Lanolips Rose Balm Intense for Very Dry Hands 50ml 50ml

4.5 of 69 reviews


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An extra rich and nourishing ultra-pure grade lanolin based balm for hands and nails.


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GREAT - 87% recommend

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Lanolips Rose Balm Intense for Very Dry Hands 50ml Reviews

4.5 of 69 reviews

87% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Winter saviour


I get super dry hands in winter and this has saved them! I use before bed and the smell is light which I like. Will definitely repurchase

Most Helpful Criticism

Moisturising but too thick


For the price you would want a little to go a long way, not the case for this hand cream. It doesn't spread easily due to how thick it is, making you use more product to get it all over your hand. It's a also quite tacky for a while, about 10 minutes before it settles into your skin. It is very moisturising but quite inconvenient when you’re out and about due to the tacky feeling you get after you put it on and its slow absorption time. I opt to put it on at night so when I wake you my hands are well moisturised. I will keep looking for a hand cream I can use in the day for my extremely dry hands.
  1. Great with hand gloves


    Great for people with super dry hands. I recommend applying it all over your hands and then putting on hand gloves to let it really sink in, overnight if possible. Your hands will thank you!
  2. Winter saviour


    I get super dry hands in winter and this has saved them! I use before bed and the smell is light which I like. Will definitely repurchase
  3. Nourishing for winter hands


    verified purchaser
    Lovely nourishing but not greasy hand cream with light fragrance. My only regret was not getting the big tube instead
  4. Great hand cream


    Great hydrating cream for overworked dry hands
    Reasonably priced.
    Whole range is fantastic.
    Smells great too.
  5. Moisturising


    verified purchaser
    I do really like this for a hand cream, the rose scent is very strong though, so if you're not a fan of that I wouldn't recommend. Leaves a little bit of a residue on the hands but is nice and thick
  6. so good for cracked skin


    i bought this because my skin was so dry and cracked from hand sanitizer and it does an awesome.
  7. Fast absorbing and wonderfully smelling


    I keep this in my drawer at work. It absorbs fast enough to not interrupt my work (so I am not sitting around waiting for it to sink in and don't get it all over my keyboard). Love the smell. Helps hands stay soft and does the job well!
  8. Beautiful hand cream


    verified purchaser
    My new favourite hand cream. I get really dry hands when the weather cools down. This is really hydrating and absorbs nicely. The texture is like a whipped cream consistency. I keep this next to my bed and apply each night. The smell is gorgeous and my hands are beautifully soft the next day. I will repurchase.
  9. Very good for dermatitis skin


    verified purchaser
    I purchased this cream because I'm a fan of Lanolips products and I'm so happy i did! The cream is thick and has a bit of a fatty feel i guess you could say to it. However, it soaks into the skin and leaves your hands feeling soft and hydrated which is what I need as I suffer from dermatitis and flares up a lot during the colder months.

    The smell is also very pleasant and its over po...
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  10. Very moisturizing!


    verified purchaser
    Love this hand cream as it’s great to manage dry hands after using so much sanitizer during COVID-19.
    It is quite thick but has been perfect in keeping my hands soft. Would not use in the summer as I am sure it would be too thick.
  11. Not bad


    I had high hopes of this product after reading a lot of good reviews about it. I like the scent which is not too overpowering. It is not as rich as I expected being labeled for "very dry hands". But the good news is that it is not too sticky on the hands like some other hand creams.
  12. Nourishing


    This product is very hydrating and nourishing, it prevents my hand from dryness and flakiness.
  13. Rose scented, soft hands await.


    I adore Lanolips products for being Australian made and owned, cruelty free and full of beautiful, natural ingredients such as rose, strawberry, lemon and coconut, so you will be moisturised and beautiful smelling from your lips, to your hands, and your entire face and body.

    A while ago, my hands were super dry, flaky and peeling during the cold winter weather and I was starting to ge...
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  14. Amazing Hand Cream


    I love this Hand Cream. It has really improved the skin texture and softness. I love applying it at night coz I feel like my hands get the full benefit while I sleep.
  15. great product


    This has helped my dry skin so much. a must try!
  16. Moisturising but too thick


    For the price you would want a little to go a long way, not the case for this hand cream. It doesn't spread easily due to how thick it is, making you use more product to get it all over your hand. It's a also quite tacky for a while, about 10 minutes before it settles into your skin. It is very moisturising but quite inconvenient when you’re out and about due to the tacky feeling you get after you...
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  17. Perfect for winter!


    A little goes a long way with this stuff, and is super thick and hydrating. Soothes cracked knuckles and smells divine!
  18. Better than jurlique


    I was using the jurlique rose hand cream and this is way better.

    It’s cheaper too! So softening and wonderful.

  19. Heavy Duty Hand Cream


    I have a tube of this in my desk at work, in my bag, in my bathroom, and at my partners! I love this hand cream! This is so insanely hydrating! This is thick and rich and your hands drink this up! I get quite dry hands, and when I don't use the lanolips multicream I use this on the go. I love using this throughout my day and the multicream at night before bed. Good value for the amount you get bec...
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  20. really good


    Very surprised at how soft my skin felt after! It is very hydrating as it penetrates deeply into the skin and leaves a lovely scent afterwards
  21. Lanolips


    Very thick balm-like cream for the hands. Personally was too thick as it felt greasy and didn't soak in well for me.
  22. Love it


    This hand cream is fantastic - nourishes my dry hands like nothing else I've tried. It's very creamy but doesn't feel wet or sticky on the hands. Always have this in my bag
  23. Nice hand cream


    This is a nice hand cream that smells pretty and softens my dry hands
  24. Ok...


    I found this hand cream to be ok... Not bad but not fantastic either.
  25. love


    Been a favourite of mine for a while! I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my skin very hydrated!
  26. Helps with very dry hands


    I love this product as it helps with very dry (almost chipped hands) I got it for my boyfriend who is chef.
  27. LOVE


    Great product. Very moisturising and not at all wet or sticky on hands.
  28. Nourishing and hydrating


    This balm for dry hands is amazing! It is great for nourishing dry winter skin. It keeps my skin nice and hydrated.
  29. Very effective and good value for money


    This intensive hand cream is great to use before bed, your hands will feel silky soft in the morning! I had this in my desk at work but found it's not super practical for every day as it takes quite a while to sink in and can leave a bit of residue. The results however are excellent and the tube lasts ages, so I find it very good value. I'm a huge fan of rose scents and this smells lovely at first...
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  30. Lanolips, do I need to say more!


    If you like lotions and creams that smells like rose, you cannot walk past this. It smells amazing, is very moisturising on dry hands (and lips, neck and décolletage too!) and leaves no residue if you apply an appropriate amount.
  31. very hydrating


    It is definitely slightly more expensive, but worth it for the great quality! I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my hands very hydrated!
  32. Best hand cream


    I get super dry hands from washing them constantly at work so this hand cream is a blessing. Smells amazing and doesn’t leave a residue on my hands either
  33. Great winter moisturiser


    I use this in winter on my hands and feet and love it. It’s got a lovely smell and stops my hands and feet from drying out. Highly reccomend it
  34. Loving it so far!


    My hands have always been problematic! They get so dry - particularly in winter.. so much so that they begin to crack and bleed.. it’s painful! I’ve also started to become concerned about the signs of aging on my hands and reached out tonadore beauty who recommended this cream. I’m enjoying using it so far, my hands actually feel hydrated and cracking has reduced. The smell is fine and while the c...
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  35. Great product


    It's kinda sticky like a pomade when you try it at first. But if you want affordable hand creams, this one is the best. It made my hands moisturized especially this cold season and I always use hot water when dishwashing.
  36. Worth it just for the smell!


    I don’t find this hand cream as hydrating as the others in the Lanolips range, but it’s still beautiful. I’d argue this one isn’t the best for intense hydration but I still use it every day for the beautiful rosy scent.
  37. Not for me


    I am a big fan of lanolips - unfortunately i really wasn't a fan of the smell of this, so i just couldn't use it. Gave it to my mum who loves it though! It is still a very good formula and very hydrating.
  38. Great


    This stunning smelling hand cream has a beautiful creamy texture that easily absorbs straight into my hands without leaving any oily residue. It contains ingredients that highly moisturise and protect my dry hands. When applied my nails and cuticles always become softer and more hydrated all day long.
  39. Dry peeling feet


    I purchased this to help fight signs of aging on my hands. Perfect. My feet were peeling and I didn’t know what to do so I tried rubbing my feet (and hands) in this right before I go to bed. This is perfect for them both as my feet no longer peel and aren’t dry.
  40. THE BEST hand cream on the planet


    I will never go back to another product, after finding this. My hands get really dry during winter and they're also ageing, so I am a regular applier of hand cream, all year-round. A friend recommended this to me and I just love it. It has lanolin in it, so it gets in deep and really makes a difference. So many hand creams just "sit" on the top of your skin and are washed off with water. This ...
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  41. Great for dry skin


    I have dry hands, especially in the winter. This hand cream is great, it feels super hydrating. The only thing I don’t like is that it takes a while to soak in.
  42. Average


    Hard to spread, left my hands feeling sticky after application and don’t really feel that it moisture’s my hand as well as other products do
  43. Great for sensitive skin


    Extremely soft with a lovely scent. Instantly smooths and hydrates. Works really well with my dry and sensitive skin.
  44. A little goes a long way!


    This super moisurising hand cream is perfect for dry and damaged hands. You only need a small amount as it comes out quite white, but eventually soaks into hands and is super moisturising. My hands are so soft after only a couple of applications.
  45. Great hand cream


    This is a really lovely hand cream. It's thick and feels super nourishing, leaving my skin soft and repaired. It's a good multi-purpose cream to keep stored in your handbag. I love the scent of this too!

    Would definitely recommend and I will be purchasing it again!!
  46. Woke up with dry hands


    I love Lanolins as a brand, but this hand cream was a miss for me. I feel like despite being an intense balm, it is too dry. I apply a decent amount before going to bed, but I always wake up with dry hands.
  47. Decent hand moisturiser


    I purchased this having high hopes but it did not work wonders for me like it did for many others. The scent is beautiful and sinks into your skin very quickly - however I found that it did not do much for my dryness.
  48. Great!


    Super moisturising and leaves my hands feeling so soft.
  49. Amazing!


    I love the lip balm from this brand which is why I gave this a go. It’s excellent for dry hands and doesn’t leave them feeling sticky. The tube is also a great size so you can put it in your handbag for on the go!
  50. Amazing Hand Cream!


    Leaves my hands super soft and moisturised!
  51. My go to hand cream


    I have many great hand creams but this is my number 1. It soaks in almost instantly and makes my skin instantly feel nourished and soft again. it has a very soft scent which I adore and It doesn't feel oily or sticky on my skin :) a must have!
  52. Banish Dry Hands For Good!!

    Ash (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I’m a big fan of lanolips 101 ointments and I thought to venture out and try some other products from there range.
    I’m so glad I did because I’m now on my 4th tube!
    It’s a very rich thick cream and I love using it as an intense hand treatment for my night time routine.
    I don’t have particularly really dry hands but once this has absorbed into the skin, it leaves them super vel...
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  53. SO good


    I love love love this!!!

    one of the absolute BEST hand creams I've ever used, Fixed my dry hands and nails overnight. it doesn't feel greasy, it actually has a kinda waxy feel once it's absorbed into your skin and it doesn't feel as though it washes off straight away either it kind of has like a waterproof feel to it which I love, I can feel it actually absorbing into my skin and maki...
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  54. Nice


    Ideal for Normal skin. Very dry skin users will likely not find the level of hydration adequate as this cream is more maintenance than repair. Also if you're sensitive to fragrance, this cream is quite fragrant and the scent lingers so this could be an issue.
  55. The best !


    This is La Roche Posay lipikar baume AP + are the best thing for dry hands ! I can’t believe how great this cream is, it works instantly. I have used this so many times when my hands are so dry and just in need of rescuing and the second this cream is rubbed in my hands feel soft smooth and relieved ! Would definitely recommend to everyone !
  56. Nice Product


    Smells great, leaves my hands feeling a little greasy, although it does seem to sink into my hands nicely and leaves them feeling soft.
  57. Great for super dry hand


    I get looks of dry patches on my knuckles and in between my fingers in winter, this product has helped smooth them out.
    The scent is lovely, and I love how the formula feels nourishing on my hands.
    My only issue is when I spread the formula across my hands it can feel like it doesn't want to spread any more. If your keep warming it up in your hand though, it will spread the product eve...
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  58. Not what I expected


    I've heard great things about the Lanolips brand but the hand balm was not what I expected. It did not spread well and actually made my hands even drier than before. Really unimpressed as I had such high hopes!
  59. Love, love, love!


    Must admit I'm a sucker for anything rose scented so this product had a head-start. But, also love the texture and the way it absorbs. A little goes a long way. And, did I I mention the scent?? Divine!!
  60. Too greasy - unpleasant


    I really didn't like this cream. I'm sure it does a great job with continued use but I couldn't stand the lingering sticky/greasy feeling on my hands. I waited half an hour for it to at least soak in a little but when I still couldn't touch anything after that time I had to wash it off. There are definitely better creams out there that do a great job moisturising and don't leave you with a greasy ...
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  61. So special


    My hands love it as a treatment with gloves, afterward they are younger and elegant
  62. Update


    Just a qwik update ..... not only is this a brilliant concentrated hand cream, it is the first one I have ever used in my whole life that has actually softened my goats knees elbows !! For the first time ever my elbows are soft AND smooth. Proof of a top rate product.
  63. Great buy!!


    I agree 100% with Meg. A fantastic concentrated hand cream.

    First thing that struck me was the grandma fragrance, really took me back to when I was a littl'n poking around her duchess looking at all the pretties. The second was how quickly and thoroughly it is absorbed into the skin!

    Very glad I read the reviews. A top buy product.
  64. Excellent


    Wonderful handcream. Finally a handcream that does what it says. Thank you Lanolips!!
    I combine this cream with the lol cream for my cuticles works perfectly. I love it!!
  65. Awesome!


    This is the best handcream I've ever used. I'm not a fan of handcreams, they always leave my hands greasy, no matter what the advertising says! But this stuff? Completely absorbs! I can use my iPad right after and it leaves no marks. Gorgeous stuff. Rose scent is a little "old lady" but I don't care!
  66. Love this handcream!


    After receiving a little 25ml sample tube of this lovely handcream in a gift bag (thank you Lanolips) I have to buy some more! It is the most lovely rich cream with beautiful gentle scent. i have it next to my bed and apply it every night. My hands have never felt better.
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