BECCA Under Eye Brightening Corrector - Light to Medium 4.5g

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BECCA Under Eye Brightening Corrector - Light to Medium

BECCA Under Eye Brightening Corrector - Light to Medium

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4.5 of 121 reviews

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Does What It Claims
I use my usual concealer very lightly then apply a small amount of the Under Eye Corrector. I then use translucent under eye powder in an extremely small amount and this gives a long lasting non creasing effect to this product. I love the brightening correcting cream. It does do what it says but I’d recommend setting it lightly.

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This product does the job and makes my dark circles less obvious.
  1. Does What It Claims

    I use my usual concealer very lightly then apply a small amount of the Under Eye Corrector. I then use translucent under eye powder in an extremely small amount and this gives a long lasting non creasing effect to this product. I love the brightening correcting cream. It does do what it says but I’d recommend setting it lightly.
  2. Covers but creases

    This looks good upon initial application, definitely has a nice brightening effect, however I find that after a few hours of wear the product slips and slides and noticeable creases appear!
  3. Didn’t cover dark circles or reduce under eye bags on my skin type

    This product is very creamy and best applied with light tapping of fingers until it is evenly spread under eyes.
    Although it feels nice, it didn’t reduce my dark circles at all. I find full coverage foundation does more to eliminate the appearance of dark circles. I have olive skin however I’m quite pale as I haven’t exposed my face to the sun for 2 years, and I’ve had dark circles since early teenage years.
    I think this product would work much more effectively on fairer skin tones where the bags under eyes are not dark.
    That’s my opinion having tried the product and I’m a qualified beauty therapist so I’ve worked with many skin types and products.
  4. Favourite concealer!

    My favourite concealer! It really brightens up my under eye area while effectively covering my dark circles! It applies seamlessly and isn't cakey!
  5. Great Product

    Beautiful product to pop under the eyes takes out any discoloration
  6. Great product!

    Love love love! Very conscious of the dark circles under my eyes, but this products helps SO much. Sits well under makeup, great texture, easy to blend
  7. So pretty

    This is so pretty and feels lovely under my eyes and brightens my under eye.
  8. Can’t live without!

    Best concealer to really make you’re darkness under you’re eyes disappear! Really brightens the look of my eyes up. Definitely recommend as a daily makeup routine.
  9. Love!

    I have really dark under eye circles and this really helps to brighten the area. I can almost get away with no concealer if I’ve applied this before foundation. Love it
  10. Cancels Brightens and Corrects dark pigmentation on skin

    If you have never tried colour correction then this product is perfect for all types of skin and discolouration issues, especially if you have a light to medium skin tone. This is a two in one as most correctors only cancel the dark pigmentation this also brightens at the same time. Brightening is sometimes done with other products however that can involve layering a number of products which end up being too heavy or cakey for your under eye. If thats an issue for you then look no further as this combats coverage/concealing as well as brightening and correcting dark under eye pigmentation or circles.
  11. Great

    I use this under my concealer it does a great job on brightening the undereye area.
  12. Best corrector

    I've tried few under eye correctors, and this one is by far the best. Smooth and easy in application it gives my face a very refreshed look, especially when used together with Becca under eye brightening powder.
  13. Good product

    I have combination skin. This makes my pores look more visible, so i try not to put too much or over my cheek area and nose. I like this product though because it looks good on my bare skin, gives me just a bit of glow. im asian and i have a medium skin tone.
  14. Loveee

    I have chronic bags under my eyes that are so bad my makeup creases within a few minutes, I’ve gotten the longest out of my day without creasing with my Becca undereye corrector. It’s smooth and creamy and not candy at all, creates the perfect canvas for your foundation or concealer to go over top
  15. Love it

    This is the first corrector I ever bought and I love it.

    It lasts for ages and definitely adds the finishing touch. I don’t like it for travel just because I prefer makeup to be as easy as possibly when I’m away, ie I don’t want to carry more brushes.

    This high lights well and is so hydrating and creamy. It can help to set it with powder on a hot day, but I have dryer skin so I don’t like powder much. I don’t think I’d use it if I were going out and knew it was going to be super hot otherwise it does crease, but it’s a lovely product and I’d buy again.
  16. Love it

    I love it as it really hides dark circles, however the only problem is that it is quite reflective and it looks best with a powder.
  17. Would 100% recommend

    I had been using BECCA products for a couple of years but eventually went off many of them in favour of cheaper alternatives, but the under eye brightening corrector is well and truley worth the money! It goes on so light, and doesn't feel cake-ey at all, so I sometimes even wear it with no foundation or other makeup on and it still looks natural! The colour too looks natural and blends well with other foundations.
  18. Creamy and Bright

    I've been using this product for some time and cannot live without it. As someone who doesn't wear makeup/ foundation this is perfect for smoothing out and reflecting any dark circles and under eye dullness. With fine lines starting to creep in around my eyes I've found I can't use a standard concealer as it just cakes into the lines and looks awful. The creaminess of this product means it smooths on and doesn't sit in any little lines at all. And it lasts for ages!
  19. Goodbye dark circles

    So good to conceal dark circles under the eye. Doesn’t crease but thick enough to conceal. Love it
  20. Ok

    This product does the job and makes my dark circles less obvious.
  21. Love This!

    My go to Under eye concealer.
    I have been searching for a while and i love this one!
    Would recommend
  22. holy grail

    decided to try after seeing influencers use it absolutely in loveeeeeee
  23. Great product

    I mostly wake up with dark circles under my eyes and I must admit this product hides that very well. Only need a small amount but goes a long way. Love it
  24. Really nice product

    I really like the underage concealer. It really does help to hide my dark under eyes and I don't know of any other brand that makes a product like this. My only con is that I think it's too expensive for the size.

    Other than that I would recommend
  25. Great product

    I have really bad dark circles and this product is great in covering them up. I usually use this under my foundation to colour correct, make a huge difference and really does brighten my under eyes.
  26. Really lovely

    Absolutely love this product. Have tried so many concealers for my very dark eye circles and this one is a winner, brightening and giving a wide awake look. Lasts well too. Definitely recommend!
  27. Makes such a difference!

    I really adore this product. You only need a very small amount but it totally packs a punch - the difference before and after applying this product is amazing.

    I love wearing this one days where I have no makeup just to make my under eye circles far less obvious (they can be quite noticeable as I never get enough sleep haha).

    I've been using the same little pot for a while now and it still has so much left. So while this is a pricey product it definitely goes the distance :)
  28. HG under eye corrector

    This product hides and dark circles or veins around the eyes, it doesn't crease, its not heavy, I can't feel it when I wear it, lasts on the skin.
  29. Amazing Illumination.

    This concealer is an absolute winner, if,I like me, you suffer with dark eye circles. Totally brightens whole eye area beautifully with a natural look. I have tried many concealers over the years, this one I will stay with. I have found its works optimally for me with some light concealer of another brand over the top. It does still work its magic if applied alone.
  30. The best, On my 8th jar!

    So yes this under eye corrector is a bit thick but it’s perfect when applied correctly! I first put a moisturising under eye cream than apply this followed by a creamy concealer. Seal with loose powder. Does not crease or dry out. On my 8th jar and going strong
  31. Great

    This helps so much with my under eye circles. Definitely brightens them well and doesnt crease. Feels very comfortable on the skin and lays well under other products.
  32. Amazing for dark circles doesn't crease

    This is amazing for dark circles . A little goes a long way . It is quite thick however I warm between my fingers pat on hand and use a concealer brush to apply, you can also apply with fingertips and go over with make up sponge after applying foundation for airbrushed amazing make up .It brightens the eye area and doesn't accentuate fine lines which is a bonus ! I use over concealer when I have very dark circles through illness or lack of sleep and have used over foundation and under foundation and on its own . It's very versatile . I use an under eye Make up base and set with under eye setting powder . Can be used alone or for a flawless finish use with foundation. Applying in corners of eye socket and under eyes gives a great light reflective brightening effect . This doesn't crease or cake and lasts all day or all night . Fantastic product
  33. Great little product

    Does what it's designed to do. A little goes a long way
  34. Definitely worth the $$

    I got this as a mini in a Becca set, and have loved it ever since! I find it brightens really nicely as well as covering my dark circles.

    It’s got good coverage, and I’ve never had any issues blending it under either liquid or stick foundations.
  35. Good!

    Good eye brightener! Has great coverage! Bit pricey but a little goes a long way
  36. Good

    Really good for hiding my dark circles. Overall happy with this.
  37. Supernatural brightening / concealing product!

    I really didn't know if this product would work because of how different it looks to a traditional concealer. I was blown away. It just lifts the entire look of your face, once it's been applied and you really don't need much product to make it work. You could even use this on top of a concealer just to really highlight / accentuate your face. As someone who does shift work, this has been my saviour for not looking like a walking corpse! My skin is prone to oil but there's no caking or separating all with this one.
  38. Perfect

    Of all the numerous under-eye concealers I've tried over the years this is definitely one of the best. It's long-lasting, easy to apply and works brilliantly at masking deep dark circles.
  39. Great for when you are tired and have the dark circles

    First used this product a year or two ago. It's great when you haven't had enough sleep and you have that blue bruising under your eyes. It neutralises the colour and easy to put your makeup on over it. People will be none the wiser. Handy packaging too! Would recommend.
  40. Great for highlighting

    I don't use this under my eyes as it's too glittery. I do use this to highlight cheekbones and my nose! It's beautiful as a highlighter.
  41. You need this product!

    I purchased this product after my 3rd child was born. I needed a quick fix for my darkening under eye bags, and after reading the reviews I purchased a pot of this liquid gold. My first pot lasted over a year and I am now onto my 2nd and recomend it to anyone that will listen! It goes on smoothly over my foundation and blends in beautifully.
  42. I like this product

    I'm still working on getting best results from this product. I do like it.
  43. Great product!

    I love this product. Goes on very smoothly an lasts all day long. Hides dark circles under eyes while still give you light under them.
  44. Very effective!

    LOVE THIS! it's a little pricey, but it's Becca and it's amazing quality! it definitely does its job of correcting under eye circles and is very pigmented and creamy! perfect for my dry skin!
  45. Game changer!!!

    This stuff is AMAZING. I suffer from dark circles due to genetics, being a night shift worker, and having 3 little kids. The first night I wore this one of my co workers said, "you look so refreshed tonight!" I place it over my foundation and then apply concealer on top and blend. A little goes a long way you don't need much. Blends very easy. Would give this 10 stars if I could!!
  46. Really brightens!

    I use this undereye brightener every day to cover up my blue-ish undereye circles. It really reflects light and does a great job of covering the darkness. I'm fair skinned, so the color works for me. I do put concealer over top, but I don't think that's totally necessary; I just want the extra bit of coverage!
  47. this is very clearly a shade meant for lighter skin tones....where's the dark version?

    everyone on the internet seems to love this product and swear by it.. i wanted so much to love it (it was quite a splurge too). sadly, it’s just too tacky and moist for my under eye area. no amount of setting powder or matte concealer on top of it could fix the problem. i tried using it many different ways but every time it failed miserably. wouldn’t recommend if you have oily skin. maybe might work if you have extremely dry under eyes. It's also waaaay too light (extremely pink and peachy) for my skin tone as well as having shimmer in it? Why does it need shimmer in it defeats the purpose for me.
  48. nice!

    A great super thick concealer that hides everything!! Super easy to use and love the packaging
  49. Awesome for people with dark under eyes

    I love this product and use daily. It can be used by itself or with foundation. Really brightens tired and dark eyes.
  50. Good

    This product works quite well for me when I want to have a natural looking makeup day/ no makeup at all I pop this under my eyes and I find it does hide the darkness quite well especially when I apply the lauria mercier secret brightening powder on top. I have naturally fair skin, I haven't used this with a full face of makeup as I usually would use more heavier correctors. I will be repurchasing this product for a second time
  51. good

    This is great if you don't want a full face of makeup and ust wanna cover up those pesky dark circles! super creamy and a lil goes a long way, just wish there was more product for the price
  52. works amazing

    this reallly works well to cover dark circles, it is a bit sticky but works just fine
  53. Pretty good eye brightener

    This under eye brightener helps you look more fresh and awake and gives your eyes a little luminosity. You definitely still need to use a concealer though as it isn’t heavy duty enough to use on its own.
  54. Brightning

    Really reflects light well, can be a bit difficult to layer with foundation/powder but it does work.
  55. Luminous but not colour correcting

    This is best for fair to light skin tones that don't have overly dark undereyes. It brightens more than it corrects by adding luminosity. I use it under my concealer for a radiant finish. However, there are stronger correctors out there.
  56. My everyday essential

    I have dark under eye circles no matter how well I take care of myself. Mostly I think due to allergies, rather than sleep or shadows or dehydration.
    I’ve tried all sorts of concealers with only modest effect (usually it starts to look caked on before the circles disappear). This under eye corrector is the first thing that has reliably worked for me!
    I use it everyday to brighten my under eye area (makes my circles vanish!) and then put a few dabs of a concealer over the top so it doesn’t look too sparkly.
    You only need a tiny bit. I’ve been using a mini for about 4 months now - every day - and I’ve still got plenty left.

    I’d 100% recommend this to anyone with similar dark circles. I plan to keep purchasing this when I run out.
  57. Can't live without

    So apparently my children are allergic to sleep or something and I have constant dark circles under my eyes. This product is a lifesaver and hides the darkness.
    The product is quite creamy and a little goes a long way. I usually use it after foundation but before concealer. I use a small amount on my ring finger and dab it gently under the eye area. If you look up while applying the product it stops the product from sinking into any under eye wrinkles/creases and accentuating them.
    You can use the cream on days you dont even wear foundation/concealer and it still does just as good of a job.
  58. Light to Medium

    Does what it says. Help to brighten up the undereye area. I like that it doesnt cake up. But if you have bad dark eye rings like myself, have to apply a layer of concealer on top of it. Glad that this product is not too thick for me to do so.
  59. A little goes a long way

    This is a beautiful corrector that can be worn on those "no makeup, makeup days" and under concealer. It is a thick consistency but I warm it between my ring fingers which helps spread under the under eye easily. The pot is a good size and you don't need a lot of product, so it should last long time even if using everyday.
  60. Hides dark circles

    This product does a good job of disguising signs of fatigue under eyes and overall brightening of the area, however I found this product get stuck in my creases really persistently. That being said, though, most concealer do as well - darn under eye wrinkles! Anyway, it's a very emollient product so it feels like it does your skin good, but it also remains tacky and has no dry down at all.
  61. Pretty good

    I love this corrector! evens out my skin tone and makes me look alive and awake. only problem is its quite thick and waxy
  62. Good product, does what it is suppose to do

    Good product, Doesnt completely cover eye bags but makes the area look brighter and hides fatigues. If my bags are really bad i would still use concealer along with this. but overall its a good product
  63. Love it!

    I have natural dark circles around my eyes and I hate packing on concealer to cover them daily for work. This does an amazing job at brightening the area. It doesn’t cancel out completely but there is a noticeable differende
  64. Great for concealing dark circles

    I have quite dark circles under my eyes and I have found this color & creamy consistency great for concealing the darkness. I usually apply after primer, then use my mineral foundation on top with a clinique concealer to finish off.
  65. Not quite a miracle but pretty good job

    I have huge bags under my eyes, very obvious with my fair skin - part genetic, partly sleep deprivation. This does quite a nice job covering circles, patted on with concealer over the top.
  66. Eh

    I use only a little bit at a time which works best and I use my fingers to apply it. It has a tacky feel which I'm not sure if that is good or not, but once you apply concealer over top it is fine. 
  67. Less is more, suited to fairer skin

    I'm 33 with dark features and olive-ish skin. I bought this product to help hide the signs of no sleep. It helped and does make a difference but it would be better suited to people with quite fair skin. I believe this is because of the pink undertones? I have bought other products since as I've not super happy with the results.
  68. So good

    I have fair skin and can get quite dark under my eyes at times when I am particularly tired and for those days, this product is a life saver! I think some people mistake it for being a concealer- which it of course isn’t. I find it works best when placed underneath a light concealer.
  69. Gorgeous

    I occasionally get really dark under eyes when I don't get enough sleep, and this is truly a lifesaver. It just gets rid of any darkness i might have under my eyes in an instant. This really does brighten my under eyes completely and i would really recommend it.
  70. Love Love Love!

    It brighten up the undereye area and makes it a nice canvas for concealer. I don't have very dark undereye circle and can wear this on its own but when i needed more coverage, concealer on top does a nice job in covering any circle i had. Highly recommended.
  71. So pretty!

    I have very dark under-eyes and have tried so many things to get rid of them, but nothing works quite as well as this! It completely takes all the darkness out of my eyes. I use this every time I apply my makeup and it is so effective and gorgeous! I would definitely recommend this for others like me with dark under eyes!
  72. Love this concealer - perfect after a not so perfect sleep

    I love this concealer. It's fantastic for under the eyes and is waterproof. Goes on really well. I put this on once I moisturise and just before foundation and it fixes those dark circles easily. Looks really fresh and lasts all day. Great for the delicate eye area. Would recommend!
  73. Works well

    I have tried many many products to help with the dark circles under my eyes. Most don't blend with your skin tone or make things look worse.
    i recommend using less than you'd imagine to avoid any clumping or seeping into fine lines. But this product does make a difference to me and I am grateful I bought it.
  74. Lovely but needs a commitment

    I like this but rarely grab for it as I find it really needs some TLC to work well. A light hand, blend, blend, blend then another concealer on top. Brightener can be a little fussy about what powder or liquid formulation you place on top. Takes some experimenting but when it works it really fives a lovely glow!
  75. Good but...

    This is a good product that certainly helps to reduce darkness under eyes. However, I think it's quite expensive for the size, and I found that sometimes it would fall into my under eye creases rather than 'blur.'

    This is the greatest product to date out of all the make up I own. I've even started just wearing sunscreen with a touch of this corrector under my eyes as I have good skin but dark circles around my eyes. Has helped so much with lightening under my eyes!
  77. Goodbye bags!

    I am prone to dark circles, and this stuff is great for that! Especially if you’re feeling rather ordinary. Just put this magic on those bags and voila!
  78. game changer

    this was a total game changer for me. it might seem overpriced for the size, but my jar has lasted me over a year and I'm still not done with it. you need only a tiny amount and it's very emollient. I worried that it would be too greasy and interfere with my concealer but I can put anything over the top of it with no issues, and I've tried it with many different concealers. I will say it's not suitable for medium skintones or deeper - I tried it on my mum's medium olive skin and it wasn't the right colour (but becca does have a salmon tone that would suit her better). but it works perfectly for my fair-light skin. will continue to repurchase over and over
  79. A must for dark circles!

    What a gem! So creamy and easy to blend. So much coverage for the darkest of under eye circles! You’ll instantly look awake and refreshed!
  80. brightens up my dark undereyes

    This product works sooo well for brightening up my undereyes, only issue is that its a little thick and can make my undereyes crease a little bit if i dont set it right away, but I still use it everyday cause it makes SUCH a difference
  81. Lasts a lifetime

    A necessity for those with dark under-eye bags! For those like me with warmer skin it still needs to be used along with a concealer, as it can only be applied to the very outer edges of your dark circles as to not draw too much attention to them, as it is a very light and glittery product. However, this means you can also use the product as a highlighter for the corners of your eyes and even your cheekbones. And as only the smallest amount is needed, it will stay in your makeup bag for the longest time.
  82. Can’t do my makeup without this

    I have very dark circles and this product is amazing. I use it underneath a full coverage concealer and the effect is awesome. I can definitely see the difference when I don’t use it. People are surprised when I tell them I have very dark circles so I think this product is really helping me fool everyone!
  83. Glittery

    I like using under eye correctors because I have noticed the area getting darker as I age.
    I love Becca products but this was just not for me.
    The colour is great, it correct the darkness. The consistency is nice and creamy and blends well.
    However, the huge issue I had with this is that it has shimmer particles in it.
    It was so noticeable and the particles migrated to other parts of my face, so I would see a random glitter particle on my nose or wherever.
    To me, a corrector is placed in an area you want to make conspicuous, it's to disguise an area, I do not want to add shimmer and draw attention to the area.
    And no, I don't agree shimmer reflects light and detracts attention, the glitter particles were definitely noticeable and obvious.
    The packaging is great and everything, but I get so frustrated seeing shimmer in correctors and concealers, I prefer adding shimmer with a separate product, on the areas I choose.
    This was a disappointment for me.
  84. Loooove

    It took me a little time and research to find the best way to use it. After a primer I dab a concealer brush in this and apply to my dark areas. Really sparingly. Less is more. Then I apply foundation and my fav concealer.
    It truely is a beautiful colour corrector because when used like this my dark circles and puffiness are reduced by at least 50% more than just foundation and concealer alone. Definitely will rebuy.
  85. Good, but there are better out there

    I purchased this last year as I have dark under eye circles and wanted something extra to help brighten up the area. I use only a little bit at a time which works best and I use my fingers to apply it. It has a tacky feel which I'm not sure if that is good or not, but once you apply concealer over top it is fine. It brightens my under eye area well but I think for the same price there are better products out there that can do the same job for you.
  86. Best product for under eye circles!

    I’ve used a lot of products for my dark circles (which are really dark!!) and this is the best one by far.. I use this with my nars concealer and it’s great, it’s got a thick waxy texture and brightens so well! Could not recommend this enough! It’s worth the money as a little goes a long way, but you can also use it to brighten under the eye when your not wanting to wear a full face of makeup, just to make you look less tired ❤️
  87. Not sold on this product

    I bought this due to its staff pick review. It’s very sticky in texture which put me off right away. I’ve learnt you need a very thin layer, don’t apply too much. For its price, I feel I have used better products that cost less. Not that impressed to be honest.
  88. Great highlighter

    I got this as a free sample and have almost used up the entire pot. I use it more on the upper apples of my cheeks as a kind of highlighter as its too light for directly under my eyes.
    It's a beautiful consistency, nice and creamy which blends into my skin well. I just use my fingers to apply.
    You don't need a lot so it has lasted me really well, I'm definitely going to purchase once I run out.
  89. A new staple

    I have fair skin and really dark circles. I’m also 30 so I can’t get Away with a lot of product like I used to.
    I actually really love this. It takes a bit of trial and error to get the right application. I use it under foundation with a concealer brush. Less is more. Then foundation and my fav under eye concealer and it definitely works. Don’t layer it on expecting it to work on its own as you shouldn’t use too much and don’t see much of a difference until you put your other products on. All in all I will definitely buy again. A new staple for me
  90. Treat with makeup

    This eye brightener worked a charm for me when used under my foundation and on top of an eye primer. Perfect for really enhancing an evening look or adding some energy to a daily makeup look. I have tried this product on it's own as well, but found it was just too sticky and tended to settle into fine lines. Worth purchasing if you are looking for something to hide some eye darkness or tiredness with the use of some other make up too
  91. Good but not great

    This helped hide my dark circles but but I feel like it wasn’t as good as the reviews I’ve seen from bloggers. I feel like it would be suited best for people with slight dark circles
  92. On the fence

    I can't decide whether I love this product or not. It reduces the blue tones of my under eye circles, but is also illuminating. The reflective nature of the product shines through other concealers and foundations which are applied over the top.
  93. Bloody amazing

    This works so well on my very dark under eye circles, and really lifts the eye area too. A staple for me. Love it.
  94. BEST

    I have quite bad under eye circles that I am am quite self-conscious about. The are blue, purple and crappy. I am very fair however, and most 'correctors' make my concealer to dark. This corrector is a little translucent, so it works! I can see it would work for most if not all skin tones. It's slightly reflective and hydrating, so it sits really well underneath even heavy and drying concealers. It doesn't make any of my concealers cake or slide, so it is just the best corrector and dark circle minimiser! :)
  95. Wouldn't purchase again

    I wear makeup everyday and after all the hype on bloggers pages, decided to buy.

    Not a great product for me, looks cakey and makes me look older. For the price I was expecting a better finishing result.

    Might be better for under 30 but my suggestion is if your over 30 give it a miss, better products out there.
  96. not sure

    Purchased based on review but for my skin I'm not sure I will re-purchase against my usual products which are RMS uncover up or YSL touche eclait. I do like it but I find for my skin it tends to sometimes sit on top rather than blend or sink in & it does settle into fine lines around my eyes. For my skin type it might be a little bit too heavy. It does certainly brighten though but I find I have to use a lot of product to completely get coverage that other products do in one application.
  97. A staple in my beauty bag

    This product does exactly what it says it does - beautifully brightens the dark circles under my eyes before I apply my foundation. It's nice and creamy and the little pot lasts for ages. Have bought several times and will be a staple in my beauty bag for a long time to come!
  98. Works well

    I love this under eye corrector! I have suffered dark bags my whole life, this really brightens the area and when I pair it with my Nars concealer it works excellently at covering them. The only thing is that the consistency is very waxy and hard to blend, I use an under eye moisturizer before I use it and that seems to help it blend.
  99. Amazing coverage

    I love this product. I use it everyday to even out my under eye area. Doesn’t crease or settle in lines. Very moisturising and the perfect colour.
  100. Please never discontinue this, Becca

    I’m a habitual night oil and have puffiness and darkness under my eyes. I pat on a touch after a Becca foundation and before a Nars concealer. At first I was hesitant to use such an emollient product on my oily skin, but it feels light and doesn’t move during the day. It definitely boosts the concealer and brightens the whole eye area. The pot seems expensive for such a tiny amount, but I’m barely halfway through after six months of near-daily use. Wouldn’t be without it!!
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