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United by passion, Urban Alchemy was created to meet the needs of professional hairstylists around the world, and inspired by their endless creativity and unique approaches to hairstyling.

Designed and formulated with extensive input from hair professionals across the globe, this salon brand combines carefully selected ingredients with playful trends and accessible products, all with a focus on results. From the salon-only Opus Magnum Signature Cleanse to the innovative Salt Scrub Cleansing Shampoo and K-beauty inspired treatment caps, Urban Alchemy is here to enhance your hair’s health and leave it feeling refreshed, strengthened and nourished.


What are some of the best Urban Alchemy products?

  • Opus Magnum Salt Scrub Shampoo
    Whether you are suffering from product buildup, a flaky scalp, or itchiness caused by chemical treatments, this exfoliating shampoo will leave your hair and scalp feeling cleansed and refreshed. Formulated with mineral-rich sea salt, it purifies the hair leaving it ready for nourishment and hydration - perfect to use before your weekly Olaplex No 3 treatment. 
  • Opus Magnum Hydrating & Soothing Conditioner
    Perfect to use after the Salt Scrub Cleanse, this nourishing conditioner delivers an intense dose of hydration to all hair types. Enriched with marine algae and a small amount of sea salt, it adds softness and shine to hair. 
  • Urban Alchemy Ludus Tenoris Nourishing Thermal Treatment Cap
    Like a sheet mask for your hair, this hydrating treatment cap uses thermal technology to maximise results and help ingredients penetrate the hair. Perfect for use on dry and dehydrated hair types, this mask leaves your hair feeling softer, shinier and more hydrated.

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Urban Alchemy Opus Magnum Shampoo & Conditioner Gift Pack
Urban Alchemy
Urban Alchemy Opus Magnum Shampoo & Conditioner Gift Pack

Good for a scalp oil level reset

I have very fine, long hair, and have the problem so many with hair like mine do: sweat from the gym, sunscreen and skincare products wind up in my roots, making them greasy and weighing my hair down, while my ends stay dry.

I'm using this shampoo/conditioner 1-2 times a fortnight - basically whenever the oil buildup begins to lessen the effect of my normal shampoo/conditioner routin...