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Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask 50g 50g

4.6 of 144 reviews


4 instalments of $15.50

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4 instalments of $15.50

Or 4 instalments of $15.50 with LEARN MORE

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Effortlessly lift dead skin cells and impurities to reveal a smoother and brighter complexion with Fruit Enzyme Mask from the skin care experts at Aspect. This gently exfoliating face mask uses natural fruit and plant extracts to hydrate, smooth, and calm skin whilst protecting it from free radical damage.

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SUPERIOR - 95% recommend

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Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask 50g Reviews

4.6 of 144 reviews

95% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great exfoliator!


I use this once a fortnight on my skin and let it stay on for about 10 minutes before rubbing it off my skin. It is not your typical grainy exfoliator and is very gentle on the skin. Very effective as you can see all your dry skin coming off! I love how the packaging also keeps it really fresh!

Most Helpful Criticism

No significant improvement


One jar lasts quite a long time so value for money is OK but I didn't get the result I was after as I didn't notice significant changes to the tone or texture of my skin.
  1. Gentle yet effective


    verified purchaser
    i was looking for an enzyme exfoliator due to my dry but oily t zone that is flaky. i have sensitive skin that is easily irritated so i have stopped using abrasive exfoliants. i have previously used the orogold peeling gel which was quite effective but too expensive and not good for sensitive skin. this product is truly gentle but exfoliates brilliantly. i did use it as per instructions and found ...
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  2. Great exfoliator!


    I use this once a fortnight on my skin and let it stay on for about 10 minutes before rubbing it off my skin. It is not your typical grainy exfoliator and is very gentle on the skin. Very effective as you can see all your dry skin coming off! I love how the packaging also keeps it really fresh!
  3. An iso best friend

    A Arthur

    verified purchaser
    Love this product! I had seen a lot of positive reviews and my skin is just not dealing with iso. After use a couple of times my breakouts are much better and my skin is much less dull and dreary. It doesn’t irritate my skin, I leave on 10-15 min.
  4. Gentle


    A great gentle exfoliant - used it during a dermatitis flare and it didn’t irritate at all. Skin still feels smooth and fresh after using.
  5. Amazing


    Really great way to exfoliate and give my skin a gorgeous glow. It’s really great and this brand never lets me down!
  6. Skills feels so soft and smooth!


    verified purchaser
    Recently bought this for the first time and I love it! I use is approx twice weekly and my skin always feels so smooth afterwards. I love that you can see and feel the exfoliating and can see the results straight away.
  7. Love it


    Makes my skin feel so smooth. I use it once a week and it has really made a difference to my skin
  8. Love this mask - Great addition to a weekly routine


    I use this mask once a week and find it perfect for my slightly sensitive skin. It's so satisfying feeling the product do it's job as you massage it in - minimal tingling and my skin always looks glowy the next day. A must!
  9. Great mask


    verified purchaser
    I love this mask! it's been such a great addition to my routine and has made my skin feel so much cleaner and glowy!
  10. Great for acne and mini facial


    I have adult acne and I have implemented this into my routine after using the Aspect Exfoliating Cleanser and it has been amazing. It melts into your skin and it feels like I am having a mini facial which is perfect for this lock down Phase.
    TIP when I have active pimples on my face I skip the rubbing process and using it purely as a mask to avoid further congestion and transfer or dirt!
  11. Gentle exfoliant


    A lovely gentle mask. Rub it in until it pils and then leave it for 15 mins. Left my skin feeling glorious and luminous. Highly recommend!
  12. Great


    So great for those with dry skin that really needs exfoliating but find others to harsh and drying. This still has amazing results but is not drying. Finally found an exfoliater that works for my skin.
  13. Great


    I love using this. It leaves my skin so smoothe and polished. I use it once a week. No irritation and it helps my other products absorb better into my skin after
  14. Glowy skin 101


    lovely and satisfying to use - always leaves my skin really glowy the next day (in combination with the probiotic mask). There's nothing not good about this. The tub also lasts SO LONG!.
  15. A divine exfoliator from a trusted brand


    This mask effectively exfoliates the dead skin cells from my face as evidenced by the 'balling' effect of the dead skin from my face upon applying the product per the instructions for use. I have used this for many years now, 1-2 times a week as needed and it effectively preps my skin for optimal absorption of the skin treatments to follow. I like the fact that this mask exfoliates without the use...
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  16. Glowy


    Nice gentle exfoliant that does the job. Really easy to use, either as a mask or to gently rub into your skin. Leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated.
  17. What a gem


    Really important to read the instructions on how to use this product correctly. Once I figured it out I had great results. And the product helps to shed that top layer of dead skin and leaves you feeling so buffed and refined. I like to use the hydrating mask afterwards so that my skin can soak up all that goodness. The two together are a power couple.
  18. So great for dull skin!


    This mask was amazing for my dull, tired skin and seemed to refresh my skin so much!
  19. Love it


    I really like this exfoliant ! My skin tends to be on the dry / dehydrated side and this mask exfoliates without stripping or drying out my skin. I love to follow with the Aspect probiotic mask!
  20. Fun exfoliating


    This is a really gentle exfoliant that is fun to use because you can feel the excess skin being rubbed of your face
  21. Be gone dead skin


    This stuff is amazing and crazy all at the same time, you put this all over keep rubbing rubbing and suddenly it goes watery and your dead skin starts to come off .. WHAT!?! Crazy but it is the best feeling, leaves your skin as soft as a babies bum! Love it!
  22. Instant brightness


    Amazing product, after applying and rubbing you can visually see and feel the dead skin sell come away! My skin felt so soft after and my serums just went on so nice after. Would recommend
  23. One of the best


    I can’t live without this product. It’s so easy to use and gentle on the skin. The dispenser gives you the right amount you need and whenever I use this, my skin is so clear and has a glow the day after.

    Only negative thing would be the packaging.. when you’ve used a bit the pump stops working so you need to open it up to get more product out which is annoying.
  24. My most favourite mask ever!


    This mask is super gentle but oh so satisfying. Simply massage a small amount onto dry skin and was the dead skills cells ball up (gross but awesome). I massage in circular motions for a minute or two then leave on my skin for 10 mins. Remove with warm water and my skin is sooo bright. A must have! So much better than harsh scrubs. Lasts forever too.
  25. Great for sensitive skin


    I was looking for something that would be suitable for my sensitive eczema prone skin and stumbled upon this product and was impressed by the reviews. I bit the bullet and decided to give it a go. The packaging is great and helps to keep the product fresh and sterile. One pump give you a large pearl size of red gel-like product. When applied, I didn't feel any stinging at all and was able to keep ...
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  26. Great allrounder mask


    Purchased this mask because I was told it was a better version of the Skinstitut enzyme mask, Whilst this mask is good I don't think its any better than the skinstitut one,

    Hydrating and exfoliating, really gentle mask to use for a quick skin perfecting mask, makes my skin dewy and clear from blemishes.

    Will not likely purchase again as I think this product does exactly...
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  27. so so good for texture


    this has made a huge difference on the texture of my skin, I look so smooth all the time
  28. Skin smoother


    I really like this mask, my skin feels super smooth after using it and I do think my other products are more effective afterwards. I leave it on for 15 minutes and don’t find it makes my skin sensitive or red. I use it once a week but do think I could easily use it twice a week.
  29. Gentle exfoliant perfect for sensitive skin


    This is a really beautiful product, that gently exfoliates and brightens the skin, but without the harshness from acid-based chemical exfoliants. The natural fruit enzymes break down the dead skin, and as you rub this mask into the face, you can feel the skin pilling and that outer layer gently scrubbing off. The mask itself is quite light, and although it's an orange colour out of the jar, it goe...
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  30. SOO GOOD


    Great for sensitive skins wanting to mask regularly. My pores and blackheads are noticeably smaller. I use both this and the probiotic mask weekly and love it!
  31. actually works!


    I love this product because it feels so much gentler than a physical (scrub) or chemical exfoliation and you can actually feel the dead skin sloughing off - so satisfying! It actually lasts for quite a while too. I use it once a week and I've had this jar for ages. Definitely need to apply to dry skin, I find that water interferes with it. My skin looks better even before I've washed the mask off!
  32. So satisfying!


    I always look forward to using this product. It is so satisfying to use. My skin looks so clean and fresh after using it
  33. Gorgeous at home peel


    I bought this recently as I’ve been increasing my skin pampering during isolation haha. I use the phytostat 9 moisturiser and love it. So felt it was a good brand to branch out in. I’m loving using this twice a week. Makes my skin feel super clean and soft after, while also brightening. The smell is sooooo yum! Smells like a lily but not overpowering.

    I definitely recommend. I have co...
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  34. Beautiful product and left skin silky soft!


    To be honest I was hoping for a bit more pilling! But the end result of beautiful soft skin was satisfaction enough. Very gentle. Will be interested to see long term results but in the meantime really happy with my purchase!
  35. Have not noticed a difference


    I have used this product over 10 times and have not noticed a difference at all in my skin. I am normal - dry with pretty clear skin. I will finish the tub to see if it improves, otherwise I would not repurchase.
  36. Favourite!


    Love this exfoliater! It’s gentle but super satisfying to use and lets my skin feeling amazing after.

    My facialist also told me it’s really hard to over-exfoliate with this because it only ever removes dead skin.
  37. Happily surprised


    I heard about the product from the You Beauty podcast and wow was I surprised. Once I figured out how to apply the product properly you can feel the dry skin really ball up. It was noticeable on the dry patches on my face. Skin looks clearer and it feels softer. Will be purchasing this again over any other exfoliator I have.
  38. OMG!


    I decided to get this product after Joanna recommending it on her Instagram! How have I never heard about this product before? I have very sensitive skin, with a combination of clogged pores, dry cheeks and an oily T-zone. This product makes my skin feel flawless and with a combination of the Asap Radiance serum has dramatically helped reduce my pores! Very happy!
  39. OMG!


    I decided to get this product after Joanna recommending it on her Instagram! How have I never heard about this product before? I have very sensitive skin, with a combination of clogged pores, dry cheeks and an oily T-zone. This product makes my skin feel flawless and with a combination of the Asap Radiance serum has dramatically helped reduce my pores! Very happy!
  40. Great product


    I got recommended this product, and wasn't sure when I started. However I've grown to really like it. I think it is helping to clear up my blackheads. Feel very luxurious on my skin!
  41. Gentle wonder


    I had heard many great things about this product so I decided to give it a go. I think it's really nice for sensitive skin as it's still quite gentle. Within saying that, it does the job and leaves your skin prepped nicely for the next day. I pair this with the probiotic mask afterward and they're the perfect match.
  42. gentle but works


    I've been using this 2x a week and it's gentle but does work- balling up of the skin is so satisfying. It would be helpful to know how long to leave the mask on before washing off, but overall makes me skin feel so smooth.
  43. beautiful range


    An amazing product if texture and sensitivity is a concern. For me, it helps even out and smooth my skin.
  44. My go-to


    This mask is so incredible, like having a peel at the salon. My skins is ultra smooth and glowly after using and is gentle enough (I don't have overly sensitive skin though). I'll definitely be repurchasing.
  45. Completely obsessed!


    My facialist introduced me to this product when I went in for a consultation and I am now completely obsessed. It is so satisfying to rub away all of your old, dead cells and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and looking bright. I have sensitive skin, but this was very gentle and my skin seems to love it. I have to stop myself from over using it I love it so much. Definitely recommend!
  46. Love it


    I love masks and I have been using this once a week. I haven't seen a huge difference in my pigmentation but it definitely helps with acne scarring and my skin feels very plumpy after this.
  47. Great for sensitive but clogged skin


    My beautician used this on me during a facial and it was amazing. My skin glowed and wasn't irritated at all. I loved it so much I purchased and used weekly. Now that I've run out, Adore Beauty has been a saviour with this one!
  48. Baby soft skin


    I’ve used this a couple of times and I’m obsessed! It leaves my skin so so soft it’s crazy! There was no redness or tingling so can see how the treatment is suitable for sensitive skin. My boyfriend even uses it and was shocked at how soft it left his skin! I think I will repurchase as it’s addictive!
  49. Love


    Onto my second bottle of this. Also bought it for my boyfriend as a Christmas present haha. It starts of as a gel and then turns into a watery texture while breaking down the top layer of dead skin cells. Skin always feels so much smoother afterwards. I really like this because sometimes a chemical exfoliator doesn’t eat away at everything. This really gives you a blank canvas to work with before ...
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  50. Instant refresh


    After the first use my skin appeared more bright and plump. Leaves skin feeling super clean & refreshed.
  51. Amazing


    I love this mask so much that I look forward to using it each week and have to stop myself using it more often. It's extremely satisfying removing dead skin, smells great and feels very gentle
  52. Saved my skin!


    The Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask has been a game changer for my skin. I’m pregnant and have been struggling with constant congestion and texture on my chin. I kept breaking out in horrible, sore, red pimples. It never seemed to clear up! Added the Fruit Enzyme Mask to my routine every second night and almost instantly the texture of my skin improved. Almost a fortnight later and my breakouts are far a...
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  53. Skincare Staple


    I use this twice a week, it's so gentle on the skin, but so powerful. I put this on before my night serum & hydrating mask,, and wake up so glowy & fresh. It lasts a long time too. Add it to your routine.
  54. See to believe


    This is the best product. Using the smallest amount goes a long way! As you rub over your face it just lifts the dead skin, how gross yet absolutely satisfying. Well worth the money
  55. Gentle mask


    This was a nice mask, I bought because of the excellent reviews. I use this mask once or twice a week, it gives a nice result but doesn’t help with my acne, clogged pores or scarring. Not sure if I used more often if I would get a better result, but I like a fairly low maintenance skin routine and therefore like products that really do their job. It’s very gentle, would be great for those with s...
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  56. My face's best friend


    Ive tried a few of Apsect's skin care range and this enzyme mask is truly the best i have ever tried for imperfections and dry skin. My skin is combination sensitive and this is non irritating but manages to clean every pore. I love it and can hands down recommend it even for sensitive skin. My face is glowing after use (once a fortnight) and i always get asked why i have such a glow. Will continu...
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  57. I love it!!


    I absolutely love this mask. While we are stuck in iso, this is a very cost effective at home alternative to clinic peels (not as harsh if you prefer a more robust peel). I'm using fortnightly at the moment but would consider weekly. The 'piling' is incredibly satisfying!! Afterwards my skin has a nice glow.
  58. Love it


    I bought this product after being recommended it from a friend. I needed a new exfoliant my face was dull and was suffering from blackheads. I saw improvements in my skin after the first use. I cannot fault this product!
  59. Amazing


    This product is so good it's often incorporated into many salon facials! This eats away the dead skin giving your face a glow. It is effective yet gentle enough many people with sensitive skin can use.
  60. Gentle but powerful exfoliation


    I love this product and it will be a staple of my skin routine - super gentle yet it leaves baby smooth, fresh skin after each use. I find I don't need to let it sit and that it liquifies almost immediately - perhaps my oily skin has something to do with that.
  61. how satisfying


    This has been my iso go-to and my saving grace! While my salon chemical peels are on hiatus I thought I'd give this a go after hearing a lot of hype around it. The first couple of times I tried it, I was so disappointed as I didn't get the "pilling" that everyone was claiming. The mistake I was making was rubbing it all the way in on first application and not putting enough on. Third time lucky I ...
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  62. Dead skin slay


    I've been using this for a while now. Once a week to exfoliate gently without dehydrating. It's so satisfying watching all the dead skin come off your face and decolletage.
  63. Good value for money & nice product


    Really nice addition to my skincare routine, I like to use it once a week in conjunction with an exfoliator scrub as I don't always get the satisfaction with this one, however, it always leaves my skin really smooth and glowy. I would definitely recommend it.
  64. Perfect for sensitive skin


    I love this mask. I became addicted to in clinic enzyme peels and this is a very affordable at home alternative. Perfect for my sensitive skin. I like to use weekly. Afterwards my skin looks so glowy and radiant not at all irritating.
  65. Beautiful Gentle Exfoliant


    I have dry, reactive skin and use this enzyme mask once a week (I use a more concentrated enzyme exfoliant once a week as well). Its super satisfying to see all your dead skin ball up when using this and my skin feels super soft afterwards! Would be a great product for someone just starting to use enzymes or for someone with dry, sensitised, reactive skin who isn't used to stronger exfoliants
  66. Really Lovely Product


    I have just added this recently to my Aspect routine. Following my beauticians instructions I put this on, leave it for about a minute then rub it in further, leave for another 10 minutes then rinse. I follow it with a heavy moisturiser. I feel like my skin looks really smooth afterwards. Great product.
  67. Bright clear skin!


    It's a weird kind of mask that's for sure, and it's hard to know what it's doing for your skin until you take it off. There's an instant glow and very refreshing feel! Gentle way to exfoliate and smells great!
  68. Great daily moisteriser


    This daily moisturiser is a bit thicker than I’d normally wear but doesn’t leave my skin oily throughout the day
  69. Mixed results


    I purchased this based on reviews. I used this for about a week and it was really good, it removed a lot of dry and roughened skin, reduced my congestion near my nose and chin. After a while, it seemed like it reduced in effacacy and my skin didn't seem to respond as well. Not sure why so I switched to a physical scrub and the results were so much better, so I knew then this enzyme mask wasn't wor...
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  70. Exfoliation


    This exfoliates my oily skin well. I always wash my face and make sure it is very clean before putting this mask.
  71. Nice exfoliant mask


    The mask is really good and leaves my skin feeling clean and plump. I like that you dont have to leave it on for too long.
  72. No significant improvement


    One jar lasts quite a long time so value for money is OK but I didn't get the result I was after as I didn't notice significant changes to the tone or texture of my skin.
  73. Great physical exfoliant


    One of the best physical exfoliants! I use this weekly and after I've had skin peels. Make sure your skin is completely dry before you apply this product or it won't work. I've recommended this to many friends. You literally see your dry skin peeling off. Very satisfying.
  74. Great product!


    Have been using this product for over a year now, and still in love with it. Makes the skin so smooth and glowing after using it. And you can see the layer of dead skin it removes, would highly recommend this product.
  75. Not sold


    I tried this on recommendation after looking for an enzyme mask that would give me noticeable results. I can't stay it has achieved anything mindblowing to make me purchase it again. It makes the skin feel soft after use and slightly brighter, but it wasn't powerful enough for me. Good but not great.
  76. Amazing product


    This is great even for sensitive skin. You notice the difference straight after use. It makes my skin feel so soft and great for exfoliation. Will be repurchasing
  77. great exfolation!


    I have dry sensitive skin and don't like using harsh products but this is amazing! Leaves my skin feeling so smooth! Definitely suggest giving this a try.
  78. my favourite


    my favourite mask when my skin is dry and flakey. Its gentle and non drying and makes my skin feel great.
  79. Great mask


    I use this once a week to exfoliate my skin and gives it some loving. It’s a beautiful mask that leaves my skin very smoothe and glowy, after I rub it in I leave on for about 20minutes before washing off. Love the end results
  80. Loved it


    Lovely mess free mask and the packing is awesome loved the pump!
  81. So satsifying!


    One of the best physical exfoliants! I use this weekly and after I've had skin peels. Make sure your skin is completely dry before you apply this product or it won't work. I've recommended this to many friends. You literally see your dry skin peeling off. Very satisfying.
  82. Worth your money


    This is one of the best face masks I’ve ever used. It leaves your face feels extremely smooth afterwards. Highly recommend.
  83. Very Gentle


    I like this product, but I think there are many other products on the market that can give a similar result. My skin is really nice and soft after I use this product, but I'd love it to last more than a day. I have only been using once a week for a month, so maybe it takes time before I can see any major differences.
  84. Dry Skin's Best Friend


    I love, love LOVE this mask.
    Although mask is a deceptive term- this is a peel.
    I use it on my skin when it is very dry- ie, first thing in the morning, or immediately after makeup removal. You can see the dry skin flake off, and the more you gently rub it in the more skin comes off. It's so, so good to apply before an event for silky smooth skin because your makeup goes on flawlessly....
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  85. so fresh so clean


    obsessed with this product I treat myself once a week to a little mask and my complexion has never been smoother or more glowy!
  86. Love it

    Ms z

    Wow love this have had my eye on it for ages and have put it off, until now felt that’s it properly cleaned my skin and has helped with my pimples that I get sometimes. Haven’t got a pimple since using this product. Will purchase again
  87. Great mask


    This is my first purchase of this mask after hearing so many rave reviews. I’ve used it once so far and love it. It got rid of the dead skin cells sitting on top of my skin. Very effective.
  88. So satisfying!


    I am in love with the exfoliator. My skin can be quite sensitive and I have found chemical exfoliators too intense. But this enzyme exfoliant is brilliant! It is the most satisfying thing feeling the dead skin melting off your face. I only use it 1x week as it can cause irritation around my noes. But skin feels smooth like a baby's bottom after using this product!
  89. Decongested and smooth


    Iv tried other products in the aspect range over the years and plenty of enzyme masks being an beauty therapist for over 15years which I no longer do it’s been a long year and due to starting another business and halting family during and after the fires it hasn’t really been about me or what my skin requires (meaning a lack of professional treatments) so my skin was feeling uneven, a little dehyd...
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  90. Good Product


    Had this product recommended by a facialist. It is quite natural with no nasties but super effective
  91. Love this


    Love this product - repurchased multiple times. It's so satisfying to see the dead skin cells sloughing off. Dispenser is measured to avoid too much product. Definitely recommend this on effectiveness and price.
  92. So effective


    Recommended by a facialist as a gentle exfoliator and it does just that. I use it twice weekly when I feel my skin becoming 'textured' and it instantly returns it to normal. Super satisfying to use.
  93. Best exfoliator ever


    Second purchase for me, which is highly unusual. A pearl size amount effectively exfoliates the whole face. Just have to be patient and wait for the product to change from sticky to oily to then exfoliating the skin into balls under your fingertips. Amazing!
  94. Lovely mask


    Lovely mask! Even though only used a handful of times, it really clarifies my tone and leaves my skin plump and smooth
  95. Fantastic product!


    I loooove this stuff! It is amazing how it gets all your dead skin off and it leaves my skin so super smooth after. It’s a beautiful treatment I do once a week. My skin looks super glowy after
  96. Gentle but effective


    I have sensitive dry skin, the skin specialist of adore beauty recommended this product to help with my skin congestion . Honestly - I love it so far. The only downside is you know when you have vitamins then urinate and it smells like you’ve been stuck in the Sahara desert for a decade? Well this mask kinda smells like that - BUT I can put up with the smell for the great effect it has on my skin ...
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  97. So satisfying to use


    One of the best physical exfoliants! I use this weekly and after I've had skin peels. Make sure your skin is completely dry before you apply this product or it won't work. I've recommended this to many friends. You literally see your dry skin peeling off. Very satisfying.
  98. Instant glow and fine line smoother


    After a few weeks in the sun my skin needed some love. I just used the mask and straight after my skin looks so alive. And to my surprise the fine lines on my forehead are smoother! Bonus.
    Will use this every time I need a pick up.
  99. Great!


    Lovely exfoliating mask that doesnt scratch your skin! Wasnt sure what to expect when i purchased this but it works so well and the process is very satisfying.
  100. Gets the grime


    This product blew my mind! The amount of dead skin cells it removes is amazing!
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