Lanolips 101 Ointment Multi-balm - Peach 10g

4.7 of 125 reviews


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4 instalments of $3.74

Or 4 instalments of $3.74 with LEARN MORE

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Lanolips 101 Fruities - Peach is a little tube of magic for super dry lips, skin patches, cuticles and dry patches. This super dense balm locks moisture in, holding over 200% of its weight in moisture.

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Lanolips 101 Ointment Multi-balm - Peach Reviews

4.7 of 125 reviews

98% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

All time favourite


This is my go to lip balm, I love the peach scent, cute packaging, and it’s thick enough to last through a full night of sleep. The format is a little annoying as I sometimes squeeze out too much but it’s not a big issue.

Most Helpful Criticism

Multi balm - peach


Smells so good! very nourishing and hydrating!
  1. Delicious!


    I love lanolips. It has quickly become a ride or die product. This is just as good and hydrating at the original. The scent is nice and sweet and it is long lasting.
  2. All time favourite


    This is my go to lip balm, I love the peach scent, cute packaging, and it’s thick enough to last through a full night of sleep. The format is a little annoying as I sometimes squeeze out too much but it’s not a big issue.
  3. Good but not great!


    verified purchaser
    I found it rather sticky but it is hydrating and smells really nice but not overly scented.
  4. So lovely!


    Love this lip balm, comfortable to wear, nice texture, lovely scent and does a great job at hydrating. Keen to try more Lanolips products in the future!
  5. saviour!!


    I LOVE all of the lanolips balm range!!. i have extremely dry lips and i have a habit of picking off the dry skin which leads to it burning and bleeding. once i started using this, i don't have that problem anymore! i have so many of these laying around my house, in my car, bag and desk at work. i cannot go without it. it is a thicker consistency so if you're after a light balm it wont be for you....
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  6. Peachy


    The scent is exactly as I had hoped, peachy, but not too strong. The balm is thicker than the 101 ointment which I really like. I prefer something thicker. Great balm overall, and has the lip applicator so you don't have to get your hands messy!
  7. Hydrating and effective


    verified purchaser
    This is overall a great product. The balm has a relatively thicker and heavier consistency than most other lips balms, however it keeps them hydrated for hours. It’s slightly sticky but goes on very smooth and evenly. The flavour is also gentle and not overpowering.
  8. Handbag item


    I love this gloss! It smells great and does the trick. Will buy again.
  9. Best lip balm


    verified purchaser
    This is the best lip balm I have ever used, including vaseline, burt's bees. Great for sensitive skin - minimal ingredients. Very hydrating. Better for night use as a lip sleeping mask. Taking one star off because of the price. The peach taste is very very mild and soft. There is no smell.
  10. Truly hydrating


    verified purchaser
    Wow this is amazing. Ive been using vaseline and maybelline baby lips for years and my lips are always cracked. I tried this and i could feel the difference immediately- it is moisture packed and stays even after a few hours or eating and drinking. Smells great too. Curious if it can completely take away my dry peeling lips after years of damage.. :)
  11. nice smell but makes my lips peel


    I purchased this lip balm because of the peach smell and the glossy balm look so I wouldn't need a lip gloss during the day. I do find that when it sinks into my lips, I noticed that my lips start to peel. It does feel heavy on the lips.
  12. Great


    This is a great lipgloss. It’s hydrating for my normally dry lips, it’s not too sticky and it smells amazing! Great for everyday use


    I got this in a little Christmas hamper (lost it recently so rebuying) and let me tell you it SMELLS so bloody good! Even my partner loves the smell of it. Looks super nice on the lips and heals dryness quickly. So glad I found this on here again!
  14. amazing to clear skin


    great for moisturising lips, good for colder weather and stops big cracks for really dry lips
  15. Yum yum YUM


    Divine scent and lovely feel on the lips!! Cannot recommend enough, I use this everyday.
  16. Yum yum YUM


    Divine scent and lovely feel on the lips!! Cannot recommend enough, I use this everyday.
  17. smells amazing


    i love the taste and smell, it’s so hydrating and has been helping with the winter dryness!
  18. Multi balm - peach


    Smells so good! very nourishing and hydrating!
  19. It's okay!


    This is okay, it's not my favourite. I find it too thick and sticky rather than hydrating. The smell is nice but it reminds me of peach schnapps. I also find it doesn't last long and you need to re-apply often. There's much nicer lip balms for the price, but I'll use up the bottle
  20. So delicious - extremely hydrating and smells divine


    This is my go to lip balm all year round, its intensely hydrating, thick, smells just like peaches and leaves a beautiful mirror like shine on your lips. I can't live without this balm especially in winter.
  21. Lovely


    I really love this lip balm however I don’t reach for it as much as my others purely because it’s a tiny bit stickier than my others. It smells amazing and deeply hydrates however, and if you don’t mind a tiny bit of stickiness then you’ll love it!
  22. Yuck


    I feel like there is something wrong with me based on the overwhelming positive things I hear about this product but I absolutely hate it. It's thick and glossy and tastes like plastic. It actually reminds me of lip glosses I used to buy as a kid that taste like plastic candy. It feels horrible and sticky on and I don't even think it moisturises my lips. I'm a die hard Lucas Papaw girl and thought...
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  23. yum


    Super rich and hydrating. Smells amazing and no funky taste. Recommend.
  24. Love the smell!


    The smell is really peachy and fresh, without becoming sickly.
  25. smells amazing


    smells so good, and super hydrating
  26. Peachey sweet


    Smells like a fresh, juicy peach and leaves lips feeling the same. Is super nourishing and leaves a nice sheen to lips.
  27. Great for anything but lips


    Great for lips and very versatile to use it anywhere else, s.g cuticles! Definitely more moisturising than hydrating as it sits on top of the lips and is a thick texture but don’t dislike this product, have just found others I prefer.
  28. Good


    This lip balm really nourishes my lips and the colour is amazing too
  29. Current fav lipbalm


    This is my current fav lipbalm. It feels lovely and actually nourish your lip. Also, if you love peach scent like the too faced peach collection, you will love this also. But it is not too much and the scent dissipate after putting it on.
  30. Looooove Lanolips


    I love lanolips products! This peach flavour is so delicious, my new fav. Put it on every night before I go to sleep and multiple times during the day. I love how you can just squeeze it onto your lips and spread without having to use my fingers, which feels more hygienic.
  31. Peachy fresh but thick


    If you like a thick or heavier balm this one is for you. It’s quite thick so there’s quite an occlusive layer on your lips ( which could be good or bad depending on preference )
    The smell and price is awesome
    You can also use it on your cuticles
  32. The best!


    Strawberry and peach smell fabulous!! Love all lanolips balms.
  33. Believe the Hype


    I scoured the internet for reviews on this Lanolips lip balm. I have owned 100's of various balms over the years from Carmex to By Terry. This LanoIips balm is fantastic stuff. There is something about the texture that makes it stick to the lips in a reassuring manner without being invasive. It sticks around which should be one of the priorities in a lip balm. Stick around and protect my lips! I ...
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  34. Impressive


    This lip balm is very hydrating and nourishing. I also love the colour of this lip balm.
  35. Fave


    I really love the lanolips balms. Nice and moisturising with a natural tint. Love these multi balms as you can use for so many things - lips, cuticles, dry skin. Such a good product.
  36. A girl's best spend


    I have super dry lips which are reasonably plump but they tend to look thin when not adequately hydrated. This ointment is a lifesaver when lighter balms fall short - I've used this after being medically dehydrated and it's restored my lips to full health. I love the peachy smell and it's perfect for overnight use and so handy for flights. Not great under coloured lip products but for the nourishi...
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  37. Loooove


    Love love love!

    I'm shocked I didn't discover lanolips any sooner. The packaging and flavours are super cute and got a collection of pear, strawberry and peach!

    The ointment is super nourishing and gives a lovely gloss on the lips.
  38. Nourishing


    Thick, protective and love the peach
  39. Best multi use balm


    This is my absolute favourite lip balm, it lasts longer than anything I’ve used in the past and smells amazing! It’s also great for my dry cuticles
  40. Heavenly scented


    This product is so thick so it doesn’t wipe off my lips easily and it smells DIVINE. It’s super hydrating as well which is a 5/5 in my book.
  41. Thick and beautifully scented!


    Perfect for my cracked and sensitive lips. Smells amazing, is thick and definitely lasts!
  42. THE BEST


    This is literally my favourite lip balm of all time. Not sure which scent I like the best, strawberry and peach are both amazing.
  43. peachy


    nice tint and super moisturising. very affordable too!
  44. Really good for dry lips


    This lip balm is super hydrating and lasts for ages, rather than other lip balms that you need to keep putting on continuously. It really good for overnight and smells and tastes really nice
  45. Good for overnight lip repair


    I've been wearing this overnight to help repair dry lips. It's made a huge difference so far.
  46. Great


    This product makes my dry lips very hydrated and the texture feels good too. My lips look great too
  47. Lasts ages!


    This product is the perfect overnight lip balm that keeps my lips super soft and hydrated. This balm soothes cracked lips and tastes delicious. Will definitely be purchasing again.
  48. Hydrating and best smell


    I love lanolips and this is no exception!
    This product not only performs amazing on my dry lips, keeping them hydrated and looking glossy, but this peach smell is just beautiful!!
    Love the formula and everything about this Lanolip product!! Highly recommend!!
  49. Natural and moisturizing


    Love that this is a natural product and doesn’t contain any nasties like a lot of other brands. Super moisturizing, nice texture and smell and looks like a pretty gloss when applied. Will repurchase
  50. hydrating and nourishing


    it leaves my lips always feeling super smooth and lush. love that it melts into your lips
  51. Adorable packaging


    Lovely scent - just so summery and peachy. I love how it looks like a clear gloss on
  52. Love!


    Amazing lip balm - I have really dry lips and has been leaving them soft and smooth. Very thick formula and strong peach scent which i love but might not be for you
  53. Smells amazing!!


    I use this daily, it is sticky as compared to other lip balms but it looks and smells great. I also find it long lasting
  54. Smells and tastes great


    Smells and tastes amazing! The formula is nice and hydrating and I like the packaging. Would recommend
  55. The best flavour!


    Smells amazing and is really nourishing! My favourite lanolips!
  56. Love it


    If you like thick consistencies this is for you; great scent but slightly sticky. Looks like gloss when applied.
  57. Lovely scent


    Lovely formula and the scent is so yummy! I think I prefer the tinted balms but this is still quite nice. A little bit too sticky for me but it does hydrate my lips and the packaging is very convenient
  58. Amazing


    Perfect for my cracked and sensitive lips. Smells amazing, is thick and definitely lasts!
  59. Thick balm that smells great


    The thicker formula of this lip balm means that I do not need to be constantly reapplying in winter. This lip balm also smells great, and doesn't have a tint to it leaving you with a more natural look!
  60. Have loved it for a long time


    Soo smooth and soft on the lips. I love the taste and the application is nice and easy. Really wonderful and have been using it for over a year now.
  61. Peachy scent


    Love the peach scent on this one! Definitely lives up to the hype - hydrates lips incredibly well
  62. Super beautiful


    I honestly was not sure what the whole lanolips hype was about, but now I finally get it. This balm is super nourishing. It is quite a thick balm, which I like, and you do not have to reapply every 5 minutes. I love how it is multi use, and have been using it on my cuticles and my sick winter nose.
  63. Great


    great for really chapped lips, very moisturising and thick, smells devine
  64. My new favourite!


    I have been using pure lanolin since I was a kid, as my mum swears by it for dry skin. This product is wonderful. It has the super moisturising properties of lanolin with the added bonus of vitamin E and a delicious scent.
    I use it on my lips, which used to have a tendency to crack at the corners, and under my eyes as this area would often dry out in cooler weather. Both of these issues are ...
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  65. Perfect


    keeps my normally cracked dry lips super soft
  66. Your lips will thank you


    LOOK NO FURTHER! Lips dry, cracking and sore. This right here is your solution. Not only does this smell amazing, it goes on nice and thick without the need to reapply a million times a day.
  67. Gorgeous balm


    Beautiful scent, thick and moisturising - it even tastes nice!
  68. Go-to lip balm for lips needing a little TLC


    Very happy with my new lanolips lip balm, super hydrating for dry chapped lips. Leaves lips with a nice little gloss and not too sticky.
  69. One of the best ever lip balms


    I cannot rave enough about this product- the scent and formula are fantastic, it's lasting on the lips and highly moisturising. The peach scent is lovely and natural, I have the strawberry one also but the scent is a bit plastic-y!! Highly recommend giving this lovely balm a try. The only downside is that both of my tubes have split at the top which is quite messy.
  70. Beautiful


    Hydrating with a beautiful peach scent.
  71. The best lip balm ever


    I have very dry lips and the peach lanolips beats every other lip balm I have tried. Its my holy grail
  72. super thick and hydrating


    I have this balm in every flavour and its so hydrating and soothing. The peach smells great!
  73. The perfect lip balm.


    I love this lip balm. I use it at night before bed and I wake up with soft lips. Perfect for a winter routine. It has a nice peachy smell. I also use it on my cuticles. It's worth the price as a little goes a long way.
  74. super nourishing


    My lips are always chapped and dry especially in winter time, and this product does wonders, its so nourishing and my lips arent chapped anymore, love the smell too!
  75. fruity scent


    This Lanolips ointment has a lovely fruity scent to it. It keeps the lips nice and smooth and is great for winter.
  76. Good


    The packaging on this is really cute and it smells amazing. It is a thicker balm and it leaves a nice gloss on your lips. The only thing I dislike about this product is after half an hour or so of having it on, I find I sometimes get a whiteish residue collecting in the corners of my lips. I don't know whether this is the dead skin being exfoliated away, although I did look it up and apparently it...
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  77. Good


    This has a really nice scent. Really thick and good for winter
  78. lovely


    very thick! but thats perfect for those chilly winter months
  79. Great balm


    I really like these balms and glosses with SPF to protect your lips. Great everyday product
  80. Cruelty Free Shimmer


    If you’re looking for a nude lipgloss with a bit of shimmer this is the one for you. I bought the nude one as well, but found that this is closer to nude. It has that slight shimmer without looking glittery. Its cruelty free too!
  81. life saver


    this balm is such a life saver. i suffer from extremely dry lips (always!) and no matter what i used, it always made them peel or drier. this balm instantly soothes my dry lips and makes them moisturised like no tomorrow.
  82. Ok but not great


    I find the texture of this balm a bit greasy and the scent just a bit much. I was really hoping i would like it because it seems to have such a cult following. It's fine and I used the whole thing I just probably won't buy it again.
  83. Love it!


    Love this lip balm. The scent is so yummy and the formula works great for me. Makes my lips feel nice and soft. Would recommend!
  84. Perfect for Cold Weather


    I love this as a lip balm in winter. It is super hydrating and does not feel sticky like some lip products. I also use it on my nose when it gets dry and cracked. Peach is my favourite scent.
  85. Awesome

    Lara P

    Favourite lip balm. Amazing to use in winter, need to stock up again long lasting
  86. Best for a glossy hydration


    leaves your lips glossy and nourished for hours! I feel like I don’t need to re apply after use and can use all over not just lips!
  87. Love it


    Very addicted to its smell and "taste" plus it really helps my chappy lips. Good buy!
  88. love love love


    Nice and hydrating without that sticky lip balm feeling
  89. One of my favourites


    I love lanolips products. I think they are great. This one is probably my favourite though. It smells amazing, is so hydrating, looks nice on the lips and the tube lasts a really long time. I will repurchase again and again.
  90. beautiful scent


    smells amazing and works perfectly!
  91. obsessed.


    I discovered lanolips two years ago and havent used another lip balm since. My lips used to be so dry that they would bleed. Ever since i started using lanolips before i go to bed i wake up to moisturised lips. It is a super effective product despite being a bit more expensive than most lip balms, could not recommend more!
  92. love love love


    I have a tube on Lanolips in my handbag, bedside table, at work and gym bag. Can't live without it! So hydrating smells nice and stays on for ages. Love it!
  93. BEST


    I use this as well as the original, but this one is particularly good for lips if you get dry lips and wind burn in winter. It's a bit more stickier that the OG so lasts a bit longer and gives a lovely gloss effect. Peach is my fave but I've tried them all, and they're all awesome :)
  94. So yummy!


    Such a yummy lip balm, it really does smell like peach! The formula makes my lips nice and soft and I love the packaging. Would definitely recommend
  95. Soooo in love


    As a self confessed lip balm addict....this stuff is legit. It stays on for so long, without feeling sticky and yuck. Super hydrating and smells amazing.
  96. amazing for dry lips


    keep dry lips hydrated and feeling plump, bonus points for the heavenly scent of peach
  97. I recommend this to everyone


    I have recommended Lanolips to pretty much everyone who has dry lips. This works better than any other lip balm I have ever used, and successfully got rid of a persistent dry patch on my lips overnight.
    On my second tube of the peach scented one, and will definitely continue to repurchase, as it is so quick and easy to use. Particularly when you have a very busy work schedule and don't have...
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  98. Really nice


    Soften my lips a lot more than others and is longer lasting. Not sticky like I thought it would be when I read ointment. The small is divine
  99. Obsessed


    I have constantly dry lips and rely quite heavily on lipbalm, and I LOVE the Lanolips 101 ointments. I have only tried the strawberry and peach flavours but they are both great. I have also used them on dry skin patches during winter and they work well. I love that they are paraben/sulfate etc. free also. Highly recommend!
  100. Great product


    Works well and has a nice scent.
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