BECCA Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation 30ml

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$9.50 x 4

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BECCA Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation

BECCA Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation

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4.1 of 30 reviews

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Really dewy and so easy to blend out! I love it

Most Helpful Criticism

Not for summer
I like this foundation for use in the winter time when I require a bit more life to my face, however in summer I find it slides right off :(
  1. Not for summer

    I like this foundation for use in the winter time when I require a bit more life to my face, however in summer I find it slides right off :(
  2. Yessss

    Really dewy and so easy to blend out! I love it
  3. 50/50 on this one

    I normally love becca products, and I have pretty much all their foundations, but this one was a bit of a miss for me. I lovvvvee dewy foundations, they are all I ever wear but I found this way to dewy for me. I have normal skin, not oily not dry but for some reason this made me look like I had just applied sunscreen to my face. I ended up passing this onto a friend as I knew I’d never wear it again. Also the shades arnt the best. I bought medium and it was just all kinds of weird
  4. Great foundation to achieve that summery dewy look

    Super hydrating foundation that just glides on the skin. Does go on quite shiny that is easy to dull down and set with a powder. I tend to use the foundation more in the summer months in a darker shade to give me that beachy beach glow.
  5. Very hydrating

    This foundation has a lovely hydrating texture and spreads easily, you don’t need much. It has a reasonable coverage and I actually like to mix it with the backlighting primer to give a more sheer coverage. My skin tone sits between the Fair and Light shades so that’s a bit tricky and I do wish it had a more yellow undertone to it. Feels great on the skin.
  6. best foundation ever

    absolutely in love with this product amazing stuff
  7. Good foundation

    I have very dry eczema probe skin. This foundation is non irritant, sheer, dewy and hydrating
  8. Light but good coverage

    This is another of my favourite foundations, it gives a really nice light-medium but very buildable. The finish is very glowy but can be powdered down to suit those with oily skin. It also doesn't accentuate my dry patches but smoothes them over!
  9. Everyone needs to try this

    I am an actress and when I have an audition or filming to do. This is the only foundation I will use on my face. Highly recommend. If it is good enough for behind the crash, to working behind a desk or just a night on the town. This foundation is for you.
  10. Great for dewy glowing skin!

    I love the color and formula of this foundation. I wish it was a bit more opaque, but that's just me, cause I need lots of help. Its a great medium coverage otherwise. The feel/look of this foundation is out of this world. Not too shimmery, but brightening dull skin instantly. It doesn't last as long as Id like, but again---I wear off makeup quickly. Definitely a new fav.
  11. Very fresh

    This foundation is extremely lightweight but still covered all my imperfections. The main reason i purchased it is because it is luminous and WOW. My skin looks so dewy and glowing, its amazing. I purchased medium and while the color looks MUCH darker than my other foundations and much darker than the skin on the back of my hand, somehow when you blend it out, it just matches.
  12. Quite nice

    Very nice for evening out skin tone, but definitely doesn't give you too much coverage. I like this for more casual looks or to mix in with high coverage foundations to thin them out.
  13. Pretty good

    A nice foundation that gives a natural glowy look but the shade range is terrible, especially for darker skin tones!
  14. Great Mixer

    Great as a foundation mixer! Not a fan of the product on its own though.
  15. Natural looking

    Very nice and natural foundation. Love this for casual looks.
  16. good for sheering out foundations

    This is a nice natural foundation. I don't love the look of it on my skin by itself but it is my favourite foundation to mix in with higher coverage foundations to make them more natural looking. The shade range sucks though.
  17. Shade Range

    Great product, but poor shade range.
  18. Easy, Lightweight Foundation

    This foundation has a cult following and I can see why - it is really lightweight and creamy, and doesn't get cakey or move too much during the day. If you want a subtle, dewy look this is the foundation for you. It is easy to build upon and blend out. The downside of me is that the shade range is not good at all
  19. Great Foundation

    I really like this foundation. Gives you a dewy glow, very light on the skin with a medium buildable coverage.

    I have combination skin with a mildly oily t-zone and had no issues with excess oil in the t-zone with this product.

    I have dry skin and no matter how much I exfoliate and moisturize every foundation I've tried before this one sticks to certain areas of my skin. This foundation is so dewy and glows beautifully. Doesn't go patchy or stick to dry areas. Love it!
  21. No Makeup Makeup

    This foundation is a winner by formula, if you're looking for a no-makeup makeup, sheer buildable everyday foundation, then this may just be the one for you.
    The only con is that the shade range absolutely sucks. Looking past the shade range, I definitely love this foundation.
  22. Great lightweight and dewy foundation!

    My skin seems to have this amazing (yet so annoying) ability to make every foundation that I put on my skin look dry and patchy. That's what drew me to the Aqua Luminous Foundation, as it promises to giving a luminous and dewy finish - making it perfect for dry skin. All I can say is that it certainly delivers on that promise! My skin looks so healthy, glowy and supple when I use this foundation, and I've received so many compliments on how great my skin looks when I wear this. It's my favourite everyday foundation!

    However, I would only recommend this product to people if they aren't looking for a full coverage foundation and if they have nice skin to begin with. When I'm having a bad skin day, which happens unfortunately far too often, this foundation doesn't give me the coverage that I need - even with a concealer over the top. Also, if you have oily skin, I'd probably give this a miss, just based on the fact that it's so dewy! There also can be quite a lot of transfer (just say when you use your phone to make a call etc), but I find this is quite easily fixed with a bit of translucent powder. Also, the shade range is quite confusing and runs a little bit dark, so I'd recommend picking a shade 1-2 colours lighter than what you normally would in other foundations.
  23. Very pretty

    I have combination skin and this foundation works so well on my skin. It is my favourite glowy foundation as it doesn't make me look oily or greasy, it just makes me look glowing and healthy! I only use a little bit and it goes such a long way-leaving me with barely there makeup that makes my skin look flawless. I would highly recommend this foundation!
  24. Natural Glow

    I like this foundation. It gives a light-medium coverage with a radiant finish. It looks beautiful on the skin. However, I wouldn't repurchase as its quite pricey and the shade range is so limited. There are plenty of other foundations that have the same effect.
  25. Unlikely to use again

    I wanted to love this but sadly I don't. Firstly the colour range is terrible! I am quite fair and the lightest shades are just too dark, even if i'm fake tanning. This is really disappointing.

    It has a nice feel to it and blends out ok but it seemed to settle into fine lines and emphasize texture/dry areas on the skin which I was really not expecting given the claims. I think if you have younger/blemish free skin with no texture or dry patches this could be a lovely foundation however this doesn't work for me.
  26. Bloody Becca

    I bought this makeup almost 2 years ago for the first time because I was feeling generous and though $70 on a bit of foundation was ‘reasonable’. Immediate regret when I realised I just spent almost $100 on a foundation I wasn’t sure I’d like. Yeah
    Well, then a week later my parcel arrived and I tried the foundation and realised I’d found a winner. Love it. I ended up buying it again and again and I’ve tried finding something similar with a lesser price tag but Becca is like no other. It’s light, it’s dewy, moisturising, and just gives me a nice colour and glow all while still looking and feeling natural. I can’t wear it in summer as it reaches 43C most days but no makeup will survive that so I’m not too fussed about it.
    The dropper doesn’t annoy me at all but I find the lid leaks a small bit if I have had the foundation stored in a horizontal position. So keep it tight and upright. My sister bought this after I did and loved it just as much as me.
  27. Very Disappointed

    I took a chance ordering this foundation online and am really disappointed. The applicator to apply this product is difficult to use. I have to pour some foundation on my hand or sponge to use. It’s too oily and that makes it difficult to apply eye liner.
    I regret buying this foundation.
  28. Natural and illuminating!

    The dewy formula gives this foundation an amazing finish on my skin. It looks very natural and healthy and lasts me all day when i set my face as well as using a mattifying primer.
  29. My absolute fav

    About my skin: normal sensitivity & medium/tan colour.

    I alway find myself going back to this product after trying out other foundations! It’s nice and light but still has good coverage. I love the dewy glow it gives!

    The only downside I personally find, is the applicator syringe thingy doesn’t always “suck” enough liquid up so I tend to just pour it from the bottle.
  30. Loved this product great for dry skin.

    I really like the packaging it looks really nice but also once you master the syringe it delivers one layer of foundation....the perfect amount. I have extremely dry skin so much so I can't use matt foundations amd was struggling to find one that looked nice. This is more of a matt finish on me but doesn't highlight dryness or acne. I don't even need to use powder
  31. Such a natural foundation!

    I've used the whole bottle & am going to buy another one right now, it is a very good foundation if you're going for a natural look, especially good for summer time use. it is very dewy but once it's set it lasts a long time.
  32. Wonderful foundation

    Beautiful foundation. Blends very well with my skin tone and hydrates and illuminates my skin at the same time - definitely one of my favourite Becca products by far.
  33. Not worth the money

    I've had this foundation for a month, and want to throw it away. Despite using a primer it wears off really quickly & looks odd if you use too much. The biggest issue I have with it is the packaging. The glass barrel of the syringe is quite thick, and foundation gets all over the bottle when you take it out.
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