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Bring your hair back to a healthy, strong, nourished state with Virtue’s range of products for dry, damaged hair. These high-performance formulas target and treat damaged areas of the hair, thanks to the breakthrough ingredient of Alpha Keratin 60ku.


What is Alpha Keratin 60ku?

Making up 90% of our hair, skin and nails, keratin is an important protein found in the human body. Until now, keratin was sourced from plant amino acids or animal byproducts. Initially discovered by scientists developing methods of treating traumatic injuries with keratin, Alpha Keratin 60ku is a form of the protein extracted from ethically-sourced human hair.

This breakthrough ingredient is able to be utilised more effectively by the body, and is drawn to areas of the hair cuticle where it is needed most. Strand by strand, damaged hair fibres are smoothed, resurfaced and cracks are filled in, leaving hair softer, shinier, smoother and healthier than before.


What products are in the Virtue Recovery range?

  • Virtue Recovery Shampoo
    Available in a standard, mini and pro size, this shampoo gently cleanses hair of product build-up, dirt, oil and other impurities, while repairing damaged areas. Suitable for all hair types, this shampoo is especially effective on hair damaged by heat styling and chemical treatments.
    Dry, dehydrated and weak hair will be hydrated, nourished, repaired and strengthened, and the sulfate-free formula is gentle enough for coloured and chemically-treated hair.

  • Virtue Recovery Conditioner
    Perfect for hair damaged by heat styling and chemical treatments. Available in three sizes - standard, pro and mini - this rich conditioner hydrates strands while repairing damaged areas of the hair cuticle.
    Powered by Alpha Keratin 60ku, brittle ends and lengths are strengthened and restored over time, leaving hair softer, shinier and more manageable. Ideal for dry, damaged or weak hair but suitable for all hair types. 


All Virtue products are safe for colour- and chemically-treated hair, and contain no sulfates, parabens, phthalates, synthetic colours or dyes, or gluten.

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Recent reviews on Recovery - Repair & Hydration products

VIRTUE Recovery Discovery Kit
VIRTUE Recovery Discovery Kit

Hair care recovery kit

This shampoo and conditioner has been amazing so far. My hair is soft and feels fresh after washing and the treatment works amazingly and gives a silky result
VIRTUE Restorative Treatment Mask 50ml
VIRTUE Restorative Treatment Mask 50ml

Holy grail mask

This mask was phenomenal on my dyed blonde, damaged hair. It made it my hair feel so soft and healthy. I normally use quite expensive treatments and even in comparison to those, this is one of the best!
VIRTUE Recovery Shampoo 240ml
VIRTUE Recovery Shampoo 240ml

Healthy, shiny but there are other options!

I've been using this product for over a month and I can definitely notice a difference in the hair of my health. It's for sure shinier and stronger I think, however it is quite heavy and can make my hair flat and I think there are probably more affordable options. But overall, I do really like the product!