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O&M Seven Day Miracle Moisture Masque 250ml

4.2 of 131 reviews


4 instalments of $9.49

Or 4 instalments of $9.49 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $9.49

Or 4 instalments of $9.49 with LEARN MORE

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The O&M Seven Day Miracle Moisture Masque is a delicious, hydrating cream to replenish stressed or dry locks.
  • Australian Made
  • Cruelty Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

GREAT - 81% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Hair Concern:

  • Dull, lacking shine
  • Frizzy hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium

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Questions & Answers

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O&M Seven Day Miracle Moisture Masque

O&M Seven Day Miracle Moisture Masque

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O&M Seven Day Miracle Moisture Masque Reviews

4.2 of 131 reviews

81% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

A holiday for your hair


Thank you O&M for another amazing product this feels like a holiday for your hair. It's very hydrating and nourishing and makes my hair so shiny and healthy. Highly recommend you try this and it smells amazing.

Most Helpful Criticism

Smells so good but does nothing


This product smells incredible. However, it did absolutely noting to hydrate my hair and like everyone seems to mention, I agree, the packaging is terrible. It is quite difficult to get the product out.
  1. I use this as a super lightweight conditioner, not a nourishing treatment.


    Perfect for fine hair. Smells amazing. Not good for my hair. I have course wavy hair that is fluffy and prone to getting a lot of frizz. My conditioner has more weight to it. This treatment does not even help untangle my hair and I need so much of it. I will not be buying again. I don't think it remotely 'hydrates or quenches my locks’. I am using it as a conditioner so I can use the rest of it be...
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  2. Quite good


    I love the fragrance and use this once a week. You need to leave it on for at least the two minutes to feel the result. I find the bottle tricky to squeeze out the product as the bottle is quite stiff which would not be ideal for people with hand/finger strength issues.
  3. not the best


    not the best treatment I have ever used, did not add much if any hydration. It did smell amazing though.
  4. A holiday for your hair


    Thank you O&M for another amazing product this feels like a holiday for your hair. It's very hydrating and nourishing and makes my hair so shiny and healthy. Highly recommend you try this and it smells amazing.
  5. Wasn’t impressed


    I bought this for a mid price range hydrating hair mask. It was average. Wouldn’t write home about it. But where it really Lost marks was the packaging. It is soo hard to get out the bottle! Might have been a better first experience if I didn’t spend a good 3mins just trying to get the stuff out.
  6. Smells Amazing!


    This product left my hair so soft and shiny, it felt healthy all round! Super happy with it and it smells AMAZING which is a plus!
  7. So moisturising


    I didn’t expect this to be as good as it was. My hair looked bouncy and shiny after using it. Would buy again.
  8. Lovely hair masque, terrible packaging


    I received a sample of this from Adore and loved using it. However, the regular-sized bottle is stiff and doesn't let you squeeze out product as easily as the sample tube, which could become a problem when closer to empty.

    The masque smells luxurious and nutty with a rich creamy texture. My coarse hair feels hydrated after leaving it on for just ten minutes. Definitely recommend for r...
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  9. OK but not the bees knees


    Not a fan of the smell, just like the majority of the O&M range. It feels nice when on my hair, but found I had to use quite a lot. After using the whole system (Detox, shampoo, conditioner, mask) I found not much changed in my hair quality /texture. It may work for fine hair, but definitely didn't help much with my wavy thick hair
  10. Nice smell


    The smell of the product is very nice, however, that is where it ended for me. I felt like I had to use a fair bit of the product and afterwards rinse it out with the conditioner, as my hair felt dry and coarse.
  11. Too hard to get out of the bottle


    The masque itself works just fine however the bottle is extremely poorly designed and very difficult to get product out of the rigid bottle and small opening, especially with wet hands in the shower. This is a real shame because I was excited to try a supposedly award-winning product that is Australian made. Looking at the reviews it appears plenty of other people have had the same issue, so it's ...
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  12. Great buy


    Very pleased with my latest purchase.
    Left on for a couple of hours and my hair was beautiful and full of life.
    Extra soft and shiny.
    Great treatment .
    Smells lush.
  13. Love this product


    I love love love this product, the ingredient list is fantastic with no hidden nasties and it makes my hair feel super hydrated and soft. A great bonus is that the caramel/vanilla scent smells absolutely divine!!
  14. A Big Yes


    Smells so divine! I leave on overnight or for a day and the softness and hydration is incredible!! Genuinely becoming a product I cannot live without !!!
  15. Ok as a conditioner but nothing special


    Love the packaging and the vanilla fragrance of this product but I don’t think it works wonders to rehydrate my hair. It leaves hair smooth and manageable but no more than any other conditioner. I expected more from something labelled a masque.
  16. Pleasant


    This masque is pleasant to use. It has a beautiful vanilla smell and a nice texture that's easy to apply. Unfortunately I don't find this treatment very nourishing. It's a very light formula. I've started applying it to my ends every night before braiding it and then rinsing out in the morning. It smells lovely and is shiny and more manageable but not overly hydrated.

    I will probably...
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  17. Smells so good but does nothing


    This product smells incredible. However, it did absolutely noting to hydrate my hair and like everyone seems to mention, I agree, the packaging is terrible. It is quite difficult to get the product out.
  18. Average


    average mask, bad packaging, smells nice though.
  19. Nothing to write home about.


    A pretty average hair mask really - I mean, the smell is delicious, you could eat it, and my hair felt nice after leaving in for around 20 minutes, but the effects didn't last for more than the day. It's a nice quicky treatment and probably even better as just a day to day conditioner. But yum, that smell!
  20. Not bad


    I wouldn't go out of my way to get this hair masque

    I did not notice any difference to my hair after using it. It has a lovely smell, but that's where it stopped for me. I usually use Kerastase hair masques, and they leave my hair feeling soft and lush after use. I find this product left my hair a little more tangled than usual.
  21. Smells great


    Smells sooooo amazing like vanilla. The packaging makes it hard to get the product out of the bottle and it did not hydrate my hair at all.
  22. Good Mask for the Hair


    I received this mask from Adore Beauty in one of their promotions, 30ml. I have blonde streaked, shoulder length fine hair. I have used the O & M Miracle Moisture Mask three times and it is a lovely product. I would purchase this product in the future as it has a nourishing texture and leaves my hair feeling very smooth. I did notice a difference. So thank you Adore Beauty.
  23. Nice


    I really like the smell of this mask, yummy vanilla. I have dry/damaged hair and it works pretty adding moisture and leaving it silky. I just have to remember to use it more often!
  24. Lovely Product


    I received a sample of this and I am impressed. It’s very moisturising and left my hair shiny and hydrated. It also smells amazing!
  25. Essential to your hair routine!


    I use this treatment once a week and have so since the day the brand launched! Definitely keeps my hair feeling healthy and smooth. Also, love the smell!! A must!!
  26. Feels great


    My hair stylist recommended this brand as one that is good to use on extensions. I tend to leave the masque in overnight and wash out in the morning as this seems to give me the best results. Have enjoyed thus far but will see how my hair goes over the next few months.
  27. Conditioning


    Smells AMAZING!! Vanilla caramel scent. Left my hair feeling smooth and silky!
  28. Extremely happy with product


    I love that O&M have little mini's in some products so you can try it before you purchase a full size. This one is great I probably got 3 uses out of it as a treatment. Smells so lovely and left my hair feeling conditioned. Giving it a 4 not a 5 as the packaging is really hard to get the product out of.
  29. Packaging is difficult - product is 10/10


    The packaging is so difficult to use and half way through it stops coming out and you need to hit it and sit it upside down so it doesnt get wasted..... bit inconvenient. Which is a shame because the product itself is as 10/10 - leaves hair feeling hydrated and silky.
  30. Works for dry hair

    Trina N

    I have blonde foiled hair and have to put weekly treatments in my hair (Olaplex and Blond pro) or my hair goes frail and dry. This is a fantastic product to use as a conditioner or as a treatment. I usually put this in after shampooing or a treatment and leave on for 10-15 minutes (or longer) and wash out. Hair feels so smooth and great afterwards. Honestly smells so beautiful too its a vanilla sc...
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  31. Hydrated and healthy hair

    Court K

    This conditioner/treatment was really worth it. Smells incredible like a subtle vanilla scent. Hair felt really conditioned and silky after. Health of my hair visibly felt better. Giving it a 4 stars because the bottle it comes in is really difficult to use - hard to open and also hard to get the last bit of product out of. Otherwise its the perfect conditioner.
  32. Love this conditioner


    I've got blond hair and ive started using this along with an Olaplex treatment once a week and my hair has improved so much. After a treatment and shampoo I leave this in my hair for about 30 minutes to really soak in and it smells like vanilla and leaves my hair feeling silky. I would recommend!
  33. Lovely Vanilla smell


    First thing I noticed with this was how beautiful it smelt. Its a really subtle vanilla caramel smell. Would honestly purchase the full size just for the scent to be honest. Was very conditioning and felt like it was really helping my hair. I cant say too much for it improving the condition of my hair but it definitely left it feeling silky. Would be lovely just as a daily conditioner.
  34. Left my hair feeling silky


    This would be great as a travel conditioner/treatment. It is small and I probably only got 4 washes out of it but was a great way to try the product. Smells so nice. Left my hair feeling really conditioned.
  35. Great add to my routine


    If you have blonde or dry damaged hair I highly recommend this product. I actually use this along with the BLONDPRO treatment and it works wonders. I have foiled blonde hair and I really have to look after it or it goes really dry so my usual routine is: I apply coconut oil to my hair ends and leave in for an hour and then I shampoo and rinse. I then do the Blondpro treatment which I usually leave...
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  36. Will get the full size next time


    Loved this product after the first use. First of all it smells absolutely divine. I have pretty dry hair and it felt really conditioned and a nice hydrating boost. It was a small bottle though so ill be getting the full size next time!
  37. Great if you can get it out of the bottle


    The packaging for this stuff means it is impossible to get out of the bottle. I had to saw it open. When you can actually get it out its great - very conditioning and repairing. But I have to mark it down because of the bottle because if you don't have a saw handy its useless
  38. So beautiful


    The smell alone is so gorgeous and leaves the hair with a beautiful scent. It is super hydrating and makes my hair soft and bouncy! This is a perfect size for a trial as well.
  39. Amazing


    This product is great for hair masks. I put it on and then put a hot towel on followed by a shower cap and leave it for 45-60 minutes and my hair always feels amazing afterwards. Highly recommend this product.
  40. Great product - TERRIBLE PACKAGING


    Just like the summary says - the product is amazing (smells great and leaves hair feeling silky and smooth) but the packaging is the worst I have ever seen. Terrible packaging. Its so hard to get the product out of and towards the end of the product you cant get the rest out at all and you either have to throw it out and waste half of the bottle or cut it open. Wont be re-purchasing because of tha...
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  41. Plan to buy full size


    Agreed with others about the packaging issue.

    However this product is divine, not too heavy, but makes hair silky soft. Currently trying to heal my dry and damaged hair. Was recommended this by the hairdresser, along with the power base for protein. These two mask have been working well to slowly improve the feeling of my hair. Hopefully ill see some growth in the next couple of month...
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  42. Packaging is a let down


    The packaging for this conditioner is a real let down and its a shame because the product itself is amazing (smells beautiful like coconut and vanilla - also very moisturising). Its really difficult to get the conditioner out and I was left with almost half of the product stuck in the bottle and unable to get it out. I've seen heaps of other people having the same issues.
  43. Works well


    I bleach my hair regularly and I have found this product to work a treat at strengthening and preventing breakages in my haif
  44. 4/5


    If you have the time to get this product out of the bottle (because its difficult) then you'll see how amazing it is. Has the best vanilla buttery scent to it and my hair felt lovely. Just hate the packaging its really inconvenient.
  45. Great


    Great for coloured hair. It moisture my hair and prevents it from breakage. Definitely recommend.
  46. Beautiful product


    This made my coloured hair actually shine, which many products promise but rarely deliver.
    Only issue is the ‘bottle’ the product is in. It’s hard to extract the product when it’s full, I can imagine it’s only going to get worse as I use it up. Shame because I would probably buy a full size if not for this issue.
  47. Lovely


    I found the scent to be really warm and delicious, but I think the packaging needs work. Difficult to get product out, but the cream is very hydrating and lasts for ages because you only need a little every time
  48. Trina


    Great way to test the product. Really left my hair feeling nice and smooth and silky. Removed tangles and knots. Smells like a really light vanilla smell.
  49. Frizz free soft hair


    I have fine thin hair and whilst this product gave me the results I wanted, it left my hair a bit heavy and found I had to wash much sooner than expected. Despite this is kept my hair feeling soft and frizz free for the week!
  50. Nourishing


    I received this Mini size free with a previous order and was keen to dry it out after the ends of my fine hair were fried during my last balayage. I chose to apply this as a mask - used generously and then left in on overnight. In the morning, it rinsed out really well and left my hair shiny and smooth. My hair was a little heavier afterwards but, I have fine hair, so a lot of masks do that. Defin...
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  51. Does the trick!


    Love this treatment, it instantly leaves my hair feeling softer and gives it a wonderful gleam. Feels light when applying, but does have a slightly greasy finish to it.
  52. Product is superb, but...


    At the end fiddling with the bottle to get product out is a nuisance ! I'm far too lazy to waste my time with that no matter how great this product actually is.

    O&M should take notice of these reviews and change their packaging. Should that ever happen I will gladly repurchase.


    This masque is magic. It smells beautiful, shines up my hair, de-tangles and softens my really big, dry, thick, wavy hair. The bottle is so hard to use though, especially at the end, it's really hard to get the product out. Other than that bottle, I can't fault it!
  54. Gorgeous hair treatment


    I have thick coarse hair and this masque makes my hair feel so soft - it also smells absolutely amazing! I've been using it as a weekly treatment and my hair has never been in better condition, it is so much shinier too. I took one star off as I'm not too fond of the cap and you have to really squeeze out the product, but that is the only negative. Thanks again Adore Beauty for my gift voucher, wo...
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  55. Moisturising with candy smelling hair masque


    I honestly love this hair masque. It smells like milk bottle lollies and I have to restrain myself from trying it to see if it tastes as delicious as it smells.

    But the best part is not the smell, it is the fact that it feels amazing. It is a thick product which makes it feel like it soaks into the roots and starts working instantly. It is smooth and luxurious.

    I am reall...
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  56. Soft and healthy hair!


    This masque makes my hair so soft and healthy after washing out. Feels like a luxurious treat every time I use it and it smells great. My only small problem with it is the packaging, as you get towards the end of the product it becomes very hard to squeeze out.
  57. My hair has grown!


    My hair seems to have grown a lot since using this product. I find it a little hard to squeeze out, but otherwise no complaints. I've used it three times and it seems to be strengthening and softening my hair.
  58. Great for dry, damaged hair


    My hairdresser recommended this and it is great for maintaining hair health and shine.
  59. Love!


    I am so glad I tried this product. I use it as a weekly treatment and leave it in for about 10 minutes. My hair feels so soft to the touch after using this and it smells lovely.
  60. Ummm... I love it!!


    Recommended by my hair dresser and omg I’m in love! Leaves my normally dry brittle hair oh so soft and silky!!! So damn good!!!
  61. Moisturising and smells divine


    I have fine, slightly frizzy wavy hair. I purchased this once and though I liked it, I didn't love it as much as my usual Kevin Murphy Angel range. It's called a masque though I only found it as nourishing as a daily conditioner. The smell is yummy, like caramel and chocolate!! I didn't hate it, didn't love it. Happy to have tried it.
  62. Definitely works


    My hair was badly damaged from colour after colour after using this twiceI could see the difference. My saviour
  63. Not for me


    The vanilla smell of this product is AMAZING, so I was incredibly disappointed that it didn't work for me. I was looking for a hydrating mask that felt silky and smooth, however, this product felt worse in my hair than my normal conditioner. I have a very 'normal' hair type and even still this product did nothing. I also have to agree with previous reviews that mention how difficult it is the get ...
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  64. Wonderful mask. Stylish but nuisance packaging.


    I wanted to try this and deviate from my usual Kevin Murphy treatments for something new and a different scent. The scent is lovely, a smooth vanilla but not too sweet and overpowering. It has a lovely thick mask like consistency. I generally use it as a mask and leave on for 10min outside of shower and find my shiny feels wonderfully soft and hydrated but not heavy which is a bonus as my hair is ...
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  65. Great as Conditioner and Mask


    I have chemically straightened hair and have been using this on and off for several years, and have switched from standard conditioner to using the Moisture Masque and it has made a big difference to the health of the ends of my hair.

    I also use it as a more intense mask once a month or so just for a bit of extra moisture.

    I also love the smell - so nice!
  66. Silky smooth but experiencing additional hairloss


    I've been using this once a week for a month and my hair is looking amazing.

    I put it in on dry hair and leave it in over-night and then in the morning wash it out. However, in the morning I'm experiencing a more single hairs coming out in the shower than normal. Nothing particularly alarming but it's just something I've noticed.

    Other than that my hair is looking super...
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    Before I lost this product moving house (sad face) I had used this masque twice and Oh my goodness, my hair had never felt so soft and healthy, I was so devastated I lost it. I had blonde hair at the time and it was quite fragile and would get dry after 2 days of washing and this just made such a difference after 1 use, my hair felt softer and full of moisture for days!

    Would 100% r...
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  68. Gorgeous and smells amazing


    Wow, this treatment smells unbelievably amazing! It’s like some kind of delicious vanilla cheesecake... left it on for about 10 minutes in the shower after shampooing and it really delivers - my hair is soft and light, and the ends (which are normally a knotty dry mess) feel healthy and knot-free. Great product, rivals Olaplex for sure - but the smell!!!!!
  69. would not repurchase


    The thing that really bugged me was the packaging! Hurt my hand trying to squeeze the product out! Then I put the stuff on my hair and it didn't feel nice at all, rinsing it out my hair didn't feel silky like it does with other conditioners. I was excited for this product but I'm not sold on it, I don't feel like its worth $35. My hair is super fine, thin, dull and prone to breakage.
  70. Dry hair saviour!


    One of the best hair treatments i have used that doesnt dry the hair out at all after use! I love that the ingredients are quite natural as well. Best product original mineral has made!
  71. saved my hair


    I've been using this product for over a year now and i absolutely love it. i have bleached white/silver hair and have had for the last 4 years-- my hair was gummy/elasticity dry and fall out, my hairdresser recommended this product and i just leave it in for 7 minutes after washing my hair in the shower and its improved my hair drastically
  72. Love this product


    I am so glad I tried this product. I use it as a weekly treatment and leave it in for about 10 minutes. My hair feels so soft to the touch after using this and it smells lovely.
  73. Good but not as moisturising as I had hoped


    It’s good to use as a conditioner but I wouldn’t say it’s conditioning enough as a mask. I have dry, curly hair so could be enough for someone with smoother, straight hair.
  74. Amazing Mask!


    Perfect. Nothing bad about it. Leaves hair hydrated but light and not heavy! I use once a week.
  75. Great


    100% repurchase. It smells like heaven. A combination of coco and coconut? Yes it also does moisturize my strands like how it claims it does and makes everytime I wash my hair a spa experience. In love with this product
  76. Great


    Really love this brand's haircare products. Lovely scent and very effective for the hair. Have tried the various ranges, and love them all. Definitely recommended!
  77. Great


    Absolutely agree about the packaging. It’s so hard to get the product out of the bottle it’s almost like a game show challenge. I take a plastic dish, and squeeze with both hands while pounding the bottle on the dish to get the product out. It’s a very hard process and very wasteful. As good as the product is I’m not sure if it is that amazing to justify going through all that.
  78. Smells delish


    I have used O&M for years.
    I have blonde hair which gets quite dry, especially in winter so i use this treatment as a conditioner!

  79. Truly a Miracle!


    This moisture masque is by far the best hair mask I have tried! It smells like custard and leaves your hair feeling so silky soft. I have blonde hair and it is the best conditioner to lock in moisture and stop the ends from drying out. It lasts days, my scalp gets oily before my ends get dry! Definitely would recommend this product!
  80. Desperately need to change the bottles


    It doesn't matter how good a product is if you can't get it out of the bottle. I had to take to this with a pair of pliers to pry open the bottle and drain it slowly into a jar. Seriously no matter how cool the bottles look if they are unusable they are not cool at all! Other than that the product did really condition my hair. But I won't buy again until the packaging is changed
  81. The smell is amazing


    My first impression on this conditioner/mask is that it smells beautiful. Shea butter/vanilla scent. LOVELY! Also super hydrating and conditioning!
  82. Beautiful vanilla caramel scent


    This is the first O&M product I have tried and it smells absolutely beautiful. It has this really luxe subtle vanilla scent. Hair felt really silky after washing out. I left it in for 10-15 minutes.
  83. Great


    I use this as a conditioner and it works great. My hair is coloured and long and curly (so difficult to manage!) and I have lots of it. I find this masque makes it feel really soft and easier to comb after using it.
  84. Unfortunately mediocore


    I had rather high hopes for this Masque! Sadly I was somewhat disappointed! To me it gave the results of a conditioner as opposed to a 'Miracle Moisture Masque'.
    Whilst it did HYRDATE my hair, the moisture I got from the masque was that equivalent to a rich hydrating conditioner.... therefore it is sadly overpriced for it's said results.
    O&M Seven Day Miracle Moisture Masques saving gr...
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  85. Overpriced and a bit ordinary


    I have fine, prone to frizz hair. I've also been dying and straightening it so wanted something to really nourish and repair. People rave about O&M so much I thought I'd love this but really the only thing I loved was the smell. it feels like ordinary conditioner, not a mask, and it didn't do a lot for my hair. Like others have noted, the packaging is a bit annoying to use too.
  86. Yes and no


    i have had some luck with this, and some disappointment, i think it just depends how my hair feels like reacting to it, or did not wash it out properly. could be a number of things, but i like to use this once a week (when i was using it ) some weeks if would make my hair amazing and soft and tangible and other it would be oily by the end of the next day. so a bit hit and miss with this one
  87. Smells super good


    This masque smells so good you'd want to leave it on forever. I have dyed hair so the ends can be quite dry and it does help with this. However, it's not the most moisturising masque that I've tried but still does the job.
  88. Smells like heaven


    I love this product will last a long time.
    Smells amazing and makes my hair feel so soft with no frizz
  89. So nourishing


    Fantastic treatment that leaves my hair hydrated and strengthened. Easy to apply and really does the trick, keeping my locks fresh in between cuts
  90. Great product!


    I love to use this mask whenever my hair is feeling dry or brittle. I have a lot of hair, but it is quite thin and prone to breakage. After using this mask, it is softer, smoother and more manageable. Highly recommend!
  91. Nice treatment shampoo


    I like the O&M range for my hair because of their natural ingredients. This is a nice treatment to use once a week.
  92. Moisturising and replenishing


    I love this super moisturising and replenishing mask. It always leaves my dry frizzy hair feeling and smelling amazing
  93. Underwhelming


    I read so many great reviews about this but it didn't do much for my hair. I have thick, curly hair so maybe that was the problem? It does smell delicious though
  94. Hair saving!


    This stuff is so gorgeous & smells divine. Works really well, especially great value for the price!
  95. IT WORKS!


    Makes my hair feel so much better and soft after treatment 10/10 would recommend, i have super super dry
  96. The hydrate and conquer condition is better!


    I bought hair mask because i was on the hunt for a hydrating hair mask for my thick, curly hair.

    The scent is amazing, and i was expecting the product to be quite thick considering the conditioner is crazily thick.

    I wasnt overly impressed with this product due to the fact i really believe the conditioner works alot better.

    The packaging has a defult and need...
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  97. This is the first review I have bothered ever writing


    So I once again decided I didn't want to be brunette, even though my naturally wavy coarse dry hair clearly couldn't handle and has never handled any bleach ... I did it anyway. Well fast forward 4 months I am back to brunette have lost about 3 inches of length..and still suffering with fried frizzled broken ends. I swear I learnt my lesson. I think I purchased every treatment on the market high ...
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  98. Total Miracle


    This product is a miracle in a bottle. My hair felt so good afterwards. I got so many comments about how healthy it looked and happily recommended it to all my work colleagues

    The only downfall with this product is that for my hair type (oily roots, dry ends) using a weekly mask is a bit much. I can still feel the effects of this product two weeks later so I now only use it as a fort...
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  99. Bottle is a killer..


    The product itself was nice. It smelt amazing and left my hair feeling wonderful however the bottle is such a turn off. It's just not practical and really hard to get the product out. I felt it didn't last very long and for the price you want to feel you're getting your moneys worth. The bottle was enough to stop me buying again - sadly.
  100. Made my hair too greasy


    I seriously ruined my hair after using a faulty hair curler and it was in need of some hydration and help. I tried a bunch of different masks looking for something that would bring my hair back to something reasonable so I wouldn't have to chop it off.

    I bought this one with high hopes and used it for about a month, but it just wasn't right for me. First of all I read all the other re...
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