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Virtue knows the world didn’t need another hair care company, so instead they set out to create a biotech company to repair hair. Harnessing the transformative powers of Alpha Keratin 60ku, Virtue have created a range of care, treatment and styling products that deliver immediate results while repairing damage and strengthening the hair over time.


What is Alpha Keratin 60ku?


Making up 90% of our hair, skin and nails, keratin is an important protein found in the human body. Until now, keratin was sourced from plant amino acids or animal byproducts.Initially discovered by scientists developing methods of treating traumatic injuries with keratin, Alpha Keratin 60ku is a form of the protein extracted from ethically-sourced human hair.


This breakthrough ingredient is able to be utilised more effectively by the body, and is drawn to areas of the hair cuticle where it is needed most. Strand by strand, damaged hair fibres are smoothed, resurfaced and cracks are filled in, leaving hair softer, shinier, smoother and healthier than before. Virtue founder Melisse Shaban and Chief Science Advisor Dr. Luke Burnett saw the incredible reparative effects this ingredient had on damaged hair, and set out to bring Virtue to life.


What makes Virtue different?


  • Backed by Science
    Virtue was created from a breakthrough scientific discovery, and their products are supported by real, evidence-driven results.
    Clinical testing of Virtue’s products has shown: 

    • A 67% reduction in frizz after 4 applications 
    • Split ends were repaired by 95% after 5 applications 
    • Hair strands were thickened by 22% after a single application 
    • After 5 applications, colour vibrancy was increased by 138%. 
    • Sources: AMA Labs and MRL 

  • Guided by Values
    Virtue isn’t just about the science. They strive to make an impactful difference above all, making products that aren’t just effective but that don’t compromise on values. All Virtue products are cruelty-free and certified by Leaping Bunny.

    The human hair used to extract Alpha Keratin 60ku is acquired from reputable sellers, and is always purchased at the will of sellers and never donated.
    All products are free from sulfates, parabens, phthalates, synthetic colours and dyes, and are all gluten-free.

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VIRTUE Recovery Shampoo 240ml
VIRTUE Recovery Shampoo 240ml

Beautiful but a bit a little over-priced

I really enjoyed this shampoo. It smells incredible (vanilla/caramel scent) and does lather really well so a little does go a long way. My hair did feel a lot stronger and healthier after using both the shampoo and conditioner but I'm not sure the results really justify the price. I wasn't wowed by it but still nice if you feel like treating yourself a little.
VIRTUE Recovery Conditioner 200ml
VIRTUE Recovery Conditioner 200ml

Beautiful but a bit a little over-priced

I really enjoyed this conditioner. It smells incredible (Vanilla/Caramel like scent)
I did find given I have rather thick hair that I went through it very quick! The shampoo lathers a lot better so therefore I felt that did go a long way as opposed to the conditioner. Not sure I would buy again based on the priced and how fast I used. My hair did feel a lot stronger and healthier but not su...
VIRTUE 6-in-1 Styler 120ml
VIRTUE 6-in-1 Styler 120ml

Its the gear

Awesome stuff.
This was in one of those great value virtue packs and Im so glad I got to try it.
Gorgeous stuff. One of the few leave ins that doesn't take away the softness and leave gross product over doneness
I have super fine hair. This gives body and shine and softness. Will be economical as i will be able to do away with my hair thickening treatments.