Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Treatment 12.5g

4.6 of 124 reviews


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4 instalments of $4.24

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An ultra rich and creamy whipped lanolin lip treatment with Organic Lemon Oil, that contains over 70% ultra medical-grade lanolin.


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SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Treatment Reviews

4.6 of 124 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Fresh and fun lip hydrator


Love the lemon scent - can be used as a lip balm, treatment or mask slathered on overnight. One of the best and most effective hydrators without the sticky feeling left by some other 'liquid' lip balms.

Most Helpful Criticism

Misleading Advertising


When I bought this online, it was advertised as a 17.5g tube. I instead received a 12.5g tube...
  1. Fresh and fun lip hydrator


    Love the lemon scent - can be used as a lip balm, treatment or mask slathered on overnight. One of the best and most effective hydrators without the sticky feeling left by some other 'liquid' lip balms.
  2. Hydrating


    After reading the many reviews I decided to give lanolips a try as my lips were constantly dry and flaking. First of all - The scent is exactly like lemonade and I love it! Second - After just one use my lips felt so much more hydrated. I will be repurchasing once I run out.
  3. Perfect lip balm


    verified purchaser
    Long time user of this lip balm here. Before I got onto this, my lips were constantly dry and flaking but now that's all a thing of the past. This gives you soft lips with a hint of sheen, and the scent is exactly like lemonade - it's divine. The packaging is also great too as it's hygienic. This one comes highly recommended!
  4. Love the taste


    verified purchaser
    Like the other lanolips lip balms - very moisturising. Love this taste/smell - fresh and delicious. The tube is easy to use
  5. lovely!


    verified purchaser
    really like this my lips are very soft now!
  6. Tastes like Summer


    This is a beautiful lip balm I bought when my lips were particularly dry. I usually use the Clinique lip balm but I had ran out and it was out of stock so I tried this. I would say this is just as good in terms of hydration. I also really like the lemon scent, it's subtle but very pleasant.
  7. super hydrating


    helps my dry and cracked lips
  8. Love this!


    verified purchaser
    I have been suffering from extremely dry lips for the last few weeks and it didn’t matter how much lip balm I used it just wasn’t going away. WELL! I’ve been using this product for a mere 24 hours and my lips actually have moisture in them! I don’t have the dry redness around the outside of my lips and the cracks in the corners of my mouth are gone! If you have dry lips jump on this product ASAP! ...
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  9. Love this lemony lip balm


    verified purchaser
    Long time user of this lip balm here. It's great for hydrating dry lips and has a lovely lemon-based flavour. The packaging is great too - and more hygienic than sticking your finger into a pot of lip balm.
  10. AAAmazing!


    verified purchaser
    Tastes and smells just like like lemonade. I get so many compliments on the smell and shine this product gives. For someone who has always struggled with dry and flakey lives, I saw a difference in no time with this product. The packaging is great and does not leak! Could not recommend more!
  11. My go to


    one of my favourite lip treatments. leaves it so soft and plump,. especially during winter! love the lemony flavour on your lips too
  12. Addictive scent


    I adore the scent of this - reminds me of old style home made lemonaid. It took me a while to get used to the texture, and a wish the effect was a bit longer lasting, but with repeat application is really keeps my lips soft and moisturised.
  13. Good product


    Wasn't sure what to expect because it mentioned exfoliating but I am enjoying it! Love that this is hydrating and also exfoliates lips. Smell is also divine!
  14. Love


    Love this product. Was the first lanolip product I have tried and it's a great consistency and I love the little shimmer!
  15. Favourite


    My absolute favourite flavor of lanolips.. Good that it's a little exfoliating for dry lips....
  16. The perfect gift


    I was gifted this lipgloss/ balm a month or so ago and have already finished it. Sooo hydrating, nourishing and smells delicious - just like a lemonade icy pole. Highly recommend.
  17. Surprised me!!


    I wasn’t sure what to expect from this but I really love it!! Leaves my lips soft and plump - I love!
  18. smells amazing


    smells and tastes fantastic, i use this all of the time! it’s just about the best lanolips scent in my opinion.
  19. Can't get enough


    The way it smells and the way it feels is honestly amazing. I can't go a day without it and my lips are softer than ever. Especially during winter times
  20. Love the lemon taste


    honestly this tastes really good and its so hydrating
  21. Yummy lip balm


    Smells so yummy. It glides on well and not sticky. If anything just dries a bit faster than expected.
  22. Smells delicious but not hydrating enough!


    I LOVE the zingy lemony scent of this lip balm but unfortunately it is not hydrating enough for me. I don't have overly dry lips but this lip treatment is not nearly as moisturising as other Lanolips products and I find myself reaching for it only when I want some gloss. Otherwise I much prefer the original 101 Ointment Multi-balm for overnight or day-to-day wear!
  23. Lips saver


    To be honest I did not know what to expect from this product. I had purchased dry lip products before, and they had let me down, or made them worse, by making them dry lips have skin peel off or stay the same.
    This one however 1) actually tasted and smelled like lemonade. 2) lasted on the lips to moisturise them and improve the dryness.
  24. Glossy and amazing scent


    A Glossy lip balm with an amazing scent - I love the lemonade!!
    I use this lanolips treatment when I'm not looking for colour on my lips and it keeps them hydrated throughout the day!
  25. Love this product


    I have an obsession with lip balms and i can honestly say this is my favourite by far. it smells so good and it made my lips so smooth and moisturised
  26. Zingy and effective


    This Lanolips product is unique in that it has small granules in the lip balm which works to gently exfoliate your lips. I think this is a fab lip exfoliater that is both moisturising and gentle. Although don't use it too often! It can dry out the lips. I only use it every other night before going to bed and this is enough to keep my lips feeling in tip top shape!
  27. Misleading Advertising


    When I bought this online, it was advertised as a 17.5g tube. I instead received a 12.5g tube...
  28. smells and taste like desert


    Lovely sweet lemony scent that leaves you moisturised
  29. Ok treatment


    I purchased this treatment for night time hoping it would give me super plump and juicy lips the next day. I wouldn't say it was extremely effective, but it has been a nice treatment. I get really dry lips and also have issues with cold sores as a result, so I probably would prefer something a bit more hydrating. It does have sparkles/glitter in it, so might be better as a day time use. Not sure ...
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  30. amazing


    does a good job at getting rid of chapped lips
  31. Best Flavour!


    I personally love this lip treatment! I put it on every night before bed and the smell and taste is amazing! It’s really like fresh lemonade. It also does a great job at moisturising the lips and I always have nice soft lips the next day. I buy these as gifts for friends as they are so nice!
  32. Best lip balm ever


    I'm a repeat purchaser of this lip balm because it's brilliant. I adore the lemon taste of it, and love how it keeps my lips from getting dry and cracked. It's super moisturising too and gives your lips a lovely glossy look.
  33. So lemony


    This smells exactly like sweet lemonade!! Love the glossy look it give and keeps my lips looking nice and hydrated
  34. super moisturising.


    lovely scent, super moisturising. Amazing on days when my lips feel really really dry.
  35. Cracking Dry Lips Saviour


    This lip treatment is perfect for my cracking and always dry lips! Love the texture and smell of this lip treatment - so lemony!
  36. love and lemons


    Love the lemon-y scent. Super moisturising and looks really nice and shiny on the lips.
  37. love!!!


    Love everything about this lip gloss. Great packaging, amazing lemony smell and so hydrating. I was a bit worried because of the price but it is worth every scent. Perfect everyday lip gloss.
  38. love


    I love the lanolips range.
    I had tried everything for my dry lips with no effect
    this range is amazing
    helps my dry lips so much and keeps them nourished
  39. Amazing


    Makes my lifts super soft
  40. Love it!


    I'm a repeat purchaser of this lip balm which does everything it promises to do - it leaves your lips moisturised and has a divine lemon taste. The lip balm looks great when you're wearing it too! My favourite lip balm of all time, and ever since I started using it my previously chapped lips have healed and disappeared. Highly recommended!
  41. Tastes yummy


    I bought this hoping it was more of a lip scrub, but it is more of a lip balm. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice lip balm and tastes great, but it didn't really scrub off those flakey bits of skin
  42. Love this lip balm


    I'm a repeat purchaser of this lip balm which does everything it promises to do - it leaves your lips moisturised and has a divine lemon taste. The lip balm looks great when you're wearing it too! My favourite lip balm of all time, and ever since I started using it my previously chapped lips have healed and disappeared. Highly recommended!
  43. Fresh


    It's smooth, fresh, lemony and great in summer.
  44. Good stuff


    I was hesitant to buy this as I usually buy a more expensive lip treatment. I was worried it would just basically be a lip balm but I was pleasantly surprised. It is quite hydrating, it feels silky smooth and because it has that bit of gloss to it I love to keep it in my handbag to reapply throughout the day. Tastes yummy too.
  45. Nourish


    This balm helps to hydrate and nourish my lips and prevent flakiness.
  46. Smooth


    Smooth balm, fresh and love the lemon
  47. So Glossy


    I love anything with lemon smell, taste or scent and this one delivers ten fold. It is nice and glossy and hydrating and lasts ages, the only issue I have is that it isn't cheap and my niece pinched it off me so now I need to buy another one.
  48. smells so good


    I looove the smell of this and it looks good on. its very glossy
  49. Smells Delicious


    This lip balm smells absolutely delicious and fresh + good for summer! I don't find it as moisturising or satisfying as the other versions of lanolips like the fruties however. So that's a star off. It's still nice though but gosh! I wish it was more moisturising!!!
  50. LOVE


    Love this moisturising lip balm. It absorbs quickly with no fuss and keeps lips hydrated all day. Not exfoliating as much as I had hoped according to the description though.
  51. dry lips no more


    nice smell and super moisturising. very affordable too!
  52. LanoLOVE


    I originally received some lanolips products in a bonus beauty bag and loved the products so much I decided to try them all. I love the smell of this and it keeps my lips soft and smooth and previously they were always dry and prone to cracking and no other products seem to work as well as the lanolips range. Best of all they are cruelty free.
  53. My favourite lip balm of all time


    I adore this lip balm! The lemonade flavour is delightful and it makes your lips soft and hydrated. The hint of sparkle in it also helps to enhance the appearance of your lips. It also works exceptionally well to prevent dry and chapped lips.
  54. Restores my lips overnight


    I love lanolips and have several different tubes in my car, bag, makeup drawer etc. I use this one overnight. I put it on right before bed and wake up with soft lips. No more chapped lips for me!
  55. Highly moisturising and long lasting


    I have very dry lips and like a thick balm that doesn’t need to be constantly reapplied, and this one delivered. It’s quite a thick consistency but it stays put and moisturises and protects your lips, plus has a nice lemon scent and sheen and can add shine if you wear it over lipstick. Love this
  56. Meh


    Bought this because of the great reviews. I love a good lip balm, thought I’d get this because it’s like a lip gloss too and looks pretty and taste like lemons which is great! But over all, this did not help my lips, I will be sticking to my honey burts bees lip balm, nothing can beat that for me.
  57. Great product


    Lovely formula as always! Makes my lips nice and soft and smooth. I like the scent but think I prefer the Peach flavour.
  58. Shimmer + hydration


    Feels lovely on my lips. It's light, hydrating and the shimmer gives an extra something something.
  59. A must for anyone who loves lemon!


    I love this lip product - I think it is working but I don't even care if isn't because it smells amazing!! The quality is like all lanolips products and I was not disappointed.
  60. Lovely


    Smells lovely, I use all the different flavours and I’m loving the way they feel and smell. Super wonderful brand!
  61. Smells and Tastes Amazing


    This stuff is amazing. Smells so good, I love anything lemon flavoured and I can taste it on my lips, it's just so good. It does a good job moisturizing your lips too!
  62. Hydrating lip balm


    I really like this lip balm, perfect for days when you want hydration and nourishment but don't want colour pay off. This has a gorgeous shimmer/glitter to it as well. I used to wear before bed but think it's better for during the day so you can see the shimmer. I love the feel of this on my lips, more so than the tinted balm.
  63. love this brand!


    this product is still super hydrating and somewhat exfoliating for the lips however it doesn't feel as thick and hydrating as the lanolips original products! still a great product though!
  64. amazing


    My lips are always chapped and dry especially in winter time, and this product does wonders, its so nourishing and my lips arent chapped anymore, love the smell too its like fresh lemons
  65. Smells great, does the trick!


    Perfect for my cracked and sensitive lips. Smells amazing, is thick and definitely lasts!
  66. Awesome


    is a bit pricey but i a nice and lighter consistency than their other products
  67. Lovely lemony goodness


    I’m not a huge fan of lemon flavour - that is my only criticism. This is a super nourishing lip treatment and definitely a win for winter. It lasts well and has a slight shimmer which was a nice surprise and slightly more exciting than a balm option.
  68. Extremely hydrating


    This is super hydrating on lips and has a nice, fresh scent. I also feel as though it slightly plumped my lips.
  69. Makes lips look more plump


    I have been using this a few days in a row, during the day but also at night. I noticed that when I saw myself in the mirror that my lips looked a fair bit plumper. Even when this balm has worn off it seems to leave this plumping effect. My lipsticks are applying nicer and look a lot better. I do have dry skin so it is probably just the balm adding some much needed moisture but whatever it is I’al...
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  70. One of my all time favourites!


    The scent and texture of this lip balm are so lovely- it is long lasting and highly moisturising and I love anything lemony. The finish is very glossy with subtle micro glitters- not what I usually go for but looks so nice on the lips! This is a must-try and very reasonable price, the tube lasts a long time. The only frustrating thing is I've had a few tubes split which has been messy and hard to ...
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  71. love this


    This lipgloss is very hydrating. I love it’s thick, whipped texture and lemon scent. It really helps to exfoliate my dry lips. It leaves a pretty shine to your lips even though it’s clear. For extra hydration I put this on before bed! I also put this on after using lip scrubs to lock in moisture.
  72. Wet lip look


    This gives me such juicy and lucious looking lips I absolutely love it! It’s got tiny micro glitters that you can barely see unless you’re in the sun or light. Does not feel gritty at all and smells so yummy. Don’t eat it though it doesn’t taste as good as it smells I learnt that the hard way!
  73. Holy grail of lip balms!


    This is the holy grail of lip balms. I used to use paw paw ointment but I found if I didn't use it everyday then my lips would just stay cracked. I was in heaven when I discovered lanolips lemonade lip balm!
    The scent is to die for also! And it repairs my cracked lips. Also great to put over any lipstick to stay hydrated. Highly recommend!
  74. Nourishing and love the scent


    Really love how hydrating and lovely this feels. Only giving four stars because i found that it sometimes left a noticeable film on my lips after it dried.
  75. Love Lemon!


    Amazing lemon scent, nourishing and hydrating. I use this while I’m at work (in a hospital) and it works great to keep my lips smooth and hydrated. Non sticky!
  76. So good!


    Such a yummy lip balm! The formula makes my lips nice and soft and I love the packaging. Would definitely recommend
  77. not for sensitive lips


    have never had an issue with lanolips before until i tried the lemonaid lip aid. smells heavenly but due to the citrus it made my lips irritated. high recommend the other flavours though.
  78. Amazing


    I use this every night after exfoliating my lips and between those two things, my lips have been perfect. I work in an air conditioned office and my lips were always dry and wrecked, but this really helped fix it. I love the smell, and it sticks so well I swear I can still feel it on my lips when I wake up (and since I smush my face into the pillow when I sleep, that's very impressive). I have sof...
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  79. 3rd tube


    on my third tube and I am addicted! use it right before bed!
  80. Best lip treatment I've ever used


    Bought this on a recommendation and absolutely love it. Whenever my lips are dry I use it and they feel good within an hour or so. Will be purchasing this again.
  81. Smells so yum


    I love it already! Makes my lips feel so soft, hydrated and I love the smell.
  82. Ride or die lip product


    My favourite lip balm, absolutely perfect pocket size for hydrated, glossy lips on the go! Love the lemon scent and the slight sheen to it.
  83. Converted from Lucas' Paw Paw!


    I was a diehard Lucas' Paw Paw ointment girl having used it for a solid decade knowing it was mostly petroleum jelly, but I had no cause for complaint for the price point and performance. However, after a bout of stomach flu where I was severely dehydrated and had terrible chapped lips, Lucas could no longer cut the mustard. It did nothing for my severely chapped and flaking lips which is when I t...
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  84. Lemon Delight


    An amazing product - love this on the lips and love the lemon scent, so refreshing! The only thing that actually locks the moisture into my lips
  85. Strong lemon smell


    I didn't notice any intense hydrating effect. I think it works the same as any other lip balm. I prefer Nivea Hydro Care if you're after hydration for your lips. In saying that, this product is still okay to use if you have dry lips. It has a very intense lemon smell so if you don't like lemon, I'd definitely recommend a different smell or another product altogether. The hydration definitely doesn...
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  86. Love this lippy will never go back!


    A friend got me into lanolips and I love their stuff now, I love this lemony scent but can be strong if you're not used to it. Kris lips hydrated for hours and has a nice gloss to it. I can't go back to other brands like Burt's bees etc.
  87. Lanolips second best


    Still a lovely and hydrating lipbalm, and I personally love the lemon aspect, however, for me nothing will compare to the lanolips 101 superbalm
  88. Too intense smell


    I bought this but can’t get into using it, the fake lemonade scent is so strong that it gives me a headache as soon as I put it on. Have switched to the nude version which isn’t scented.
  89. Lovely lip balm


    Love the scent of this lip balm and the formula is great! I love how it hydrates and plumps my lips and the packaging is really convenient. Would definitely recommend
  90. Overnight repair


    This is great to use overnight - i slather it on before bed then in the morning sort of rub it off using my finger, it lifts any flakey patches right off. My lips look plump, lush and super good. Highly recommend.
  91. Great


    It smells so wonderful and makes your lips feel extremely soft and smooth. A little goes a long way and is just so juicy! Only gripe is that sometimes it takes a lot of effort to get it out of the tube on cold mornings - but this is the same for all products in similar tubes.


    This is my favourite out of the Lanolips range, really moisturising and keeps my lips so soft. Also smells really delicious and applies beautifully. I love how this is not tinted yet contains sparkles. This is truely easy to apply - no mirror needed.
  93. Great overnight lip treatment


    I have been pleasantly surprised by the Lanolips range of products! This is a particularly great one and I use it overnight as a lip treatment. It lasts all night without being sticky and uncomfortable. When I wake in the morning my lips are soft and hydrated,ready for lipstick application. I had been using a much more expensive lip treatment from mecca, but this is equally as good and about third...
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  94. Best Lip Balm Ever


    I cannot recommend this enough, whenever my lips are chapped or feeling dry I put this on and my lips improve so quickly! It smells amazing and really helps almost immediately with any burnt lips and cracks. I always carry this around with my for emergencies because it works so well. Have already recommended to so many friends
  95. Smells Amazing!!!!


    Bought this a few weeks ago and I will seriously be buying more from this brand! I suffer from really dry and chapped lips and this has worked so well for me. It smells so yum! Like lemon (obviously) but not artificial smelling at all.
  96. Moisturising


    Thick, protective barrier to prevent dry lips. Smells good too.
  97. Great lipbalm!


    This is one of my favourite lipbalms, it's really hydrating and smells great. If your lips get really super chapped like mine, you'll still need to constantly reapply, so I feel this sorts of just forms a (thick) barrier. Still, it's great while it's on.
  98. I wanted to love it more than I do


    I do really like this product but mostly because I love the scent. I do find my lips can get so dry that this isn't enough to hydrate them overnight but it looks nice on and I would probably repurchase for the smell and hope that it sometimes becomes enough to hydrate when my lips get super dry
  99. Hydrating and nice scent


    My lips are constantly chapped, and in winter can be prone to cracked lips alot of the time and even bleeding! This product is really good for sealing your lips with a thick (but comfortable) layer of hydration, smoothing over cracks while your skin heals. The scent/flavour is a nice bonus!
  100. Hydrates beautifully


    Lanolips are the best when it comes to providing continuous hydration that lasts throughout the day. I like the untinted version under my lipstick as it helps prevent feathering.
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