BECCA Ultimate Coverage Concealing Creme

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BECCA Ultimate Coverage Concealing Creme

BECCA Ultimate Coverage Concealing Creme

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Most Helpful Positive

Great concealer
I really like this product it has great coverage which is necessary for a concealer, and its non cakey and sits well under my foundation.

Most Helpful Criticism

Quite thick but covers well
I'm quite conflicted about this product. Firstly the pot packaging makes it not the easiest to apply and I don't really like digging my fingers around in it. It's also very thick and feels quite heavy on the skin and tends to melt off during the summer months. However it does cover very well, depends what you want in a concealer really...but I personally would opt for the aqua luminous!
  1. Good coverage

    This is a really nice creamy concealer that provides really good coverage. It doesn’t get cakey and doesn’t settled into lines. However hate the packaging, you definitely have to use a concealer brush to get the product out otherwise you will get wasted concealer stuck under your nails!! Not too mention hygienic reasons
  2. is good but a tad thick

    thick product so you only need a bit to get the job done, it is very full coverage and makes all my blemishes disappear
  3. Strong colour range

    Strong colour range, good coverage and lasts well. I think I will probably purchase it again.
  4. Great concealer

    I really like this product it has great coverage which is necessary for a concealer, and its non cakey and sits well under my foundation.
  5. Full coverage

    Thick consistency, but a little goes a long way. Has great coverage for acne and dark circles. May have issues with maintaining hygiene of pot.
  6. very effective

    It works well at brighting the under eye! You HAVE TO apply it with your fingers. A brush is just not gonna help. Your body heat will help warm it up and it will glide nicely. Warning it does have a tacty feeling. This is a plus to me cause I think it helps the product work well. However could be a negative to you
  7. Great creamy concealer

    This concealer is quite thick but has great coverage. Blends out easily and has a nice natural finish.
  8. Good concealer

    This is a good concealer, easy to apply with a small concealer brush, and colour matches my skin tone well. Its in a cute little container that's easy to pop in the handbag.

    My only concern is that I have noticed when I wear this under my eyes my mascara seems to bleed more than on days when I don't wear it and I get dark marks under my eyes that I need to wipe off with a wet tissue. But good for other areas of the face.
  9. Quite thick but covers well

    I'm quite conflicted about this product. Firstly the pot packaging makes it not the easiest to apply and I don't really like digging my fingers around in it. It's also very thick and feels quite heavy on the skin and tends to melt off during the summer months. However it does cover very well, depends what you want in a concealer really...but I personally would opt for the aqua luminous!
  10. Best concealer I own

    Very full coverage concealer. I pay gently and use under eyes, but don’t go too close to under the last line as it can be a bit cakey in the creases. Great product for blemishes, I use a tiny amount and apply with a small brush. I have oily /combo skin and wouldn’t recommend for large areas on the face.
  11. So pigmented that a teensy amt covers v. dark circles perfectly

    I own so many different concealers to cover dark circles under my eyes (ranging from high end like Nars, YSL, cinema secrets to all the drugstore Maybelline, Loreal) and this is truly the best! It is sooo pigmented. BUT there’s a trick to application. You must use your fingers as it warms the product to allow easy blending, and you only need to the very lightest & barest touch of the product to get plenty of product - 2 barely touching taps into the pot gives me plenty of product for both undereyes - & I have very dark heredity circles that requires an Orange colour corrector. With this I can get away without the colour corrector! It definitely needs to be set lightly with powder to stay in place and to cancel the shine from the product cos it’s very tacky otherwise. Every concealer creases & looks dry on me eventually lasting only a few hours (even with religious eyecream application & setting with powder) EXCEPT this one. Those finding that it creases or moves or too tacky, you are applying too much and not setting it correctly! You honestly barely need any product on your finger tips! You body temp on face & fingers will melt it to cover the area plentifully. It might take a little restraint to only use the teensy amount necessary for coverage esp if you are used to every other concealer on the market. It’s so pigmented & thick so you are not having to apply hardly any product for good coverage! Less is definitely more in this case - It honestly lasts forever! I can get away with not wearing any foundation and only use this to coverup! It’s honestly THAT good!
    I am in my 40s so I am no stranger to undereyes creasing, and this is really does not emphasize my lines or creases.
  12. Creamy and good coverage

    I have dryer skin and this coverage is amazing.

    In general, dark circles need a corrector so this alone won’t do the trick, but on my dry skin it’s long lasting and creased a tiny bit, but isn’t hard to fix or smooth out with your fingers. I’d buy this again.
  13. Creases too much

    I have severe dark circles to cover up and I've tried many, many concealers. This is not my favourite, unfortunately. It just creases and moves around too much, even when you try to set it. On the plus side, it is pigmented and Becca has a good shade range. I much prefer Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer or NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer for a cream concealer. Might work for someone with no creasing under the eyes but I have some deep creases so it doesn't work for me.
  14. Oily

    I have oily combo skin and this product does not last well on my oily skin. Looks great when first applied but does feel quite thick and oily. Overtime, as my own oils start to come through, this breaks down and becomes patchy on my skin. Might be better suited for drier skin types.
  15. alright

    This is a great concealer, covers very well but you must use your fingers to warm this product up before applying, otherwise it wont move. It covers great, but constantly dipping in the jar is not sanitary. Wouldnt repurchase based on the fact that needs warmth to work as other concealers perform just as great

  16. Too thick

    Very full coverage when you can get it to blend, but it stresses out my under eyes too much, plus it looked very cake on. Not recommending this one.
  17. Difficult to use

    Thick and high coverage but difficult to blend - doesn't go well over or under foundation.
  18. High coverage for under eyes

    This is high coverage, super thick and creamy and perfect for concealing my under eyes. I have dryness and fine lines under the eyes so a concealer that is dry and matte will only emphasize that. This does the opposite and covers everything without dehydrating the area.
  19. Not my favourite

    I had high hopes for this concealer but it didn't really work for me. The product has really high coverage and is quite thick and sticky/ tacky. I tried using it to cover red spots/ pimples - it covers well but not great for raised bumps as it emphasised the texture for me. Definitely a no go for under eye use as its thickness makes it hard to blend and it settles into lines. Would probably still be okay if you're wanting a high coverage concealer to cover flat blemishes (redness, freckles, etc).
  20. Really good coverage

    I have sensitive to combination skin and find this concealer really good coverage. It's only downfall is that because it is such high coverage it can be hard to blend. Overall I really like this and is so good for a more high coverage look. Would definitely recommend as part of your makeup collection.
  21. Hard to work with

    Not sure about this concealer, its just a bit too tacky, needs lots of blending. Im olive skin tone and purchased the colour honeycomb, which is a good colour both under eyes and face. I will keep using it, due to high cost of the product. It does cover pigmentation on face, but needs setting with powder, but it isnt that long wearing and not that keen to wear it as an under eye concealer. I will keep trying with it though.
  22. Great brightness, bad blend

    This concealer is fantastic in terms of how much usage you can get out of the product, it doesn't dry out in the pot and it is good at concealing. i use the colour Praline for under eye concealing and brightening. This colour and the coverage of the concealer are fantastic for under the eyes, however, it can be thick and hard to blend out into foundation for a flawless finish. I find that this concealer can become quite cakey and dry under the eye if it isn't prepped well, and I don't use this concealer on other parts of my face such as my nose or chin because it doesn't blend as easily as other concealers.
  23. Full coverage that stays put!

    A great full coverage concealer that stays put nicely. Difficult to colour match (I took a wild guess and got a colour slightly too dark) but can still make it work. Has a slight sheen in its finish, unlike my other favourite, Tarte 'Shape Tape' concealer which is definitely more of a matte finish.
  24. Good product

    This product for me is not work on my dark circle but for large pores and other places on face I wanna cover is useful. I purchased the lightest color, I know cover dark circle better using salmon color concealler.
  25. Awesome concealer

    This concealer is perfect for the undereye area. I'm getting a little older and noticing most concealer that provides enough coverage settles into fine lines, not this one! Just beautiful ❤️
  26. Perfect, holy grail!

    I'm a concealer addict, I have never been able to find what I need without layering corrector, concealer then brightener but this is perfect. I'm more prone to dry skin, so this is great. Doesn't settle into my very fine lines for quite a while but I find a touch up every 6-8 hours is needed, which can't be helped. Research your shade before hand, I'm a MAC NC 25-30 in foundation and the shade 'macadamia' blends perfectly. I'll definitely repurchase a lighter colour for winter. And you barely need any product!

  27. Best product ever

    I'm in love. This hides any imperfections. You can use without foundation. I love
  28. My Holy Grail for concealing dark spots!

    This is the best concealer I have ever tried for concealing blemishes and dark post acne scars! I have tired numerous concealers to mask my dark acne spots from high end brands to drug store brands and nothing compares to this! They usually fade throughout the day and separates from the skin. This concealer doesn't and lasts all day. You only need the tiniest amount and i use my finger to gently dab it onto my dark spots and wala! The spot magically disappears!! Its amazing! Im so glad I finally found a concealer which I can rely on. This concealer is buildable and looks like you're actual skin and doesnt look like you've tried to conceal anything. I bought macadamia which matches my medium beige skin with yellow undertones perfectly. I even use a little bit of bronzer on top to set it so it does not budge during the day. Love this & will definitely repurchase!!
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