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Murad Blemish Control Rapid Relief Spot Treatment 15ml 15ml

4.3 of 47 reviews


4 instalments of $8.75


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4 instalments of $8.75


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This maximum strength clearing gel, that contains 2% Salicylic Acid, reduces blemish size and redness within a quick 4 hours*. With no peeling or flaking, this fast-acting formula will work to exfoliate, clear, smooth and balance skin to promote clear, healthy skin. 

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GREAT - 86% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s

Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads

Skin Type:

  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Murad Blemish Control Rapid Relief Spot Treatment 15ml

Murad Blemish Control Rapid Relief Spot Treatment 15ml

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4.3 of 47 reviews

86% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



This is a powerful spot treatment for pimples and breakouts. I normally reapply after a few hours, and it dries them out nicely. Definitely recommend!

Most Helpful Criticism



Effective but not in the 4 hours stated.
  1. Excellent


    Excellent treatment for drying out spots fast. I use every night on my spots and find it halves the duration of them
  2. miracle spot treatment


    This product clears the skin leaving the skin smooth and even.
  3. Great at reducing redness


    This spot treatment is great a reducing redness efficiently. However, I have noticed that it doesn't actually get rid of my acne despite using it continuously for two weeks. It can make large spots less inflamed and raised, but it hasn't healed any of my acne.
  4. Surprised!


    I received this as a sample and found it really helped minimise some breakouts I was having! It flattened them overnight, which I was super surprised by. I would maybe consider buying the full size.
  5. Works well


    Received it as a sample of 75 ml so had a chance to really test it oppesed to those one time satchels. Works well for reducing blackheads as it has salicylic acid. And I do feel I need salicylic acid in my skincare because in combination with my other skincare products (Niacinamide and hyluronic acid) it has improved my skin. Not sure if I'd buy the full size though since I'd probably go for a cheaper The Ordinary salicylic acid.
  6. PRETTY impressed


    I used for the first time last night and when I woke this morning my spots looked heaps less ready and inflamed. Really impressed with this
  7. Lifesaver


    This is one of the best spot treatments I have tried! I find that it really helps to flatten out and reduce the size of larger pimples within two days - even faster with smaller pimples. The tube also lasts for ages!
  8. Works for pimples


    My son uses it at all times. It's a good product that works well on pimples without drying the skin. However doesn't deliver miracle within 4 hours.
  9. Powerful


    This is a powerful spot treatment for pimples and breakouts. I normally reapply after a few hours, and it dries them out nicely. Definitely recommend!
  10. Good for flare-ups


    This is my 2nd tube of this spot gel. At first I LOVED it, but then found my skin perhaps got used to it??? I can’t say I experienced the 4hr miracle, but nevertheless it worked well in a day or two. I’ve since discovered the Outsmart Blemish Clarifying Treatment, which I layer under the spot gel (or just use on its own sometimes) and the combination is working well!
  11. Highly Effective


    I was skeptical of how quick this claims to work - and whilst I'm not sure it is as quick as it claims, I still noticed a great improvement overnight or during the day. Probably one of the most effective treatments I have tried and I will definitely repurchase because I'm yet to find anything else that gets a better outcome.
  12. Best spot treatment


    This is by far the best spot treatment I have used. If left overnight, the breakout almost or completely disappears in the morning. I love the fact that it can also be used under make-up.
    Just repurchased it.


    this product worked for me temporarily. I found that using it frequently (every second night) made the skin of the affected area dry and really tough. So the pimple would lie underneath skin and come out later more aggressively. It took a visit to the dermatologist to do a a very very strong peel so exfoliate the skin.

    Would recommend as ONCE off (like once a year lol) but will not treat your problems :(
  14. I am on my second tube


    I have been suffered from acne since teen, I am now 47 but still getting one or two acne every now and then that is very annoying. This product doesn’t dry down my acne overnight but it does calm it down. I took one lippy off due to the design of the tube. I sometimes find squeezing too much product out from the tube that can be quite wasteful. Overall it is a good product for adult acne.
  15. Works super quick


    This spot treatment works overnight. I put this on any spots before bed and when I wake up they have dramatically reduced in size or have gone completely. I’m not sure how this would work on blind pimples but anything else, it works so well.
  16. Great!


    A little goes a long way and this really helps to clear spots.
  17. Keeps spots at bay!


    Only the tiniest dot needed and it keeps pesky spots at bay! Helps to ease redness post-spot too!
  18. Actually Works!!


    Okay so this stuff is just so good!! I have sensitive skin and get cystic & hormonal acne. And this spot treatment helps clear up my breakouts so much faster, I notice a difference within hours, especially helps the redness. I can also wear it under makeup which is !! wonderful. Totally worth a try
  19. Doesn't work as expected


    I thought it's gonna be my holy grail after reading a lot of reviews that it worked for them. It does reduce the inflammation, but barely. I never mind the stinging part but I mind the part that it doesn't really work as is describes. Save your money as this does not work as everybody is saying.
  20. Don't waste your money


    I bought this after reading the Adore blog which raved about it and touted it as a miracle fix for blemishes. For $32 I expected great things and was very disappointed when it did not perform any better than the Alpha H product I replaced with it.
    I agree with the other disappointed reviewers. It does not get rid of blemishes any faster than not applying anything.
  21. Reasonable effectiveness


    It works on blemishes but they do not disappear within 4 hours as stated. Reasonably good product but works as other similar products on the market.
  22. Doesn't work


    This product doesn't get rid of acne any faster than it would heal on itself. It does dry out the skin though and I think that is because of the sulfur ingredient. There are better AHA products to use than this.
  23. Didn't get rid of my blemishes


    I tried this on a few spots and while it didn't make them worse, I didn't notice miracle results either. They went away within a few days as per usual
  24. Good for breakouts!


    Seems to help settle a spot or blemish within a day or so. I usually apply before bed on a red or angry spot and by morning it seems to have helped. A product for rapid help on those nasty skin issues, it doesn’t however dry out the spot like some products which is nice as then you’re able to still cover it in make up the next day. A great item for helping clear spots faster with its antibacterial properties.
  25. Great product


    The Murad spot treatment is an amazing product, and while you can see the difference within hours, I wouldn't necessary say it disappears after four hours like the article on adore beauty depicted. depending on the pimple, it may take days or even close to a week for that pesky pimple to disappear!

    Overall, it’s a great spot treatment that does exactly what it’s supposed to do. However, don't expect it to vanish within hours as many factors can contribute to the effectiveness of the treatment.
  26. Great under make up


    While I’m not sure if this does a better job than other spot treatments, the fact it can be worn under make up is a winner!!
  27. Wouldn't travel without it!


    Who wants a bloody great spot to ruin your insta pic?
    I love this stuff, it works so quickly is gentle on me!
  28. Love this product!


    I purchased several products for my daughters Acne and nothing seem to work. A friend recommended Murad Rapid Relief Acne treatment . My daughter tried it and surprisingly the next morning we actually saw a difference!!! The excitement and confidence boost I saw in her is absolutely priceless.
  29. Was hoping for better results


    I bought this in the hopes that it would be amaaazing on my breakouts, but i was disappointed. I saw very minimal results, but nothing great. It didn't really do anything for my acne, but it didn't make it worse. I will keep using it to see if it gets any better, but so far unimpressed
  30. Unexpected Results!


    First of all, I’ve been struggling with acne that ranges from mild to severe. Especially around my period, my breakouts tend to ruin my confidence and my self-esteem. I get huge cystic pimples. Ugly scarring. Oily skin. The worst area would be my chin. Some products helped only for my cheek area and sometimes forehead. But none have been able to target the worst area which is on my chin. Until I tried Murad. Murad was recommended to me however, I wasn’t sure I was willing to spend more money again on skincare that can’t even guarantee its effectiveness. But I lost all hope and thought why not. This will be the last time. Murad showed results after a day! My pimples were huge and by the time I put this on twice on one day made a huge difference. Yes it dried it out. But it didn’t cause any more breakouts even with a slightly heavy moisturizer. My face is pimple free and it’s only been about a week. Maybe even less. All I’ve got to work on is my blemishes. I’ve just ordered the starter kit and I’m excited to see another huge improvement on my skin. I can finally say that I am one step closer to my dream skin. Thank you Murad & of course Adorebeauty! xxx
  31. It works


    I am always sceptical about product claims, but was keen to try yet another product. And OMG, this works
  32. Literally works overnight!


    This is worth every penny. I pop it on a pesky spot before bed, and by morning it has noticeably cleared. Love!
  33. The hype was right!


    As someone who has oliy, acne prone skin, I'm always looking for a spot treatment that actually works fast. This product visibly minimises the blemish over night and shortens the healing time. Will definitely be repurchasing!
  34. Best Blemish Treatment!


    At the ripe old age of 29 I am experiencing problem skin for the first and worst time ever in my life - even as an adolescent. This is really not a fun time, and I am constantly battling with deep, painful blemishes under the skin. This is the first spot treatment I have used that has actually made a difference to the time frame of my blemishes! It doesn't quite work within four hours for the majority of my spots as they are more so hormonal/cystic one, though it does reduce the inflammation and redness quicker than any other product. For those typical, annoying little pimples that pop up (and more so on normal skin), this works a treat! Try not to use it too often - as my skin can be a constant battle, I will accidentally dry out my skin too much from overuse. Absolutely love this product and have purchased twice now!
  35. A miracle in a tube


    I purchased this products when it was featured in a “staff picks” email. I have oily skin and I am plagued with breakouts on my cheeks and this product consistently reduces the size of my spots each application. Smaller spots are reduced to almost nothing and larger ones are brought to the surface a lot quicker. I will be repurchasing when I finish my current tube.

  36. best spot treatment


    this really works and does clear blemishes fast. it reduces the blemish size and redness within a few hours so i use this in the morning and im good for the day. It's completely invisible and can be worn alone or with makeup on top. just make sure u only put it on the spot as it will dry out normal skin
  37. It works!


    This really does what it claims. It significantly reduces spots much faster than other sport treatments I've tried. It can be a bit drying on your skin if you keep reapplying (which isn't really necessary as it works so well the first time).
  38. Clear gel good for spots


    This spot gel is great cause it's clear so can be used anytime and it seems effective. My only issue is it is quite runny so comes out of the tube quite quickly and I find I waste some of it.
  39. Super tube! Saves your butt in the nick of time


    Best spot treatment ever. Fast acting. Yeah, that's all I can say. It works wonders! Be warned, though, it will dry out any surrounding skin in the areas you use it, so be spot on when applying. I use 8t multiple times a day on my repeat-offender pimple areas. A short term solution, though... got to fix my darn screwed up pores.
  40. Best spot treatment ever!


    This is by far the best spot treatment I have ever used, and I have used many! You only need the tiniest amount of product on each pimple and they start to disappear within hours. It it definitely worth the price and I highly recommend it


    A week before my period, I always battle with 2-3 big and nasty pimples on my chin. They take up to 10 days to go away and are so ugly. So I was very keen to try this product and see if it lived up to the hype. As soon as I felt one pimple start to blossom, I was on it with the Murad Blemish Control - morning & night. And it worked! Instead of blooming into an ugly swollen whitehead, the pimple stayed as a small bump and within another 1-2 days it had disappeared. Hallelujah! For the first time in ages I don’t have to pile concealer on my chin in an attempt to hide the blemishes. I am 100% converted - this is now my only go-to for getting rid of blemishes. All my other products have gone into the bin! Thank you Adore Beauty for highlighting this product on your website - I’m so glad I purchased it! Goodbye pimples!! :)
  42. Lifesaver


    I got a huge blind spot the week before a dinner out and after reading reviews in the newsletter about this product I ordered it, it arrived the next day (thank you Adore Beauty dispatch/shipping team) and I used it straight away. The next night the spot was almost gone and so much easier to cover. I get painful hormonal spots around my chin and jawline and this has stopped them from becoming painful and causing large scars. Thank you for your honest product reviews!
  43. WOW


    I was so excited about this product as the reviews were amazing! It has lived up to everything i was hoping for! Been using for only 2 days now and almost all my spots have gone.. so happy.. 5 stars!
  44. Adore Beauty Staff


    Great spot treatment for blemishes or blind pimples, only a tiny bit needed! Avoid applying too much like I did as it's quite drying but its amazing and speeds up the healing process :)
  45. I Literally Yelled "Oh My God!"

    Renee (Adore Beauty Staff)

    It's a classic scenario -

    Friday morning right before a long weekend, you wake up and your usually blemish free face has decided to bless your chin with a blind pimple. You're distraught, knowing this bad boy is going to stick around, throbbing and red, for all the fun events you had planned.

    You arrive at work, and just before 12pm, you overhear your co workers discussing a new favourite product - Murad Spot Treatment! You pop your head up, wide eyed, and ask Alex if you can borrow some to try and stifle the hideous monster that's stirring beneath your skin. Everyone waits with baited breath. Haha, not really, you have lunch and then around 2 and a half hours later, someone asks how the product is working.

    You touch your chin and yell "OH MY GOD! It's gone! I can't feel anything". The pain is barely noticeable and the redness is gone. Confetti rains from the ceiling, the fluorescent lights strobe and your co-workers cheer. You are ready for the weekend.
  46. A miracle worker

    Alexina (Adore Beauty Staff)

    If you buy one thing from Murad - buy this!

    I don't get a heap of blemishes but when I do they're always big, red and deep and stick around for way too long.

    After using this spot treatment I can see a visible reduction in size and redness after a few hours, and when the spot does come to a head it's smaller and goes away much faster.

    This will be a staple product in my bathroom cupboard for as long as Murad keep making it!
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