Wella System Professional Clear Scalp: Dandruff

Clear Scalp: Dandruff Authentic

Dandruff and flaking require special care, and Wella SP is a great place to start.

Their Clear Scalp range will tackle the root (literally!) of the problem, getting things under control while also working to prevent future break-outs.

Start with the shampoo to gently remove the dandruff and cleanse the hair and scalp. From the first wash, you'll be working towards removing and creating a long-term dandruff-free environment.

Next, the shampeeling will provide an intense treatment, ridding even the most stubborn of flakes. If used regularly, you may not notice dandruff for up to two months, but rather, silky soft, healthy hair!

Use the lotion to regulate the scalp and combat the formation of dandruff. If your head feels itchy, this is a great one to apply as it will help prevent irritation and redness.

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Clear Scalp: Dandruff

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