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Skinstitut Multi-Active Mist 100mL 100ml

4.7 of 197 reviews

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4 instalments of $8.58

Or 4 instalments of $8.58 with LEARN MORE

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Skinstitut Multi-Active Mist is a low intensity corrector used to brighten and hydrate any skin. Especially useful for dehydrated, sensitive or ageing skin.

  • Australian Made
  • Cruelty Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Vegan
  • Paraben Free
  • Cosmeceuticals

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Skinstitut Multi-Active Mist 100mL

Skinstitut Multi-Active Mist 100mL

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Skinstitut Multi-Active Mist 100mL Reviews

4.7 of 197 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

My go to mist


I continue to be impressed with skinstitut products and this one did not disappoint. I love using this as soon as I get out of the shower before I apply any other skincare, it gives my skin a really nice hydration boost. It is also a very good price.

Most Helpful Criticism

Very meh


This is nothing special. I don’t think it actually hydrated the skin at all... it just leaves a shiny residue on the surface of your face. Smells nice but really I don’t reach for this product ever and think maybe it could be doing more harm than good.
  1. My go to mist


    I continue to be impressed with skinstitut products and this one did not disappoint. I love using this as soon as I get out of the shower before I apply any other skincare, it gives my skin a really nice hydration boost. It is also a very good price.
  2. Very meh


    This is nothing special. I don’t think it actually hydrated the skin at all... it just leaves a shiny residue on the surface of your face. Smells nice but really I don’t reach for this product ever and think maybe it could be doing more harm than good.


    Nice and refreshing mist, not sure I saw anything drastic other than feeling hydrated and it was quite refreshing on the skin
  4. Reacted


    Unfortunately this mist cause me more irritation and sensitivity. Good price but not for me. It also has a very strong citrus scent.
  5. nice


    this is a nice light spray at adds some hydration and other benefits
  6. Hydrating


    This spray is hydrating and light weight and refreshing! I spray mine on a bare face and a light spray on top of my make up as well I use it daily
  7. Neat little product :)


    Nice refreshing mist, light scent, easy to use spray bottle. I keep it in my bag, Always look forward to using midday for a freshen up. Not a must have, more of a “want” in my skin-care routine.
  8. great


    this is great, it is nice on my skin and not too harsh
  9. Great Product!!


    This is such a great mist! I love the smell and the tacky feeling right before applying makeup is great!
  10. Gorgeous mist with active ingredients


    verified purchaser
    I love this mist - it has great active ingredients and always makes your face feel fresh. Great morning and night as well as during a hot or dry day, even over makeup!


    I loved this product years ago but stopped purchasing in order to try different products, but honestly, this is a VERY good product and does exactly what it say ! Brightening and hydrating, feels so good on and truly do see and feel the results. Skinstitut is the most UNDERRATED skin care brand and they are all at such a great price point.

    I have been using The Ordinary niacinamide a...
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  12. Great face mist


    This is a very lovely face mist that is refreshing and hydrating and can also double up as a toner after cleansing.
  13. Refreshing mist


    This product is a great mist to use after cleansing with other Skinstitut products. Also great to use when you need a spritz of hydration in a humid environment,
  14. love love love


    I love the smell of this product, and I find it makes my skin look clearer and the skin tone to be more even when I first started using it.
  15. Smells like summer


    I received this product in the skinstitut starter pack. I love the smell and how it makes my skin feel. Use it in the morning to wake up my face before I go to the gym. I also use it before I apply hyaluronic acid. Unsure if I would repurchase due to the higher price point and the Mario Badescu
    Facial Spray (Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater) is just as nice.
  16. Great moisturising product


    I've recently bought a bunch of Skinstitut products and I wasn't sure about the use of this one. I talked to a Laser Clinics Australia skin consultant (they stock Skinstitut) and she told me to use this first thing after I cleanse my face (although you can use it whenever you need some moisture). It has helped so much more using it straight after cleansing as it feels like instant moisture after m...
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  17. Refreshing


    I love spritzing this over my face throughout the day whenever my skin is feeling tight and this instantly refreshes it
  18. Great any time of the day


    This is a beautiful moisture refresh any time of the day, especially in the dry winter months. Works over sunscreen or make up too without leaving shine. I have sensitive skin and this is nice to cool the skin after laser or LED treatments. Smells delicious.
  19. Refreshing


    I really like this mist. Its good under or over makeup and I feel like it really makes my skin feel refreshed and revived. It smells amazing too!
  20. Helps refresh my skin


    I received a sample of this & I’ve been spraying it on my face during the day. I think it helps prevent my skin from getting too dry, and also helps wake me up!
  21. Love this!


    Nice mist. Is great for flights to keep your skin hydrated!
  22. great mist for sensitive or dehydrated skin


    I bought this mostly because I wanted a way to introduce niacinamide into my skincare routine without adding another cream or serum. I don't think the nice in a mind content is very high but regardless it's a great mist to use just after washing your face and before heavier products. it did make my skin tingle a little bit
  23. LOVE this toner


    I love this toner! I put on straight after getting out of the shower using the L-Lactic cleanser to set me up for my serums and moisturiser. It feels and smells great.
  24. LOVE this product


    I really enjoy using this mist. I use it in the morning when feeling a bit dry & at night after cleansing. It makes my skin have a more even tone the next day & I just love how it feels!
  25. Powerful mist


    I didn't expect this mist to be so 'active' but I was pleasantly surprised. I actually got a mild tingle when applying it for the first week or so which I didn't mind, but wasn't expecting. My skin feels nice and hydrated after a spray. Be careful when you spray it - a lot comes out! You really only need to pump it once.
  26. Sensitive skin friendly


    I wasn't sure what to expect from this product as my skin reacts to a lot of mists or toners - but this definitely worked well with my skin. This works perfectly after finishing my entire routine in conjunction with other Skinstitut products and I look so much more glowy as a result
  27. It’s alright


    It’s refreshing and soothing but not really necessary. It has a pleasant natural scent. I recommend it if you just like a good refreshing spray for the experience and soothing purposes.
  28. I can't stop buying this


    I really love this mist, was a bit sceptical that it would do much but I love the combination of the gentle scent, refreshing feel, very fine texture of the mist and its something I grab on makeup free days to give my skin a fresh glow. Also great for refreshing while travelling.
  29. Refreshinf


    Cannot speak highly enough of skinstitut products. They have transformed my skin. Can’t go without this one, brightening, cooling, refreshing and moisturising.
  30. I love using this before setting spray


    I love making my making my makeup look more like ‘skin’ and this does the trick! I find my setting spray pretty drying as it’s alcohol based, however, a spritz of this beforehand counteracts the dryness.
  31. Lovely scent, refreshing and super hydrating!


    I really like this facial mist. It's super hydrating and when i run out i miss it. I work in air conditioning so this is great to keep at work. If i over use it, it actually makes my skin a little oily so two times a day seems to be enough to keep me nice and hydrated. Would definitely recommend this to others and it would be great if you travel on planes often.
  32. Works Well


    I really liked how fine the mist is, especially when compared to other face mists. It felt really good on my skin, didn't make me oily and was a great way to re-hydrate my skin over top of makeup.

    I wasn't a fan of the lemongrass scent, but overall a good product.
  33. Glowing skin


    Best thing I ever used.After the lactic acid cleanser I use this everyday and my skin hasn’t felt better.
  34. Love this mist!!


    This mist is refreshing and an automatic pick me up, for dull and tired skin! I loved it!
  35. Love this mist!


    Such a nice finish to your nightly skincare routine! Multipurpose! Also used as a great setting spray, not sure if it contributes to longevity, but does help to give a dewy finish to powder!
    So refreshing, and the bottle lasts a while!
  36. the best mist in existence


    this mist is everything. mists are apart of the toner family so i use this before my serum and in the morning after i cleanse my face. not only does it have a lovely fresh scent that everyone loves its ingredients are amazing! i wish people would stop buying mists like mario bedescu which do nothing for your skin and invest in this instead
  37. My favourite!


    This is my all-time favourite mist. After a shower, it's great to spritz on before applying serums and moisturisers. It really refreshes your skin and makes your face feel less dry after a shower too. Really love the scent too.
  38. FRESH!


    Love this mist - I keep it in the fridge, and use it after my Skinstitut Gentle Cleanser... I have seen a huge improvement in my complexion, and highly recommend all Skinstitut products.
  39. Amazing!

    Caitlin :)

    I love this product! it hydrates and refreshes my face with every spray! also smells great and lasts forever!
  40. Fresh!


    This mist leaves my skin feeling fresh and hydrated, I love the scent!
  41. Refreshing


    I use it over moisturiser for extra hydration during summer months it feels refreshing and hydrating
  42. Love this mist!


    Love this mist. Smells great and is a quick and easy way to hydrate your face
  43. Flights Best Friend


    An absolute must have for when I am on a flight, just a couple of sprays and my skins feels so much better. Really re-hydrates and helps put the moisture back into your skin after being in the dry plane air. I also use this product lightly over my makeup if I am feeling like my skin is looking dull and dry during the day. Perfect if you have had a treatment recently and your skin is starting to fl...
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  44. Refreshing


    I like this however I do feel like it may just expensive rose-ish smelling water. It's really refreshing to spritz on throughout the day or just out of the shower before applying serums and creams. It's cooling and adds slight hydration to the skin. I like my previous toner more but this is good too.
  45. Love this mist


    Really enjoy using this mist, especially now that it’s summer.
  46. Refreshing and actually effective


    My skin is pretty chronically dehydrated and this spray definitely helps. I use it after cleansing and before my serums. The bottle lasts around 3-4 months too which is longer than expected. I’m on my fourth or fifth bottle and I will continue buying it.

    It’s great to spritz on skin after sun exposure too.
  47. Refreshed skin


    This is a great mist. Perfect for over makeup when your skin is starting to look a little tired and dull at the end of the day. It really brightens and awakens the skin
  48. A great way to add moisture to the skin first thing in the morning


    I love using this first thing in the morning, it's very easy to spritz on to the face. I apply moisturise on top of it and it makes my skin feel soft and hydrated.
  49. Hydrates and soothes skin


    Beautiful hydrating product that rejuvenates and preps skin for serums and creams. I love that it has the powerful coq10 antioxidant which is why I prefer it over other mists.
  50. Really brightens the skin


    I LOVE this product! My skin is never looked better! It’s glowy and so healthy looking app thanks to this. You won’t regret it!
  51. Perfect refresher in this smokey air


    I received this in the Skinstitute Starter Pack and for a couple of months after receiving it I never really used this spray. But in the last two month's I've noticed that my skin has become much drier and dehydrated than normal (I assume from all the smoke in the Sydney air) and my skin would start flaking in the middle of the day.

    So I decided to start bringing this bottle to work w...
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  52. perfect pick me up


    this leaves my skin feeling so refreshed and hydrated, perfect for midday pick me up when your skin is looking a bit dull and deflated
  53. Hydrating


    I love using this as it makes my skin feel hydrated & fresh, however sometimes the spray comes out weird & I have large spots of spray randomly on my face which I need to pat down
  54. Refreshing and brightening


    I love this mist as it really hydrates and refreshes and brightens the skin too! Perfect as a pick me up when your skin looks dull or tired
  55. Soothing and refreshing.


    A must have, especially for summer. Leaves my skin hydrated and glowing. Excellent value for money. I keep mine in the fridge and its really refreshing. Love the ingredients.
  56. So refreshing


    This spray is so refreshing on a hot day! I’m not actually sure if it does anything but i love it at the start of my skin care routine and have repurchased since my first time. It has a lovely smell and surprisingly lasts a long time. If I’m having a no makeup day I will refresh during the day with this, am yet to try over makeup.
  57. Lovely but....

    Emma Loves Skincare

    Really beautiful product but it's definitely on the more pricey side for the amount you get and how long it lasts. I feel there are less expensive products out there that do a comparable job. I do love the scent of this one though...

    For reference my skincare is oily combination skin and I am 30 years old
  58. Feels nice, mild scent, not sure it does anything though


    I'm in my early 40s, dry hormonal skin, been using this now for a month, and while it feels nice ( I use about 4-5 sprays after cleansing), I'm pretty sure it doesn't actually do anything.

    I cant notice a difference in texture, brightness or moisture level of my skin and no-one else has mentioned anything either.

    Inoffensive, pleasant, but i think its not the right produc...
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  59. Soothing


    This is a beautiful fragrant mist for summer
  60. Love it!


    Im not big on face mists but i loved this product. i found it very soothing and refreshing for a pick-me-up and the scent was nice.
  61. Super Hydrating Mist


    When I spoke to my beauty therapist about upping my hydrating during the winter months she suggested adding this product into my routine. I was sceptical at first and thought I would be better off just using a thicker, richer, heavier moisturiser. I was wrong and she was right. Layering this under my regular Skinstitut Moisture Defence Normal Moisturiser has significantly increased my skins hydrat...
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  62. My favourite


    I absolutely love this and think it makes my skin feel and look glowy and gorgeous. Obsessed!!!
  63. So refreshing

    Danni G

    This product is beautiful. I was skeptical when I first purchased if it would do anything but it brightens and hydrates my skin so much. I can wear this alone without any moisturizer most nights!
  64. Amazing, refreshing and hydrating


    This is my third bottle, I absolutely love it, it’s perfect just on a bare face or to set my makeup, it keeps my face hydrated all day! 100% for anyone with dry skin :)
  65. Fresh mist


    I love using this after I’ve been in the sun or just for a freshen up during the day. It is super hydrating and gives my skin a dewy look
  66. Quick face refresh


    I use this in the middle of the day and the end of the day for my dry skin. It smells amazing and is a great skin pick me up.
  67. Soothing light spray


    This feels so lovely and fresh on the skin! Great skin pick me up when you need a skin boost.
  68. Refreshing


    This is a nice refreshing mist and works well for my dry sensitive skin. The price is great and the product does come out as a nice mist (sometimes they spray out quite heavily).
  69. Instant hydration


    This product gives instant hydration and leaves your skin feeling fresh. I love that this product can be used in conjunction with make up.
  70. A really nice mist!


    I bought this mist for a few reasons. Firstly because I wanted a product that I could spritz on my face at any point throughout the day for a refreshment or if I had a flare up ( I have sensitive and reactive skin). I also bought this mist because it contains antioxidants which I was missing in my skincare routine.

    I use this mist daily, after cleansing and before a moisturiser or fac...
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  71. So Happy


    I was recently getting a really bad break out of no where and was encouraged to check out this range. I purchased this mist spray, 12% cleanser and the moisturiser and after 4 days of use, my pimples dried. I look forward to buying more of their products. So happy! This mist can be used on top of make and is perfect to keep in the handbag.
  72. Instant hydration


    This mist is really nice. It gives an instant hydration to my skin. Definitely recommend.
  73. Nice product..


    I was recommended this mist for my dry and sensitive skin, and have been using this in conjunction with other skinstitut products.

    I love the spray bottle and it is very easy to use. It gives a nice hit of hydration, and can be used over the top of makeup. For me, I'm not sure how much this product does on its own. It is refreshing, absorbs well, but I wouldn't say this product is a m...
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  74. So refreshing!


    I use this everyday after I cleanse. It wakes me up in the morning, and calms me at night. It's such an all-rounder. I actually crave it during my skincare routine, and it's a great little spray for travel as well.
  75. So Refreshing!


    I love this mist so much! After showering I spritz this mist on my combination skin, it reduces tightness and redness and make's you feel so refreshed. Also smell's like you've just had a facial at a day spa! Can't live without!
  76. functional


    love the smell of this. I feel like it hydrates and calms areas of irritation and redness. Packaging could look better, but overall a functional product
  77. Love a good mist


    I love a good mist and this one did not disappoint. I apply it regularly on top of my make up and it leaves me feeling refreshed and hydrated.
  78. Awesome


    great smell, beautiful mister, a little goes along way, very hydrating for my dry skin
  79. Never miss a mist again


    This is one of my skin routine I look forward to the most...the most. Smell great, generous distribution, long lasting hydration, can be used under and over make up. And the benefits go on...keeping my skin moist and fresh.
  80. Holy water for my skin!


    I have very dry and sensitive skin. Tried cheap and expensive products and nothing seemed to work for me. After using this mist I feel my skin has settled down a lot more. Less break outs and keep it hydrated! I’m also using other Skinstitut products and I’ve been using it for many years! Loving it!
  81. Drink for your skin


    This mist is so nice. It’s like a drink of water for your skin.
  82. good makeup fresher


    i love this product as a makeup refresher to keep your skin hydrated
  83. make up refresher


    This is a good hydrating style mist or even a setter and refresher for make up! I use it before my make up and then carry it in my bag at work if my skin is really dry during the day or if I feel really dull I give myself a quick spritz.
  84. Nice


    I like to spray this on my face before applying makeup or in the morning to wake up. I do not recommend using this after cleansing or exfoliating as it stings!!


    This is the best hydrating mist i have ever used. It hydrates AND adds i nice healthy glow if you use it after moisturizer/ on top of makeup.
  86. So refreshing


    This product has a lovely smell and feels really nice on the face underneath serums and moisturiser. I am currently using it at night as I have oily skin
  87. Good Combo


    I have been using the Vitamin C and B5 together and I couldn't think of a better combo. It has helped with merging fine lines, pigmentation, milia and hydration of my skin. I love these products.
  88. Smells Great!


    I leave this bottle at work on my desk and it is the best to spray throughout the day as my skin can become quiet dry with the heaters and air con. This definitely put the moisture back in my skin.
  89. Hydtation


    This mist give an instant hydration to my skin. I use it every morning after I clean my face. I feel so fresh after using this. Recommend
  90. Refreshing


    I love this product just on bare skin even. Gives me a pick me up and hydrates and calms skin. Amazing price too. Also nice to spray over makeup through day to give it a freshen up (especially if been in air con)
  91. Glowing skin


    I use this spray every morning and it leaves my skin feeling fresh and hydrated. Without it I look dehydrated and gross
  92. Smells great


    Love the smell of this and really refreshes your skin! The bottle lasts for ages but Feels as though it doesn’t do too much so not sure if I would purchase again
  93. Refreshing and calming


    Loooove this spray. So refreshing and the aroma from the oils is so calming. I’ve used this on fresh skin and also over makeup and it does not affect makeup. Highly recommend - will be taking to use on my next long haul flight!
  94. Refresh


    hydrates and leaves beautiful feeling on the skin. I use as a refreshing start before my makeup
  95. Great!!!!!!


    One of the few mist that I love.
    I found majority of the mist do nothing.
    This is functional, hydrates and leaves beautiful feeling on the skin
  96. Hydration


    This product is great for any time use. A nourishing, weightless hydration mist that leaves skin soft and smooth..
  97. Lovely product


    I love this mist. It’s not expensive when compared to other mists, however personally I think money spent on skin care should be prioritized in other areas. Saying that though I would love to have this with me everywhere I go because it’s such a lovely product.
  98. Good


    I have combination skin type. This facial mist is so good, it gives an instant hydration to my skin. Works amazingly especially during winter season. Highly recommend.
  99. Good facial spray!


    I do like this! I think it leaves a bit of a film over my skin which is annoying but it’s still nice. I like the smell too!
  100. An unexpected love


    This mist came in a package of Skinsitute products and I honestly didn't realize how much I would love it.

    My skin is slightly dry and very sensitive to new products. I love the feeling of spraying this product on before I use my serums / moisterisers and the smell is lovely.

    I have also starting misting this spray over my make up during the day to help when my skin fee...
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