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Achieve your slow-mo hair swish by creating the ideal environment in which for the strands to grow. A healthy scalp equals strong, long, shiny locks and if you need a helping hand to create such a scenario, then look no further than Weleda.

Their certified natural haircare is free of SLS, artificial ingredients, preservatives and parabens, while the mild formulations are cohesive with both the scalp and strands.

Unlike convential haircare, Weleda's Earth-friendly approach washes out easily (there is a low positive-charge adhesion to the hair), builds up the conditioning, reduces impact on the hair cuticle due to mild tensides, has low-foaming properties and doesn't disturb the hair's hydrolipid-balance.

While you may feel that natural haircare is not as sudsy as other brands, it doesn't mean that it's not working - in fact, it's quite the opposite! By paring back complicated ingredients and routines, hair condition may improve due to decreased chemical stresses and less reliance on heat stylers and hairdryers to whip hair into a good state.

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Weleda Wheat Balancing Shampoo

I have only just discovered this product and can highly recommend it.

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