lathered it on the first time and the skin under my eyes was quiet sensitive the next day. I use it lightly in the evenings and it leaves my skin looking clearer and smoother the next day.
  37. The best thing I have ever bought


    This left my skin feeling so smooth and it evened out my texture. I used this 2 times a week and honestly it did wonders to my skin.
  38. Great for your face & Body


    I used this for my body as I had some scarring and using this has helped with fading. When I use this on my face I literally wake up glowing. Literally
  39. Value for money


    I decided to try this one out after using the 5% version and find the results are better with this.

    I do find it works best if you try to be consistent with it 2-3 times a week as well as letting it sit on your skin for a good 10-30 mins before applying oils/moisturisers to do its thing. It can be a little drying if you get a bit excited with the amount you use, generally 3-5 drops a...
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  40. not so sure


    I cleared my face a bit but not that much of a difference honestly -
  41. Great product


    I use this product about 2 times a week or when I have breakouts.
    I only apply to affected areas. I find this helps to get rid of my breakouts a lot quicker and also reduces scarring. It is very drying for my skin and so I would not be able to use this anymore than 2 times a week as I already suffer with dry flaky skin but for the purpose I am using it it does a great job, I only noticed tin...
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  42. ok for the price


    Nothing really changed after applying this product for a few months, But it's a decent product for its price,
  43. Clears Scarring


    Been using this on my body to clear scarring and it works well.
  44. Perfect strength!


    When I purchased this product I was expecting it to be very strong however, after I put it on my skin I felt a very slight tingling sensation and it worked it's magic over night. I have slightly reactive skin however this product did not irritate my skin at all.
  45. Star product for me


    I love this little powerhouse. It feels a bit tingly until your skin adjusts to it. I apply at night and always wake up looking refreshed and with brighter and clearer skin. Great for helping me deal with some acne scarring
  46. Hard to tell if its working


    I got this to even skin texture but its not a miracle worker. Its a little tricky to use as its very watery but I dont want to add too much. I don't think I would repurchase and other products are a little more effective
  47. No more congestion!


    This was my first ever product for chemical exfoliation, and I would say it did an overall pretty decent job. Considering it was my first time, and this product is also a high strength exfoliation, I did not experience any adverse reactions on my skin. No more than a slight tingle.

    I use this every 3 days before I apply a sleeping mask over just so the mask could do it's job a little...
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  48. Good product


    I have oily skin with pigmentation. Cute little bottle. I have pretty resistant skin but this stung my skin a little when applying! But as I got used to it, the stinging went away. I recommend starting off slowly and build your way up.

    I have noticed my skin is much softer after using this product for a month. Really good at exfoliating my skin.
  49. Really great glow


    Provides a great glow in the morning and love the product at it's lowest strength, but can leave your skin feeling tight and dry if you don't moisturize heavily after
  50. Exfoliates lightly


    My skin is so much smoother now
  51. Not sure yet


    I'm not really sure if this does anything. It smells a bit gross.
    I use it once or twice a week and the bottle has lasted for ages. Months.
    I don't see a difference in my skin after using it. I'll keep going. But it's not a magic product like some of the other TO products (eg Niacinamide, that stuff is great).
  52. Gentle


    I have sensitive skin so this is a good alternative to a harsh exfoliator or peel. It doesn't give you the feeling that it's peeling your skin off, it's much more gentle and has a watery texture.
  53. Love this!


    This product is nice to use and works wonders for acne. Highly recommend and will be purchasing again!
  54. glow from within


    i started off with the 5% lactic acid and worked my way up to the 10%. i absolutely love it and it's super affordable! i use this every night and wake up to glowing skin, definitely recommend and is good for beginners.
  55. Great value!!


    I love this product it always makes my skin feel nice and smooth. I highly recommend.
  56. Helped clear my skin


    Really helped me with my breakouts. I love the ordinary, most of their products have helped me a lot.
  57. not too bad


    I like this stuff, it has pretty good effects but can make your skin feel really dry unless you moisturise profusely after using it.
  58. Love this product


    I love this product it always makes my skin feel nice and smooth. I highly recommend.
  59. Love this product


    I love this product it always makes my skin feel nice and smooth. I highly recommend.
  60. Love!


    For the price point, this serum is incredible! It makes my skin feel super hydrated, glowing, and fresh! I can see the difference in my skin the next morning whenever I use it! Normally I get horrible hormonal acne, and ever since I have incorporated this I have noticed such a difference!!
  61. Staple in my routine!


    I've been using this consistently for a couple of years (after starting with the 5% lactic acid), and it's a staple in my evening routine. I never get irritation or sensitivities from it (although don't have incredibly sensitive skin) - just soft, glowing skin in the morning! I used to mix with my moisturiser to soften any potential sensitivity, but have more recently started using on its own afte...
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  62. Great product


    I use this product once a week as a chemical exfoliant and can attest that it is gentle, that it works and that it leaves your skin glowing afterwards. My friend also uses the product and we often say that we wish we could use it in the day time because the glow is unreal.


    this is the only defoliator that I use on my skin, absolutely love it so much. I have issues with eczema flareups especially on my forehead, using this doesn't seem to irritate this at all and smooths my skin out where I get rough patches due to the eczema
  64. Great value!!


    I love this product it always makes my skin feel nice and smooth. I highly recommend.
  65. Helps improve skin texture


    I’m not a fan of abrasive exfoliants so this lactic acid is definitely a favourite of mine! I wear it at night after cleansing and before moisturizers and I must say my skin has improved texture wise since I started. Sometimes feels a little tingly, if you’re not into it just a heads up.
  66. Recommend


    good price, it sheds the dead skin without irritation. if you get too dry, just use it less often and start slow.
  67. Amazing !!


    I love this product it always makes my skin feel nice and smooth. I highly recommend.
  68. Not the choice for sensitive skin or skin of colour

    jaime grace

    I would suggest buying the 5% version for sensitive skin or skin of colour. I have diluted the product and it works nicely but before it would cause high inflammatory to the skin.
  69. Fabulous gentle exfoliation


    This is a gentle exfoliator which helps clear my daughters skin of breakouts without being too aggressive .
  70. Simple, yet (slowly) effective!


    I was skeptical in buying this, as I am always a bit hesitant about introducing a new acid onto my skin and subsequently into my regime. My main concern currently is PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation caused by acne) - which is why I gravitated towards this product in the first place. I was ideally looking for a product that would help subside some of my PIH whilst not irritating my moisture...
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  71. Doesn't irritate my skin


    Bought this to add into my routine so that I wasn't overdoing it with glycolic acid (liquid gold). It hasn't irritated my skin but feels like it's working when I put it on. It has a watery texture, like Liquid Gold, but I've been putting it on with my fingers rather than a pad (not sure whether that is right but it seems to work).
  72. Game changer


    This is one of my fave ordinary products. I use this once a day before bed and my skin seems to feel cleaner and smoother. This does sting a little on acne but only for a few minutes before it dries.
  73. The only exfoliator i use


    I used to use exfoliating wipes but i just found them to be super wasteful, so I tried to find a less wasteful alternative. The bottle is glass which is nice. i would definitely recommend this one over the 5%. only complaint is that i wish it came in a slightly bigger container. feels really good on the skin and i use a couple of times a week.


    This product was recommended to me by an ex- beauty store employee when she encouraged me to switch from physical to chemical exfoliants. I LOVE THIS STUFF. It significantly reduced the clogging that occurred in my pores and has reduced the amount of whiteheads that sporadically pop up on my face.

    I have dry skin and so I can't use this every night as I find it drys me out more but ev...
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  75. A new permanent part of my routine!


    Been using for about 4 months and and it's now a permanent part of my skincare routine. I use it every couple of days (about twice a week), and it's really made a difference. My skin is smoother and softer.and its really helped with breakouts. I make sure to moisturize well after rinsing it off as i've found my skin might be a bit dry if i don't.
  76. I love this

    Cristina Z.

    This is amazing. Absorbs immediately and you can see it working the next day! Will never stop using it.
  77. A good affordable chemical exfoliator


    This is my first time using a chemical exfoliator and I do think it has helped my skin. I haven't noticed a massive difference, but my boyfriend said my skin is feeling super soft, so that's a good sign!
  78. My favorite active serum


    Be warned - I found this serum quite potent. I don't have sensitive skin (am a bit of a risk taker), but did I feel the burn! Now that I am using it much more sparingly, and probably more responsibly (haha), it is a really nice serum that makes me look and feel refreshed and rejuvenated. I also put the tiniest bit on my milia and they went away so quickly!
  79. Glad I tried it


    My skin is pretty sensitive, so I was a bit hesitant to try this honestly. It’s also dry. I decided I’d use it like a mask in the first instance and see how that goes. I leave it on for half an hour or so and wash it off. It has left my skin soft. I think I will try and leave it on longer and slowly build up. I would repurchase.
  80. Amazing product


    I used this twice and honestly, the results were amazing. My skin looked brighter and smoother.
    It’s a light texture and sinks in quickly, didn’t sting at all. Would recommend
  81. amazing


    this product for it price is so good didn't clog up my pores and minimized acne scars
  82. Pretty ok, didn't change my life


    I was struggling with blocked pores and congested skin. I also have very dry and sensitive skin. This didn't make a dramatic difference, however didn't irritate my skin and also had some clarifying properties. Will use it until its gone but probably wont reorder it.
  83. Good


    Avoid getting in on broken skin because it will burn, otherwise it’s especially great on my nose before extracting blackheads and for minimising my keratosis pilaris
  84. cheap and effective!


    This is a great staple. Not only is it super affordable, but the results are great. It doesnt feel as harsh as other AHA products so I can leave it on for the night. The effects are subtle but after a few weeks, I can definitely see an improvement in my skin texture.
  85. Super smoothing!


    I ended up with this product after running out of my usual 5% formula while it was out of stock! I was a little hesitant for my highly sensitive skin but my skin has tolerated this stronger formula perfectly! It has really helped with my skins healing and managing any breakouts quickly and gently!
  86. Excellent product


    This is sooo good for the price! The results are amazing and you’d expect this to cost a fortune. My skin looks glowy and plump when I wake in the morning.
  87. Does the job well


    This is a very simple, effective AHA. It’s gentle even though it’s so concentrated. I use this once a week and it works well in keeping my skin looking bright. I expected a serum texture but this is more of a watery toner texture, I don’t mind but it’s something to keep in mind.
  88. very good


    I absolutely love this product and it does such a good job for my uneven tones. The only downfall for me is that it is very watery so it absorbs very quickly and I have to use a little more then other serums to get an even spread. Other then that it is so great and I saw results after only 2-3 days of use with brighter, more even tones!!
  89. New staple


    I've been looking for a toning solution that wouldn't strip my already-sensitive skin. I find applying this once a week helps my skin look brighter and smoother as well as reducing the appearance of milia under my eyes. Will definitely be re-ordering this when I run out!
  90. Very effective


    This is a strong product that I use maybe once a week/fortnight. I once had uneven texture and bumps on my chin and this completely cleared them up! Very effective.
  91. New favourite product


    This product is a great alternative to physical exfoliation for my facial skin and I used it in conjunction with the glycolic toning solution on my arms to help with keratosis bumps and along with a little bit of manual exfoliation my bumps are basically gone. This is my new holy grail skin care product as when I use it at night in the morning I wake up glowy.
  92. I love it!


    I was a bit scared it would be too strong initially but it felt great on the skin and moisturising. Will be purchasing again.
  93. Once-a-week deep clean


    I love this product! I have oily, acne-prone skin and I use this product on Friday nights to clear out any gunk that may have accumulated in my skin over the week. My skin on Saturday morning is noticeably less congested! This product is quite strong, so I think using it once or twice a week is perfect for deep cleaning my pores.
  94. So good


    So I accidentally got the 10% instead of the 5%, but I found the 10% not to be irritating at all, so I continued using it. The results have been very noticeable it cleared up my skin after a couple of weeks of use. I have noticed fewer pimples and redness and only need to use four drops, twice a week in my evening routine.
  95. amazing for skin texture


    this worked wonders for my skin texture and gave me amazing glass skin
  96. Gentle exfoliater


    Is a nice subtle exfoliater, not as harsh as glycolic acid and does the job, expect a bit of tingling during first few uses
  97. Noticeable Difference


    I started noticing a dramatic difference in my skins complexion after 2 weeks use of the Lactic Acid. Product is very decently priced in comparison to other 10% Lactic Acids and is definitely beneficial for smoothing skins appearance.
  98. Excellent value


    I love this serum. I have been using it for some time now and I find it to be very effective at exfoliating my skin without irritating it. I only use it on my face as my neck is too sensitive for even the 5% version. A bottle lasts me a while as you don't need much. It does tingle when you apply but this will get better in time, I hardly feel it any more. Doesn't really have any smell and works w...
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  99. Skin feels good


    I definitely felt skin softer in the next morning, but using a bunch of products together. Glicolyc acid feels better though, also combined with another serums and moisturizing.
  100. great product


    onto my second bottle of this, I only us it at night. And I alternate it on nights with the retinol.
    its a great exfoliant and works well even though im only using it every second night.
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