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Infuse your hair with softness, hydration and a silky touch with one of Virtue’s conditioners. Blending both cutting-edge ingredients and potent botanical extracts, each one of Virtue’s conditioners restores the condition of the hair and repairs damage with every use.

Virtue Conditioners are powered by the breakthrough scientific discovery of Alpha Keratin 60ku. A whole protein derived from ethically-sourced human hair, this innovative ingredient is easily recognised by the body and drawn to damaged areas of the hair. Strand by strand, damaged hair fibres are smoothed, resurfaced and cracks are filled in, leaving hair softer, shinier, smoother and healthier than before.


Which Virtue Conditioner should I use?

  • I have damaged, dry or weak hair
    Virtue’s Recovery Conditioner is perfect for hair damaged by heat styling and chemical treatments. Available in three sizes - standard, pro and mini - this rich conditioner hydrates strands while repairing damaged areas of the hair cuticle.
    Powered by Alpha Keratin 60ku, brittle ends and lengths are strengthened and restored over time, leaving hair softer, shinier and more manageable. Ideal for dry, damaged or weak hair but suitable for all hair types.

  • I have fine, flat or limp hair
    Give your hair maximum body and bounce with Virtue’s Full Conditioner. Designed specifically for fine, flat or limp hair, this conditioner hydrates without weighing down hair. Fine strands are plumped and hair is full of movement and shine.
    Alpha Keratin 60ku helps to rebuild any damaged areas of the hair, while improving overall strength and hair health.

  • I have frizz-prone hair
    Virtue Smooth Conditioner is designed to eliminate frizz with every wash. Rough hair cuticles are re-paved and friction between strands is reduced, treating frizz at the source.
    The richly hydrating formula infuses hair with moisture while strengthening and improving hair health over time. 


All Virtue Conditioners are safe for colour- and chemically-treated hair, and contain no sulfates, parabens, phthalates, synthetic colours or dyes, or gluten.

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Recent reviews on Conditioner products

VIRTUE Full Conditioner 200mlVIRTUE Full Conditioner 200ml
VIRTUE Full Conditioner 200ml

Really great conditioner!

I never really placed to much importance in conditioner, but I found this one to instantly improve my hair. It makes detangling really easy and it makes hair feels super soft. The bottle is a little difficult to squeeze towards the end but otherwise it is a great product.
VIRTUE Recovery Conditioner 200mlVIRTUE Recovery Conditioner 200ml
VIRTUE Recovery Conditioner 200ml


This conditioner has a light fruity scent, which washes out and doesn't linger in the hair, which I like.
It makes my hair soft and smooth.
I don't have any complaints about this but at the same time I don't think it differs from all the other conditioners I'vr tried.
VIRTUE Recovery Conditioner 200mlVIRTUE Recovery Conditioner 200ml
VIRTUE Recovery Conditioner 200ml

Nice shampoo

This shampoo is a thick shimmery gold cream, which smells strongly of caramel.
It lathers well and cleans my scalp well without stripping it or drying out my ends.
It's great but all shampoos are pretty good, I don't think it's worth the price.