Wella System Professional Balance Scalp: Sensitive, Hair Loss

Balance Scalp: Sensitive, Hair Loss Authentic

If you're suffering from hair loss or have noticed any other changes in your hair, Wella SP can definitely help.

Their Balance Scalp range is designed for sensitive, fragile heads, assisting to soothe and condition both the scalp and strands.

Begin with the shampoo, for nice, deep clean. Its pH level is skin-friendly and prepares the head for any further hair-loss treatments.

Follow it up with conditioner. It's designed to relieve tension and itchiness, while still respecting the natural state of the hair with its alcohol- and fragrance-free formula.

As for a treatment, go for the mask. The intense cream soothes and forms a barrier over the skin to protect.

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Balance Scalp: Sensitive, Hair Loss

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