Wella System Professional Colour Save: Coloured Hair

Colour Save: Coloured Hair Authentic

Anyone who's ever dyed their hair know that it needs a lot of extra care. But that ought not mean that you need to fork out on fancy products or complicated routines - Wella SP has everything that your require!

Their Colour Save range uses 3D technology to ensure your colour lasts and lasts.

For a deep cleanse, opt for the shampoo. Not only does it protect against fading but it will restore softness and brilliance to your hair.

Follow this with the conditioner. Its colour protection technology will keep your shade from shifting and provide deep hydration and smoothness at the same time.

Once a week, apply the mask. The rich formulation ensures you look fresh, with the vibrant, silky-soft hair you deserve!

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Colour Save: Coloured Hair

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