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Lanolips Everywhere Multi-Cream 85ml

4.4 of 38 reviews


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4 instalments of $4.74


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Lanolips Everywhere Multi-Cream is your new best friend to transform thirsty dry skin into nourished, hydrated & silky skin. An especially rich & gentle one-cream solution for all-over your body.

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GREAT - 89% recommend

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4.4 of 38 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



I love this. It's so moisturising and gentle on my sensitive skin, and you really can use it everywhere - I take it with me when I go away, as it's suitable for my face too.

Most Helpful Criticism

Too thick


Using this product as a body cream, I found it too thick and difficult to apply. Even when I added a few pumps of body oil to it, the consistency. When on, I found that it absorbed well and really hydrating my skin. Don’t think I’ll be buying it again.
  1. Amazing!


    I love this. It's so moisturising and gentle on my sensitive skin, and you really can use it everywhere - I take it with me when I go away, as it's suitable for my face too.
  2. love this


    I always take this with me when I’m travelling! I love using this during winter as it stops my skin from appearing flaky!
  3. Thick


    Very thick and hydrating on dry heels and hands! Might be too thick for some as it take some time to soak in
  4. Amazing for super dry patches!


    I used this Balm on super dry patches on my feet and heels and nothing I’ve ever tried has worked as well as this! It’s so easy to spread, a lot less thick than say Weleda Skin Food, and does such an incredible job of relieving dry skin. I’m in love!
  5. Best all over, multi purpose moisturiser


    I love this product - I can use it all over my body as well as a hand moisturiser, so it is the perfect travel companion. It really came in handy when I was travelling overseas and my skin had a reaction to another product and dry air. It helped soothe and repair my skin. I always have this on me - I just wish it came in a bigger, pump bottle!
  6. Beautiful


    I use a tiny bit as a night cream on my face and love it. Other reviewers find it too thick, but this works for me during the dry winter months. While other creams have left my skin greasy to the touch but still feeling dry and tight, this one soaks right in and doesn't leave a greasy film. I purchased this for its all-natural ingredients and it's exceeded my expectations. A really beautiful product.

    I'm 31 and have normal-dry skin; no trouble with acne, but can get oily on the T-zone. While this cream isn't making me greasy, I think this cream may be best suited to people with dry (not oily) skin.
  7. Too thick


    Using this product as a body cream, I found it too thick and difficult to apply. Even when I added a few pumps of body oil to it, the consistency. When on, I found that it absorbed well and really hydrating my skin. Don’t think I’ll be buying it again.
  8. Very thick


    I bought this to combat dry skin and have mixed thoughts. As a face cream its really thick and doesn’t absorb into the skin. It is great though as a hand cream and for your heels, or if you have small patches of dry skin. Still a bit undecided if I would buy again.
  9. i love this thick cream


    I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my hands very hydrated! I only really use it on my hands or body, but not on my face. I would recommend this to anyone!
  10. Good multi-purpose cream


    I mostly use this as a hand cream but also if I have a dry patch of skin I will spread a thin layer over it and it disappears! I have also used it as a lip balm in a pinch and while it didn’t taste the nicest it still did the job of hydrating my lips until I could get to my normal lip balm.
  11. great product


    Lanolips is by far one of the most hydrating ointments in the market! I suffer from very dry hands and i find this product helps keep my hands and cuticles both nourished and hydrated! Would recommend to anyone!
  12. Miracle cream!


    This really is and was a miracle cream. When I ran out of my babies nappy cream I remembered that I read this was a multi use cream and it cleared her nappy rash right up and is very gentle on your skin. So I keep this in my hand bag at all times in case of emergency. It has so many uses and is non toxic.
  13. great for everything


    Ive used it all over as a moisturiser, as a night mask and even as an extra creamy highlight on the cheeks , on My baby girl was born with incredibly dry cracked skin, this has worked wonders for her, without irritating her delicate skin.!. It's definitely a go-to product and I love that it's Aussie made and cruelty free. Bonus!
  14. Perfect Moisturiser


    This moisturiser is perfect to keep at the side of your bed, it makes even the most dry feet nice and hydrated and smooth and even smells good! All of the lanolips products are super high quality, however you definitely cant use this on your lips. The products makes anywhere super smooth and hydrated without being oily what so ever
  15. Good as a hand cream!


    This is a great product for hand cream but I don't like how it feels on my face and lips. I wouldn't call it an "everywhere multi-cream".

    If you like to have a big tube of hand cream in your bag. This is good!
  16. Great for dry body, not face


    This cream is great for dry elbows, knees, hands and feet in the dry winter months. I wouldn't recommend it for face though, because I feel like the thick formula tends to irritate my acne-prone skin a bit. However, despite the thickness, it does really absorb beautifully into the skin and doesn't have a weird residue.
  17. Safe even to use on baby!


    I love all of lanolips products and this is another great product. This is even safe to use on baby when I run out of nappy cream I use this. It's nice and thick and safe on sensitive skin.
  18. Highly moisturising and not irritating


    This cream has worked really well for me on dry areas of the body such as hands and knees. A small amount will go a long way and it doesn't irritate my sensitive, eczema prone skin at all. However, for lips I'd still recommend the brand's lip products over this, as they leave a more lasting barrier of moisture on the lips whereas this cream sinks straight in.
  19. Super Hydrating


    I love this cream, I use it as a body moisturiser. It's particularly good in the colder months, and the scent is minimal which I love. I do find I go through it quite quickly however, it would be great to get it in an even bigger size.
  20. Nourishing


    This is a great at the end of your night routine cream. It absorbs well and helps everything else stay in place. I love it.
  21. Great for larger areas


    When my skin is really dry or verging on an eczema flare I slather this on - it forms an amazing protective barrier, is gentle enough for the face, and sometimes will relieve itchiness within a couple of hours. Amazing on cracked skin, and a bit more versatile than the multibalm when it comes to larger areas of skin. Also use it on my legs when they have the winter flakes happening.
  22. Good


    I adore this cream. I use it as my winter moisturiser because it offers a refreshing blast of hydration that lasts.
  23. Thick


    I love all the the Lanolips lip products so I thought I'd give this a try. This is a very thick cream, too thick to use as hand cream as I personally do not like thick greasy feeling hand creams. This has been a great heel/foot cream however, I apply a thick layer to my feet and heels before bed, and I wake up with baby soft feet.
  24. Makes your skin feel nice and soft


    I'm really liking this cream. I've been using it for a month now and it's not the most moisturising cream but it makes my skin feel sooooo soft. Next time I think I'll buy something more hydrating, but I'll continue to use it.
  25. My favourite moisturizer


    I've got very dry sensitive skin and have tried lots of moisturizers but this is the one I keep coming back to. Its non greasy and sinks in nicely. It improves my skin rather than just being a temporary fix that you feel wash off when you get in the shower. I use it all over my body except for my face.
  26. Love it!


    This is a really lovely hand cream. It's thick and feels super nourishing, leaving my skin soft and repaired. It's a good multi-purpose cream to keep stored in your handbag.

    Would definitely recommend and I will be purchasing it again!!
  27. treatment for a boost


    i really enjoy this, although i do use it very rarely. i only apply it as an overnight face mask of sorts, when my skin is super thirsty. i find it brings my skin back to life and plumps it back up, without making it too greasy in the morning. my skin is typically pretty 'normal' so i can't use this during the day, because it's just too rich.
  28. Love it!


    Super moisturising, suitable for sensitive skin and you really can use it everywhere (I even used it on my face). The only downside is that it is thick so if you use it everywhere, it will run out quickly.
  29. Lovely moisturiser


    This is a lovely affordable moisturiser. I have dryish skin which can be a pain in winter and this product is creamy and spreads easily. I was worried it would be a balm but it feels like a luxurious moisturiser. It's a great on-the-go product too, easy to pop in my gym bag.
  30. Good winter product


    Really happy with how well this keeps my skin soft and stops it from getting dry, have been using lanolips products for a few years now and they never fail to impress (:
  31. Thick and hydrating


    I have dry skin and purchased this to use on my lips and hands in the colder months. It is very hydrating however it is extremely thick. It was great for my lips but isn't really an everywhere cream as I wouldn't use it to moisturize my hands. Great product for lips and would recommend for that purpose.
  32. A Necessary winter product


    This product has saved my dry and crusty hands from winter. It helped smooth out all the dry patches I was getting on my hands from over washing them, as well as the few dry patches that I get on my face from winter.
    The formula is really great, that you can use it on your face, or even as a hydrating eye cream.
    It's a winter necessity that will keep your skin plump.
  33. Lifesaver in a tube


    Even though I'm a long time Lanolips user, I have only just tried this Everywhere Multi-Cream product for the first time. I used it on my dry, cracked and bleeding hands and it was instant relief! All other hand creams made my cracked hands sting and did nothing, however this product was instantly soothing and after the very first use, my hands stopped cracking and bleeding, no exaggeration! The texture is more like a hand cream instead of the usual lanolin type ointments, but the lanolin it contains certainly does the job without feeling too greasy. I'm glad I have it on hand for any skin related issues that might pop up. I trust lanolin to soothe and heal, and Lanolips make it easy to use. Highly recommended to anyone who has skin :)
  34. Rich


    This is quite a thick cream that you have to really pat in and use sparingly, or it'll leave a white cast on the face. I like that it has a bunch of nice ingredients and is super moisturising for my dry skin. Fragrance free which is a bonus. The tube is gigantic and will last you ages. Didn't break me out or cause any reaction so great for sensitive skin. Overall good, natural moisturiser especially for dry skin types.
  35. Great after eczema flares.


    I struggle with terrible eczema flares, which I have to use medicated steroid cream for. But as anyone with eczema will appreciate, you can only use those creams for so long. This cream is AMAZING during the healing stage. So rare to find a cream that doesn't have any irritant essential oils. It sinks in well, brings instant relief to tight scaly patches, and the smell is subtle. Tube is very generous so lasts a while. Eczema aside, also a great general moisturiser for legs and arms. Excellent.
  36. Amazing body moisturiser


    I used this as my body moisturiser during a recent holiday to the UK. It kept my skin hydrated despite the long haul flights, cold temperatures and wind. It absorbs readily and has a non-greasy texture and a clean, almost ‘milky’, smell. I couldn’t ask for more - it’s the perfect everyday body moisturiser!
  37. Nourishing and calming


    I use this on my psoriasis. It seems to calm the redness and is better than anything else I have used for keeping the skin supple and moisturised throughout the day. I love how nourishing the ingredients are. A couple of applications through the day has really helped to reduce flaking of the skin and itchiness. I’ve already repurchased :)
  38. Lip saver


    I apply every night to my lips and couldn't live without espeically in winter. Creates a barrier that lasts until morning. No smell, nice and thick and no fuss.
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