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Weleda Salt Toothpaste 75mL 75ml

4.3 of 32 reviews


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4 instalments of $2.49

Or 4 instalments of $2.49 with LEARN MORE

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Natural salts aid in preventing plaque growth promoting healthy teeth and gums.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Sulphate Free

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SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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Weleda Salt Toothpaste 75mL Reviews

4.3 of 32 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great choice


My teeth feels fresh and cleaner and i like that this is fluoride free

Most Helpful Criticism

My teeth feel smooth and clean after using this


My teeth feel smooth and clean after using this but I'm not sure how well it works.
  1. Great choice


    My teeth feels fresh and cleaner and i like that this is fluoride free
  2. like it


    This leaves my teeth feeling clean and it has a slight mint flavour
  3. Salty, but fresh


    You can taste the salt, but it is not overwhelming. Teeth felt super clean, and I love the ingredients. I would re-purchase.
  4. Quite different but so far I like it


    Quite different to what I am used to using. My teeth do feel clean after using and the mint that comes through when using is fresh and enjoyable.
  5. really good


    Rich in sea salt, completely free of bubbles, you can taste it as salty
  6. Leaves me fresh


    This toothpaste leaves my mouth feeling breath and even freshens up my breath to- a win-win!
  7. Strange but wonderful


    verified purchaser
    I never expected to enjoy a salt toothpaste but here we are! It really scrubs away all of the plaque without leaving any gross artificial chemicals in my mouth. Paired with a copper tongue scraper, my mouth has never felt cleaner.
  8. tastes awful


    i hate the taste, but it does the job especially if you are looking for something better than what the supermarket has
  9. Salty but Clean!


    verified purchaser
    I like to use this toothpaste instead of my usual sensitive paste a few times a week... it gives a deep clean, teeth are smooth, whole mouth feels fresh - plus no weird/artificial aftertaste!
  10. Surprisingly good


    It was surprisingly good, cleans and helps with gum pain as well.
  11. Good toothpaste


    I think this probably cleans the same as normal toothpaste but knowing it's all natural really makes it a much better option for me.
  12. Different but good


    Different to your normal everyday toothpaste but still really good. Great a cleaning and makes teeth feel so much better
  13. Good for sensitive teeth


    An excellent toothpaste for sensitive teeth. I like that it isn't too strong and overpowering like a lot of other tooth pastes are.
  14. Healing


    This tooth paste has really improved my gum health and my teeth feel much cleaner. Yes it’s salty but you get used to it. I can feel and see the difference.
  15. Weleda Salt Toothpaste


    Best toothpaste ever for sensitive teeth. I'm using this since 4 months now, absolutely satisfied with it and not like other brands I love using it.
  16. salty but pleasant


    very great to brush with and my teeth feel squeaky clean
  17. My favorite toothpaste


    I have sensitive teeth and this toothpaste help reducing the sensitivity. The initial taste was weird but I’m now so used to it, I’m hooked :)
  18. love it


    First time trying a salt toothpaste, and I must say, I really do like it! It's salty as to be expected and my teeth and gums feel really clean afterwards
  19. extra clean


    I always feel like my teeth are extra clean when I use this. It does taste pretty salty but it also cleanses well
  20. My teeth feel smooth and clean after using this


    My teeth feel smooth and clean after using this but I'm not sure how well it works.
  21. Great natural toothpaste


    I love this toothpaste! It's free of nasties found in other toothpaste products. It cleans well but does take some getting used to as it is VERY salty tasting. I've found that my gums are less prone to bleeding after using this for a few weeks.
  22. great toothpaste


    I surprisingly liked this. It's salty but not too bad and my teeth feel very clean after this
  23. good natural option


    i've been using natural toothpaste for years, never tried a salt tasting one - it's definately salty but salt does kill bacteria
  24. A must for anyone with a dry mouth

    Samantha (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I have damaged saliva glands from radiation treatment, and it has made my mouth very dry. After using this toothpaste for 10 days, I noticed that my mouth was better able to produce saliva.

    The taste and texture of this toothpaste is a little strange at first, but I definitely recommend pushing past that initial discomfit. You will get use to it pretty quickly, and the clean mouth...
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    My husband and I absolutely love this toothpaste. The taste is mild and not at all unpleasant and we both find that it leaves our teeth very clean and polished.
  26. Great natural toothpaste


    This toothpaste is my new favourite. It’s free form all the nasty additives and chemicals of mainstream toothpastes and works well with my electric toothbrush
  27. Great


    It sounds like it'd be weird having a salt toothpaste but it is my absolute fave toothpaste and when I use any other my teeth don't feel as clean.
  28. Great alternative


    After been reading about benefit of good salt intake can effect your health, my husband and I tried to find the alternative toothpaste and we glad to find this! We love using it for mild salty and mint, very refreshing and clean. No nasties ingredients!
  29. So good


    After realising how many chemicals are in generic toothpaste i decided to buy this. I was skeptical that it wouldnt be as effective in cleaning my teeth but it actually does a better job than mainstream toothpaste! The taste is fine and my teeth are still white and my breath never smells! Now that i've tried this i dont think i can ever go back to 'normal' toothpaste! Highly recommend.
  30. Great alternative and healthy for your teeth.


    Being rather chemical conscious when it comes to tooth paste, I tried this toothpaste just to see how it compared to other health food store bought pastes. I’m am now onto my second tube and loving it.
    It is non foaming and feels amazing in your mouth. Definitely leaves your teeth feeling clean and polished and your breath tastes nice and minty with a touch of that ‘been swimming in the oce...
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  31. A good natural toothpaste


    I have a really dry mouth so I bought this for the 1st time. It is good for my mouth but my teeth don’t feel all that clean after. It could be a bit thicker or something maybe more bicarbonate? It’s natural tho so that’s good.
  32. Absolutely Loved it!!


    Since the first time we used it we all agreed that it's the best toothpast ever.
    The granules of salt help to thoroughly clean the teeth and is still gentle on the gums.
    Refreshing mint taste.
    And what I love most of all is, No nasties.
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