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Skinstitut Multi-Active Mist 100ml

4.7 of 146 reviews

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4 instalments of $8.58


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Skinstitut Multi-Active Mist is a low intensity corrector used to brighten and hydrate any skin. Especially useful for dehydrated, sensitive or ageing skin.

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Skinstitut Multi-Active Mist

Skinstitut Multi-Active Mist

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4.7 of 146 reviews

93% recommend this product

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This is a beautiful fragrant mist for summer

Most Helpful Criticism

Nice product..


I was recommended this mist for my dry and sensitive skin, and have been using this in conjunction with other skinstitut products.

I love the spray bottle and it is very easy to use. It gives a nice hit of hydration, and can be used over the top of makeup. For me, I'm not sure how much this product does on its own. It is refreshing, absorbs well, but I wouldn't say this product is a must have.

I will probably repurchase as I like to apply it throughout the day at work when I'm sitting in the air con, but I will hold off until I can grab it on sale.
  1. Feels nice, mild scent, not sure it does anything though


    I'm in my early 40s, dry hormonal skin, been using this now for a month, and while it feels nice ( I use about 4-5 sprays after cleansing), I'm pretty sure it doesn't actually do anything.

    I cant notice a difference in texture, brightness or moisture level of my skin and no-one else has mentioned anything either.

    Inoffensive, pleasant, but i think its not the right product for me.
  2. Love it!


    Im not big on face mists but i loved this product. i found it very soothing and refreshing for a pick-me-up and the scent was nice.
  3. Super Hydrating Mist


    When I spoke to my beauty therapist about upping my hydrating during the winter months she suggested adding this product into my routine. I was sceptical at first and thought I would be better off just using a thicker, richer, heavier moisturiser. I was wrong and she was right. Layering this under my regular Skinstitut Moisture Defence Normal Moisturiser has significantly increased my skins hydrating. It also smells delightful and gives me a feeling of relaxation and calm when I use it. It also helps to prepare my skin for absorbing whatever actives I am using after it - Vitamin C in the morning and Retinol at night. I love almost all of the Skinstitut range I have tried and this is one of my favourites!
  4. My favourite


    I absolutely love this and think it makes my skin feel and look glowy and gorgeous. Obsessed!!!
  5. So refreshing

    Danni G

    This product is beautiful. I was skeptical when I first purchased if it would do anything but it brightens and hydrates my skin so much. I can wear this alone without any moisturizer most nights!
  6. Amazing, refreshing and hydrating


    This is my third bottle, I absolutely love it, it’s perfect just on a bare face or to set my makeup, it keeps my face hydrated all day! 100% for anyone with dry skin :)
  7. Fresh mist


    I love using this after I’ve been in the sun or just for a freshen up during the day. It is super hydrating and gives my skin a dewy look
  8. Quick face refresh


    I use this in the middle of the day and the end of the day for my dry skin. It smells amazing and is a great skin pick me up.
  9. Soothing light spray


    This feels so lovely and fresh on the skin! Great skin pick me up when you need a skin boost.
  10. Refreshing


    This is a nice refreshing mist and works well for my dry sensitive skin. The price is great and the product does come out as a nice mist (sometimes they spray out quite heavily).
  11. Instant hydration


    This product gives instant hydration and leaves your skin feeling fresh. I love that this product can be used in conjunction with make up.
  12. A really nice mist!


    I bought this mist for a few reasons. Firstly because I wanted a product that I could spritz on my face at any point throughout the day for a refreshment or if I had a flare up ( I have sensitive and reactive skin). I also bought this mist because it contains antioxidants which I was missing in my skincare routine.

    I use this mist daily, after cleansing and before a moisturiser or face oil. It is also very refreshing when my skin has a flare up.

    I will be repurchasing and would recommend if you are after a mist for the same reasons as myself!
  13. So Happy


    I was recently getting a really bad break out of no where and was encouraged to check out this range. I purchased this mist spray, 12% cleanser and the moisturiser and after 4 days of use, my pimples dried. I look forward to buying more of their products. So happy! This mist can be used on top of make and is perfect to keep in the handbag.
  14. Instant hydration


    This mist is really nice. It gives an instant hydration to my skin. Definitely recommend.
  15. Nice product..


    I was recommended this mist for my dry and sensitive skin, and have been using this in conjunction with other skinstitut products.

    I love the spray bottle and it is very easy to use. It gives a nice hit of hydration, and can be used over the top of makeup. For me, I'm not sure how much this product does on its own. It is refreshing, absorbs well, but I wouldn't say this product is a must have.

    I will probably repurchase as I like to apply it throughout the day at work when I'm sitting in the air con, but I will hold off until I can grab it on sale.
  16. So refreshing!


    I use this everyday after I cleanse. It wakes me up in the morning, and calms me at night. It's such an all-rounder. I actually crave it during my skincare routine, and it's a great little spray for travel as well.
  17. So Refreshing!


    I love this mist so much! After showering I spritz this mist on my combination skin, it reduces tightness and redness and make's you feel so refreshed. Also smell's like you've just had a facial at a day spa! Can't live without!
  18. functional


    love the smell of this. I feel like it hydrates and calms areas of irritation and redness. Packaging could look better, but overall a functional product
  19. Love a good mist


    I love a good mist and this one did not disappoint. I apply it regularly on top of my make up and it leaves me feeling refreshed and hydrated.
  20. Awesome


    great smell, beautiful mister, a little goes along way, very hydrating for my dry skin
  21. Never miss a mist again


    This is one of my skin routine I look forward to the most...the most. Smell great, generous distribution, long lasting hydration, can be used under and over make up. And the benefits go on...keeping my skin moist and fresh.
  22. Holy water for my skin!


    I have very dry and sensitive skin. Tried cheap and expensive products and nothing seemed to work for me. After using this mist I feel my skin has settled down a lot more. Less break outs and keep it hydrated! I’m also using other Skinstitut products and I’ve been using it for many years! Loving it!
  23. Drink for your skin


    This mist is so nice. It’s like a drink of water for your skin.
  24. good makeup fresher


    i love this product as a makeup refresher to keep your skin hydrated
  25. make up refresher


    This is a good hydrating style mist or even a setter and refresher for make up! I use it before my make up and then carry it in my bag at work if my skin is really dry during the day or if I feel really dull I give myself a quick spritz.
  26. Nice


    I like to spray this on my face before applying makeup or in the morning to wake up. I do not recommend using this after cleansing or exfoliating as it stings!!


    This is the best hydrating mist i have ever used. It hydrates AND adds i nice healthy glow if you use it after moisturizer/ on top of makeup.
  28. So refreshing


    This product has a lovely smell and feels really nice on the face underneath serums and moisturiser. I am currently using it at night as I have oily skin
  29. Good Combo


    I have been using the Vitamin C and B5 together and I couldn't think of a better combo. It has helped with merging fine lines, pigmentation, milia and hydration of my skin. I love these products.
  30. Smells Great!


    I leave this bottle at work on my desk and it is the best to spray throughout the day as my skin can become quiet dry with the heaters and air con. This definitely put the moisture back in my skin.
  31. Hydtation


    This mist give an instant hydration to my skin. I use it every morning after I clean my face. I feel so fresh after using this. Recommend
  32. Refreshing


    I love this product just on bare skin even. Gives me a pick me up and hydrates and calms skin. Amazing price too. Also nice to spray over makeup through day to give it a freshen up (especially if been in air con)
  33. Glowing skin


    I use this spray every morning and it leaves my skin feeling fresh and hydrated. Without it I look dehydrated and gross
  34. Smells great


    Love the smell of this and really refreshes your skin! The bottle lasts for ages but Feels as though it doesn’t do too much so not sure if I would purchase again
  35. Refreshing and calming


    Loooove this spray. So refreshing and the aroma from the oils is so calming. I’ve used this on fresh skin and also over makeup and it does not affect makeup. Highly recommend - will be taking to use on my next long haul flight!
  36. Refresh


    hydrates and leaves beautiful feeling on the skin. I use as a refreshing start before my makeup
  37. Great!!!!!!


    One of the few mist that I love.
    I found majority of the mist do nothing.
    This is functional, hydrates and leaves beautiful feeling on the skin
  38. Hydration


    This product is great for any time use. A nourishing, weightless hydration mist that leaves skin soft and smooth..
  39. Lovely product


    I love this mist. It’s not expensive when compared to other mists, however personally I think money spent on skin care should be prioritized in other areas. Saying that though I would love to have this with me everywhere I go because it’s such a lovely product.
  40. Good


    I have combination skin type. This facial mist is so good, it gives an instant hydration to my skin. Works amazingly especially during winter season. Highly recommend.
  41. Good facial spray!


    I do like this! I think it leaves a bit of a film over my skin which is annoying but it’s still nice. I like the smell too!
  42. An unexpected love


    This mist came in a package of Skinsitute products and I honestly didn't realize how much I would love it.

    My skin is slightly dry and very sensitive to new products. I love the feeling of spraying this product on before I use my serums / moisterisers and the smell is lovely.

    I have also starting misting this spray over my make up during the day to help when my skin feels a little dry or I want to top up my make up.

    Gorgeous product that I will definitely re-purchase when I run out.
  43. Staple!


    I am lost without this stuff! It gives my skin the extra hydration it needs as it’s super dry, especially in winter. It also helps your moisturiser to sink into your skin more, plus feels good to spritz on your face! Also use it on top of my makeup and I doesn’t make it go funny.
  44. Super Refreshing


    Love how this product leaves my skin feeling so refreshed!
  45. Surprisingly hydrating


    I originally got this in a pack and thought it would be a light mist that would be refreshing and not much else but I was pleasantly surprised. This is super hydrating! I use it on my face before moisturizer or even before powder for dewy look. I also use a strong cleanser on my back and spray this on after a shower and it’s all I need to hydrate my skin and stop breakouts or dryness
  46. So refreshing and hydrating


    I love this multi-active mist in the morning and evening before applying my moisturiser. And if your skin needs a pick up during the day, simply spritz it on your face and your face feels really refreshed and hydrated again. It smells good too.
  47. Soothing


    This product instantly hydrate and soothe my skin. I work in an air-conditioned environment and this product is a life saver. Love it.
  48. Very soothing


    Obsessed with how refreshing your skin feels after spritzing!
  49. Fresh!


    In my case, my skin can feel a little bit dry after cleansing and this product boost this feeling of tight skin. Really worth it!
  50. Beautiful product


    Great value and feels gorgeous on the skin.
  51. Beautiful product


    I got recommended to use this product from my skin clinic and have never looked back! I have extremely sensitive skin and have never had a reaction using this! 10/10 would recommend
  52. Lovely and refreshing


    Definitely assisted my skin throughout the day to cope with air con office. Beautiful smell.
  53. Great toning product


    I use this after cleansing as a toner. It is so hydrating and calming on the skin.
    It is also great for a quick spritz of hydration throughout the day
  54. Love it


    Recommended this to my SIL and friends. Perfect if you cb bothered with multiple serums. Don't know why i didn't get recommended this though? My doctor said this product was fine for pregnancy. I use this with sunscreen/mineral powder in the day and use it with a serum/cream at night
  55. I like it but not obsessed


    This product definitely makes you look dewy and glowy but I don't know if it's causing break outs. I feel like this product sits on the skin more than actually penetrating the skin and moisturising it. I still like it but I'm a little iffy
  56. My favourite product


    This mist is one of my favourite skinstitut products. I feel like it brightens my complexion. Smells great too
  57. Refreshing and very Hydrating!


    I have problems with dry skin and adding this to my daily routine has definitely helped!
    I just spritz it on and then moisturise after and it is very refreshing and hydrating.
  58. Hydrated effectively dry winter skin


    Added into my routine with the change in season and skin hydration has improved
  59. So moisturising !


    Hydrating mist that’s great to put on before moisturising and does not leave skin greasy
  60. Good juice, poor packaging


    Awesome ingredients and I think I noticed my face looked a little brighter using this consistently but the spray bottle... it just spat huge droplets on some of my face rather than "misting" my whole face. That might not sound important but I bought this product because a face that's damp (not wet) with a hydrating mist really helps face oil to sink into my (combo) skin. With this, it was like trying to rub oil in a face wet with water... they just didn't combine. It also wasn't great for finishing makeup for this reason - at least not as great as other, cheaper options
  61. Hydrating and relaxing


    I love this multi active mist !! I spray it over my makeup to hold my makeup . Keeps my skin hydrated , full of vitamins and licorice root for brightening. I also use it when I’m feeling stressed and the scent seems to help me to feel relaxed , you can literally spray it anytime of the day and as much as you need . My go to for hydration and hydration is the key to keeping my skin looking young .
  62. Can't live without it!


    As with most Skinstitut products, I love it. I seriously can't live without it, it's so refreshing and hydrating. It also smells lovely and last for ages!
  63. So good!!


    I've always been terrified of trying facial oils but I gave this one a shot as I really enjoy Skinstitu's products and I'm so glad I did. I use it whenever my skin is feeling dehydrated and it definitely makes my skin feel hydrated and nourished. It was also more lightweight than I was expecting and doesn't leave a greasy feeling on the skin.
  64. Nice face mist


    Hydrating face mist but I haven't noticed any long-term benefits from using this :)
  65. Exceeds expectations!!


    I love this mist!! It is the perfect consistency and feels like it really does hydrate with active ingredients rather than just spritzing water on your face. It actually lasts for ages as well!!
  66. My go to toner


    I use this as a toner, before I apply the rejuvenate 15. I find it takes the edge off of the 15 serum as it hydrates my skin enough to take the “sting” out of it.
    I’ve got sensitive skin and this is a great little hydrating spray!
  67. Surprisingly great


    Always felt a bit 'meh' about facial mists. I already have toner and I can just spray with plain water if I need a hydration boost... So what's the point in this stuff?

    Well thank god for samples and combo packs! This mist came as part of a Skinstitut product combo and believe the difference it makes. Only a few pumps instantly tightens and hydrates - great for using after Hyaluronic acid serum. It's also very soothing because it contains niacinamide. Plus it smells of yummy lavender

  68. Love this product


    Leaves skin feeling hydrated and fresh. Also great to freshen makeup throughout the day. Excellent product!
  69. Refreshing!


    I use this mist morning and night under my serums and moisturisers, it's a great start for my skin light and refreshing! Definitely recommend :)
  70. Heavenly spray!


    At first i wasn't going to buy this mist even though I really liked the feeling in salon. So glad i purchased ! I use it every morning and night and just love the feeling!
  71. Nice but no skin improvements


    I received this in a pack of Skinstitut products and although it hasn't irritated my skin at all - I can't say that it has made an improvement either. I use it sometimes after a shower before my skin care routine and it feels nice but I'm not sure I would purchase again. Pricey for something that doesn't make a difference.
  72. Good before makeup


    I use this before makeup application after letting it absorb into my skin and there appears to be no dry patches when applying makeup. Definitely recommend it.
  73. Permanent addiction!


    I love, love, love this mist.
    I love this mist in the morning, in the evening, in the afternoon, I love this mist wherever and whenever I can use it. Just don’t go too hard over the makeup, I learnt that the hard way!

    Seriously though, it’s such a nice mist. It smells beautiful, it’s refreshing, soothing, hydrating and absorbs so quickly into the skin. I use after I wash my face both morning & night, before applying my serums and moisturisers. I will never live another day without this mist. It is by far my absolute favourite.
  74. Light and Refreshing


    Nice light spray and smell. Absorbs fairly well. Similar quality to cheaper brands like Sukin for the price but otherwise a nice product. Hydrating and refreshing under makeup.
  75. Lightweight and refreshing


    Has a lovely subtle scent and is lightweight and refreshing. Not overly hydrating, but gives my skin a quick moisture boost when needed.
  76. Great Product


    I have only started using this in the last 6 months. I use it daily and find that it keeps my skin hydrated all day.
  77. Love this product


    I use this product every morning and it has really helped in keeping my skin hydrated through out the day.
  78. Great


    Ive used this for 3 years now, it’s great when I’m lazy and need some moisture or just wanting a healthy glow. I think this would make a great tacky makeup base, it’s a bit sticky on the skin so I could see makeup sticking well, I also can see this as a great glowy setting spray.
  79. Hydrating


    I've had this product for a couple months now and have found different uses for it. The bottle is a decent size so it lasts a while. Scent is refreshing and herbal. I usually will spray this on after cleansing at night or in the morning before my primer just to wake up my skin. I've also started spraying it on my neck. Really lovely.
  80. Lovely light toner


    I really like the lightness of this toner - not heavy and smells nice. I like to give my face a spritz after getting out of the shower or spray onto a cotton pad and wipe on my face
  81. Refreshing and hydrating


    This product is fresh and hydrating and great product to use in the summer months for an extra boost. I find it leaves a sticky residue and doesn’t sit nice under makeup so I only like to use it around the home.
  82. A nice hydrating mist


    Lovely smell. Nice and light and quick drying. I feel like it makes my skin feel more hydrated.
  83. Absolutely love


    Skin type: Oily to combo, prone to hormonal breakouts.

    This is the best spritz for a hot summers day. I love to spray it after getting out of the pool or ocean (I try and keep it in the fridge as it’s so nice when its cold). This is packed full of so much but is very gentle. I get out of the sun and put it on and it cools me down and refreshes my face and makes my skin look brighter!!
  84. Pretty Good


    I didn't mind the mist. Liked the feel as it was light on skin. Good to set makeup in place for the day. Great smell and refreshing.
  85. Refreshing and hydrating


    Really fresh and hydrating spray. Lovely herbal smell. Love using it in the morning before makeup application to wake up my skin. Also great before bed.
  86. Refreshing


    I love this spray as much as I used to love the Sukin rosehip spray. I use the spritz before and after applying makeup. My dry skin has definitely been less dry after using this spray and with other Skinstitut products. It's really refreshing and no overpowering scent. Definitely recommend.
  87. Hydrating mist


    Have been using this most for the last 3 weeks and I can honestly say it is amazing! My skin was so dull, dry and lacking moisture but since using this most in conjunction with my other skinstitut products, I can definitely notice the difference. I love that you can pop it on your handbag and spritz throughout the day when needed. It makes for easier makeup application and is calming before bed. The only bad thing is I’ve used nearly half a bottle in three weeks! I can’t stop spritzing!
  88. Refreshing face mist


    Refreshing face mist that makes my skin feel hydrated
  89. Cheaper alternatives available


    Wonderful ingredients, but I find it doesnt absorb into my skin properly. I normally use Trilogy or Sukin mists, and I prefer them, as they absorb immediately. They do just as good a job without feeling sticky on my skin; and for a fraction of the cost! With Summer here, I keep it in the fridge for extra cool soothing in the harsh Australian heat.
  90. Lemon scented spray with good ingredients


    I was recommended Skinstitut by an online AdoreBeauty consultant for my 50 year old dry, sensitive & red skin.

    This product has a lemon scent and contains 2 alcohol ingredients, which are known to be drying & irritating. That said my skin doesn't react to this product and while I find it annoying that most of the product probably falls on the floor when I use it, I'll probably put this in the fridge and use it as a coolant during the awfully hot summer ahead.
  91. Great step in skin care routine


    Noticeable differences, as it instantly hydrates and soothes my skin
  92. Hydrating


    I use this in the morning to refresh and wake up my skin before makeup application. Sometimes I also use before bed instead of a serum or moisturiser. Always feels great on my skin and seems to help redness. It can irritate breakouts and sting a little so would not recommend to someone with sensitive skin.
  93. Calms and hydrates


    This must hydrates my dry skin and calms my redness and irritation
  94. Great for extra moisture


    This is amazing for my dry, sensitive and breakout prone skin. It adds an extra layer of moisture when ever needed through out the day
  95. Hydrates and calms my redness


    I was skeptical but this product is amazing! It hydrates my skin and calms my redness all at once.
  96. Great product


    I really love this product, I find it makes my skin feel clean and hydrated. I do find I go through a bottle rather quickly. It's like an instant refresher for my face!!
  97. Hydrating


    I received this in the Skinstitut starter kit. It has a nice scent, and is very hydrating. I like to use straight out of the shower, and anytime I need a refresh.
  98. Top up of hydration


    Great for a top up of hydration through out the day
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