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WelleCo Nourishing Plant Protein Refill Pack 300g - Chocolate 300g

4.7 of 40 reviews


4 instalments of $9.00


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4 instalments of $9.00


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You can now refill your WelleCo Protein Caddy with the WelleCo Nourishing Plant Protein Refill Pack 300g. 

Promote and support a healthy, fit and energised body with the WelleCo NOURISHING PLANT PROTEIN powder. Formulated by nutritional doctors, this plant-based vegan protein powder features Organic Sprouted Brown Rice and Pea Protein to provide 9 essential amino acids that help your body recovery, promoting elevated levels of energy and endurance. 

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WelleCo Nourishing Plant Protein Refill Pack 300g - Chocolate

WelleCo Nourishing Plant Protein Refill Pack 300g - Chocolate

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4.7 of 40 reviews

95% recommend this product

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This protein is seriously rich - it tastes just like chocolate!!
It's gentle on the stomach and keeps me full and unlike other proteins this one doesn't make me bloated.
  1. Delicious


    This protein is seriously rich - it tastes just like chocolate!!
    It's gentle on the stomach and keeps me full and unlike other proteins this one doesn't make me bloated.
  2. Tasty!


    Love mixing this into my smoothies and breakfast oats. Taste is delicious, especially for a plant based protein.
  3. Delicious


    It tastes amazing without the protein tang. However I think if you’re looking to build muscle you should go for a brand that focuses on that.
  4. Really nice in smoothies


    This is one of the best plant protein powders I've used. The texture and flavour are excellent. Only down side is that it's quite expensive.
  5. Daily elixir


    I mix this protein powder daily with raspberries, cinnamon, avocado and almond milk - plus the Welleco Super Elixir. It is so yummy, and a quick and easy breakfast that keeps me full until lunch time. Highly recommended, love the chocolate taste.
  6. WelleCo Nourishing Plant Protein Refill Pack


    Preferred this flavour to the pineapple flavour. It is a great supplement
  7. A protein powder to look forward to

    Tea Sommelier

    No clue about the health benefits of this nourishing protein powder but this is delicious. I prefer the refill pack over the glass caddy, despite the beautiful presentation, the powder flies out everywhere, whereas the refill pack is less dramatic.
    Personally, I like to blend this with nut mylk. It fills my sweet tooth cravings, and there's nothing artificial about flavour wise.
  8. Genuinely tastes good


    I rarely find a protein powder that I like and I hate ones that have an aftertaste or fake sugar taste. This one doesn't which is amazing!
  9. Yum!


    I received two sachets of this as a GWP and like most people was hesitant to try it out as pea protein has such a foul taste - however this protein powder is delicious! I love that it is plant based and I also noticed a spike in my energy levels. Would definitely purchase!
  10. Good clean ingredients but taste was disappointing


    Personally the taste really did nothing for me. Reminded me of a grittier Sunwarrior flavor (as a point of similarity). If you want a clean vegan protein with some nice extras (e.g. the prebiotic and dandelion), its not a bad option. But ideally you will need to mix it with other flavors (e.g. fruit, nut butter etc.). I think there are way better tasting clean vegan proteins on the market


    I received this as a sample and it tastes SO GOOD!!
    It doesn't have that awful aftertaste some have.
    Will buy again!
  12. Best plant protein I've tried


    I would definitely recommend this product. I have been using this for breakfast for the last few months. Not only do I get an energy boost but I have lost weight and toned up.
  13. Tastes amazing


    This is the first time a free sample has actually led me to buy a full-sized product in a hurry. I had been curious about protein shakes but had never bought one before I then - I'm now onto my second pack. This tastes SO GOOD and is a fantastic way to get a serve of protein and nutrients every morning. Also I have a chronic illness and sometimes preparing meals is just too difficult, so this is a great way to at least have something, because it is so easy to prepare. I blend it with almond milk, a generous spoonful of almond, brazil and cashew nut butter (plain almond butter is amazing too!), and a heap of chia seeds for extra protein and thickness. Absolutely obsessed.
  14. Does a good job of masking the nasty taste of pea protein


    I was dreading tasting this when it arrived because I absolutely hate the taste of pea protein, normally I hold my nose, shot it back and still gag. This powder is great, it seems to have something in it which neutralizes the pea protein taste. It also doesn’t leave a long lasting aftertaste like other pea proteins. It mixes extremely well when using a blender. Happy Chappy here
  15. Great Taste


    Usually not a huge fan of protein powder because of the after taste but I received a packet as a sample and it was absolutely amazing! Tastes like a chocolate milkshake and now I look forward to making smoothies every morning!
  16. Yummiest Protein!


    Yummy and full of health benefits! Keeps me fuller for longer :)
  17. Great tasting protein powder


    Great plant based protein powder. Rich chocolate taste. It really is filling and gives you a good energy boost. I substitute this for breakfast.
  18. Delicious!


    I received this powder as a sample from Adore Beauty and was glad that I did. The protein powder was really yummy and kept me full for a long time. I didn't feel like I was putting anything artificial with a bad aftertaste in my body at all. Will definitely purchase.
  19. Love the taste


    I have never been a huge protein powder drinker but I got this as a sample and I loved it so much I re-purchased it. Now I look forward to having this with honey and coconut milk every day.
  20. Healthy protein powder


    This protein powder not only tastes great, but has great additional benefits. My gut feels a lot healthier after use, and its perfect for after a workout. It definitely fills me up and provides me the energy I need for the day ahead. Its made with plant protein and is definitely a better alternative to the original protein powders you get at the local supermarket. Deffz worth the purchase.
  21. perfect


    Received this as a sample from my local gym, I don't usually like protein powders as they either taste horrible or smell even worse but I was quite surprised by this one, smells amazing and tastes even better plus it makes an amazing after workout treat
  22. Doesn't have the synthetic taste


    I usually am turned off protein powders in general because they either taste bad or have that horrible synthetic sugar aftertaste. This brand is the only one I have tried to date that doesn't have that horrible aftertaste. This one tastes like a dark chocolate and isn't extremely sweet.
  23. Tastes amazing


    This plant based protein from WelleCo is really nice. It has a rich chocolate flavour. I drink it after working out to rejuvenate my body.
  24. Body Says Gimme!


    This is the first protein powder I felt like trying out...I am so glad I chose WelleCo....my body loves it to bits! It's like a guilt-free chocolate boost I can have every day and I know I'm getting a plentiful boost of vegan proteins. My favourite thing is to add a few slices of cold banana to thicken it up a bit...delicious!
  25. Taste pretty good!


    I received this protein powder as a free sample and while this is something I wouldn't usually buy, I was definitely willing to give it a try.
    The taste was nice, better than you would expect from a plant protein, mixed with almond milk, I had them as a snack/light meal substitute. They kept me adequately full and the powder mixed in nicely.
    Again, while it's not something I would buy, I wouldn't say no to another sample!
  26. WelleCo Nourishing Plant Protein


    I’ve been using the Super Elixer greens for about 2 years now, I really notice my lack of energy, poor skin, etc when I don’t take it! I’ve tried plenty of similar products, but this one actually tastes pleasant & I notice the benefits.
  27. Delicious!


    I’ve tried a few protein supplements and this is definitely the best tasting. I have it every day and it fills me up. Highly recommend!
  28. Great


    Mixed it with slightly warm water/cashew milk combo, with a twist of monk fruit extract. Tried combining Peruvian choc & Australian vanilla flavor, even better!
  29. Energy giving protein powder


    I tried this protein powder when I Received two samples. I got such a boost from it that I ordered more. It definitely stops hunger. It is quick and easy to have as breakfast meal. The chocolate is delicious. It also has worked on shaping and toning my body.
  30. Love the taste


    I don't normally take protein supplements but I thought I'd give it a try because the ingredients looked good. I have problems with fatigue due to health issues and since taking this supplement I feel like I have had a bit more energy. It tastes really good and I like that it has probiotics in it. I drink it with unsweetened almond milk for breakfast. Sometimes I add a banana and chia seeds to it. I would drink this just for the taste alone, but the fact that it has helped with my energy levels makes it well worth it. I hope Adore Beauty will stock the 500g and 1kg packets, like on the Welleco website.
  31. Genuinely tastes nice


    Its hard to find a protein powder that doesnt taste synthetic. This one tastes really lovely. Dark chocolate taste. Made me feel really full.
  32. Dark chocolate


    Genuinely tastes good. Dark chocolate flavour. Keeps me feeling full!
  33. Nice taste


    I got a couple of the chocolate protein powder sachets as a sample with my last order. Once my current protein powder runs out I'll definitely consider switching. The Welleco powder is better tasting than many other protein powders, which often have a gross synthetic flavour and weird aftertaste. It's also nice to know there's a good plant- based option on the market. I'm not vego or vegan but definitely looking to limit my consumption of animal products. The only thing that would make me think twice about recommending this is the price; it's more expensive than most other similar products on the market so might not be within reach for all consumers.
  34. Enjoyed this


    Received a sample of this with an order. Had a nice unsweetened chocolate flavor which was nice for a change - most protein powder are sickly sweet. Had a little bit of texture to it wasnt gritty but you could feel the oat blend. Im not a big fan of protein powders, i drink them but dont usually enjoy them, this definitely is a favorite!
  35. Really nice!


    So happy with the taste of this. I've tried the vanilla WELLE protein and its also great but this one really tastes nice. Has a lightly sweetened chocolate taste and very filling texture. Kind of reminds me of eating a bowl of oats (but smooth) and a hot chocolate mixed together. The best part is I didn't get that after taste most protein powders give!
  36. Smooth Chocolate


    I get very nervous trying new protein powders because (usually) they taste horrible or have a bad after taste from the synthetic sugar. Received this one as a sampler with my last order and so happy with the overall product. Taste: Chocolate (But wasn't overly sweet) Texture: Smooth. I read the back and there are so many great nutrients and ingredients in this product. Full of Cacao too which has heaps of health benefits. I definitely will be considering purchasing this for a snack in between meals!
  37. Great taste


    I tried this and the taste and smell is amazing! Especially for a protein powder. It didn't leave me feeling full for very long, but I was surprised by the flavour
  38. One of my favourites!


    One of my all time favourite health products - i have a welleco smoothie most days. It is silky smooth (i use a blender) and choc tastes amazing blended with almond milk, a couple of dates and some nut butter. No bloating, energy levels are improved and tastes like a dessert treat!
  39. Nutritious


    I have the travel sachets which I leave at the office for a quick and healthy lunch. But I find the serving quite big and using 250ml of liquid as suggested makes a very thick and sludgy shake.
    I have this refill pack at home and I like this better as I can add less powder. This tastes pretty good and fills me up. The pack is quite big and will last for a long time. I can also decant it into a small container if I'm travelling, and it's cheaper than buying more of the travel packs.
  40. Tasty and filling


    I have bought the WelleCo chocolate protein twice and I love the taste. I have added it with just almond milk and blended it which was delicious (for protein powder) and also in a regular smoothie with added coconut yoghurt and frozen berries/banana. Definitely recommend to anyone wanting to add protein powder to their smoothies.
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