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Doctor, doctor - gimme the news. I got a bad case of lovin’ my fine lines, scarring, uneven skin texture and dull skin tone.

OK, that sounds just a teensy bit unrealistic.

How about: Dr Pen, Dr Pen - gimme the news, I gotta really bad case of loving you(r revolutionary micro-needling skincare device which seeks to tighten, lift and rejuvenate my skin). Sounding better, now? Maybe a little less catchy than the original, sure, but we reckon within one treatment from Dr. Pen, you’ll agree.

This handheld device is perfect for use at home, in place of or between your in-clinic treatments. Can’t get to the esthetician’s office for a while? Dr Pen Australia aims to bring you salon-quality results, right to the comfort of your very own couch/bathroom/kitchen table.


Which Dr Pen device is right for me? Which Dr Pen is the best?


At Adore Beauty, we’ve kept things super simple by taking on just 2 of the best Dr Pen devices. We’ve done the hard work in deciding which products are going to be best by our customers, and so you’ll only need to decide between the Dr. Pen Ultima A1w Micro-Needling Pen and the Dr. Pen Ultima X5 Micro-Needling Pen. We’ve also simplified the process of choosing cartridges, offering a 12 pin Dr Pen Cartridge, a 36 Pin Dr Pen Cartridge and a Nano Pin Dr Pen Cartridge for each pen. There is plenty of information on the product page about how to find out which is for you, or you can also reach out to our helpful customer service team via email or chat.


What kind of skin concerns can a Dr. Pen device target?


By creating micro-channels in your skin, the use of a Dr. Pen product can enhance the penetration of almost any other serum, and therefore, whichever skin concern your serum was targeting. We recommend an EGF or a hyaluronic acid serum for maximum results with minimum irritation.

A Dr Pen device also triggers the body’s natural healing process, which can help to promote the appearance of fresher, newer looking skin. This collagen induction therapy process helps to promote the production of new collagen and elastin production - and who doesn’t want that?

It’s non-invasive and your one-way ticket to more glowy-looking skin, and a complexion that has a reduced appearance of fine lines,m wrinkles, texture, stretch marks, loss of tone, enlarged pores, acne scarring and pigmentation.


How do I figure out how to use Dr Pen?


Each product page has a wealth of information, but you can also reach out to out friendly customer service team via chat or email, who are more than willing to help you figure out how you use your new bestie!


I’m not sure… do you have Dr. Pen reviews?


Want to hear from people who’ve actually been using Dr Pen? Read Dr Pen reviews from our community of beauty-lovers, with unbiased advice and reviews on what is suitable for people with skin, and skin concerns, just like your own. We know how important it is to read the reviews before committing - and we’re proud of the fiercely passionate, brand-agnostic community of beauty lovers who lend their reviews, recommendations and loves for brands like Dr Pen and more.

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Dr. Pen A1w Replacement Cartridges - Pack of 5
Dr. Pen
Dr. Pen A1w Replacement Cartridges - Pack of 5

home salon

As micro needling at skin clinic is very expensive, I have bought the Dr Pen and needle cartridges to do micro needing at home during this pandemic this year. I use 36 needles once a month to rejuvenate the skin with the serum. I use nano to boost the vitamin C for radiance and brighten the skin. I love both cartridges. It is definitely an investment piece and save lots of money. The skin gets red...
Dr. Pen Ultima X5 Micro-Needling Pen
Dr. Pen
Dr. Pen Ultima X5 Micro-Needling Pen


I have the A6 pen (different model) from Dr Pen about four months ago and love love looooove it.

I watched youtube videos of professional clinicians to make sure I knew what to do (this is a good one - and am always super careful about hygiene - I use Isocol spray on everything including my face before and after. Highly highly recommend doi...
Dr. Pen Ultima X5 Micro-Needling Pen
Dr. Pen
Dr. Pen Ultima X5 Micro-Needling Pen

Just as good as in clinic micro needling

Wow love this purchase, works so well and you can tell its really great quality! super easy to use and the needle tips work out to be only $6 each which is such a bargain!