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Laura Mercier's makeup philosophy is simple: making your skin look perfect is the first and most important thing you can do to achieve a truly great look. The key is to enhance your natural beauty - accentuate the positive. Laura Mercier has developed a range of cosmetics that allows every woman to achieve an incredibly even, smooth - yet natural-looking complexion: the Flawless Face. Celebrity fans of Laura Mercier cosmetics include Sarah Jessica Parker, Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts.

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Laura Mercier's philosophy is simple. Making your skin look perfect is the first and most important thing you can do to achieve a truly great look. The key is to enhance your natural beauty - accentuate the positive.

The Flawless Face


Laura Mercier believes that a beautiful look begins with great looking skin, and has developed key products for the face that allows every woman to achieve an incredibly even, smooth - yet natural-looking complexion: the Flawless Face.


"Before applying any colour, I always create a fresh canvas - a flawless finish. Making your skin look perfect is the first and most important thing you can do to achieve a truly great look. The key is to enhance your natural beauty - whether you use all products together one day, or just a little Secret Camouflage and Setting Powder when you are on the go."
- Laura Mercier


Laura Mercier: the celebrities' secret

Ever wonder how your favourite celebrities and supermodels manage to look perfect at all times? Found behind the scenes at major beauty and fashion shoots, Laura's products and techniques make the stars shine. Now, Laura's products can be found in the bags of the famous as well as the kits of many well-known makeup artists:
Sarah Jessica Parker
Julia Roberts
Angelina Jolie
Jessica Alba
Liv Tyler
Gwyneth Paltrow
Oprah Winfrey
Cameron Diaz
Susan Sarandon
Celine Dion
Mariah Carey
Heather Locklear
Patricia Arquette
James King
Maria Shriver
Glenn Close
Shalom Harlow
Gretchen Mol


Laura's History


Raised in Provence, Laura Mercier began her training at age 17 when she entered painting school in Paris. After deciding to shift her talents from the canvas to the face, Mercier attended the Carita School where she specialized in makeup application. Subsequently, she was asked to represent the school as a makeup artist and instructor. Before long she began working closely with Thibault Vabre, a well-known French makeup artist.


In 1985, Laura Mercier moved to New York when she was asked to join the team to launch American Elle. She immediately began working on advertising campaigns for Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdale's, and Clairol, as well as editorial spreads for magazines including Elle, Vanity Fair, Glamour, and Seventeen. While working with clients such as L'Oreal, Maybelline, Victoria's Secret, Gap, Banana Republic and many other cosmetic and clothing companies, Mercier began working with Madonna on her looks for print, television and film. Subsequently, Mercier entered into a four-year contract with Elizabeth Arden designing the makeup looks for all of their advertising campaigns and she also worked with Chanel on the company's beauty advertising campaigns in France.


In 1996, Mercier developed her own line to benefit women of all ages and skin types. She personally created the colours to satisfy the needs of her clients, based on a classic and always-current palette, rather than seasonal trends only.
When she is not travelling for photo shoots or working in the lab perfecting and creating new products, Mercier divides her time between New York City and Bellport, New York.


Laura Mercier's Flawless Face: Step By Step

Step 1: Foundation Primer

What is Foundation Primer - Foundation Primer is a colourless gel that provides a barrier between the skin and foundation to ensure freshness and long-lasting colour. Laura saw a need for several products missing from the traditional cosmetics marketplace and launched the original Foundation Primer in 1996.

Directions: Place a dollop-size amount into your hand and stimulate the skin by lightly massaging in an outward and downward motion.

Tips: Place the Foundation Primer in the refrigerator before use; the coolness is extra refreshing and helps reduce puffiness.
* Laura Mercier Foundation Primer

Step 2: Foundation

 What is different about Laura Mercier Foundation? Laura feels that women should look as natural as possible, so she created her foundations to be used only where needed or in layers to provide buildable coverage.

Directions: Using a dampened sponge, work the foundation from the outer portion of the face inwards towards the nose area.

Tips: If you have short hair or wear your hair back, massage a little foundation into your ears to ensure a natural look.
* Laura Mercier Moisturising Foundation
* Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation
* Laura Mercier Foundation Powder
* Laura Mercier Foundation Sponges - 4 pack


Step 3: Secret Brightener

What is a Secret Brightener Pen? Laura introduced her Secret Brightener Pen as a weapon to fight dark circles, reduce shadows, and minimize discolorations by providing product that uses light reflecting pigments to highlight dark areas instead of covering it up.

Directions: After applying Foundation Primer, lightly stroke product on wherever needed and lightly "tap and roll" to set it into the skin.

Tips: To open the eye area and illuminate the cheekbone, apply the Secret Brightener to the lower temple, moving inward towards the apple of the cheeks.
* Laura Mercier Secret Brightener

Step 4: Secret Camouflage and Secret Concealer

Which concealer is right for me? An exclusive to Laura Mercier, Secret Camouflage was formulated with a high level of pigment so your skin will achieve complete coverage with little product use. Laura needed a concealer that would conceal dark circles under the eye area, but not dry out the skin so she created Secret Concealer. It has an emollient formula, therefore it is to be used under the eyes only. Undercover, the latest to Laura's concealer line, is a combination of Secret Camouflage and Secret Concealer. Perfect for touch-ups, it combines two essential Flawless Face products to ensure a perfect, natural look all day.



Secret Camouflage - After applying Foundation, use a Secret Camouflage Brush to drag through both pans of product, then warm and mix the two colors on the back of your hand until you find the shade that matches your skin tone. Apply using feather-like strokes then "pat" the product lightly with your fingertips.


Secret Concealer - With the Secret Camouflage Brush use feather-like strokes to apply under and on the outside corner of the eyes. Undercover - First apply Secret Camouflage to the darkened areas of the face - blemishes, shadows, scars, the area around the nose, shadows under the bottom lip and any other imperfections your foundation does not cover. Next, apply Secret Concealer to brighten and minimize darkness and shadows around the eye area.

Tips: Laura suggests looking in a mirror with the best available natural daylight and apply Secret Camouflage where you see a shadow.
* Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage
* Laura Mercier Secret Concealer
* Laura Mercier Undercover Concealer Duo
* Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Brush

Step 5: Secret Brightening Powder

What is Secret Brightening Powder? A lighter-than-air powder designed to set Secret Brightener Pen, Secret Camouflage, and Secret Concealer while adding an invisible lightening boost.

Directions: Using the Camouflage Powder Brush, pat powder on any area needing lightening and brightening.

Tips: Use Secret Brightening Powder to set Eye Basics leaving a beautiful, clean look for a perfect base for Eye Colour application.
* Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder
* Laura Mercier Camouflage Powder Brush

Step 6: Setting Powder
Which loose setting powder should I use? Laura recommends that everyone set their makeup with Translucent Loose Setting Powder because it has no colour pigment and will not distort the colour of your make-up. To add a slight hint of colour, use Ivory for fair skin or Beige for medium skin.

Directions: Saturate a Velour Puff with the powder and gently press the puff in a rolling motion to work the powder into the skin.

Tips: To prevent emphasizing lines and shadows, only use pigmented powders to flatted surfaces, never around the eyes or mouth.
* Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder
* Laura Mercier Velour Puff for Loose Powder

Step 7: Secret Finish

What does Secret Finish do? Secret Finish gives the skin a radiant and healthy glow after makeup application or as a refresher for skin anytime throughout the day.

Directions: Place a small dollop of product on your fingertips, rub gently so that the product spreads evenly over the fingertips, and gently pat onto the desired area of the face.

Tips: Use a small amount around the eye area to prevent it from looking tired and dry throughout the day.

* Laura Mercier Secret Finish


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