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They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, and getting them looking beautiful is a cinch with Youngblood. The mineral formulations care for the skin, while also being long-lasting and vibrant.

To get the most out of Youngblood make-up, start with the correct preparation. Apply half a pump of your favourite eye cream to the fingertips and gently pat around the eye area. This will help with under eye puffiness, and brighten dark circles, while providing hydration and anti-ageing benefits.

Make your eyes pop with the gentle colours of Youngblood Pressed Eyeshadow. If your eyes are brown, opt for greens and purples; if your eyes are blue, bronze and gold look great; and if your eyes are green, pink and orange shades go well.

Enhance the whites of the eyes with a touch of Youngblood Eyeliner Pencil (in Blackest Black), steering clear of the waterline, which can make peepers look smaller. 

Finish it off with a coat of Youngblood Mineral Lengthening Mascara. Remember to work quickly, so that the product doesn’t set before the next layer goes on! 

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