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The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA 30ml

4.6 of 277 reviews


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4 instalments of $3.18


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Lactic Acid is an alpha hydroxyl acid that exfoliates the skin. The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA offers mild exfoliation and is supported with a purified Tasmanian pepperberry known to reduce signs of inflammation and sensitivity that is often associated with exfoliation.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

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SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Eye Concern:

  • Age Prevention
  • Deep Lines

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone
  • Wrinkles and loss of firmness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA

The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA

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4.6 of 277 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Sarah P

Switched from Clinique skincare regime to the Ordinary about 4 months ago. Experienced no purging what so ever and my skin looks more moisturised and I am experiencing less breakouts too. A little goes a long way with this product too - just a few small drops for the entire face. Recommend starting on this 5% before moving to 10%. And at this price point - it's hard to find a negative

Most Helpful Criticism

Pretty good


Product doesn't feel harsh on your skin. You can feel your skin getting smoother with repeated use.
  1. Excellent

    Sarah P

    Switched from Clinique skincare regime to the Ordinary about 4 months ago. Experienced no purging what so ever and my skin looks more moisturised and I am experiencing less breakouts too. A little goes a long way with this product too - just a few small drops for the entire face. Recommend starting on this 5% before moving to 10%. And at this price point - it's hard to find a negative
  2. Amazing


    As someone who gets frequent chemical/medical grade peels, I love using this between treatments, or when I'm away on holidays and can't have a stronger peel. It is gentle enough to have zero down-time, and leaves your skin feeling very soft the next day, as well as helping to control oily skin. It can sting a little though if you have sensitive skin or if don't use peels/acids often.
  3. Love this


    The only product I’ve tried that really does reduce inflammation.
  4. Smooth Skin


    This is a great exfoliation, it makes your skin smooth by evening out your skin tone.
    I did find it slightly tingled but that went away quickly.
  5. Gentle exfoliater


    This is a good gentle exfoliater although can only use a few times a week without drying out skin.
  6. Great product


    I added this product to my skin care regime about 6 months ago.
    Using 2-3 times a week initially it gave a tingling sensation but settled quickly. I couldn't believe the difference in my skin after as little as a couple of weeks and I now used this product at a minimum every 2 night.
    I've seen an improvement in unevenness and tone, and reduction in any flare ups or irritation in my T...
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  7. great exfoliator


    I love this product, i have very sensitive skin so this gently exfoliates my skin. I use three times a week, but i think if you have less sensitive skin you can use it more.
  8. Good Product


    Good quality, gentle exfoliating acid. If used every other night you will notice a difference in a month or so. Be sure to use a high quality hydrator. I now use a glycolic acid, but would very happily switch back to this
  9. bye bye scarring


    most dermatologist recommend using chemical exfoliants over physical ones because its less harsh on the skin. My skin is super sensitive and this doesn't inflame it or redden my skin but it feels sooo amazing and smooth once i've used it. my scarring is almost completely gone and i've struggled for years to get rid of that. would 100% recommend the ordinary over alot of higher end brands as its ch...
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  10. Great


    This helps remove the dead skin cells and texture on my skin over time. Really good product
  11. love it!


    The 10% solution was a better fit to my skin compared to the 5% one. Now part of my bedtime routine! Love it and can definitely see a more even skin tone. My skin feels plump and ready for the day the next morning.
  12. Swear by this


    I love this. Wish it came in supersized. It is gentle on the skin (minor tingle) and it last forever!
  13. Good gentle exfoliator


    This is a good gentle exfoliator that helps to keep the skin clear without causing irritation.
  14. My favourite TO product

    Becky V

    This is the freaking holy grail of my collection. I have extremely dry and dehydrated skin after having a baby. After just one use I noticed a huge difference to my skin. A little bit goes a long way so I am expecting it last a long time too. My skin felt smoother as soon as I applied it. I use it every second day and I absolutely love it!
  15. Good exfoliation


    Tried a few times. Skin feels smoother after using. Gentle on skin compared to some other AHAs.
  16. The ordinary never worked for me.


    I'm an 18 y/o girl who has dealt with acne since puberty. I always only get it on my chin which I put down to hormones, I eat vegan for my skin but still battle cystic pimples on my chin at any time of the month. There is only maybe 2-4 days of the whole month where my skin is clear. My skin isn't really sensitive or oily or dry, but it does get dry patches over healing breakouts which I assume is...
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  17. A lovely refresh for the face


    I love to use this product all over my face every 3-4 nights, it just gives that refreshed feeling and takes away an impurities or bumps on the skin.
  18. amazing


    Great to use in the summer! So lovely and refreshing for my skin
  19. Exfoliating


    This is a very good product considering the cheap price and works by exfoliating away cells while soaking into your skin. There are much better products available but this is good if you're on a budget.
  20. I love this!


    I have very dry skin and eczema on my face and I was a little nervous about what this was gonna do to my face but I did not get any stinging or burning sensation at all. I did avoid the eczematous patch on my face but it was wonderful for the rest of my face. I used to have some small bumps on my face which I was very frustrated about. I thought cleansing, manual exfoliating and moisturising was e...
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  21. Radiant skin!


    I feel like it made my skin very glowy, and just resurfaced my skin so I had baby skin. I didn’t originally feel as though it was too rough on my skin, or that I dried it out, but after starting to use retinol, I think it’s way too rough my skin in conjunction with that. But I did thoroughly love it when I first used it!
  22. Really like this product


    I don't use as often as I should, but I do really like it. It goes on really smooth and leaves my skin looking nice and feeling hydrated. Is also a slight chemical exfoliant so it leaves you with a nice fresh glow :)
  23. Skin feels super clear!


    I use this product once or twice a week as an overnight facial. When I wake up my skin feels significantly brighter, tighter and clearer. It may be a little bit strong for sensitive skin, but for me it is a great and affordable addition to my skincare routine.
  24. Hello clear skin!!


    Agh how I adore this product! It clears my skin, prevents breakouts, and gives me a bright complexion. I use this daily in the evening. Make sure to use sunscreen if you use this product :)
  25. My fav!


    Really one of the best products i've tried for my skin. I was aiming for something that would help in evening my skin ton as i am prone to red patches and uneven skin. The results were close to immediate and I will continue using this to see how it holds up. As I have somewhat oily skin it hasn't worked against my skin negatively and has actually helped in balancing out my skins overall dryness an...
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  26. In awe


    This was my first experience with a chemical exfoliator and I found it to be incredibly gentle and hydrating. I suffer from a lot of surface dehydration , but from the first use my skin was transformed. It was softer, smoother and hydrated. I felt very little, if any, irritation from the product. This will definitely become a staple in my skincare routine.
  27. Gentle Exfoliant


    Gentle but effective exfoliant. My skin looks hydrated and smoother almost instantly after applying this product. Great product if you're new to trying acids. Love love love !
  28. Skin needs some TLC


    When your skin needs some TLC - breaking out, large pores, congested skin and texture this product is your best friend. If you have sensitive skin I'd recommend using the lactic acid paired with the ordinary hyaluronic acid so it isn't so harsh on the skin. Mixing hyaluronic acid and lactic acid using it nightly my skin after a few days is brighter and clearer! Helps fade my acne scars and textur...
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  29. Real improvements


    I have seen a great improvement in the appearance of my skin using this. I use it 3 times a week, it has a slight tingling sensation but very gentle. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and fresh
  30. Great


    My skin is so much smoother and there are no flakes on my skin after using this product. It also hydrates my skin and it is so affordable.
  31. Great Product!


    This product has helped to clear my skin. It will be forever part of my routine.
  32. Good Product


    I have to give this another go. It seemed great to use, it exfoliated really well. Defiantly did its job. Though i did break out slightly. I am unsure if it was lifting al the impurities in my skin or the product was causing it. I was scheduled for a holiday so i stopped using it. I use alot of the ordinary products, i will push through and hopefully get better results :)
  33. Does a great job!


    I’ve just started using the lactic acid 10% with no irritation at all. It does a very good job at exfoliating my face and the morning after using I’ve noticed how much more cleaner my face feels. I am loving this so far, I am using it two times a week.
  34. Perfect!


    This is an amazing product from The Ordinary, I started out with the 5% and ran out and went without for a while, definitely noticed a difference in my skin while I wasn’t using it, dullness etc. Moved up to the 10% and my skin is loving it, it hasn’t reacted badly with my skin, no stinging or tingling and fits in well with my routine. Definitely worth it!
  35. My skin is so much smoother


    My skin is so much smoother after using this along with other ordinary products
  36. The Best!


    Really thin and watery so I drop it directly onto my face. I use it PM on alternate nights to retanoid, felt a difference when I woke up. It’s smoothing out the texture of my skin and feels so soft I have to stop myself from touching it.
  37. The Best!


    Really thin and watery so I drop it directly onto my face. I use it PM on alternate nights to retanoid, felt a difference when I woke up. It’s smoothing out the texture of my skin and feels so soft I have to stop myself from touching it.
  38. A staple for dehydrated, acne-prone skin


    I have cystic acne, and dehydrated skin that is very difficult to deal with. This is gentle enough to keep sensitivities at bay, and strong enough to remove my flaky skin.

    I’ve spent a fortune on AHAs and BHAs over the years, this is a superior product for a fraction of the cost.
  39. Brightening and hydrating


    This has been a staple in my routine for ages. I love that it’s not irritating, it has a definite brightening effect and it also hydrates. I find a lot of chemical exfoliants leave my combination skin a bit dry and flaky but not this one. This definitely helped to fade pigmentation and I would absolutely recommend it!
  40. Absolutely wonderful!!!!!


    I have been using the lactic acid 10% + HA for around 2 weeks now. I started off using it once in the PM every few days, but after having no negative side effects (other than a little tingling), I have been using it every day in the PM. My main skin concerns I wanted addressed with this product was uneven skin tone (I have combination skin with patches of red). My housemate was gushing the other d...
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  41. A staple


    I think this has definitely been one of the products to help get my acne under control. I usually use it every second night with salicylic acid (and my other steps), alternating with retinoid. It's one that I keep coming back to.
  42. Noticeable changes!


    I started on the 5% version of this and then moved to the 10% after a few months. I have quite sensitive skin and this has worked really well for me. It's super light, has no obvious smell and sinks into my skin quickly. I use it every second night and I'm really starting to notice a difference.
  43. Love it


    I really like this product! I used the 5% version first to see how my skin would react and i LOVED it. So this time I decided to go a little stronger with the 10%.
    Its still very gentle and helps against overall dullness. My skin is brighter and I've definitely had less pimples since using it. The one thing I've learnt is that you need to use it consistently every night, otherwise the effect...
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  44. great budget lactic acid


    Great value, The ordinary is a really trusted brand to me. The product doesn't feel harsh on your skin. You can feel your skin getting smoother with repeated use. Its really helping the natural glow of my skin, and helping my acne scarring fade.
  45. Packs a punch!


    Love this product, you do need to start on the 5% before using this tho as it is quite strong. When i transitioned i used it every 2nd or 3rd nite as i did feel a difference in strength immediately. Skin went through a shedding stage but after a few weeks it had accepted the product. Now my skin doesnt even flinch! You do feel it working and i quite like that sensation. I only use it at night. La...
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  46. Amazing

    Maria Elisabeth Diane

    Cheap but works wonder. I have used two bottles of this product and I'm about to buy the third. I use it every night before bed and in the morning my skin looks better. It helps the acne scars to fade and makes skin smooth
  47. Get this now, you won't regret it


    I swear the lactic acid and HA in this just dissolves any dead skin cells you not even have known that you had! If you are just getting into active ingredients and want to try out something for the nighttime that will chemically exfoliate your skin, add it to your cart! There is also a 5% concentration one that I have not tried, but I am sure is fabulous as well in case if you are a little worried...
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  48. Feel the peeling effect after a week


    I have been using The Ordinary lactic acid 10% + HA every night as a part of my regiment. It appears to be helping the natural glow of my skin, helping the acne scarring. I definitely think it needs to be used with a combination of serums daily to get the full effect.
  49. Scars


    I am a person of color so it is extremely easy for our acne to cause us really bad scars if we pick at them and it would make me feel insecure but honestly after using this for just a week I already see a difference. I have a bunch of other Ordinary products and they're all great! My main concern was my scars and smile lines and they have minimized by a lot after I started to using this product, I...
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  50. Pretty good


    Product doesn't feel harsh on your skin. You can feel your skin getting smoother with repeated use.
  51. worth the time and money


    Combine this with other ordinary products and make a daily skin care routine works magic. Will def keep it up.
  52. It does what an AHA is supposed to do!


    This does exactly what an AHA is supposed to do - it exfoliates your skin. Don't expect the results that a Sunday Riley Good Genes will give you, because it simply does not have as a sophisticated formulation to work on multiple issues at once. This will give you subtle brightening and a good boost for your other products, but I would so don't expect more than that :)
  53. Excellent budget lactic acid!


    I used to buy Sunday Riley Good Genes but stopped when I tried this product. I notice an instant difference in my skin when used and it has helped cleared scarring and hyperpigmentation.
  54. No fuss exfoliator at a great price


    I have been using this for a weeks now and have noticed that my skin is clearer the next day and that complexion lasts for a few days. I have used Paula's Choice BHAs before but found that this product took some time for my skin to get used to. There was initial stinging the first couple of times but now can be tolerated. I use this twice a week at night.
  55. Amazing


    I've been using this for a few weeks and have noticed my skin feels so smooth and texture has improved. Love it
  56. Amazing


    I've been using this for a few weeks and have noticed my skin feels so smooth and texture has improved. Love it
  57. Excellent


    This is an excellent peel! I use it once a week and my skin looks super glowy the next day and it also keeps my skin nice and clear free from breakouts
  58. Fantastic!!


    I have started using this in conjunction with retinol on alternating evenings and am absolutely loving the way my skin feels each morning! Really smoothes and refines my skin without needing rough exfoliating scrubs!
  59. Yes!!!


    I started using the 5%, used the whole bottle happily and have now started on the 10%. I love this product on my mature skin, it makes it feel dewy and youthful! I will continue to buy this product as my dry, mid 30s skin lovvvves it!
  60. Good


    I love chemical exfoliants and never use physical scrubs. This is a great exfoliant that does not irritate my skin. My skin is always left smooth and glowy after using this.
  61. Bit disappointed


    I expected more from this product and was a bit disappointed when I found it so so. Not sure how often people use this but I wasn't wow'd
  62. Smooth skin


    I have just started using this product instead of liquid gold. I find this gentler on my skin and only use it once a week but it smooth my skin and makes it look more radiant and healthy. I only use it once a week because I have too many other skincare products I use at nighttime so can only fit this in once a week haha.
  63. Already recommended to friend


    Easy to apply and need only a few drops. Loving your products.
  64. Really really good!


    Lactic acid gets along with my skin very well. Helps with acne a lot and a great way to exfoliate. This one is fantastic but I wouldn’t use it everyday.
  65. Worth it


    I like to use this when I dont feel like giving myself a 40% peel mask at home. Something to keep my skin fresh and young looking in between peels.
  66. Great exfoliation


    I have seen a great improvement in the appearance of my skin using this. I use it 3 times a week, it has a slight tingling sensation but very gentle. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and fresh
  67. Great exfoliator


    I love this product for producing super smooth, soft skin! A little peeling at first, but my skin didn’t get too irritated at all. Definitely gives me a great glow and awesome feeling skin!
  68. Texture


    Great chemical exfoliant. This 10% formula is quite strong so would recommend building from a lower %. Good for reducing texture
  69. Gentle Yet Effective


    I only use this every other week in the pm. So I’ll use this straight for 7 days then switch to a vitamin c product for another 7 days, then repeat. I really feel that it does exactly what it says, keeps my skin clear and isn’t harsh on my skin. A really effective mild exfoliant.
  70. Effective but a little too intense for everyday use for me


    Makes my skin super smooth and is very effective at exfoliating, but I find it a little too intense to use everyday, I much prefer the glycolic acid toner for everyday use.
  71. Visible results!


    I use once a week at night, when I wake up in the morning my skin looks glowy, smooth, clear, brighter and more refined. It’s a lovely product at such an awesome price. Give it a go!
  72. Pretty good


    This feels nice on the skin, but would need to use everyday in order to see results. Im more of mix up my routine each day to spread out my products so i havent seen anything crazy. i will say the texture of my skin has improved since using this product, noticeably overnight as well.
  73. leaves my skin smooth and glowing


    this stuff is liquid gold, it appears to have helped with some discoloration and my skin is always very soft after using it.
  74. Gentle but effective exfoliation


    Smooths texture, shrinks the appearance of pores and adds a gentle glow without ever irritating or drying my sensitive, eczematic skin. I'll be sticking with this for a long time.
  75. Perfect for once a week


    I wouldn't use this more than once a week as it does make your skin quite dry the day after. It's a good addition to my skincare routine.
  76. Skin is baby soft the next day


    I use this at night before vitamin C and B serums twice a week.

    I use 3 drops and put over my whole face. My skin feels smooth and soft the next day. It removes dry patches of skin but I have to follow with more oily moisturisers to counterbalance and keep my skin hydrated.

    I have extremely dry and sensitive skin and have not had any adverse reactions.
  77. Amazing!


    I really love exfoliants but this is a game changer! No more scrubbing your skin, and it always leaves my skin soft and radiant in the morning! I put it on first before any other serums. I've bought this time and time again . Will buy again.
  78. Quick Results


    I have oily skin and acne scarring, within the two weeks of using this I have seen huge results. My sister has recently purchased this product after seeing first hand the change in texture, greasiness and overall health of my skin. This has already become a staple to my skincare routine.
  79. Works a treat!


    Great for getting rid of dry patches, you don’t notice any flaking it just gets better day by day. The 10% can cause a small amount of tingling so if you have sensitive skin I’d recommend going with the 5%. I’ve been told this can have a drying effect and to take a break from it every few months and to use hydrating serums or moisturisers while using it. I’ve been using this for over a year and I ...
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  80. Great


    This is an awesome product, REMOVES the dead cells, and reduces lines and wrinkles OVERNIGHT!!
  81. Good acid


    I have dry skin on my cheeks and forehead, oily on my nose and blackhead on my chin and jawline.
    I use this after dermologica thermofoliant once or twice a week (depending on how often I remember/am home). I use it at night and leave it on all night ans just splash my face with water the next day before my daily moisturiser. I don't find it drying or irritating and my skin feels smoother the...
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  82. Changes skin texture more than colour/tone


    I built up to using using this daily and it definitely changed my skin texture, though hasn't tackled my redness that much. I know I have other stronger options but I have a strong tendency of inflammation with new products so wanted to start milder. Would still recommend for those trailing chemical exfoliant type products.
  83. I prefer the glycolic


    I tired this to change up the acids I use and I didn't love it on my skin but passed it on to someone who loves it.
  84. i like it


    I use this at night with the retnoid serum and although it hasn't helped with my pigmentation, it does keeps my skin smooth and feeling nice.
  85. Light and easy top use and a bargain!


    I have been using this product nightly for 2 weeks now and its very gentle. I started of by using it every second night and mixing with my usual moisturiser, but found no adverse affects so steppe dup to nightly at full strength. It is very easy to use and definitely brightens my skin.


    I am new to the Lactic Acids at home, after several lactic-acid-peels and I am loving this product. It's gentle yet effective. I use it 1-2 times a week, often in place of the Glycolic, when my skin is a little more sensitive and I am left with clear and bright skin the next day. It's a lovely toner that doesn't strip your skin.
  87. Amazing product


    I suffer from acne and acne scarring, within the first week of using this product I saw results. My acne has calmed down a lot too. Highly recommend!
  88. So good for the price


    This is amazing for the price. I used twice a week at bed time and it really clears my skin up and makes it look so glowy the morning after.
  89. Drastic improvement to pores


    This product really helped to shrink my pores and help my skin look bright and healthy. I’ve nearly finished my first bottle and will definitely re order.
  90. Effective lactic acid treatment


    Effective, gentle lactic acid exfoliant, I use often. Product is easy to apply and absorbs quickly. I apply at night after cleansing. The Ordinary also does a Lactic Acid 5% which would be perfect if you had sensitive skin or just wanted to work your way up to the 10%.
  91. Great product at a great price


    Really liked this product and found it really helped with break outs. I introduced it slowly and found its best for my sensitive skin if I only use a couple of times a week. Excellent price
  92. very impressed.


    works great as a quick nightly peel. soft smooth skin with fewer spots within a week.
  93. Helps with my complexion


    I have pretty oily/uneven skin tone and I find this helps but takes a few days to notice. Helps my skin look brighter too. If you have any pimples that have been popped or broken it can sting a bit when applying, personally I don't mind cause it feels like I'm killing the bastards, but then again my skin rarely reacts!
  94. I likey


    Maybe I'm jumping the gun, I've only been using this for a couple weeks but I'm already a fan. It's the first of it's type I've ever used, for a 30yo mum-of-three-lazy-skincare gal like myself I find this whole chemical exfoliator super easy. I've been using it every 2nd night alternating with retinol, on the nights I use the Lactic Acid 10% + HA, within a couple hours I can actually notice the de...
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  95. Wow


    I use this once or twice a week. My skin always looks glowing the next day.
  96. Didn't work for me


    I was so excited when I found this product but it really didn't work for me. I have dry skin that is prone to redness. I started using it 3 times a week and saw no improvement. I increased to everynight and my skin went bright red and bumpy. I went back to 3 times a week but redness and bumps were still there. I stopped using and skin was better within a week. I wouldn't suggest for sensitive skin...
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  97. Only use it in the night regimen.


    This little pink bottle is what I consider ok, whenever I buy something from the ordinary, I'd probably grab one of these. The feeling you get when you apply it is not the best, take the price into consideration would make you feel much better though. I only use it at night, cuz sometimes it doesn't go with my sunscreen. Just a little piece of advice.
  98. lightweight toner


    I have been using this and the Lactic Acid 5% one together as toners. Not sure how effective it is but it is not making my skin worse so I think it's doing its job alright :) I personally think there's better toner/serum out there to target your skin concerns.
  99. A must have


    I love The Ordinary products, fabulous products at a great price. I use this product 2-3 times a week on off days with my Retinol. Have been for 12 months, my skin is clear, glowing and often complemented.
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