​Ultimate Guide to Vegan Beauty

The term 'vegan' often extends beyond diet to indicate an entire lifestyle. Many cosmetics contain animal products—even your haircare and nail polish.


Finding vegan beauty products used to be quite a chore and required familiarity with chemical names and sources. Today, more brands are offering luscious goodies that are free of animal ingredients AND clearly labelled 'vegan'.


Still, not all companies have followed suit. You may prefer to choose from a wider selection of makeup and personal care items. If so, we've got the rundown on exactly how to spot a vegan-friendly product and the common ingredients that you'll need to avoid.


At Adore Beauty, we've teamed up with some amazing vegan brands, so you can feed your beauty obsession without feeling any guilt.

What are the top cosmetic ingredients for vegans to avoid?

Whilst you may associate the word 'vegan' with dietary restriction, true veganism goes much deeper and can be a way of life. With veganism on the rise, awareness of how animal products are used in cosmetics is growing. Accordingly, there's been an increase in the number of vegan beauty brands.


Whilst vegetarians don't purchase any goods that cause an animal's death, vegans don't use anything that's been at all derived from an animal. You might not realise how many animal ingredients are in your everyday cosmetics, because the names of these ingredients aren't always obvious.

Lanolin, beeswax, honey, milk protein, and bee pollens are just some of the many cosmetic ingredients that aren't suitable for vegans. But many other animal products may be hiding in your toiletries. Even your haircare and nail polish can contain non-vegan ingredients, so it's important to recognise the main offenders.


Is beeswax vegan?


In our vegan guides, you'll find a list of everything you need to avoid and where you would normally find these ingredients. We also explain how you can spot a vegan product and what certifications and logos to look for when shopping for animal-friendly cosmetics.


What's the difference between vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics?


'Cruelty-free' doesn't necessarily mean 'vegan' either. A product stamped with 'cruelty-free' won't have been associated with animal testing or experiments. However, animal products could still be on the ingredients list.


How can I find vegan cosmetics?


Luckily enough, we've teamed up with some amazing vegan brands on Adore Beauty, so you still have plenty of pretty potions to choose from. We list some top companies and their signature products in our guides.

Whether you're vegetarian, vegan, or just want to be a bit more animal-friendly, it's important to understand that not all cosmetics are guilt-free. On the other hand, choosing vegan cosmetics doesn't mean you have to change your routine dramatically. You can simply explore new, exciting brands and still feed that beauty obsession!


Ultimate Guide to Vegan Beauty