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Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner Spray 60ml 60ml

4.7 of 99 reviews


4 instalments of $3.50

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4 instalments of $3.50

Or 4 instalments of $3.50 with LEARN MORE

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The brush cleanser that is coveted by makeup professionals and enthusiasts alike - quick to dry, no rinse required.

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SUPERIOR - 98% recommend

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Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner Spray 60ml Reviews

4.7 of 99 reviews

98% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



Cleans brushes very well and lasts so long

Most Helpful Criticism

It does the job but smells chemical


I just really don't like the smell. I made me insecure in using my brush on my face afterwards.
  1. Amazing


    Cleans brushes very well and lasts so long
  2. Great brush cleaner


    Such a great cleaner makes my brushes so so clean . It also saves so much time rather than shampooing the brush etc. A great purchase and I will purchase again .
  3. The besttttt


    Just the best such a timesaver ! The best thing I have purchased ! So easy to use and makes it pretty clean
  4. Super convenient!

    Brenda Chong

    Really convenient, perfect on the go when not able to do deep soapy cleans of brushes. Very quick to dry. Got a kick out of seeing the makeup pigments coming off the brush. Would recommend!
  5. Brilliant


    I have tried many other "instant brush cleaners" but I can't go past this one! I am a makeup artist and am constantly cleaning brushes between clients, and nothing gets the job done as quickly and effectively as this product!! It is super quick-drying, perfect to use if you're needing the same brush for different colours in a makeup look or just if you prefer the convenience of putting your brushe...
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  6. Good


    Cleans the brushes well and dries quickly.
  7. Can't believe I lived without


    verified purchaser
    Love this product, really cleans my brushes and extends their life between deep cleans. I HATE the smell though, wish it was less chemically.
  8. fantastic


    it works so incredibly well at cleaning brushes and leaving them with a vanilla scent. great spray nozzle which makes it so convenient
  9. An easy, convenient brush cleaner


    verified purchaser
    I’m usually terrible at washing my brushes regularly (terrible, I know) but having the Cinema Secrets spray is just so convenient. I mainly use this cleaner for my powder brushes and on the buildup that occurs on my eyebrow brush from using a brow pomade, and it works perfectly.
  10. Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner Spray 60ml


    It removes any product that is in your brushes very easily and lasts quite long. It's also great for travelling as not heavy and quite small so you can carry it with you.
  11. Cleans brushes well


    This does exactly what its meant to and melts all makeup off my brushes. It does smell like pure alcohol but my brushes always feel clean and sanitised.
  12. Helps prevent breakout


    This is amazing for me. I used to get breakouts from not cleaning my makeup brushes (I'm very lazy haha) but not I just spritz them and they're clean. Definitely will be repurchasing
  13. cinema secrets


    cult favourite for a reason. cleans brushes well and dries so quick! the scent is vanilla, which I'm a fan of. The spray is really handy too
  14. Great for getting rid of stains


    While this does work as an effective spot cleaner for makeup brushes, its true value lies in its ability to get pesky stains out of brushes. Truly magic when you've tried everything else. Super useful to keep on hand.
  15. Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner


    it cleans fast! As I usually have at least 3 talents on shoot, and I am really paranoid about hygiene, I will quickly sanitize the brushes before starting on the next talent.
  16. Excellent product


    Great product, lovely clean smell, can’t believe how well it works to remove make up from brushes
  17. SO Easy


    My New Years resolution was to take better care of my brushes and this just makes it so easy. I clean my brushes using the spray once a week and it takes about 30 seconds and then spray the brushes that I don't use all the time before I use and they feel fresh and clean.
  18. Easy to use

    Jen B

    This brush cleaner is the best, the spray bottle makes it very easy to use. Very reasonably priced, I won't use any other cleaner now. I used to view cleaning my brushes as a chore but this product makes it a breeze!
  19. Must have brush cleaner


    Have used quite a few different brush cleaners but always come back to this one. Its smells amazing, is easy to use and most importantly, works every time. Must have!
  20. Great brush cleaner!


    My favourite brush cleaner. Cleans and sanitises them in minutes.
  21. Great if you HATE cleaning brushes


    This is so easy and quick to use that it takes the effort out of cleaning brushes, and as someone who absolutely hates that task this is a game changer. Glad I listened to all of the positive reviews and purchased it!
  22. Great brush cleaner


    I really like this brush cleaner- it was easy to use, and definitely makes me feel as though I'm cleaning my brushes hygienically. I don't mind the smell either.
  23. Great easy brush cleaner


    One of my favourite brush cleaners it’s quick and easy and does the job!
  24. Quick and Easy


    This product smells amazing and it really feel like it cleans your brush in a really quick and easy way.
    A good replacement for washing your brushes
  25. Good, easy cleaner


    A great, quick and easy spray for your brushes.

    I remove my makeup using a halo, and have been giving it a spritz after with this every time.

    Smells good!
  26. Best brush cleaner


    Yes it might be a bit pricier, but honestly, I think this is the best brush cleaner I've ever used in my kit. It cleans brushes so quickly and thoroughly. You can get a manicare one which does the job too, but just how quickly this removes product from your brush, especially when you have multiple clients, that extra couple of seconds makes a difference. So what if the blue stains the brush a litt...
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  27. on the go


    great to travel with.
  28. Nice !


    It does do a great job but I would only use these for a quick clean! for a deeper clean I tend to go with baby shampoo . Great ! Also I would go for a bigger bottle if your a frequent makeup user because it will finish quite quickly. Recommended 10/10
  29. amazing !


    Brilliant product, will buy again. takes make up off in seconds.
  30. LOVE!


    I love the cinema secrets brush cleaner and I absolutely love that this one comes in a spray bottles! Makes cleaning brushes so easy!
  31. Smells great


    Love this brush cleaner it actually smells great and is so easy to use!!
  32. The best investment


    Honestly worth any penny - it easily removes pretty much all residue off my brushes and even sponges, and made cleaning and makeup application in general a whole lot easier! Would highly recommend to anyone who wants something that’ll quickly remove residue and doesn’t smell like harsh chemicals
  33. It does the job but smells chemical


    I just really don't like the smell. I made me insecure in using my brush on my face afterwards.
  34. Clean brushes


    Always leaves my brushes clean - makeup slides off so easily. Great inbetween washes!
  35. Not bad!


    Good product to clean your brushes in between deep wash.
  36. Use every day


    This is a great spray to use on your brushes after each use to keep the clean. I was really surprised how well it cleaned my foundation brush! I still deep clean weekly with a soapy solution but this is great during the week so that your brushes are ready to use again straight away.
  37. Amazing!


    Cleans brushes so easily and left them smelling so fresh and sanitised
  38. Effective, fast drying


    This is a great brush cleaner for a quick clean.
    Easy to use, quick drying, no residue on brushes.
    Scent is strong sort of chemically but better than some other cleaners I’ve tried. Good for eye brushes and smaller face brushes. Will partially clean your foundation brush but not like a wash with brush shampoo.
    Very happy overall though!
  39. Does the job


    Been looking for a reasonably priced brush cleaner and this is it! Works extremely well. All my brushes look brand new after just one spritz!
  40. Perfect for lazies


    I've never been much of a brush cleaner (it's bad I know). This product has changed me. I now clean them regularly because it takes all of 45 seconds and they're like new and ready to use again.
  41. Easy to use


    This brush cleaner spray is very easy o use and really effective. Save me a lot of time.
  42. Good product


    Quick and easy to clean brushes and also dries really fast. Good product, does what it says it will.
  43. Great product for quick cleaner.


    I hate washing my brushes with a passion, to the point of not wearing makeup as frequently so I don't have to clean them but with this I can sanitise and clean them in less than 5 seconds. It smells amazing and hasn't broken my skin out.
  44. great!


    really great brush cleaner although I find the spray function not the best to use
  45. great


    very effective brush cleaner, and easy to use!
  46. Favourite brush cleaner


    I love this cleaner. Has saved me so much time cleaning brushes and it dries in minutes so I can pretty much clean them and then use the brushes right away!
  47. Perfect cleaner


    The only brush cleaner I use! It cleans really well and doesn’t leave a chemical smell!
  48. Clean fresh brushes


    This makes cleaning my brushes and sponge so easy. Left them feeling clean and fresh!
  49. Never have had cleaner brushes!


    This brush cleaner cleans my brushes like there no tomorrow! I gets all the guck out and leaves them super soft and clean! No product is left on the brushes after I use this cleaner and it’s amazing! Definitely recommend!
  50. So good


    Doesn't smell bad, doesn't leave a residue, doesn't affect your make up and just perfectly cleans brushes in a second!
  51. Does a good job cleaning brushes


    This makeup brush cleaner really cleanses all my brushes well. It does have a strong scent but its similar to a sanitiser scent so I like it.
  52. best brush cleaner out there


    this stuff is amazing and cleans your brushes super well - the down side is the smell though - reminds me of a urinal but it does fade away. even with the smell i 100% recommend this product
  53. 50/50 cleaner


    This product cleans really well and does a good job and getting everything out of the brush and dries so quick too which is really handy but it has such a strong scent and such a chemically smell that I’m scared to use the brush after cleaning it because I feel like that shouldn’t go on your skin! Good for someone on the run who needs a quick clean!
  54. Smells great, works even better!


    Love this cleaner, it cleans really well & dries really quickly.
  55. Most convenient brush cleaner!


    Literally put some of the solution in a bowl, swish the makeup brush around and it dries so quick! Ready to be used straight away.
  56. Makes cleaning brushes easy


    I used to dread cleaning brushes this makes it so quick and easy. It does have a strong scent but really takes off all traces of makeup and leaves them smelling and feeling soft and clean.
  57. Great brush cleaner


    Easy to use, spray on then wipe the brush with a tissue to remove excess product. Smells so good. No rinse required.
  58. Ok cleaner


    This is an ok brush cleaner.
    - cleaning and sanitising
    - quick drying
    - leaky bottle (most of mine leaked out when travelling)
    - strong artificial vanilla scent - unnecessary and not great for using brushes on sensitive skin after
    I will be looking for a different cleaner when this one is finished.
  59. Spot cleaning


    Love this for travelling when I may not have clean water for my brush cleaning. It gives a nice spot cleaning for beauty blenders too. The blue colour has not effect on my sponges as far as I can tell
  60. Sanitising


    I use this weekly to clean my brushes. Leaves them smelling and feeling sanitised. Gets every bit of makeup off the brush.
  61. Conditioning for brush hairs


    Great for cleaning brushes on the go. If I'm travelling for a long time, I like to take this to clean my brushes without a hassle. The formula doesn't leave residue on the bristles either
  62. Great product but issue with bottle


    The product itself is fantastic. My brushes were clean and dry within seconds. However, I’ve had issues with the cleaner leaking through the top of the pump. Decanted it into another bottle because it’s such a great cleaner.
  63. Surprisingly good


    Introduced by Dain from Coffeebreakwithdani the youtube channel. I was amazed. It really does prolong the time between brush washes. The key is to use only barely enough, like one spray could go a long way, maybe 4 to 5 eye brushes. Otherwise it would be too oliy i guess.
  64. Amazing


    Gets the job done quickly and efficiently and smells divine!
  65. Clean


    Great brush cleaner. Gets all makeup off so easily.
  66. Not bad at all.


    I had my doubts, but it is a lot better than Designer Brands orange smelling brush cleaner if you want something cheap to throw around. Gets the job done!
  67. It works


    This is the first time I have bought brush cleaner. It works really well but I will buy a bigger bottle next time.
  68. 10/10 cleaner


    Most makeup brush cleaners I find are great for a quick little touch up but arent good enough to do a thorough clean - this one cleans so well that its all I need now. Also has that sanitized feel and scent to it.
  69. Love this


    I had been putting off washing my brushes for ages and then I used this. It was so easy to use and left my brushes feeling as good as new.
  70. Great if you’re too lazy to wash all your brushes


    I have the other cinema secrets brush cleaner and I use that when I can be bothered to actually clean all my brushes. But this product is such a life saver when I’m feeling lazy! I love how well it gets all the product off, it all just comes off. Amazing, I love this brand!!!
  71. Makes cleaning brushes easy


    This cleaner really makes cleaning brushes very easy. The makeup almost glides off instantly. Very happy with this.
  72. Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner Spray


    I have brushes that I had been putting of cleaning for a while because, well, that is always such a chore - or at least it used to be. This was definitely worked as advertised and I am yet to try out the extra ways people have suggested the product can be used.
  73. Cleansing & Sanitizing


    I have tried so many makeup brush cleaners and this one is by far my favourite. I will only use this one now. If you're someone like me who likes that subtle freshly cleaned/sanitized scent this is perfect. The makeup just comes off so easily too. I find it comes off easier using paper towel and spraying it on and brushing it onto the paper.
  74. Squeaky Clean


    Removes even the toughest stains on shadow brushes, I love this cleaner.
  75. Amazing


    This is the best brush cleaner Iv used it just melts the makeup off my brushes and makes them smell amazing
  76. Amazing


    This is the best brush cleaner Iv used it just melts the makeup off my brushes and makes them smell amazing
  77. Sanitizing


    Would 100% recommend. Left my brushes feeling fluffy and clean. Had a real sanitizing smell to it.
  78. Great!

    Jayde K

    This size is perfect for travel - next time ill be getting the larger size. Really great brush cleaner. Smells really sanitizing.
  79. Perfect brush cleaner


    I bought this after it was recommended to me by a make up artist - I got this small spray size first to try it out and then quickly bought a big bottle! Definitely the best brush cleaner I've ever used for spot cleaning my brushes. It does exactly what it promises. Gets my brushes clean no matter whether it's an eyeshadow or full coverage concealer; even my white brushes look brilliant after a qui...
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  80. Fresh clean brushes!


    Cleans brushes well. Leaves them smelling fresh and sanitized. Bottle is small but does seem to last.
  81. Cleans well


    This brush cleaner and the Designer Brands one are my go to spray cleaners for all my brushes. Smells okay and cleans well. Happy with purchase.
  82. Cant fault


    Cant fault this makeup brush cleaner. Its small but seems to last and you dont need heaps of product each use. A couple sprays gets all the makeup off easily and it smells really sanitizing. Great.
  83. Great brush refresh


    I usually only wash my makeup brushes once a week or fortnight so this is really great to sanitize and clean in between. One or two sprays gets all the makeup off really quickly and leaves that nice clean fresh smell. I will 100% be buying again.
  84. Amazing


    This is a great alternative to the one from Mecca, and does a similar (if not same) job in cleaning your brushes in between washes! This obviously does not replace actually washing your brushes, and can not get it to a deep clean, but is great for getting colour off your brushes for immediate use when you're time-poor (or lazy).
  85. Makeup brush cleaner


    Cinema secret brush cleaner spray is very effective to clean my brushes and easy to use and I would definitely recommend this product
  86. strong but does the job


    The bottle leaked when I opened it and I was immediately reminded of my bottle of Isocol Rubbing Alcohol. So this stuff is pretty strong but it does the job - cleaning my brushes effectively and quickly. I think I prefer my weekly soap clean and will use this for emergencies only. The price seems a bit steep for a small bottle.
  87. The only one


    This is the only brush cleaner I now use. It is so so good and easy to use, dries super fast.
  88. Love it


    Pricey for a brush cleaner, but honestly the most mind blowing product I have ever used in regards to cleaning makeup brushes. They are cleaned and dryed in 2 seconds! The price is a bit off putting, but once you use it you will be converted! Can understand why it is a bit more pricy as there isn’t any other product on the market that works the way this does! It is an essential in my opinion!
  89. Great!


    Love this when cleaning brushes! A little goes a long way and if there's a brush I can't clean with a mild soap and water, I always use this.
  90. 100% Recommend


    Love, Love, LOVE this product! I always avoided cleaning my brushes for as long as I could because it always took forever! This brush cleaner is absolutely AMAZING! Brushes dried pretty much instantly. Only need a few sprays for each brush then wiped on a hand towel. Will be buying again!
  91. a little goes a long way


    a little goes a long way and it really works
  92. Definitely works!


    I bought the 60ml of this brush cleaner spray to try out and I can say that it definitely does what it claims. It removes all the makeup from the brush, dries so fast and is great for removing really pigmented eyeshadow off of eyeshadow brushes. I would definitely repurchase this product and recommend it!
  93. Perfect travel size


    Great brush cleaner in a convenient travel size!
  94. Great product


    Easy, portable and also cleans brushes beautifully. Great for travelling and can reduce amount of brushes you need to take on the road. Smaller brushes are dry almost instantly for reuse.
  95. amazing


    this product is very convenient and easy to use. A really good dupe for the mac brush cleaners that is double the price!
  96. Great for makeup artists on the go


    This spray is perfect for makeup artists as you can use it between clients when you dont have enough time to fully wash your brushes and it cleanses them well and makes sure its hygenic for the next client!
  97. Super fast


    Very cheap and very good for me - someone who has no patience when it comes to leaning and drying makeup brushes!
  98. Does the job


    i use this especially when i'm travelling to allow me to clean and sanitize my brushes on the go. you never know how clean the counters are in hotel rooms and just to be safe, this sanitizes them before and after use. the smell is amazing, but works best when used with a towel (rather than paper towel) and sometimes i wipe it with a damp cloth/towel to make sure the residual cleaner isn't going di...
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  99. Handy for on-the-go


    Very travel-friendly (small volume). I'd argue, even better than the MAC brush cleanser (still very good and more accessible) because it cleans more efficiently i.e. spritz gives off less volume but still cleans beautifully. It dries faster, so your brushes are ready to use after cleaning almost immediately. I wouldn't recommend the Cinemas Secrets if you're sensitive to smells. The vanilla scent ...
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  100. Too strong for me


    I like to clean my brushes throughly in water and soap but sometimes I do need a quick clean, particularly when changing eyeshadow colours. I found this product very strong and was scared to use the brush after using it. The spray is handy for travel and it did clean my brushes throughly.
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